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U.S. Mint Keeps $80 Million in Coins Sent to It for Evaluating

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2012

Some people trust the U.S. government to protect their interests rather than the government’s interests. This is a very risky position to take.

A family found ten 1933 gold coins in their father’s safety deposit box. The coins were produced after the May 1 deadline to turn in all gold.

The family did not pay inheritance taxes on the coins. This was a mistake. Then it sent the coins to the Mont for evaluation. This was a bigger mistake. They were worth $80 million, private estimates said, so the Mint kept them. It said the man had stolen them in 1933. It offered no proof of this theft.

The statute of limitations for theft is seven years. But that applies only to things stolen from private citizens by private citizens. It apparently does not apply to things worth $80 million that the Mint says were stolen from the Mint, as defined by the Mint.

The case has been in court over a year. A judge recently upheld the Mint’s position.

The family plans to appeal the decision.

The problem here should be obvious. The agency that is entrusted with protecting citizens from state tyranny cannot safely be trusted: the U.S. government. Citizens should expect the government to break its own laws whenever its interests are at stake, as defined by a bureaucrat employed by the government whose position is protected by Civil Service legislation.

The family trusted another government bureaucrat to uphold their interests against the government’s interests. That trust was misplaced.

The family has decided to trust another group of judges to overturn the first judge’s defense of the government’s interests. This gets expensive.

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15 thoughts on “U.S. Mint Keeps $80 Million in Coins Sent to It for Evaluating

  1. That is why they have been PUSHING every SUCKER they can convince,to buy GOLD. After the GOLD RUSH is over and the bottom drops out of the gold market or investors have the main bulk of their fortunes tied up in gold,Obama will bring back the Roosevelt law making it illegal for citizens to OWN GOLD, THEY WILL BUY IT BACK at its' 1933 value of $16.dollars an ounce to pay for Obamacare.

  2. Yes, there is no kind of "amnesty" for American citizens, only for illegals.
    You'd think that since the alleged turn-in failure was so long ago, and no one knows who actually took the coins out of the mint, or even if they paid for them in the beginning, that the U.S. government would overlook this, especially since Americans are now allowed to own gold. But the government wants to punish these people for an alleged crime that they did not commit, and which is not even a crime any more.

    If an illegal alien had 80 million dollars in gold, he would receive a social security card, a driver's license, and a voter's registration card the first day, if he got a Democrat to help him.

  3. c. law p a g Chris says:

    Their WAS a Antiquity Numismatic EXCLUSION in the 1933 GOLD THEFT SCAM to LOOT the GOLD Reserves and Seen all to F.D.R.'s: Zion Bankster Gangsta Global Elite NAZI Collaborators to Fund The AshKharNAZI agent''s War effort,along with another Insidious SCHEME "Liberty Bonds to Dupe stupid Americans into funding the Destruction of the 12 Tribes and Euro Goy.


  5. You forgot the food stamps. Just trying to help.

    Pardon me while I go have a good laugh. LOL

  6. Why the HELL can't I share this on FACEBOOK? Ever heard of it? Phawww. Idiots.

  7. What about the old dollar bills—the gold certificates & silver ones. As i recall from my youth they can be turned in LEGALLY for gold. it's a federal law. If not would they have no value like today's Federal Reserve Notes — Toilet paper has more value

  8. Regardless of how low gold goes due to manipulation by government or the central banks, it will never go to zero like all paper currencies eventually do.

  9. What the heck??? Am I missing something here? WHY would the family send the coins to the US mint for "evaluation"? Either keep the coins as a family heirloom or sell them to the highest bidder!

  10. Never deal with a Government you don't trust ,and we have one. Lying, Cheating and Deceit is there Motto.The UNITED STATES HAVE NO ALLIES OR FRIENDS LEFT ON ACCOUNT OF THIS CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION.

  11. Government bureaucrats! Enough said! Nevertheless, indulge me, I have a friend who was studying on a student visa and has been through all sorts of hassles for being honest. At one point in time the immigration services had his files so mixed up that they requested for him to send them his papers. If he were to have been caught without these papers he could have been arrested and deported. Wisely, he decided to send them copies of the originals with a letter of explanation. Such gross incompetence!

  12. Cliffystones says:

    Exactly. it's not like non-government coin experts aren't a-dime-a-dozen! (pun intended).

  13. It can be very expensive to be stupid and gullible.

  14. I t hink the U S Mint owes this family a few million or so dollars for the coins. Or whatever the value is on them. More of the government stealing from us.

  15. Bob Marshall says:

    Congressman Ron Paul has a bumper sticker on his desk which says, DONT STEAL! THE GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION.