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22 Rules of Success in Business. Ignore Two of Them.

Written by Gary North on September 4, 2012

Bob Bly is a great copywriter. He sends out a daily email. I really liked this one.

1-Show up for appointments 10 minutes early.

2-Customers are not always right, but they must be treated as if
they are.

3-When speaking before groups, dress up one level from what the
group is wearing; e.g., if they wear shorts and tee shirts, you
wear business casual.

4-Never offer unsolicited advice.

5-Leave your ego at the door.

6-Don’t waste people’s time by sending them jokes or stories via

7-Do not brag by talking about your accomplishments to people
who didn’t ask you about them.

8-Be humble.

9-Proofread your e-mails before you send them.

10-80% of your activity should be in your comfort zone, and 20%
should be outside it. This keeps you both productive and

11-Of the people who opt into your e-list, 90% of those who
eventually buy from you will do so within 90 days of subscribing
to the list.

12-The more recently a customer had made a purchase, the more
likely he is to do so again.

13-Old but good advice: under-promise and over-deliver.

14-Don’t give your customers their money’s worth. Give them more
than their money’s worth.

15-The easiest way to add value to an offer is with a free bonus

16-The most powerful words in the English language are “free”
and “you.”

17-Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

18-Spend time with your children while they are still young
enough to want you to spend time with them.

19-Neither a borrower or a lender be.

20-Don’t be so sure you are right. Perhaps you are not.

21-Life is short – over in the blink of an eye. So enjoy it now.

22-Avoid discussing religion or politics with colleagues or
customers. There is little to gain from it and much to lose.

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18 thoughts on “22 Rules of Success in Business. Ignore Two of Them.

  1. which ones do we ignore, gary?

  2. jd39876931 says:

    Your "Continue Reading On" link gives a 404 Error – so we can't read the rest of the article or see which two to ignore.

  3. I would say 17 and 19

  4. I believe you are right on.

  5. It works fine for me.

  6. libertylee says:

    i say 19 & 20…its def not 17

  7. libertylee says:

    maybe 21, depending on how you interpret it.

  8. MI PATRIOT says:

    I clicked on the link and I got a blurb on Bob Bly and his copywriting telling us why he is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to advertising and marketing copy. I wonder if the link that Gary posted is wrong.

  9. Ignore 21 & 22…

  10. Observant_One says:

    Looks to me that all are common sense, so why eliminate any of them?

  11. ignore it.

  12. I'm wondering if they link to a site which is subscription only. I have had this happen to me several times.

  13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    We can't afford this. Sorry, Barry.

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