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Federal Judge Orders Sex-Change Operation for Convicted Murderer, to Be Paid for by Taxpayers

Written by Gary North on September 6, 2012

A federal judge has decided that a prisoner in a Massachusetts prison for having killed his wife is suffering emotionally. He is really a woman, hormonally speaking.

So great is the suffering, the judge determined, that the taxpayers of Massachusetts must pay for a sex-change operation.

Incarcerated rapists in prisons around the nation are strongly supportive of this decision of the court.

The prisoner was known as Robert Kosliak when he killed his wife two decades ago. Today, Kosliak is known as Michelle.

My belle.

Kosilek first sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction 12 years ago. Two years later, Wolf ruled that Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender-identity disorder, but stopped short of ordering surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the surgery is a medical necessity.

The judge agreed with him. So did a good portion of the prison’s population.

The judge invoked the Eighth Amendment.

“The court finds that there is no less intrusive means to correct the prolonged violation of Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment right to adequate medical care,” Wolf wrote in his 126-page ruling.

What does the Eighth Amendment prohibit? Cruel and unusual punishment.

I can imagine George Mason looking into the future and thinking, “We need this provision in order to protect men who want to look like women in prison. This is what liberty is all about.” Madison instantly understood this. So did Congress.

The guards do not think this is a good idea. They say this will make it harder to defend her in an all-male prison. But the judge says the guards are pretextual. That is legalese for “play pretend.” You know: a hoax. I mean, who would imagine that a prison full of celibate, law-abiding men might be a threat to Ms. Kosliak. It’s just silly, the judge implied.

It’s the Department of Corrections’ problem now. Judge Wolf has spoken — or written. At considerable length.

Only in America!

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71 thoughts on “Federal Judge Orders Sex-Change Operation for Convicted Murderer, to Be Paid for by Taxpayers

  1. castrate him- problem solved

  2. Honestly, MA, CA and NY are killing our constitution one step at a time. So now we have a woman hater and murderer, that will have to leave the transgender hospital and go to an all women's facility. Knowing full well that he HATES women. Why is our problem to cover his illness to that degree. Let the queers who support this crap pay for his massive 'sex' change expenses. This is a kin to providing a kidney for someone on death row. Just some things are crazy to ever even be considered. Shame on this judge. Shame on MA for tolerating this CRAP. America needs to straighten up and fly right. But I'm beginning to believe that will never happen. So I guess we are DOOMED TO REPEAT HISTORY.

  3. He was born a male. He should die a male. God doesn't make mistakes, only men make mistakes.

  4. Jennifer in PA says:

    We have a 16 + trillion dollar debt and we spend money on ridiculous things like this. Is there any hope?

  5. Barack Obummer says:

    This judge needs to be committed as a mental patient.

  6. jmsmaxwell says:

    As a convicted murder he should have gotten the death sentence with no qualms. As for the sex change operation, why
    waste money on a scum bag that does not deserve our pity or sympathy in any form. He could have walked away from his
    wife and been free to pursue his own delusional dreams of sexual freedom. Instead he murdered his wife and now he wants
    to make TAX payers pay for his stupidity and mental condition. It sounds like this Judge is once again being a loony left
    wing liberal who has no real concept of legality or the Constitution in any shape form or fashion, just another "Queen" who
    rules from on high.

  7. What is wrong with execution? Saves the state thousands and provides justice to the family of the deseased!

  8. Simon Jester says:

    I'm no bible-thumper, but I am a believer…. So I'll say this – You cannot, as a nation, live in sin and decadence, or support the behaviors associated with it – and not except to be judged.

    As a nation, we have supported the killing of 55 million unborn children and we are going to be judged for that, and a lot more. I believe the judgement is already underway and it's only going to be complete when this nation is completely gone.

  9. sandman4X4 says:

    why don't you folks out there complaining that don't live in Mass. stop fanning the fire, we the tax payers in Mass. are the only ones stuck paying for this abortion eer…. castration eer….obomination, yea thats the right term for it! this is just one more reason on our list of reasons for moving out of this physicaly beautiful state! we live on one of the islands off the coast, but I am surrounded by moonbats! I can talk to anyone without first feeling them out! if I say the wrong thing I am doomed! afterr all it is a small island, and word gets around fast, when we read the local paper after elections it is enough to make any red blooded American cry! in a city of 4K reg voters only 312 voted for McCain! an I am sure not that many are going to be voting for our own former Gov.!

  10. Texas Chris says:

    That's exactly what he's asking for. And more.

