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Can Any Lawyer Be This Silly? Why Obama Voluntarily Retired as a Lawyer

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2012

From around the nation lawyers are sending me explanations for why Barack Obama voluntarily retired from the legal profession in January 2008. The official term is voluntarily retired, according to the website of the Illinois State Bar Association. You can verify this here.

Remember, he was a United States Senator at the time. How many United States Senators have voluntarily retired from the practice of law and turned in their licenses? Only one.

This letter presently tops my list of preposterous arguments. It came on September 8. But I am sure some other lawyer will raise the bar. (Raise the bar. Get it? I’ve got a million of ’em.)

“I’m on Inactive Status with the Texas Bar and surrendered my license to the Illinois Bar. Why? Because the only way to keep my licenses after I changed careers would have been to pay ongoing licensing fees and to satisfy ongoing requirements for Continuing Legal Education — courses related to changes in law, firm management, etc. I case I wanted to reclaim my license(s), I’d have to pay fees and complete courses; I don’t imagine ever doing so.

I didn’t go to Harvard Law, no, but the school from which I did graduate — the University of Texas Law School — was a top-ten law school, and the chit is a valuable one. One needn’t retain one’s license to exploit one’s law degree, as the cases of Romney and the Obamas demonstrate.

My point is that you’ve overlooked a reason why Pres. Obama might have surrendered his license.”

First, Mr. Obama did not go on inactive status. His wife did. He voluntarily retired from the profession. He had been the editor of the Harvard Law Review, the most prestigious academic journal in the field of law, through which law students at Harvard Law School judge the relevance and competence of articles submitted by America’s practicing lawyers and law professors. (Law is the only field in which a tiny group of self-screened, professionally non-certified kids judge the intellectual competence of the best legal minds in America, which gives you some idea of the overall wisdom of the American legal profession.) Anyway, without explanation, this Senator quit the profession. Was this front-page news? No. It was memory hole news.

Second, because my critic is on inactive status, President Obama could not have hired him to defend his decision in front of a jury. But I can still imagine the closing statement of the opposing lawyer.

“Ladies and gentlemen if the jury, please consider what my learned opponent has asked you to believe.

First, the state bar association was threatening a United States Senator with public suspension because he was unwilling to take a course to prove that he is keeping up with the law. In short, a man who is making the law is falling behind on his legal education.

Next, he wants you to believe that the Bar Association was ready with sanctions if he failed to take his legal education extension course. It would announce, in the middle of a Presidential campaign, that it was suspending the license of the Democrats’ candidate.

The Bar Association of Illinois. You know: Chicago and its suburbs.

But, my distinguished opponent could have said, maybe the Bar Association would have waited until after the election. At that time, it would have released this notification to the media.

“The Illinois Bar Association has suspended the law license of the newly elected President of the United States, Barack. H. Obama. In his new job, he will not be able to take his required Illinois continuing education courses, which identify a member of the Illinois Bar as a person who is keeping up with the latest developments in the law. As President, Mr. Obama will be too busy with political matters unrelated to the law to be able to maintain his status as an educationally certified attorney in Illinois.”

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do you think the Illinois Bar Association would be that out of touch with reality? No? Neither do I. But my learned opponent thinks the Association would have taken that step in full public view. But why would it have done this? Perhaps in order to strengthen its claim to represent professionals who possess intellectual rigor and a firm grip on reality.

I therefore ask the members of the jury to conclude that Barack Obama — also known as Barry Soetoro — had a different motivation.”

I can understand why the lawyer who sent me this letter is on inactive status. It is less embarrassing than being on active status.

To read a letter from a lawyer who confirms my analysis of surrendering a law license, click the link.

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63 thoughts on “Can Any Lawyer Be This Silly? Why Obama Voluntarily Retired as a Lawyer

  1. With or without a law license Obama is systematically taking down the U.S.A. I don't care if he has a license or not. This is only another distraction. Let's focus on Obama's abysmal record of failure as POTUS/CINC.

  2. Maybe the IL bar knows 0 is an ILLEGAL ALIEN that went to school on a grant for FOREIGN students and lied about it (along with his various names and fake social security number). He can lock it up but he won't hide it for ever. I hope there is a cell in a federal prison waiting for him. Congress should stop worrying about blacklash and investigate this fraud. When the whites get tired of the rioting blacks maybe the problem will get white-washed.

