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Welfare State Promoter Melts Down On-screen: “Whites Owe It. Fork It Over.”

Written by Gary North on September 4, 2012

This lady wants safety nets. She says that the prevailing majority voters will not fork over the money they owe the poor to provide government-funded safety nets. She yells. She screams. “Fork it over!”

What if she were black? I mean really black, as in African black. What if she were having a tirade in front of the Congressional Black Caucus. “You half-whites are not giving enough foreign aid to Africa. We deserve safety nets. But you will not give it because of our color. Half-whites in America own cars. They ride on air-conditioned, tax-subsidized buses. They live the good life. They are rich. It’s not fair. They owe us safety nets.”

And so it goes, all the way down the income ladder.

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71 thoughts on “Welfare State Promoter Melts Down On-screen: “Whites Owe It. Fork It Over.”

  1. She IS PSYCHOTIC!!!

  2. First of all i have heard give to Africa since i was in the first grade (this was in 1941) and we are still hearing this.I DO NOT OWE THEM ZIP. If they would stop the thugs who steal the money and food we send they would be on there own. I refuse to give them a damn thing. They are a part Muslim country so before long we will,1 be at war with them,2will be as they are with O'Vomit at the helm 3no one will have a damn thing.Until then they can just KOSYA

  3. John Lewis says:

    This woman is a typical Liberal when they are losing arguments they attack and accuse and villanize, which is the only thing hat Obama can do Attack Romney and Ryan, by the way this is a page from Saul Allinnsky book allinsky is was a communist.

  4. IF THATS YOUR OPINION how about this if we owe you something then it would be a trip back to africa so pack your backs and catch the next flight home

  5. Feet voting nurse says:

    Too much money, for far too long has been wasted to no discernable effect. Lower the standards, social promotion, subsidize lower performing persons at others expense, affirmative discrimination…
    And this is some of what we get. Flash mobs, and EBT rap videos.
    Vote in November, and vote your dollars too. Hire people who look like you, spend it in businesses owned by people who look like you. Move if possible, to where most people look like you.
    Avoid any one who looks like this woman.
    It will get very ghetto in urban areas come November.

  6. If she is intelligent enough to learn history she would be well served to read honest, not progressive , history to see where most of the slaves came from, who captured them, and sold them to white folks. Then she could learn that welfare programs were designed to make the blacks dependent on the democratic party for everything. All for votes. The "give me" attitude has been in effect6 for 40+ years, and is a way of life for too many. The blacks that break out of the hood and do for them selves are looked down on. This is the second wild rant I have seen her make on air. She is in need of Psychological care and a total medical checkup to see why she is trying to kill herself by stroke or heart attack.

  7. The safety net is already there. It's called "WELFARE". The only problem with it, is that it creates sloth and laziness in most people, black and white alike. It's the mentality of "why should I work when I already have a check coming in to take care of me". As a result, at least three generations of "welfare mentality" have appeared, and it (the welfare mentality) is just now starting to appear. When it first appeared, it was a good thing. Now, what must be done is put limits on how long one is on Welfare, bc if one lives on Welfare forever, and chugs out kids just to make more money from the system, there will be no safety net to back up on when it is really needed. The Welfare "mentality" has put out too much money and gotten nothing but complaints in return, from both blacks and whites.

  8. Send them, back to school, let them learn to provide for themselves with an education.
    This free stuff has to end!

  9. We don't owe them squat! THEY owe it to THEMSELVES and their children to do something for themselves for a change!
    Why do we owe them? It is because they have been told for over 40 years that THEY have been mistreated and are "victims" of the white man. This (b)witch screeching that the "poor look different" is a big fat racist. If Newt Gingrich or some other white person were to say this, it would be termed racist in 2 seconds or less. The idea that all poor people are black is just plain stupid.
    And yes, this is a typical white mother/grandmother who raised her own children to do better than their parents and grandparents. I taught them to do it the good old fashioned way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WORK AND EARN IT!
    The world does not owe you a living.

