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Obamagirl: Michigan’s Ex-Governor Looks Like a Cheerleader, Sounds Like One, and Thinks Like One

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2012

The former Governor of Michigan delivered a speech at the Democrats’ National Convention. I missed it. I also missed the other speeches. I also missed the speeches at the Republican National Convention. I am a bipartisan speech-misser.

But then someone sent me this video. I I have never seen anything like it in national politics.

The ex-Governor of Michigan is a knock-out. I can picture her in a short skirt and a sweater with her high school’s school’s initials on it. She is jumping up and down and screaming, “Go, team, go!” Every guy in the stands is looking at her. No one is listening. No one should be listening. But she sure looks good. She is probably dating the captain of the football team, if the team is having a winning season.

This is not rhetoric aimed at motivating people with college degrees. It is a combination of a 3 a.m. cable TV used car salesman — which works in Michigan — and a Pentecostal lady preacher in rural West Virginia.

After I wrote this article, I did a Web search for her. I came across this assessment. It is from a pro-Democrat. “When I listened to Granholm’s speech, I sort of felt like I was at a high school pep rally. Given that the Democratic convention was a giant pep rally for President Obama’s re-election campaign, that’s a good thing.”

No, it’s not.

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43 thoughts on “Obamagirl: Michigan’s Ex-Governor Looks Like a Cheerleader, Sounds Like One, and Thinks Like One

  1. We might as well conseed to brackass since romney has flip-floped on obamacare ,he likes portions of it , what else will he give up to the opposition America ???

  2. She might be a cheer leader for a geriatric Bocce Ball team, but she ain't no Major League pom-pom girl @

  3. Post was blocked because I used the "S" word. Sorry. I'm from MI and I'm glad the Canadian soc-ialist airhead is gone.

  4. It is to bad she never had this much spirit when she was a head of the state of Michigan. She obviously didn't have what it takes to get the car industry on track. When this state was having so much difficulty she was not there to help bring it back either, in 2008 she was busy trying to get a position in B.O. administration.

  5. The Democratic National Convention was little more than a cheerleading session for the inconsistency and lack of moral principle because of the diversity of represented incompatibles leading to a platform of fail-safe policies because of the problem of personal choice which many are not capable of logically making. Here is a link EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SEE. WORDS MATTER !!!


  6. barb patton says:

    I cringed in my chair watching this display of exhibition and adoration for the ayatollah barach hussein obama. When I think that this pale skinned madam can jump up and down in excitement and ecstasy promoting lies and outright skullduggery I wonder what she will do in the name of truth – Cartwheels?

  7. Sieg!… Heil!!!

    Sieg!… Heil!!!

    Sieg!… Heil!!!!!!!!

  8. Give him time to work on it it would have to be better than what obama was doing!

  9. You got it, Gary. Granholm typifies the mentality of people who go into public office nowadays. They were all part of the inner clique back in high school, and they go through life thinking the real world is just a large-scale version of all that petty b.s. that seemed so important when they were teenagers.

  10. Lady..shut up! Her voice is the most annoying whine I've ever heard! I like cheerleader, but not her! She literally wanted Romney to pour money into a failing poorly run and hoist up the union thugs temporarily! Noone bails out my business and noone should bail out her messed up union auto phoneys! She acts as if the auto industry is God. Can't stand her voice …please shut her up!

  11. Romney's senior advisor referred to his client as an "Etch-A-Sketch" when it comes to any core beliefs. Just another money junkie whoring himself to the Federal Reserve like Obama, Dubya, the Clintons, Bush Daddy, etc., etc.

  12. I saw a Ford sign but, Ford never took a bail-out and they did just fine. Why did Chrysler and GM need a bail-out? were they really that screwed up and top-stupid? By the way, when are we going to get our money back for these "saved jobs" and bail-outs? We are now over $16 TRILLION in debt. Or has all this hype made you forget?