  3. Obama and Michelle did not voluntarily lose their licenses. They were taken away from them because they broke the law.

  4. barb patton says:

    I wonder how long he has been paying the Law Society to shutup?? perhaps he got the degree under the name Barry Soetoro and then changed it to bho and therein lies the rub. He continues with his lies ans fraudulent behavior and NO ONE dares do a damn thing about it!!! I have come to the conclusion that the devil does indeed look after its own. WAKE UP AMERICA

  5. Interesting , I was not aware of the various nuances of the Bar Association regulations , nor was I aware of the medical professions views on surrendering a license in a state you now live far from and no longer practice medicine in . That said , for one to surrender their license , either legal or medical in their state of residence makes no sense at all even if they do not practice their profession any longer . I can count several Attorney's among my friends in two different states . In the one case two of these men were members of my church and were Sunday School teachers for the young teens of which I was a member . another lawyer was my personal and business lawyer for several years and yet another was merely a neighbor and long time friend and still is . When I relocated to a western state far from my home state I became friends with the man who is now my business attorney . I know each of these individuals spent many years pursuing their legal education and many more establishing their practice and reputation in their respective communities . They would never surrender their license for any reason having spent that time and money in earning it and developing what is a comfortable living for themselves and their family's . Even those who are now retired from their practice retain their license I assume in order to simply give advice when asked . Medical or Legal , that degree and license is a thing of prestige to own . To surrender it willingly in light of the suspicions that doing so might cast upon the individual gives one pause to ask why , what is the motive ? In light of the reasons the Obama's have given and , in the one case at the point it was surrendered , being a reasonable individual have to assume the worst and think that some sort of wrong doing was involved and may have resulted in being disbarred . Surrendering a license may avoid the legal aspects and disgrace , but the shadow is still there

  6. So what would have happened if they had tried to put TORT reform into the healthcare bill to cap what lawyers can earn, do you think his 'buddies' would have blown the whistle then??? Hmmmm

  7. Melba Rowland says:

    Very well said. I am a retired nurse and I keep my license active via CEU's…no way I would volunitarily give it up or let lapse. Worked way to hard to get it….but then maybe BO's experience in law school wasn't that difficult???

  8. Roland Friestad says:

    My situation is similar to that of Melba Rowland – I'm a sort-of retired P.E. (Professional Engineer) in Illinois and not exactly an Obama fan by any means – The CEU (Continuing Education Units) appear to me to be a way to force professional people to pay money to educational institutions and semi-phony online schools to retain a license – For my particular specialty there are no courses suited to it that I can take – It happens that my former state senator was also a P.E. so I called him and he had the same problem – However, you can make presentations (speeches) or give seminars to groups in your related field and count it towards CEU's – Since we are paying millions of dollars for Obama to fly around the country disrupting the aviation system (my specialty) he could easily have counted his speeches towards his required CEU's – Wouldn't even have cost him anything, just us as taxpayers –

  9. This is just another one of his infinite lies. To date, we have no idea who or what he is. Everything he has ever done has been sealed so it is impossible to run a check on him. That, by itself, is highly suspicious. If you havenothing to hide, why seal all your records?

    He said he would have the most trasparent administration in American history. This administration has, without question, been the most clouded and obscured administration is history. That alone should ruin his chances of re-election. But top it with what he has done (or not done) for the US economy should send him to Jimmy Carter-ville. Meaning, a former President that no one talks or confers with – an outcast.

    Romney/Ryan 2012 (if you love this country)

  10. Who cares what obama does or doesn’t do. The only thing I care what he does is how long it takes him to clear out of our White House. God Bless Gov. Romney and Paul Ryan

  11. I think this song sums up obamao:
    http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11862871 (Lyric posted below song)

  12. suzuki beane says:

    I wonder why Michelle Obama went inactive. I believe it was during the time that she was working for Mayor Daley's office–is this one of those situations where a crime is suspected and the charges are dropped in exchange for dropping the license?

  13. Wrong, wrong, and more wrong. I guess the concept of "facts" is completely lost to you.

  14. Cripes, this site is becoming more like "Before It's News" every goddamn day. You people are ridiculous in your delusions and have no concept of "fact". Especially you, Gary.