  10. and not on airforce one either

  11. u.s. citizen says:

    Until we learn to give handups, rather than handouts, this cycle of hate will continue.

  12. Evermyrtle says:

    Why is it we, whites, always owe them something? We are always forking over millions of dollars but that is never enough. When will it ever be time for them to start forking over their own money, for their own race? If they will start helping, by giving their money and not demanding our money, that would bean improvement.

  13. Bob Marshall says:

    What is really sad is that the majority of African-Americians have no idea what it was like for their ancestors under the Democrat Party. The party most of them vote for because they promise and give them a few crumbs from off the table. The Republican Party was founded as the anti-slave party. 97% of African-American voters went for Obama and yet they have double the unemployment percentage today. Obama took care of them or so they seem to believe. The few who do care should visit http://www.landbuilders.com

  14. Gary Belcher says:

    This is what they are being taught by the welfare groups to keep them on welfare forever. Nobody owes you anything. You owe it to yourselves to take care of yourself. It's called – ready – PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

  15. My great great grandfather was a medic for the Union army in the Civil War. He died of wounds from a battle. Who owes my family and me? The answer is, nobody. A thank you would be nice, but really, I wasn't there. Neither were these whiners there as slaves. Likely their ancestors might not have been slaves, either. If they want to be PO'd at someone, as a previous poster noted, go back to Africa and harass the descendants of the tribal leaders that sold them to the middle eastern slave traders. Then, go back and harass the families of those slave traders. Makes about as much sense as their current, ridiculous diatribe. Oh yeah, BTW, I have one Master's degree, working on another – MA in History. Stupid has become a way of life for many people, unfortunately. And, as a noted comedian said, "you can't fix stupid".

  16. No surprise. 100% democrat voters.

  17. I don't owe you JACK. Smoke that B.

  18. Absolutely, Bob. People need to learn about real history before they jump on a very dubious bandwagon. People are being easily led and manipulated by a past that was created to keep them that going in that direction. It's easier to be spoon-fed than it is to dig out the facts for one's self. Very sad, very frustrating, likely unsolveable. I have a ton of books by noted scholars on the Civil War era (working on an MA in History). Bet there would be some very surprised democrats if they read the true story of that time. Thanks for the link, unfortunately it is "Coming Soon", will check back at a later date.

  19. Hahahahaha, what an ignorant nut. And, a liar. She says she lives in a neighborhood where people are shot on the street corner. Yeah! She's a TV personality and looks like she has pricey clothing, hairdos, skincare, and all the rest of the upperscale benefits, so why would she choose to live in a dangerous environment? What a liar. That lying statement is thrust out with the intention of bolstering the credibility of the rest of her ravings and attempts to silence any challenges to their authenticity. Shallow tricks the Liberals employ all the time. With the exception of the one young attractive woman (who knew what was happening and had a brain) the rest of the group was so slobberingly spineless and equally stupid they most likely thought disturbed Melissa was some kind of heroic champion of the underdog. What a pathetic joke.

  20. I don't owe anybody a damn thing! Do what I did– get off your butt, get some education, work I. Your chosen profession for 25 years, and live a decent life. If you can't or won't do that, then starve. It's your choice. But I want everybody's hand out of my damn pockets!
    Quit breeding like rabbits, quit expecting others to feed, clothe and house you. Earn your own way or fall by the wayside.

  21. Dracula131 says:

    So, it's other people's fault most of the poor in their youth made poor, if not really stupid, decisions? Well, like it has been said over and over, the current program's have failed for the American tax payers. It is past time to institute, amoung others, drug testing, time limits on recipients getting tax payer funding or State fundings. Go get a job – OH! Crap, the demoncraps are in charge it's better you be their BITCHES!

