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Victory! Newspapers — Liberal — Are Going Bust, Fast

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2012

Liberals bet the farm on the public schools (academically deteriorating), FCC-licensed network TV (falling ratings), newspapers (falling revenues), Hollywood (still standing), and universities (still standing).

The newspapers are dying. The sign of this is their revenues. They have fallen over a cliff.

Free market economist Mark Perry comments.

The blue line in the chart above displays total annual print newspaper advertising revenue (for the categories national, retail and classified) based on actual annual data from 1950 to 2011, and estimated annual revenue for 2012 using quarterly data through the second quarter of this year, from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA).  The advertising revenues have been adjusted for inflation, and appear in the chart as millions of constant 2012 dollars.  Estimated print advertising revenues of $19.0 billion in 2012 will be the lowest annual  amount spent on print newspaper advertising since the NAA started tracking ad revenue in 1950.   

The decline in print newspaper advertising to a 62-year low is amazing by itself, but the sharp decline in recent years is pretty stunning.  This year’s ad revenues of $19 billion will be less than half of the $46 billion spent just five years ago in 2007, and a little more than one-third of the $56.5 billion spent in 2004.

Here’s another perspective: It took 50 years to go from about $20 billion in annual newspaper print ad revenue in 1950 (adjusted for inflation) to $63.5 billion in 2000, and then only 12 years to go from $63.5 billion back to less than $20 billion in 2012.

The Left is in big trouble. They built their political base on the assumption that they could keep out rival views by controlling the media outlets. This strategy is failing.

Home schooling is growing. Public school scores are falling. The schools cannot conceal the decline.

The networks are being eaten up by cable TV, video games, online entertainment, DVDs, and Matt Drudge.

The newspapers no longer control local opinion. They w\ill be gone in a decade. Their attempt to generate revenue on the Web have failed.

Without control over opinion, the Left’s core voting base is eroding.

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9 thoughts on “Victory! Newspapers — Liberal — Are Going Bust, Fast

  1. All good indicators, in my opinion, think of all the trees still giving off oxygen instead of deadly ideas. The decline of liberalism everywhere results in clearer thinking and better breathing – it's a two for one deal! Cancel your subscription, stop buying these liberal pieces of trash that are filling up our landfills.

  2. One of the sweetest revenges I've had is when the local daily rag that shills for whoever-is-in-power-in-DC used to call begging me to renew my subscription. I watch as the paper literally shrinks before my eyes, from a full-size newspaper to tabloid size, becoming more irrelevant and outdated by the hour.

  3. wolverineinohio says:

    Check out the Cincinnati Enquirer , These idiots only seem to print the Democratic ideals and agendas . We had a group of black kids (6 teens and an adult) viciously attack an older white male (in his late 40's) from behind (smashed him in the head with a brick knocking him unconscious and continuing to beat him to within an inch of his life , only stopping when their disgusted neighbors (whom were black and actually watched this for several minutes) informed them that they had called the police , which luckily were only a block away and were able to apprehend them almost immediately . In the paper they seemingly took the side of the black gang banger youths , and informed the once great city of cincinnati , that these youths were simply "bored" , spoke to the mother of two of them (who had no remorse) and she informed the reporter that her kids were just playing along , they didn't mean to cause any trouble (these are good kids she informed them) , they were just bored ..

  4. I for one will be so upset when the New York Slimes (oops Times) bites the dust that I will only let out a dozen or so cheers.

  5. The only thing newspapers are good for are clipping coupons and wrapping fish or dishes for moving.


    Don't forget the bottom of a bird cage

  7. What the traditional print media don't realize is the flow of information through society has fundamentally changed with the internet. Everything they do makes themselves more and more irrelevant and gives away their game. I'm sure the powers-that-be felt the same way when Gutenberg invented movable type printing and, overnight, books became available to the masses to read and decide for themselves. The people didn't need to wait for a priest or king to tell them what "reality" was anymore.

    When the reporter came back from Havana after the sinking of the USS Maine and told his publisher Wm. Randolph Hearst that the real story about what happened was not getting out, Hearst supposedly replied, "You just provide the pictures, I'll provide the war!" and off we went to war with Spain.

  8. Wraping fish yes! but coupons only if you have a cat. Oh and yes line the bird cage.

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