  15. If anyone cares to check the facts Barack lost his license because of perjury. Michelle lost hers because of insurance fraud. Yes the did surrender their licenses or face action from the bar association…….

  16. The "fact" that you spew profanity and offer no rebuttal to what the article says gives you away. One of the earliest lessons I was taught was he who resorts to name calling doesn't have a rational leg to stand on.

  17. You are correct on that assumtion. Barack did the same thing because of perjury. It seems he forgot to mention any AKAs.

  18. soldiermom11 says:

    This might sound crazy but what if he did it on purpose so that if the truth ever comes out and when they ever prosecute or impeach him there will be no license to revoke. At which time, when the trial is over, but he is disgraced, he can go back to being a lawyer again for one of his liberal causes. I know pretty far out there, but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.

  19. I fail to see what Law has to do with anything that Obama does.
    Politicians do not have to be lawyers to do the greatest harm, although the worst cultprits usually are.
    To infer that a lawyer should know more about the Rule of Law fails as an argument because, let's face it, everything the RINOs and the DNC do is an attack upon the Rule of Law.
    No .. the only possible relevance of Obama's law practice revolves around perjury … he lied about who he is.
    Both he and his wife began to extricate themselves from the Illinois Bar to avoid this inconvenient truth from ever entering a court of law, an inconvenient developent that would have derailed their personal political asperations. She dropped out first so she wouldn't have to testify against her own husband in a Bar hearing.
    So, yes, they both very shrewdly dropped out of the Illinois bar to avoid a snare that would have derailed his political career in 'respectable' circles .. those respectable circles that assault the Rule of Law at every opportunity.
    Politics trumps the Rule of Law every time …… just ask the traitors at SCOTUS.

  20. The more you learn about him (very little, indeed) the more you know he was destined to take down the U.S.A. He is doing such an amazing job of it, I can't believe he is doing it all by himself. I wonder who sits on the committee which directs and supports him? Who are they?

  21. this, like the birther story, come up with something solid, something specific or STFU

  22. Youtube Ballad of Barry(BEST VERSION)Obama Song

  23. Things do not work that way soldiermom11. You are not crazy, simply wrong procedurely. I don't trust either of them. Obama is claiming credit for things he didn't do, and Romney is telling us he is just, "setting out the framework." And will give us the details later. The reason he doesn't want to give the details of his plan, is he knows what little chance of getting elected, will go down the toilet. We are faced again with the candidate does not deserve to be reelected and a candidate does not deserve to be elected. Such a wonderful choice. NOT!!!!!

  24. Could the real reason be that his Harvard Law Degree has the name "Barry Soetero" on it instead of Barack Hussein Obama?

  25. Both Obama and Romney are poor choices. Obama does not deserve to be reelected and Romney sure as doesn't deserve to be elected. I voted for Bush 43, two times; and I regret that. I voted for Obama because he seemed a lesser evil than the angry old man from Arizona who chose a nitwit to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Everyone with even half a brain (which does not include most commentators on this site) knew that Bush had poisoned the well for any Republica anyway.

  26. I am a white man who was registered republican from 1971 until 2005, and never voted for a Democrat the entire time. You sir are a racist and a fool. Many of the comments posted on this site are done so by people who are fact challanged. You have gone way over that line, to the absurd. Given so many who read your comment favored it, says a lot about most of the people who read it. And that is not good.

  27. I was living in Texas, a number of years ago when tort reform was passed. The tort reform people outspend the people against it about 10 to 1, and won the election about 51% to 49%. When I explained to several elderly couples in my church what it was going to do, they were all shocked, and said if they had understood it, they would not have voted for the so-called tort reform.

  28. My understanding, from an Attorney friend of mine, was that Obama resigned from the Illinois Bar just before they were to dis-bar him. It seems that he lied on his bar application. My attorney friend also check on mrs. Obama Illinois bar record. It seems, she also resigned after working for an Illinois law for 3 years under Michell Roberson. He could not find out why she resigned. Most of the time people resign from the bar just before there is a good chance they will be dis-bared.

