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How the Council on Foreign Relations Controls Republican Conservatives

Written by Gary North on September 3, 2012

I sent a stripped-down version of my movie review of 2016 to my Tea Party Economist list. I knew it would outrage some of them.

Why did I do it? To make sure D’Souza sees it. The list is large. Someone will send it to him. I want him to know that the Old Right isn’t buying his thesis that Obama’s agenda is somehow uniquely wrong because it is anti-colonialist. Obama is a defender of the American Empire as Bush was. His agenda is that of one of the factions of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is not in bed with the neocons, meaning big on Israel, but the dominant foreign policy objectives of the CFR were pro-oil and therefore pro-Arab long before 1948, let alone the late 1960s, when the neocons showed up.

In domestic policy, his rhetoric is Democrat. But this is nothing new. The domestic policies of both CFR wings are the same: the maintenance of the American Empire, what President Eisenhower in his Farewell Address (1961) called the military-industrial complex. He should have called it the military-industrial-oil-banking-AIPAC complex. This is why Clinton had the Homeland Security legislation in reserve, and why Bush presented it to Congress when the nation was in hysteria over 9-11.

I have discussed Council on Foreign Relations Team A vs. Team B for 35 years. I have seen two anti-CFR people get through the screening.

The only exception to the vetting process over the last 80 years was Barry Goldwater. When he got the nomination, the eastern wing of the Republican Party walked out of the convention, and it would not provide the money to let him win. The media turned against him overwhelmingly. The Council on Foreign Relations members understood exactly what he meant in terms of a threat to them, and they torpedoed his campaign. They cared not at all that Lyndon Johnson would win. That was irrelevant to them. It is equally irrelevant to them today whether Obama wins or loses. He is expendable. So is Romney.


Ronald Reagan also seems to be an exception. Here was one case in which the elite really did have trouble suppressing his candidacy. He was too good with the media, and he had already proven twice that he could win in California. There were no real leaders in the Republican Party in early 1980 — before Volcker’s recession — who were capable of beating Carter.

Reagan trounced George Bush in the primaries. He told his supporters in the “Reagan Right” that he would not select Bush as his running mate. Yet he reversed himself at the Republican National Convention. Not only did he put Bush on the ticket, he turned the White House over to James Baker III, Bush’s senior advisor, then as now. Baker became Reagan’s Chief of Staff. Bush became the Presidential nominee in 1988. He needed the VP position. No one since Herbert Hoover had been elected President without having been a governor, a U.S. Senator, VP, or a victorious general. As soon as Bush was inaugurated in 1989, he appointed Baker as his Secretary of State. Bush had been a Skull & Bones member at Yale. He was married into the family of Brown Brothers Harriman, the international private banking firm. He was a CFR member.

Reagan’s initial cabinet contained only one person who could be regarded as a philosophical conservative, James Watt, the Interior Secretary. He was fired two years later. His replacement, William Clark, was conservative. He was pushed out by Michael Deaver. He lasted two years.

I have discussed the CFR’s vetting process here: http://lewrockwell.com/north/north1188.html

The story of the CFR is well known to those of us who have been in the conservative wing of the party for over 50 years. It has been over half a century since Dan Smoot wrote The Invisible Government (1960). In late 1964, Robert Welch of the John Birch Society shifted his entire life’s work from anti-Communism to anti-conspiracy, and forced the restructuring of the Birch Society’s magazine, American Opinion. The story of the CFR/Federal Reserve alliance has been known to the hard-core Right for a generation. But it is still not known to the standard conservative, who came into the movement in 1980 or later.


This is why any attempt to warn conservatives about the latest Republican Party presidential campaign is always regarded by them as an attack from the Left. They think of themselves as being on the far Right, and they cannot abide by any criticism based on the history of Republican politics, basic economics, CFR influence, or anything else. They just assume that the criticism has to come from somebody on the Left, because they have been trained to think that the national conservatives within the Republican Party’s leadership do not share with Democrat liberals the same background, ideology, social networks, and screening. They are outraged by criticism. Why? Because they perceive that such criticism has an unstated implication: they have been taken in. No one wants to hear this.

D’Souza made a movie about Obama as anti-colonialist. This is utterly irrelevant in American foreign policy. Franklin Roosevelt was an anti-colonialist. He was an anti-British colonialist. He used World War II to replace British colonialism. Harry Truman completed the process. The Council on Foreign Relations supported this replacement. It still does. Truman’s recognition of the state of Israel had serious opponents in the Council on Foreign Relations, most notably his Secretary of State, George C. Marshall. Obama is extending a pre-Israel (1948), non-neoconservative (post-1965) American agenda in foreign policy. D’Souza ignores all this in his movie. So what if Obama is anti-British colonialism? It has been gone for 50 years. The main theme of his movie is utterly irrelevant. It is simply a neocon propaganda film well within the orbit CFR opinion against the big-oil wing.

