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Facing the MUSIC: The U.S. Army Wants Us

Written by Gary North on September 5, 2012

The U.S. Army has a program of drones: the Manned Unmanned System Integration Capability (MUSIC). Here is a promotion video for the program.

These drones will eventually be deployed inside the USA. As military control over civilian populations in foreign nations continues, it will be implemented here.

This technology cannot be controlled. Older models of these drones will be sold to local law enforcement agencies. It is happening already.

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10 thoughts on “Facing the MUSIC: The U.S. Army Wants Us

  1. It's what happens when you sell your country to a foreign entity.

  2. Music is "Shoot to Kill" – AC/DC. These guys are SO badass. Just like, so tough. WOW.

    "I got my gun at the ready, gonna fire at will
    'cause I shoot to thrill, and I'm ready to kill…
    I can't get enough, I can't get my thrill
    I shoot to thrill, play to kill
    Yeah, pull the trigger
    pull it, pull it, pull it, pull the trigger."

    The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

  3. The passage of the NDAA opened the floodgates for this to happen. We were patriotic and supported our military, but NDAA and MUSIC gives our military the green light to kill innocent men, women, and children who supported them. It's like the pet pit bull that you trust to protect you, and then he turns on you and kills you. We trusted our military to protect us from Islamic terrorists, but the NDAA and MUSIC are turning our military against us.

  4. Remember when you are out walking with your girlfriend an d yo lay down in a field of flowers ,,, before you start to make love ,,, BIG BROTHER IS IN THE SKY WATCHING YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Question is what happens when the private population figures that this is undesireable and starts taking them down. They are cheap to break. Expensive to fix.

  6. I don't believe that the majority of our military is involved in this, nor are the majority of our police forces. However, that IS why they are bringing in foreign troops to 'train' our military & police how to handle crowd control, (something they've already BEEN taught). After Obama being greeted with so much silence at that military base the other day, I have no fear that our soldiers, for the most part, will stand & fight with the TRUE American citizen & patriot. Which is also why the DHS, IRS, & Social Security admins are stocking up on ammo~they are EXPECTING a civil war. And, if things play out the way they are headed toward, there WILL be a civil war, & it'll make the first one look like a Sunday School picnic. Most of us TRUE born again Christian conservatives would rather give our lives than give up our relationship with the Lord Jesus, & some of us WILL give up our lives. America has been blessed for so many years, by God, because of the Godly principles we were founded on, plus because of our support of the nation of Israel. That has slowly been abandoned, & most of our politicians just give it lip service when questioned about it. Too few believe that Israel IS God's chosen people, & too many believe the Hamas drivel about their 'homeland'. There is NOT, nor has there EVER been a 'palestinian' race. There has only been either Arab or Israeli. So, by turning against Israel, we are inviting God's judgment on us. Also, by allowing abortion, rampant homosexuality, we have definitely kicked God our of America!

  7. You're right. The Wrath is probably going to come upon us sooner than later. Those who fear the Wrath must get to confession and repent.

  8. Well, let's be very clear on this. If, by some chance, you actually see the drone (the ones they use over American soil are very small, often smaller than a basketball, and unarmed) and decide to shoot it down, the Feds WILL come for you. At this point in time, I think they would still come and arrest you with some observance of Constitutional guarantees, but eventually I suspect firing at a drone will be met with a Predator drone attack against you. The government will make no distinction between shooting at a drone and shooting at a cop, regardless of the absurdity of the equivocation.

    On a more philosophical level, I would suggest people look for other ways to fight back against the State's violation of your rights. Violence is their modus operandi, and it is the one thing the State does exceedingly well. You will lose, likely be killed, and any sort of justification you had for shooting will be warped and misconstrued to suit the State's narrative of what happened. Instead of being a valiant protector of liberty, you'll be the poster boy for why the State should have armed drones circling 24/7 over our heads.

  9. Linda Hagen says:

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