  29. Why don't you Google conspiracy theories? You can ascribe to the little green men from outer space.

  30. AMAZINGGRACE says:

    I agree 100%. He's a "pathological liar" whose "environment" is "more" of the same. "Misery" likes company. I've been praying without "ceasing" that "this" FRAUD is "NOT" re-elected. I've said it before,& I'll say it "again," our country will "then" be 100% "radical" communist. WAKE "UP" AMERICA!!! i have a friend that's moving to S.America. "My future plans is "CANADA.

  31. Biggest news story of the last 4 years, and never reported by the main stream news agencies. Maybe they hate America too, or is this the CPUSA doing it's thing. Soviet Russia is gone ,but the bear still dances!

  32. Keep your head in the sand Shane and do us a favor, inhale!


  34. You are 100% right. One more important point on Michell. While Obama was a Senator from Illinois (before he ran for President), Michell was working in the legal department of a local hospital and receiving a 6 figure income. When a smart reporter as her to see her law license, she said she was only a legal assistant and pulled out the business card of a person she said was the hospital's legal attorney. Soon after that Obama was able to get a million dollar ear mark for the hospital; Michell received a huge raise.

  35. Members of the executive and legislative branches of government are generally exempt from any "CLE" (continuing legal education) requirements, and moreover have an added benefit of a reduced bar dues fee schedule. I sincerely doubt if Illinois would require a sitting President of The United States, no more than a sitting Governor of that state, to satisfy CLE requirements, this is ridiculous.

  36. Voluntarily retired is a euphemism for got disbarred from practicing law in Illinois.

  37. Nemesis of Empire says:

    Reason enough to bring down the entire Christless system and burn it off the face of the Earth, sending it back to Satan. We need Christianist leadership that can turn this country around, defeat and then eliminate the mud races and infidels and turn this country into the Christianist Republic it was always destined to be. Christ wills it! There is no God but Jesus, and Christ is his prophet!

  38. For whatever reason, this guy is untouchable and it's very disturbing.

  39. George Soros, without a doubt is one operative orchestrating the take down of America. Bama is just a front man.

  40. richard holmes says:

    Stick your head back in your rear and shut your yapping mouth.

  41. The Clinton's started the birther stuff

  42. richard holmes says:

    Look up the facts. they will show you that this muslem. He has done nothing but run down this country from the start. He has stolen tax payers money and paid off his friends for their votes. Everything this puke has done has been unconstitutional and he will pay for it. soon, one way or another.

  43. richard holmes says:

    Well why don't you shut up and not vote at all. Then all will be happy. Especially you. Dolts are always happy.

  44. richard holmes says:

    All his lefty thug buddies have got his ass covered. The unions-acorn-bloomburg-bill ayers and the rest of the lunatics.

  45. just ramblin says:

    QUIT calling him president HE IS NOT,HE IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!
    just rambling

  46. I don't take orders from rude, obnoxious people on news threads, but since I agree, feel free to insert "fake" or "pretend" in front of POTUS/CINC when referring to Obama.

  47. you obviously can't read and even if you can, you wouldn't believe it. Take your head out of your arse and use your common sense.

  48. lilbear68 … this is something solid .. that's why you are spazzing. You Libs never spaz until someone gets too near the truth.

    Truth #1: If Michelle was still practicing Law, any hearing before the Bar would require complete honesty because a perjury charge wouldn't just lead to disbarment, it would be a criminal offense.
    Truth #2: If Michelle left the Bar, she can't be called by the Bar.
    Truth #3: If Obama left the Bar, he can't be called by the Bar.
    Truth #4: Not one Senator has ever left the Bar to hold office. Nor has any President, until now. That one exception is Obama.
    Truth #5: Obama has repeatedly trampled the Rule of Law, which could get him disbarred if he were still on the Bar at Federal level. His conduct speaks for itself.

    I could go on … but Truth was never very popular with Libs.
    So, hey Lilbear68 .. prove that I am wrong on any given point, or You STFU.

  49. Michelle resigned because of insurance fraud. Obama was for perjury…..

  50. George Soros and Islamic leaders are for sure on the list of Obama backers and directors.

  51. Seth your post shows you are an Obamaniac in serious need of psychiatric intervention. Seek help fast.

  52. The people were already reprobates he just took advantage of the problem…and he is doing well with it.

  53. Most of us thinking persons do not believe a word of what this disgraceful person has to say. I mean, of course, the IMPOSTER!
    What surprises me more is that ILLINOIS, known as the most corrupt of States, with Chicago the worst of the worst, would ever disbar ANYONE from practising law, legally or illegally. They are ALL corrupt and it would be a miracle to find the 'honest' lawyers at all.