  13. Does she always talk like that? What a dingbat.

  14. And the left said Sarah Palin has a quirky voice. If I had to listen to that BHO mouth piece everyday it would drive me crazy. She said absolutely nothing and the crowd went wild. She probably had to change her panties after that speech. Maybe her and Bill Clinton got together after that performance cooled things down Clinton style.

  15. Ford motor company also has union labor working in their plants. How ever Ford did not dip into that "easy money" BO offered. Yet Ford motors continued making some of the best auto's and trucks available in the world. Explain the need to bail out the other companies, using the logic Ford used. Pretty hard to understand, isn't it, why 1 company does better while the others do worse and worse.

  16. Gary Belcher says:

    She sounds like a union promoter/organizer.

  17. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Jennifer Granholm channeled her inner Howard Dean.

  18. Dak…I am with you 100%. I am from Michigan too, and this was just painful to watch. When she was in office, she never carried on like this, well not in public anyway. My only complaint about her speech is that she was identified as being Michigan.

  19. I agree with Mink and Sheri , what they had to say obout Granholm speech. I thought she s ounded like raving lunitic, (Idiot). She did a terrible job as Gov; in Michigan.

  20. If the American Auto Industry has been saved – why don't thay mention General Motors. r out of 10 of their cars are made outside of America. GM has moved its Testing and Design to China. The American Taxpayer will never receive the billions of dollars we are owed by GM (Government Motors)

  21. Sorry – my fingers hit the wrong key – it is 7 out of 10 cars that BM makes outside the good ole US of A

  22. I get a kick out of people who love to portray Romney as a flip-flopper. I should absolutely HOPE so. Anyone who makes one decision, is given new facts, new times and situations involved, and steadfastly sticks to the original opinion has to be arrogant beyond belief. Don't you ever learn new things, myopinion? I think not!

  23. juswonderin says:

    Nana, you are so right!! The taxpayers certainly WILL NOT get the money they are owed by GM. I like the "GM" for Goverment Motors. How about the banks, the treasury, the trilateral commission, illuminati, bilderbergers, federal reserve, & sooooo many more?? Talk about a conspirisy (sorry, I know that's spelled wrong), and plz don't forget the orders from George Soros, Michael Moore, the Rockefellers, Kissinger & the like. JUST SOME OF THE "ONE WORLDERS" and it's about to come to pass. May the good Lord of the Bible grant us mercy & grace to be able to overcome all this greed & power grabbing! Too, too many people around the world are dying by the thousands & that my friend, is just out right POPULATION CONTROL! Don't forget all the dead bodies of children & helpless women & whole populations destroyed by greed & power & dangerous radical religions!!

  24. You mean new lies, like Saddam's mythical weapons of mass destruction which the CIA just admitted it was totally wrong on. You don't have to be born yesterday to know that governments lie to their own people to trick them into going to war against people and nations that never did them any harm, or that electronic digits represent real debt that a people must forever enslave themselves to a central bank to pay off.

    When I get tons of mail from the Romney campaign telling me that Mitt "believes in America", but then he hoofs it to Israel to collect million$ in illegal donations from Israeli-owned businesses, which is a felony violation of US election law, my built-in BS detector starts pegging.

  25. LOL!! That's because Romney has a Brain and Uses it, unlike ole barry, who has None!!

  26. I am Very suprised that your BS detector would even work after the Liar in chief spewing out LIES Daily!! LOL!!!

  27. Frederic Jaques says:

    I voted for her for Governor but she sounds like a 'shill' selling Dr. Patterson's Pink Pills for Pale People. Ford brought itself out of the recession by it's own efforts and I have no doubt that GM would have done the same thing if left alone. They kowtowed to the politicians and left themselves open to all kinds of ridicule. Shame on them and I am a retiree from GM!!
    Nevertheless, I won't trust any politician any further than I can throw them and I only weigh 150 lbs. and something like 60% are lawyers anyway, there's not a single Statesman amongst either party and we are in a catch 22 as far as voting is concerned.

