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Obama’s “Driving-Around Money” — Taxpayer Dollars

Written by Gary North on September 4, 2012

In the days of machine politics, there was a phenomenon called walking-around money. Ward heelers with cash in their pockets would walk around a precinct and pay bums on the street to go in and vote for the party’s candidates.

Today, that is no longer done. Today, the money is in the hundreds of millions.

The Department of TransportationĀ  has announced that a total of $470 million will be handed over to various state governments.

The projects must be approved by October 1.

Nice timing, don’t you think?

The odd thing is that this money was allocated to the Department of Transportation during Bush’s years: 2003 to 2006. Obama says these are part of a package called “we can’t wait.” But Obama’s Administration waited for almost four years.

The money was allocated as “earmarks,” which were pork for Congressional districts. The Republicans in the House subsequently banned these.

Obama has vowed to veto any bill that includes earmarks and has supported efforts by lawmakers in both parties to permanently ban the practice.

But the White House official said money awarded by previous Congresses should be spent to improve the nation’s highways, transit systems and ports. Instead of letting the money sit idle, it should be used to put Americans back to work and repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, the official said.

So, the roads will be built. The money will flow. All that states need to do is fill out some forms no later than October 1, 2012.

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5 thoughts on “Obama’s “Driving-Around Money” — Taxpayer Dollars

  1. u.s. citizen says:

    Will he ever stop? Someone take away our country's check book, check card, debit card and credit card. If the money is not there, STOP SPENDING IT. How hard is that for him to understand?

  2. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Just more voter Fraud, Bribes and more Election Gimmicks to get the "Pretender in Chief" and his Evil regime to stay in Power.

  3. Gary North is missing several crucial points. We have not seen Obama's true colors yet. He is slick and cunning.
    He knows that exposing his true colors would doom his objectives. Barrack Hussein and his wife are evil
    unscrupulous radicals dreaming of collapsing the whole system. There is a lot of venom in the "roots of his rage"
    Destruction of America as we know it is his version of Marxist revolution leading to complete change.Is he a Marxist ?
    Don't be naive, this will not come out until it is too late to correct it . He will be anything he needs to be until then.
    It is insane to want to find out the true colors of his and his radical entourage. Nothing good lives there.

  4. Frank Bates says:

    I truly enjoy the remarks about Obis mind set and his goal toward complete distruction of my beautiful country. I never voted for the man , but I have come to realize that there are more Obi lovers than I thought, Oh, it was a close race: Sarah 5o, Obi 51 Come Nov, he is out if I have my way. I quit voting for the Demos when The Clintons thru there hat in the ring. Soooo sorry. Frank in Tumwater