  11. Texas Chris says:

    I know, right?

    When a bullet costs, what… 35 cents?

  12. sandman4X4 says:

    just one more thing to add, maybe if something were to go "wrong" on the opperating table, and God forbid he doesn't make it? what could the corroner put down for reason of death? maybe something like sexecution?

  13. millergroup2 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous! Is there anyway that we as a people can legally appeal this crime? This sex change does nothing to the body, except putting a hole where it does not belong!!! This has nothing do do with health. Cripes this inmate cannot even have sex…..crap! What is he going to do? Show it to the guards, and say lookie what I got? This country is going to the dogs very quick. Our hands are tied. Lord please forgive us, help us to return to you. Help us to fight this sin.

    Is Obama and prison sex changes what we have to look forward to? 10 years ago this judge would have been pulled from the bench, his name made public, and his family shamed! Where will we be in another 10 years?????

  14. Texas Chris says:

    The only valid argument against it is the possibility of a wrongful conviction. With the overzealous prosecutors out there, and crooked cops to boot, that is a very real possibility.

    I don't trust the state to deliver a greeting card. How much less to decide life or death reliably?

  15. Texas Chris says:

    Give him the sex change, then release him into the general population.

    Let nature take it's course…

  16. The taxpayers of Mass. should be up in arms. First, throw the bastards out that are in the penal system, then the judges. Step by step, Americans are being run over by the special interests and people like Obama are perpetuating this entire movement: gay marriage, sex change, what's next?

  17. There NO hope with judges like this one. He needs to be barred from the bench. Maybe some of his past decisions should be reviewed as well. And the Judge should go for some psychiatric evaluations as well. NO wonder MA is in trouble with judges like this!

  18. A prison full of "celibate", "law-abiding men"??? Is this judge delusional or just high on something. What about the suffering the wife went through. What about the suffering her family is going through? If the judge thinks this a–hole deserves this operation maybe the judge ought to pay for it!

  19. Make the judge pay for the operation. And then have the prisoner be his maid. They should get alone together well.

  20. Actually the judge needs to be forced to pay for this perverts' operation himself. After that the judge should have to undergo the same operation at his own expense and then serve a life sentence in the same slammer with all the other pervs. Maybe when the judge turns out to be somebody's girlfriend he'll wish he had used some common smese.

  21. Richard - USMC says:

    This is the absolute height of rediculousness. Where does the "leftist element" stop? He killed his wife. Now he's suffering from mental anquish because he really wants to be a woman. Fine! Cut his his hangers off or put him out of his misery and fry his ass. Case closed

  22. ms.conservative says:

    The reason why we're all complaining and we're not from Mass. is because this stupid judge sets a precedent (ever hear of that?) and before you know it all the misfits, psychos in all the jails, in all the states will want free surgery of all kinds based on that precedent, and we taxpayers will pay for this nonsense.

  23. Silverscribbler says:

    Exactly. They will soon find out that a killer will kill again. It has nothing to do with his body parts or lack thereof.

  24. So, let me get this straight… a judge orders a sex-change operation for a male life imprisoned wife-murderer who obviously hates women, to be paid for by the state of Massachusetts (in essence, the taxpayers of Massachusetts), because he considers it cruel and inhumane punishment for this man who thinks he's a woman to exist in a prison full of men, and expects the guards of that same prison to protect this man after the surgery? Obviously the guards have been protecting him all along, since he started the hormone replacement therapy, and now looks like a woman already, but just needs the surgery to complete the transition. This prisoner is going to have to go into the hospital mental prison (where they place the criminally insane), in order to be able to survive.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the guards sue the state for making an unsafe work environment, because they will have to fight off the men of the male prison he's presently incarcerated at, if they keep him there, once he returns.

  25. He is a FEDERAL judge…that is the problem…it just keeps getting more and more bizarre and crazy…

  26. I'm 100% in agreement with you Richard. If this country would grow some nards and take care of these sick in the head perverts to begin with, we wouldn't be having these discusions all the time. To everyone reading this, first, please join me in laughing at the ineptitude and stupidity of our government, and second, voting all who are deserving our laughter out of office and into oblivion on Novemeber 6th. Once that happens, we can begin the legal process to bring all of the traitors, political idiots and the other idiots such as this judge to justice and punish them to the full extent of the law.

  27. Honestly, as weird as vampire books and movies are, as weird as Harry Potter (written by a homeless bag lady), as frightening as Katniss and the Hunger Games are any of these to be compared to real "life" in Massachusetts? Really? Think about it!