  22. If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn't vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what "Change" was and now we know and I'm glad I didn't vote for him. independent voter

  23. The screaming demonic woman in the video is far from being poor–and she does NOT reside in a violent neighborhood. Her address is in a very toney, gate-community that has 24/7 security. She doesn't even know what poor is because that has never been this mulato's life-style; she can't even truly speak of any kind of "black experience" (psycho-babble for being Negro) because her parents didn't live in a ghetto, violent neighborhood, or middle-class suburb; she is, however, a member of the upper-middle-class and had many benefits while growing up. So, in terms of "forking it over" one needs to present her with the question: "Just how much are YOU willing to fork over for being wealthy?" And you will probably hear her tell you about her non-existent "black experience" that is really from some rag mag she read as a teenager. These psuedo-blacks are really disgusting—and they make other people's lives, especially the Negroes, more difficult than they should be.

  24. You're right, it is a pathetic joke. Unfortunately, some people see videos like this and believe what she says is the truth. And you are right in your observance that she is not poor, but has wealth of her own–and certainly does not live in a poor, violent neighborhood. Lying can be sugar-coated and presented as truth–which is what political correctness is all about and it is how obammy was able to scam the people into voting for him; that landslide victory he likes to claim is the result of voter fraud (using illegal immigrants, deceased voters, out-of-towners, unregistered voters, and even the family pet)…let's just hope that a new AG will do something about prosecuting the obammy "team" after Nov elections. In the meantime, we should have political correctness declared dead and have a national funeral for its final walk into eternal hell—I had my own private funeral for political correctness 4 years ago, just prior to the 2008 elections.

  25. The Clinton administration had all the things you speak of in their welfare reform law–and it passed with a bi-partisan congress. obammy just undid all of that last month when he took the welfare to work out of the law. Next will be the drug testing and the time limits one can have welfare assistance. Apparently you don't pay much attention to the reforms that have/are taking place in your State—you should because if you had, you would have known all of those you mentioned were in place. Search your State website and look up public assistance eligibility regulations. Are you not aware that persons convicted of drug and drug-related crimes are not eligible for welfare? And if a family allowing their reletive reside in the home, they cannot receive welfare benefits either? That both Section 8 and public housing are denied to those with a drug-related crime as well as applying for educational assistance, mortgages, and a host of other kinds of things? You know, some things the democrats did have been a benefit; it took a muslim, shar'ia oriented, islamic liar-in-chief to demolish a very good law–the welfare reform law of 1996.

  26. Reply to CJM2: Hooray for your comment: "In the meantime, we should have political correctness declared dead and have a national funeral for its final walk into eternal hell—I had my own private funeral for political correctness 4 years ago, just prior to the 2008 elections." I've got you beat – I refused "political correctness" when it first surfaced. What a ridiculous bunch of nonsense, to be sure to never say anything that might offend someone somewhere at sometime. Bull! There's an old saying I love: Don't be so open-minded that your brains fall out. I think it's too late for some…

  27. Obammy is prepaaring to give Africa a billion more, after he bails out another country with a billion of our money. We don't have the proposed $2B, but I guess he will make more at the mint…more devaluation of the dollar and yet another in-rode into economic oblivion for the USA. obammy is fast making his 'dream' come true. Congress has the power to stop him, but boehner won't raise a hand and the House members won't revolt. Since the House has Constitutional authority over the treasurey, why would they need the Senate!

  28. No she isn't—she is a loud-mouth bigotted prevaricating racist, but not mentally ill by any means. Let's quit applying mental illness terms where it isn't true—tell it like it is and you will be tellling the truth.

  29. She wants people to give her something? Not a problem. Send me your address woman and I'll be more than happy to mail you a one way ticket to the country of your choice anywhere in Africa.

  30. As a child of the seventies, those handups were affirmative action, quotas, discrimination, lowered standards for some, (not us), and kleptocracy taxation. Cost literally billions.
    No more handups, we're broke. That hate has intensified for years with the flash mobs, racially motivated wildings, panthers outside polls, etc.
    Get away if you can, November may be the start of a hot season.

  31. Texas Chris says:

    I, personally, am willing to pay $1,000,000 for every slave I have ever owned. Just tell them to come see me and I'll give them cash…

  32. Texas Chris says:

    She may live in Chicago… Just saying.

