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Explosive Drinks Are Being Sold Inside Airports, TSA Fears

Written by Gary North on September 6, 2012

The Transportation Security Administrtation is leaving no stone unturned in its relentless search for terrorist plots.

It is now sending agents around terminals with swab-based testing kits to use to test drinks for explosives.

You never know what airport food services may be trying to pull off. If a terrorist were to get hired by (say) Wendy’s, and then slipped some liquid explosive into a drink, this could lead to an explosion at 30,000 feet. I can see it now. Some guy with his head in the toilet, and . . . boom!

You can see TSA agents making sure travelers are safe. An alert citizen put a cell phone camera to effective use.

This is further evidence that this nation is a target. I mean, if it were not a target, why would TSA agents be swabbing down drinks in airports?

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13 thoughts on “Explosive Drinks Are Being Sold Inside Airports, TSA Fears

  1. Are they swabbing for explosives or are they putting something a little extra in your cup or are they swabbing for YOUR DNA?
    Have to ask why they are punishing the victims of 9/11?

  2. While they are at it they should also check lemonade stands. These six-year olds are getting pretty sophisticated.

  3. Texas Chris says:

    We Americans need to remember the word "No".

    Then we need to go buy more guns.

  4. Going to be a lot of accidentally spilled drinks. Airport better budget for more carpeting.

  5. American.thinker says:

    Those gloves are filthy.

  6. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    What the TSA are doing is creating their own "Job Security.
    And I think they are in cahoots with Bloomburg on large soft drinks…..

  7. DEFEATOBAMAIN2012 says:

    that is oen of their goals to have the DNA on every american citizen.

  8. Omg….I read what is put all the time on these sort of sites. Can it be sometimes that the TSA is being proactive. We all know our airports are being probed. They are always looking for a weakness to exploit. Now if some “prober” saw this maybe he just checked off the “don’t use a drink bomb” off his list…..

  9. union make work drills, to increase TSA's budget. We simply MUST leave no stone unturned in our quest for
    security", you know……. ANY price for "security". If I do get crazy enough to fly somewhere, and they approach me, I will just say NO. If they kick me out of the airport, so be it. They will have a fight on their hands, and it won't be a physical fight.

  10. the most effective thing any terrorist could do is promote the TSA

  11. I agree and what did it hurt? Whiners, bitching about everything and then bitching that nothing was done. If you don't like the scanners, the metal detectors or the drink swabbing, walk, drive, bike swim hitchhike.

  12. And that's why your name will be on a list.

  13. How does America stop terrorism???
    Remove all muslims from America,
    starting with the muslim sitting in the
    oval office.