  54. Please sir; how do you "check the facts". We can't even find out for sure who his daddy is.

  55. David in MA says:

    Better a Mormon than a muslim.

  56. What ??, and forget what a fine upstanding b.l.a.c k. Christian he is ????. ( pun intended of course lol )

  57. I don't know about attorneys, however I do know that nurses in the state of Texas can have their licenses placed on 'inactive' status if they are not employed and do not intend to become employed in the near future. They must continue to pay a fee every two years, however it is much less money than an active renewal. I am not certain about the Continuing Education requirements during that period of time. I wondered what happened to Big Ears and Godzilla. It sounded to me like Godzilla had her license yanked, but I am not certain. Does anyone know what happened with these two?

  58. Like you, I was mostly skeptical of "birthers" until I saw the press in action at the first press conference where Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigative team presented the evidence they had discovered in some painstaking work. I was so surprised that the press failed to scrutinize, or even consider, the facts and evidence presented. It led me to think there must be something to the evidence, because the press NEVER touched the evidence and the facts, let alone explored them to draw their own conclusions. You, or any of the press, certainly may draw different conclusions about the "facts" than I have been led to do, but there are "facts" in evidence, and everyone should look at them before dismissing this topic.

    Please examine the volumes of evidence that supports the brief post by dak605. There has been considerable time, money, and effort spent on a professional investigation of the SSN Barack Obama is on the record using for 28-30 years; the document the White House issued as "the official birth certificate" for Barack Obama; and Barack Obama's Selective Service Card (draft card). While there is unprecedented and determined ignorance among mainstream media to completely ignore Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigations and official press conferences, the evidence stands strong on its own, and warrants some consideration before dismissing, or accepting, it . I suggest you, at least, view one of the press conferences where the evidence is well presented in detail. Once you've examined the available evidence, THEN ask the questions to which you have every right. This is what the press has failed to do: examine the evidence, question it, and draw logical conclusions from their own investigations of the facts. You'll see in the press conferences that, when presented with evidence from the investigations, the press completely fails to ask questions ABOUT the evidence. Instead, the few press who do attend the press conferences, waste the time and the opportunity to question for the American people and instead spend the valuable time and opportunity trying to discredit the messengers/the investigators. While questions about the investigators and the investigation's charter and methodology are part of good journalism and perfectly appropriate, questions about the evidence presented is every bit as important, but neither reporters from left or right media channels ask the important (and burning) questions about the evidence. This is extremely suspicious behavior and it's maddening. If you're like me, the press response alone may motivate you to think again.Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. There is a lot of press smoke surrounding the evidence of fraud associated with the documents the White House claims are the president's birth certificate, SSN, and Selective Service Card. It's worth your time to look at the evidence, painstakingly gathered and offered on full display. Then feel free to criticize it, but don't follow the corrupt press and shoot the messenger; you'll be missing a lot, which is the intention, no doubt.

  59. Both obama's lost their law license for criminal activity. M. obama was rushing to surrender her license in order to avoid an arrest for some real estate deal; B. obama lied on his ABA application by denying he was known by any other names–he was, and still is, barry soetero. These little tidbits were on the internet prior to the great purge by google.

  60. Why don't ypu just move to some country where the pople have no say in the leadership of their country? China comes to mind–maybe communist korea–anyway, there are a few choices out there for you. Otherwise, don't vote at all because there are no persons out there worthy of your vote. And, FYI, Romney is quite a good candidate–but you aren't even listening.

  61. She may have surrendered her license to avoid testifying against him at the Bar, but her real reason was to avoid criminal charges–the report on record shows that while she was enroute to the Chicago ABA, an indictment was in progress. She was involved with an illegal real estate deal and got caught. The indictment was stopped when she officially turned over her license.

  62. I care, along with millions of others. We want this liar in chief indicted, arrested, tried, and convicted for his numerous crimes, especially those committed while in office.

  63. Really COOL Ben Burton!!!