  33. Wow!!! She is really a nut case!!! Screw the "safety nets"……GET A JOB!!!!

  34. You can give African nations all you want. The problems in Africa are not humanitarion but rather geopolitical. African nations have kings in charge and they are the ones who make the decisions who gets the money food, etc. and its rare that it goes where it is needed. They also control all the borders and hold relief trucks at the border depriving the poor of what they need. Don't even get me started on genocide, AIDS releif that doesn't reach the sick and Sudan STILL seling black slaves.

  35. Hell, I have been giving since I was raised in parochial school and made to feel guilty for what I had. We were very poor and I had but 5 dresses for the entire school year. Then when I was working they came around with the sad story…I have been giving and giving and they don't seem to get better. Now that I am retired and on a fixed income, I say screw them…let them work hard the way I did. I never got a free handout and it's time they learned to work instead of sitting on their fat asses. The gods help them who help themselves….

  36. People just don't get that, do they, that someone might not vote for Obama because the don't like his lies and hype. They don't seem to be able to see anything except black and, to me, that is racism at work.

  37. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    GROW UP!

  38. Another liberal having an on air meltdown thinking someone owes them something. Yawn

  39. bubba don't you know that only white people are raceist we're aganist black , mexican , hispanics ,musslims ,and that last word encompases a whole bunch of different races . but they on the other hand can call us whitey ,cracker , or any thing else they can think of because we're white if a crowd of young white beat and old black person they would call a raceial crime but if a crowd of black teens beat white man it would be they were bored with nothing to do

  40. She seems intelligent enough to understand and deal with the truth. Muslim slave traders captured African people and brought them to America because they could be sold there. White entreprenuers bought land and needed labor to work the fields. The poorest white or black in America is RICH beyond belief to the typical African. Quit complaining and help yourself.

  41. That's right, lady. Threats, screams and intimidation are how you win converts and influence people. </sarcasm>

  42. Maybe she sees a future where the 'entitlement class' will receive continually less as the cities, states and Fed's continue to have less and less funds. Major cities where most (or enough) look and act like her continue an irreversable decline. Third world conditions will grow.
    Picture this histrionic parasite multiplied by thousands.
    Where do you want to live ? And with who as neighbors?

  43. TANF is just a stepping-stone to permanent benefits like SS disability, food stamps, etc.

    Yes, the latter are essentially permanent – once you're approved nobody keeps checking up on you to make sure you're still disabled (unlike private disability insurance)

  44. You damn skippy GET A GD JOB instead of sitting on your LAZY A$$ES collecting a welfare check. Hey Lyndon! What do you think of your "Great Society" now?

  45. Lady the only thing anyone owes you is a swift kick in the ass !

  46. If you don't like being poor, find a job instead of sitting around waiting for a check from the taxpayers. If you don't like being poor ,quit invading OUR country just so you can go on WELFARE AND LOOT THE SYSTEM OUT OF BENEFITS YOU ARE GETTING ILLEGALLY, If YOU COME HERE ILLEGALLY YOUR GOING TO LIVE HERE ILLEGALLY.

  47. We as Americans should stop giving money to any country that basically hates the United States of America for all we have simply because we made it happen. Instead, we ought to teach them how to plant crops – then leave them all alone. It has been for many years the United States that rushed in to help other countries many times over and not so much as one time had so much as one of them returned with any kindness. Africa is not entitled to any special treatment nor is any other country out there. Nor is/are the blacks here in America entitled to any special treatment, as they have not earned it. Entitlements are like respect – Both have to be earned.