  28. It NEVER stops!

  29. It's the estrogen in the water!

  30. I feel "punished" just for having read the article! I've received inhumane and cruel punishment!

  31. Bill McCroskey says:

    This should surprise no one …. we have other judges sitting on the bench making rulings as (or more bizarre) than this nearly daily. Just think of the nuttiness that comes down from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals with almost ever ruling they hand down. Dr.North's thought that this country is doomed is moving closer to reality.

  32. OMG…your kidding! I live in MA & I do NOT want my tax dollars spent on this crap! HE's in JAIL for Gods sake! This is OUT of control! Fire that Judge!

  33. We need to get Obummer the hell out of office for a start! Is it Nov. yet!

  34. the Judge should pay for it

  35. That statement is, in and of itself, ironic. God made man fallible just so he could punish them for it? What kind of sick fuck would do that?

  36. Impeached and disbarred wold be more appropriate.

  37. Agree with both of you.

  38. Actually we all need to pay more attention to those we elect or appoint to judgeships. Seems we never really know much about their backgrounds or their social and political leanings. Has always been a major problem. Maybe allowing a bipartisan panel to select candidates from a list of vetted attorneys or qualified personnel and then require the concurrence of the legislations might work. Might work, I don't know for sure. Shoot me full of holes and maybe we can come up with a format that could really work……..

  39. Rose-Marie Noa says:

    Better yet……hang him!!! He killed his wife…..let him pay for it!!!

  40. Let the greatest murderer in history (the state) hypocritically put someone else to death? No thanks.

  41. Hates women and then becomes one? Ooooooooookay!

  42. Great, another sex pervert insisting on allowing someone to be repeatedly raped forever. You sick punk. How are you any better?

  43. Another self righteous bastard. You people condemn the Arabs for chopping off body parts yet you morons insist on the SAME thing. LOL!! Bloody hypocrites. He's in prison. Told when to eat, sleep, piss, and so on. He's locked in a box and has to walk around in chains. Get over the revenge crap and stop being a hypocrite.

    BTW, I do agree that the taxpayers should not being paying for sex changes though. That's just plain idiotic.

  44. With not one shred of evidence that this will save a life or improve mental and/or physical health another Judge rewrite’s the US Constitution.
    Besides Rand Paul and the “Life begins at conception” bill name just one Pub scrambling to introduce bills that would make Constitutional law very clear to all courts.

  45. ScarletDove says:

    The judge is as much of a scumbag as the gender-distressed killer, and no doubt a liberal scumbag judge. Let this fool live his living hell inside himself, it is a punishment worse than death. Just punishment! Amazing what kind of trash we have in our society, including liberal judges and politicians.

  46. Seminole Katz says:

    @ colo43: That is exactly what will take place when this pervert gets his operation. His " male equipment " will be removed , " reworked " and surgically reattached / inserted. He / It will live as a semi-functioning " rebuilt female " in an all male population prison. " Its " prison buddies can hardly wait ! After the proceedure, " It " should be moved to an All Female Population Prison. What's fair is fair. Massachusetts, your tax dollars at work for you, NOT. The only reason I know anything about this is a TV program on P.B.S. ( Once again, your tax dollars at work ) The nurse at the clinic said that " if you have one, we will take it off, but if you don't have one, we will put one on ". You would have to be insane to vote for ANY Democrat.

  47. Seminole Katz says:

    @ Alisha : No we are NOT doomed. Since liberalism IS a mental disorder, ALL the Dems should be voted OUT and sent in for mental health treatment. The murderer and that judge should be the first in line for a straight-jacket ! The voters that tolerate this judge should get in line for treatment next.

  48. Seminole Katz says:

    @ kodster : You see, when Liberals " fix things " it only gets worse. God help us all if Obama is reelected for another term as " destroyer-in-chief " !

  49. Seminole Katz says:

    @ deanied : Is your local / state news media reporting this "crime" ?

  50. David C. Decker says:

    Yep Simon,

    You are so right. We have supported even more killings of the unborn if you count overseas support by us of abortion rights, without which we withhold foreign aid.
    God's judgement if definitely upon us, we have Obomination as a president. I am sure God's judgement of us has not even
    gotten started, just wonder how far God lets us go before He lets go with his WRATH upon us.

