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Video Camera Nails Police Brutality. Police Have Not Yet Caught On.

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2012

The nation’s police have not yet caught on to the implications of smart phones that have built-in cameras. The Rodney King effect is spreading.

A man called 911 in New Jersey in August 2010. The police came. They got into an altercation with him. He turned around and walked away. A cop sprayed him in the back of the head with pepper spray.

This was a really stupid cop. Pepper spray works when you spray people in the face.

Then the victim made a mistake. He turned around. The cop grabbed his arm with one hand and sprayed him in the face with his other hand.

Then two other cops pushed him to the ground and handcuffed him.

Then they beat him unconscious, according to his lawyer.

Someone was recording all of this.

Now the cops are being sued in federalĀ  court. So is the city and the police department.

This made the front page of the local newspaper last week. This was too years late.

The police are stonewalling.

And so it goes. As video cameras become universal, police departments will be forced to alter their training of employees. Bureaucracies do not like bad publicity. Videos can lead to very bad publicity.

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13 thoughts on “Video Camera Nails Police Brutality. Police Have Not Yet Caught On.

  1. SO the cops beat up a man that called for THEIR assistance? And cops wonder why people think they are power-hungry jackboot JO's? To Serve and Protect!

  2. adamenochnoah says:

    Same thing happened to me & my family. We called, they came & got hostile for no reason other than they could. Hurt my wife, bullied my teenage son, did an illegal no warrant search of our house after they handcuffed me for "their protection." We sued, & they paid, but we are still angry & have no respect for them or our mostly Republican elected officials in our county.

  3. Chuck Holmes says:

    And now some places are outlawing videos of police while they are on duty, stopping people and whatever they may be doing to people.

  4. Hasn't the Courts already said they can't outlaw this? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they ruled a person can record Police since they are usually in a public place and are public officers as long as they are not interfering. That would be the same argument that was used to record us on the public streets to I might add. I'm thinking New York here.

    Also, they represent us when they are on duty. Sometimes they do that badly but still. We should have every right to document what they do.

  5. Don't blame the Republicans, their political ideologies are not the problem. They are like most Americans, they think the police are their friend and incidents like yours are isolated, and for the most part they are. With the Democrat way of thinking, the police are your security force and they should be able to do whatever needs to be done to get the job done.

  6. Someone posted a very good video on youtube. At first I was outraged at such a "savage attack," but then as I watched it closer, frame by frame and I have come to the conclusion that their was no apparent brutality at all. Although some of the details in the video are obscure, there are certain things that are very clear. This is what can be seen:
    1. The police were placing Jason Rios under arrest. They neglected to call a neighborhood meeting as to why.
    2. The large built man refused to comply so they pepper sprayed him and cuffed him without any apparent undue forceful violence.
    3. Escorting him to their car, they ordered the camera man to leave and go home. (WRONG thing to do!!!)
    4. Something went wrong while placing him in the car. Either they were taking his cuffs off or he just refused to get in the car, because Rios was just standing in the open door way. Anyway, the man went down on the ground. No force was apparent from the video.
    5. An officer retrieves a baton from his trunk.
    6. The police and fire department officials went out of their way to block the view and/or to secure the scene.
    7. I didn't see any arms going up and down in violent motions with the baton even though they were in view of the camera.
    8. It didn't seem obvious that they were kicking him as the camera man reported.
    9. Most of their actions seem to be slow and deliberate, not the sort that implies angry violent aggression.
    Conclusion: If this was a savage attack as reported by NJ.com, it was the most subliminal one ever seen. It certainly was not captured on this video.
    Watch it for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qLTpkq_bfY

  7. In other incidents an officer's name will be left out of a report when something bad happens. He or she may not have been first on the scene but did have some involvement. ? ? ?
    I know of a school resource officer who is not allowed onto public school property because of her conduct with a student. She then went to a private school. The students went on strike and raised a real ruckus to get her removed. It worked! I know a man who survived Nazis Germany and he said except for the missing brown shirt she reminded him of what it was like under Hitler.

  8. Gary Belcher says:

    Small town mentality. The cop tells you this is HIS town and he will do what ever he wants because everyone is afraid of him.

  9. adamenochnoah says:

    Wherever there is interest and power to do wrong, wrong will generally be done.

    James Madison

  10. adamenochnoah says:

    As a former lifelong Republican, I was insulted that there was not one willing Republican elected official in the county who would help my family get justice. After they heard my story they would almost run to avoid me at the courthouse. No lawyer in the county would take our case. We were told we had no case, but we knew better.

    You know who did help us even though we were Christian Conservative Republicans? A former State overseer for the ACLU, a die-hard Democrat & Obama supporter. A famous Attorney who wins 17 of 20 cases against the police & he won our case in short order. He treated us with the utmost respect & never once said anything negative about us being from the political right.

  11. Sumerian Man says:

    It no longer matters -Dem. or Rep. they're all the same these days with one goal only, to seperate us from our money and our rights. The sooner people realise this the sooner we can get good Americans elected to office.

  12. Sumerian Man says:

    Yes, that's true!, but try telling that to some punk, brainwashed, ahole with a badge bashing your skull with a baton.

  13. My point was why are cities passing these laws when the Federal Courts have already said they can't enforce them? It would be like people telling me that putting sand in the oil fill hole on my cars engine will cause damage and I put it in anyway. I shouldn't complain about the expense of engine repairs just like these cities shouldn't complain when they get sued. The law supports taping the cops and the cities want to override a court that overrules them. It doesn't make sense. These cities that do this are just plain stupid. No wonder some of them are broke.