  48. The station should not show this women she is sick in the head. That not the best way to convince people to help her or anyone else. I would not help anyone that will act like she acting. She did not help her cause in any way. She need to have anger help…………..OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE ''''''''http://liberty.com/content/barack-obama-used-cocaine-had-gay-sex-1999 >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!***** http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/trojanhors

  49. Didn't I see her last week on some other TV show? I think she works for CNN. She also seemed then to be out of control and in need of her medication. Does she work for CNN?
    Maybe you don't believe there's a race war going on; but she seems to be of that opinion

  50. She looks more quadroon (1 quarter black) than mulatto (half black). Pretty lady though. Meanwhile, aren't there like hundreds of thousands of black millionaires (Sports, Entertainment, Business etc) in this country? Aren't there more black millionaires on 1 basketball team than in all of black Africa? What are they doing to "help" their communties and their people? After 40 years of "we shall overcome", blacks have actually become irrelevent. Look at Indians (from India) that have made and are making huge strides in this country and, omigosh, they're not white!!

  51. And YOU have studied psychology for 50 years?

  52. Don't say that. If word gets out that she's psychotic, the Party will have her succeed Debbie as DNC chairman

  53. We need to save America and ship all the welfare and food stamp people to a 3rd world country and feed them over there.

  54. Apparently she didn't learn the first important lesson in life and that is LIFE AIN'T FAIR no matter how hard you try to make it that way.

  55. I believe that if you don't work, you don't eat. This young woman has been so brainwashed by the Democrats! My Son-in-Law has a T-shirt that says exactly how I feel, "In reality no one owes you anything.

  56. Where does thhis bi%$h get off, we already have a safety net for the poor it is called welfare & when you have 3 & 4 generations collecting benefits simply because they are to damned lazy to work it is time to change this to where they can only collect the benefits for a short period of time instead of the life times that is available now.Since we have programs for people that are disabled & can not work welfare should be a temporary hand up not a life time of hand outs

  57. We have so many safety nets it is almost irresponsible. We have given so many people, reasons NOT to work, NOT to produce that it is breaking the bank. She must be talking about giving them more? I COMPLETELY disagree. They have food, shelter, they money is delivered to them, they don't have to do anything to recieve it but breath, they have cars,(plural), they have cell phones, they have cable TV. It is easy to spend other people's money. Very Easy isn't it? Perhaps, LEARN, EARN, then you DESERVE.

  58. reality check time: Paul the Apostle says it plainly.. if a man WON"T work, DON"T feed him. The adverse: if a man wants to eat, let him work. (I said that, not Paul, but that's what he means, in part). And part of Paul's command (it IS in the imperative voice, please note) is to us who have…. the command is to withhold food from those who WILL not work.

    On the other hand, there ARE cases where the person needs help…. husband just died, no income. Serious injury, CAN"T work at what he used to. House burned down, insurance cheats and won't pay, nowhere to live. Situatioins like that, THEN we are commanded to lend a hand. But not this endless "we are your source" insanity where the welfare bums sit on their thick ends, doing nothing but consuming, and waiting for their handouts. They have chosen the part of the dogs in the backyard, who at lest return SOME benefits for the kibbles they are fed.

  59. Patricia Miller says:

    Do you realize how much her weave cost? That money could have been given to feed poor children in her neighborhood. How about her clothing? How about the cost of her makeup? She doesn't appear to be in the "poor" category. I worked all my life in a "poor" neighborhood where 90% of my students were minorities and I never could afford the cost of a weave not to mention the makeup and clothing.
    I loved my students and did my very best to help them and many went on to c ollege etc! That was a source of great satisfaction to me that exceeded a handout!!!!

  60. Their"safetyNet-welfare" needs to be cut AND let them earn their way through life AND if they produce kids then it becomes their responsibility to pay their way also…..why should working Americans have to support those who don't or won't work even though they are fit and able to !

  61. Excuse me ma'am, but I happen to be one of 'those people'. The difference is is that I happen to be a Conservative and found your post rather racist.
    Would you like it if someone said "All those people are cross-burners?"
    You really need to be careful not to put everyone of any ethnicity in the same category. It's called bigotry.


    I don't owe anyone a dime! You are where you are in life because of the decisions you have made! Stupid, short term decisions will leave you in the poor house. At that point you'll get help through people's charity and kindness. Jumping up and down telling them that they owe it to you isn't going to get you anywhere.
    B.T.W. Why would anyone live in that cruddy neighborhood she was talking about? The neighborhood is what you and your "people" have chosen to make it. Income has nothing to do with attitude and love for your neighbor!