  51. Seminole Katz says:

    @ texsdj : That is how we ended up with Obama. The left leaning news media did NOT investigate the " imposter-in-chief " and America was sold a bill of damaged goods. If the idiot / ill-informed voters re-elect him, he will be appointing several Supreme Court Justices which will continue the collapse and downward spiral of our justice system. In the story above, just look at the damage one judge can do.

  52. Ironic that the Liberal Dems in MA have no problem with abortion (even as a form of birth control) but won't execute this bastard. What's even creepier is that "Michelle" used to be a guidance counselor at a high school. He strangled his wife with a wire or cord and put her in the trunk of a car. Nice guy, huh!!! People who commit dastardly crimes must be PUNISHED. He/She is being taken care of, and I would go so far as saying pampered. Absolutely sickening. My worry is that after the sex change operation "she" will argue that she was not the murderer, "he" was and therefore will petition for release. And the loony judges in MA will probably let him go free. His dead wife has no "second chance" – and furthermore her 2 children (from a prior marriage) still will never be able to see their mother. Yet this idiot gets privileges. Disgusting!

  53. anothertaxpayor says:

    I think for his punishment, he should be sent to the "male" room!

  54. Some serious abomination.
    I found it disgusting to read here that the prison population agrees with him. It leads me to wonder where he will be after the operation–back with the rest of the men? Such wickedness and perversion.
    Or does this allow him to petition to be in women prison then? Will he act out again in murdering women?
    I think God's law is best–execution for murder. It's Biblical–not only in the Mosaic Covenant, but the stipulation of the Universal, eternal Noahic Covenant.

  55. Sadly, you are right. Even the good ones who voted in pro-life statesmen and stateswomen are going to have to suffer with the bad. It may be because we did too little too late. Evil thrives when good people do nothing, or not enough, so we are all subject to this judgement. I guess we were supposed to leave our TV's, computers, even our jobs more often to become proactive in fighting for morality.

  56. We won't be here in another 10 years.

  57. OH YES…people are outraged!!!

  58. Why is the judges name not published in this article?

  59. You can only guess why the other prisoners want him to have a state-paid sex change. They won't have any mixed feelings when they snuggle with him that way. Hey, kidding aside, I feel sorry for the people (male and female) that suffer with feelings of being trapped in the wrong sex. I feel trapped not being born rich, I know what they are going through. But, this man/woman-in-waiting is a killer, plain and simple. That is paramount. If you feel the need to put an end to his/her suffering, do to "it" what he/she did to their spouse. That's all that needs to be considered. No whinning allowed.

  60. Past time to clean out the law system to. First with these nitwit judges.

  61. This is but one reason taxation is morally wrong. Having your earnings extorted from you is bad enough, but to have your tax dollars pay for those things which you deem wrong and immoral is reprehensible. Abortion is the perfect example. This is another.

  62. I'm not a MA citizen, but I would be furious, too. In no way should the tax payers money be used for such an operation and the judge who ruled it should be dismissed. Only God can help us now. Pray for our country.

  63. Why doesn't someone step up to the plate and recall this judge? If Kosliak had been executed for murder two decades ago this wouldn't be an issue. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand why all the men in the prison want this to happen. If the state is so foolish and so abusive of the taxpayers as to go through with this travesty, then "he" should be transferred to a women's prison – sorry boys. I have to wonder if the judge is a homosexual? They're usually the ones that like this sort of thing.

  64. Amen!

  65. Thumbs up!

  66. His name is District Chief Judge Mark L. Wolf; United States District Court, District of Massachusetts. This is what makes me sad – he was nominated by Ronald Reagan! Did Ronny listen to his wife Nancy after she consulted psychics for this appointment? This pervert Judge ordered the "gay agenda" taught to Christian children! Here's the article… http://www.wnd.com/2007/02/40339/

  67. I feel your pain. We left Taxachussetts 25 years ago. When proposition 368 (?) was approved to cut taxes by a small % and most of the towns and cities said they would just cut snow removal. That was when I realized the inmates had control of the asylum.

  68. What more can be said that hasn't been by everyone posting here? The prisoner is a complete psycho and the "judge" is a moron. 'Nuff said.

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  69. How are we any better?

    Um’, we didn’t kill anyone. WE DIDN’T SLIT OUR SPOUSE’S THROAT EAR TO EAR ALMOST DECAPITATING THEM AND then whine that it’s cruel and unusual punishment that we don’t like what we see when we look in the mirror.

  70. Look up the definition of free will.

  71. I find it hypocritical to play the victim and claim you are being murdered after you kill an innocent person in cold blood.

    He is entitled to nothing.