  28. Romney and Obama are two sides of the same coin. But wait…you mean you haven't figured out yet the two-party system is a Punch And Judy Show designed to give the illusion of a real choice??!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

  29. Kris Harrison says:

    Hey now, don’t put WV down like that! 🙂

  30. Wow, she is a Holier than thou Roller and shoule be on Sunday Morning TV a hollerin to "Send us all yer Dollars for the Holyification of Obama – so that we can all watch him walk across the Potomac Waters Agin Folks – after all he is mah very own Jesus, I'm a telling yah ! Send me your Dollars and I will bless them afore I stick them in my retirement account ! Ya'll hear me now !
    Joel osteen eat your heart out – he smiles she don't – she really means it – Rah Rah Rah ! (I don't want to offend Joel, he seems more sincere !).

  31. What about hundreds of successful car dealers who were closed down by obama's car czar, when they were not democrat donators? No one speaks for them. Obama put more car related workers out of work than the 2 car company union workers he "saved". He has a net loss of jobs for this business also. Obama used tax payer money to launder it through the unions for his slush fund. We will never be paid back for obama's power grab. His green job fiasco is unconstitutional.

  32. This idiot cheer leader sounds just like that seriously leftist congressman who took himself out of the run for the presidency a few year ago. This is a stupidly handicapped governor who has ignored all the damage obama did to the auto industry by his interfering in the bankruptcy law route. She is a typical female democrat obama drone devoid of any moral rules

  33. Ford doesn't "dip in" to that "money," because they, especially in the form of the Ford Foundation, ARE "that money." They pay others to do their bidding, especially in the academic world. There's nothing Ford needs to be persuaded to do…at least, not yet.

  34. "Why did Chrysler and GM need a bail-out? were they really that screwed up and top-stupid?"

    In a word, Yes. They've been that bad, for over forty years.
    Oh, and about "getting that money back," as Gov. Christie might say, "Fuggedaboutit."
    It was never "our" money to begin with – consider: if it were so valuable, we wouldn't have legal tender laws
    (that's the law that says that you have to accept it as payment, no matter what you'd prefer).

  35. I'm from Michigan too, and she was a horrible governor!! If the auto industry was saved, why are most of the GM plants GONE?! Buick City, Turnsteds, Fisher Body, and even AC Sparkplug is literally gone, wiped off the map, even the buildings are torn down and they had been there for all my life until now and I am 65 years old!! Flint, Michigan has basically been turned into a ghost town since these buildings have been torn down and many, many small businesses in the same area, restaurants, etc. have closed because they thrived on the auto workers for their business. Thanks alot Granholm and Obama!!

  36. Oh sorry, forgot to comment on Granholm's "speech"!! I could not believe what I was hearing, I have seen her speeches many times while she was governor and never saw such a spectacle!! I never did vote for her or agreed with anything she said, but was NEVER embarrassed over her speaking performances before!! What a spectacle! I am ashamed to say she was our governor. Looked to me like she was "on" something!

  37. My God! Could only listen to the first part and had to mute the video.
    What a stupid ninny! SHE WAS A GOVERNOR? WHO in heaven would vote for such a prancing fool?
    As I recall the truth, GM was 'helped' by stiffing the bondholders who lost their money, taxpayer money used to give to the Unions who vote for Obama, and if I understand correctly they now own it? And furthermore, it only continues with more taxpayer loans given to pay off the 'interest' on the first loan! The debt will NEVER EVER be repaid.
    The only ones who even benefitted are the unions—of course! Biggest donors to the demoncraps! With OUR money!
    Makes me sick!

  38. four of ten are made out of America. How many are sold out of America?

  39. Union purchased 17 %, US owns 30 to 60% depending on which site you go to. Canada and Ontario own about 20%

  40. sorry, Canada and Ontario own 12%, Union 17.5%, US Treasury, 60%. The rest to secure Bond holders.

  41. She must have ADHD and forgot her meds. We wouldn't buy a government motors anything, if we had the money.
    Ford didn't take bailout funds.

  42. Gotta love FORD, Scary part was looking into eyes of people in the crowd (intensity) was like looking at brainwashed zombies

  43. If you listen closely, you can hear the wind whistling through her ears.