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“Green” DNC Protester Arrested as a Terrorist

Written by Gary North on September 6, 2012

A man was driving to protest at the Democrats’ National Convention. He was stopped for a traffic violation.

The police found his name on the government’s list of possible terrorists. He was locked in jail for the duration of the convention.

His name is James Ian Tyson. I am on his side already. I wonder if he has a sister with the middle name of Sylvia.

The police officer who arrested him wanted Tyson to remain behind bars during the Democratic National Convention, according to a court document.

The officer informed the magistrate that Tyson was on a terrorist watch list.

This list is not available to the public. The AP story says something under 400,000 names are on it. That’s a whole lot of suspected terrorists.

Tyson did not know that his name is on it. He says he does not know how he will get his name off of it.

He was put in jail for 36 hours.

Bail was set at $10,000. This was reduced to $2,500 when he got a lawyer. He got a lawyer only because he had a hotline number to call: the Coalition to March on Wall Street South.

He has decided not to protest at the DNC. He says he is afraid of being arrested. I don’t blame him.

There are approximately 400,000 people in a similar situation. But they all have not found out about it yet.

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16 thoughts on ““Green” DNC Protester Arrested as a Terrorist

  1. OK, who is ‘Sylvia’ Tyson?

  2. Texas Chris says:

    Land of the free, home of the brave.


  3. What do you want to bet that Billy Graham's name is on that list?

    Thie Democrat in the story needs to rethink his party affiliation. He should be protesting the legitimacy of the Demcratic Party.

  4. She is a country & folk singer from the 1960s-1980s, who was married to Ian Tyson. (but not the Ian Tyson in the article)

  5. Bill McCroskey says:

    Yes Ian and Sylvia Tyson were actually a Canadian folk duo from the 60's, one of their greatest songs was Four Strong Winds ….kudos to Dr. North for his knowledge of REAL music too.

  6. Lobo VNVMC says:

    I guess y'all never heard of the 'Patriot Act' or 'NDAA'. Both give the police the power to put you in jail indefinitely when you are labeled a terrorist.

  7. A few names that SHOULD BE ON EVERY Terrorist Watch List:

    Achmed Imanutjob
    Mohammed Mursi
    George Sorrows
    Eric Holder
    Harry Reid
    Nancy Peelousy
    (and last, but not least)
    Barack Hussein Obama

  8. Well, Republicans brought about the TSA and DHS, so you only have yourselves to blame.

  9. Excuse me? Republicans did what?!

  10. That's the truth. However, I'll bet that my name (and probably yours) is on the White House Hate List. It's time to turn the tables around. Everyone on your list should be arrested and held indefinitely without bail.

  11. I thought he was pretty clear: Bush and the Republicans, along with help from the Democrats, created the TSA and the DHS. They certainly weren't created under Clinton or Barry.

  12. People need to be aware of all the REPUBLICAN senators that voted for NDAA. That law is how they are doing these things. Although the senators ALL swore this wouldn't apply to American citizens, we see it happening already. And, if Obama remains in office, it'll get even worse.

  13. As popular as Billy Graham is around the world, I doubt seriously that they would even dare, in case Anonymous or Wikileaks or some other group hacked the list, & published. And, beyond that, I KNOW he's on God's GOOD list, & that Obama & all of his demons are on the BAD list.

  14. No, but they have been 'managed' by Obama's admin, & both agencies are totally out of control. 2/3 of the stuff that we read online, or hear on the news about both groups has only started since Obama took over. Like the one woman from DHS being sued for sexual harassment. Plus Napolitano & ICE head man are being sued by 10 border agents for not allowing them to do their jobs the way the LAW says they are to, thereby endangering them, plus making them break FEDERAL laws. And, you all need to grow up, take responsibility for your idiocy, & STOP BLAMING BUSH. When the DHS started out, they didn't have half of the power Obama has given them. And, by the way, when Obama starts getting rid of people, he's gonna get rid of you kool aid drinkers right along with the rest. Also, TSA wasn't implemented until AFTER Obama was sworn in. Get your facts straight. We don't need any more liberal lies!

  15. I'm positive MY name is on there. When he started his tattle tale web site, I went on there, made sure my name was spelled correctly on my post, & told him that I did not agree with ANY of his policies. And, that I was also an evangelical Bible believing gun toting tea partying PATRIOTIC American, & that I was against same sex marriage AND abortion. So, that SHOULD have done it! I'm not afraid of them, because as a Christian, IF they killed me, I know where I'll be the next instant.

  16. They weren't created under Clinton but should have been after the FIRST 2 attacks on the Twin Towers. The third attack was also to take place under Clinton's watch but was ran into some logistic problems and had to be delayed.