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Food Stamps Under Obama: 32 Million to 46 Million

Written by Gary North on September 7, 2012

Click through to see a scary chart: the number of food stamp recipients over the last seven years.  Under Obama, the number has soared by 44%.

There is no sign that this is going to be reversed. Yet we are three years into the so-called economic recovery.

In June, more people went on food stamps (173,600) than got jobs (64,000). But there was a difference. Most of the people on food stamps are full time. The number never goes down. At least some of the jobs are part-time. There will be a move out of part-time jobs to full-time food stamp dependence.

This trend into food stamp dependence seems irreversible. All talk about an economic recovery is blind to what is happening to people at the bottom. The ranks of the dependents grows.

This dependence is permanent. These people will not get back into self-funded living. They will remain wards of the state.

This is a major shift in what we think of as the American character. The scene in <i>Cinderella Man</i>, where boxer James Braddock comes to the welfare office to return money that he had received, is based on a true incident. He really did this. That would be inconceivable today.

We are seeing the federal government extend its intrusion into people’s lives. It is creating dependence.

When the default comes, these people will find it difficult to leave that lifestyle and get back into the labor market as competitive producers.

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18 thoughts on “Food Stamps Under Obama: 32 Million to 46 Million

  1. Every one a Democrat Obama voter. A good inverstment for Obama, but the rest of us will pay. Wonder why Obama will be re-elected?

  2. It's the way to get re-elected…you give out FREE anything….I see people at the market with their food stamps and EBT cards..the woman in front of me had 12 slabs of ribs, on top of her over-full cart….the total was $170….she swiped her EBT card…and then handed over some crumpled food stamps…and out the door she rolled…..then I checked out, paid REAL MONEY and watched her load her stuff into a rather new-looking SUV….poor my behind!

  3. Bob Marshall says:

    Since 51% of Americans are depending of the government for some type of assistance it is no wonder the size of our government has expanded so much. It is not just food stamps. more than 70% of federal spending goes to 47 dependence programs. The largest cost are Medicare, then Medicaid, followed by Social Security. Obama's fiscal year 2013 budget is going to add $2 trillion in new taxes. while America can't afford four more years of Obama, which Mitt Romney would we see. The Mitt Romney who flip-flops on most of his platforms or the one who has made so many promises to change America. Didn't Obama do that in 2008? Take a look at who will be his cabinet members and in his administration. The lesser of two evils is still evil and evil wins. America loses.

  4. Food stamp eligibility is very generous compared to other welfare programs.

    I went to my state's "see if you qualify for benefits" website and entered our family information.

    If I lost my job (even with my spouse working) we would qualify for nearly $700/month in food stamps.

    I even entered in a (purely theoretical) $100,000 balance in a bank account to see if this benefit is asset-limited – apparently not.

    There are also other benefits which my family would _automatically_ qualify for were we on food stamps – like those free cellphones you see heavily advertised on TV.

    If you are a low-skill worker, with many gaps between jobs, I can see how attractive applying for food stamps (& SS disability for some cash income) would be.

  5. I wonder how many of these people are really eligible for food stamps. They just know they can get something for nothing. I'll bet they vote for the fraud-in-chief, Obama.

  6. Addicted to welfare, addicted to entitlements, addicted to food stamps, addicted to government handouts. And those addicts will do anything to keep their pusher in business. Yes, a very wise and calculated investment for Obama.

  7. What does Obama have to do with it? The jobs are in China and the TEA party isn't hiring. You can thank the rich billionaires who exported America's industrial base, subsidized by your tax dollars. Republicans warned against giving China most-favored-nations trading status back in 2001, but GW thought it was a good idea and the majority went along to get along. It's an election year and for political reasons the other side would like to lay it on Obama's doorstep, but has been a long time coming. Something else that's interesting, the $16T we ostensibly owe toward the national debt was unfunded liabilities, money we owe "ourselves." That could have been resolved by simply printing enough currency to cover it, BUT, a soft-audit of the Fed (Ron Paul's website) reveals the Fed expropriated that same amount to EU bankers! In other words, they are making sure those liabilities never get funded, by stealing an equivalent amount! Curs at the trough, private banksters competing for public funds, "the largest wealth distribution in history" is what investor blogs call it, or the Crime of the Century (Ron Paul's website.

  8. How about we save America and ship these people to a 3rd world country and feed them over there

  9. Bev in Sac says:

    Bob…get a grip…just because Obama made promises and did not fulfill them..don't think that Romney won't fulfill his.
    My god just the speach Obama made at the DNC was scary…nothing new..didn't do anything he said he would and you are STILL having a problem deciding who to vote for? He spent a whole 5 mins. telling the world how much he loved his wife and kids…come on…this is a convention…he had nothing to say. The only one's who will be voting for Obama are the ones who don't want the free ride to end…did you see the people in Obama's DNC? The freeloaders, the takers..now compare that to the people sitting in the seats at the GOP…it's like night and day. Obama deals in lies…and the sheep will follow him..they are to lazy to think for themselves and he knows this. Bob spend some time and inform yourselve and you will realize what a wonderful person Mitt is..he had a 80% success rate on the business'es he saved…that's awsome..and did you know that the Police, Firemen and Teachers pension funds are invested in Bain Capitol…I didn't think so.

  10. Bev in Sac. says:

    Hi Joey…don't judge someone just because you saw them at the checkout at the market with some nice juicy ribs. You can have a nice house and a nice car and then your husband looses his job and you loose yours..and then you start dipping into your savings until that is gone and you can't ask family for help because they are in the same boat. This is the reality of the Obama administration. You don't loose your car or home when this happens but believe me you have no money for your bills and you still have to feed the family. And their house is probably in foreclosure…Joey..just be grateful that this is not your reality…the government makes you just about beg for help verses if you came from a different country..that allows you to go to the front of the line. Have a little compassion…there but for the grace of God goes I…

  11. Bev in Sac says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill..let me educate you…I'm almost 70…lost my job 2 years ago and so far have not found another one even though I keep sending out the resumes. I live on $760.00 a month..and I don't qualify for food stamps…you are really sending out wrong information…my sister who is 72 has income of $1,300 a month and she qualified for…(drumroll please) all of $18.00 dollars a month…and you can't have more than $2,000 in total assets. They don't count your car or your house…
    You must of put in you have 10 kids to feed…I don't know..but it's not a walk in the park to qualify for food stamps.

  12. Never Happen!!
    No God? = NObama in 2012 !!

  13. Social Security is NOT a "dependance" program fool!, We are all paying into it, and will NEVER see all our money returned!
    Ask anybody over 75 … Marxcist/Muslim Obammy is giving it all away to ILLEGALS!
    NObammy in 2012 !!

  14. Newt Gigrich was right: Barack Obama is the Foodstamp President.

  15. Oops: Gingrich

  16. richbrat, you forgot to mention all the government taxes on business and other benefits that the government forces businesses to acquire. This also was a major factor in businesses moving offshore.

  17. http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2011-10

    Food stamps are only asset-limited in a few states.

    I'm sure having minor children also explains why we would qualify for such a generous benefit.

  18. Sure hope so!