  63. If she is so upset by it then she should donate half to three fourths of her income to help, want to bet that if she would or not?

  64. Forget about HAVES and HAVE NOTS. Rather talk about WORKS and WORK NOTS. People want jobs (contract with a set salary, no matter how much or little gets done) instead of work (maybe a contract but getting paid as you WORK). The safety net is doing work.

  65. I think she was screaming about giving people in Africa a safety net. Most of them spread "aids" and then sit around like "fly bait." The world has thrown away a lot of money in Africa, to no avail. Things will never change with their corrupt governments and violent gangs. Their governments would have to be abolished and the gangs disposed of so that the entire country could be taken for reform….BUT there is not enough money in the World to do that…

    I would be happy for this woman and her ilk to send all their money to Africa. In fact, why don't they just move there and start trying to make changes in Africa, themselves… They would probably have very short lives and end up being hung from some bridges…but, that is what happens in uncivilized and lawless places.. And if we are not careful, we might see that happening in this country soon enough.

  66. Where did this stupid woman come from? There are more opportunities for BIacks than for anybody else!!! Educational, job placement, you name it!! As far as the crime in her own neighborhood, who's responsible for that? The "rich whites"?
    This is exactly why entire communities of poor and underprivileged remain stuck in poverty and despair: their mindset is what traps them, and their Democrat politicians convince them they are helpless without them!! A vicious cycle for sure!
    The only answer is to stop blaming others and take some initiative.

  67. Am I the only person on this thread who noticed that Melissa Hart-Perry didn't actually say ANY of the things this liar, Gary North, asserts she did? And why shouldn't she get mad when t he other fools on this panel sit around whining about how hard life is for the rich? She's not actually incorrect, is she? Doesnt all the evidence, and I mean all of it, demonstrate that its the poor who have it the worst here and that its much worse to be poor in the US than in any opther industrial country?

  68. Public_Citizen says:

    The cold hard reality is that the only thing you are "owed" is an opportunity to succeed.
    We have a generation now that thinks they are entitled because they were raised on the public dole and that is all that they have ever known.
    Times are not tough enough ~~yet~~ that we are forced to tell the freeloaders and moochers "you are now on your own" but if things don't turn around we will be hitting that point. When that happens the ones making the loud demands will be kicked to the curb, literally.

  69. Public_Citizen says:

    Well stated.
    Even more telling would be an examination of her income and expenditures as reported to the IRS.
    I strongly suspect that her deductions for charitable giving will be far below the national average and microscopic compared to those of a more conservative persuasion.

  70. N MacKintosh says:

    That was tried just after the Civil War. The US purchased a "Country" in Africa and provided ship transport for any Blacks that wanted to return to Africa. The country is known as LIBERIA today. Look at what a stellar place it is today! Now if the minority populations who hyphenate their identity would be returned to the other countries they claim identity with rather that be retained here they could be the majority force of change in those respective countries, they could remake them as they see fit. Good luck making a successful government and economy based on the Liberal concepts. It would not work and they would descend into the economic and social collapse they deserve.

  71. jmsmaxwell says:

    I would first like to know what the heck she was smoking before she appeared on camera? Besides the mindless liberal
    rant and pure racist comments she apparently does not know any thing about history or any thing else outside the immidate
    are she exist in. I doube she has ever left the 'hood where she was brainwashed and raised. Sort of reminded me of a
    gang member I knew from New York, Until he was drafted and inducted into the military he had never been more than a mile
    from where he was born and raised. He, like this individual, had a totally corrupt and distorted view of America and the
    world. Leaving Harlem was the biggest cultural shock in his life. Unfortunately I do not think this lady is smart enough or
    capable of opening her eyes to the world and facing realizty. Welfare is good to help peopel thru troubled times but you have
    to work to improve your own lot in life and not depend upon others.