The standard Republican conservative, being ignorant of the history of American foreign policy since 1947, is blissfully unaware of this.

Here is an example that I received from one subscriber.

I am deeply offended by your liberal mafia remarks. Your opinions are far from fact and in fact oure B.S. right out of the liberal handbook. Sickening, misleading, untruthful and disgusting. America is not stupid as you seem to think. Look in the mirror!

I have been told this for over 40 years. In high school, I was taught by a very conservative civics teacher, who was legendary in Southern California. He was the most conservative public school high school teacher in the region. About a decade after I graduated from his class, I was a teaching assistant at the University of California, Riverside. One of his recent graduates had been in one of my sections. I knew nothing about this. Later, the teacher told me that this student had informed him that I was a communist. This was at about the time that I was writing my book on Marx, Marx’s Religion of Revolution.

The student could not comprehend the meaning of communism. He could not comprehend the difference between the Old Right and conservatism. At that point, neoconservatism was only about three or four years old, so he probably was not familiar with that strand of political theory.

The conservative movement has always been filled with naïve people. People are attracted to a fringe movement, rarely because of their understanding of the mainstream, but only because they don’t like the mainstream, and they are determined to take a stand against it. The subtleties of the political philosophy or economic theories of the group they joined are lost on them. They got excited. They committed. And they now send their money to the Republican Party, because it seems to be fighting all those terrible liberals. The thought that the two parties have been completely vetted at the top by the same group of elite deal-doers, who in fact are very famous people, does not occur to them. The fact that, at the top of American politics, the limits of discussion have been set by the same group of a few thousand people, is lost on them.


When you realize that the process is international, as described in the book by David Rothkopf, Superclass, it seems beyond belief. How is it that approximately 6,000 people control virtually all of the agenda for the Western nations? Your typical conservative probably would believe this with respect to the internationalist connections of the elite. They would blame the impotent UN. But they seem to feel that this elite did not begin the screening process of the present leaders of both political parties three decades or four decades earlier. These people say that they do not trust the Ivy League, yet it never occurs to them that virtually everybody they are asked to vote for as President is a graduate of one of two or possibly three Ivy League universities. It never occurs to them that there is cause and effect in education. It never occurs to them the Ivy League universities are really, truly as good as the critics think they are with respect to their ability to set the terms of discussion, meaning the exclusion of the fringes on both the right and left, among those people who graduated from the system.

So, the political charade goes on. It will continue to go on until the day that the federal government does not have the ability to write the checks any longer. At that point, all over the world, the superclass will find that they have lost legitimacy in the eyes of the people, and they have lost the ability to control what happens at the local level.

The key to this is a combination of money and intellectual screening at the university and graduate school level. The elite defines the extreme limits of acceptable discussion. The elite leaders do not attempt to tell people what they ought to believe inside these limits. They do define what constitutes extremism and therefore what constitutes an unacceptable list of assumptions and policies within the network of the good old boys. Communism is out. It has always been out. Libertarianism is obviously out. Conservatism was out until Reagan was elected. There were a few early conservatives who got inside the gates, the most famous being William F. Buckley. Buckley got inside the gates early. He got into Yale, and he was tapped to join Skull and Bones. Then he went into the CIA. So, he was vetted very early.

To get into the inner sanctum, you have to abandon extremism. Whether you are from the Right or the Left, the extreme positions are not acceptable. People who have spent their lives trying to get into the inner ring understand the limits, and they accept them. This is how the limits of acceptable discourse are imposed on the people who formulate policy, advise presidents, and write for the establishment media outlets. None of this is understood by the average conservative in the Republican Party. I think it is much more understood by the far left members of the Democratic Party. People on the far left believe in politics, and they learn how the game is played early in their lives. Conservatives do not.

So, it is easier for the CFR to control the terms of discourse on the Right than on the Left, or so it seems most of the time. The far Left did get sucked in by Obama’s rhetoric in 2008. It is highly unlikely that they will be sucked in again. They will probably vote for him. I doubt that they will vote for Romney. They will not vote the same enthusiasm this time. Voting to keep Guantánamo Bay filled with prisoners for another four years is probably not high on their list of political mobilization.

Conservatives think Guantánamo is great. So, anybody who thinks Guantánamo should be shut down, as I do, is perceived automatically as somebody on the Left. This is because there has been a long tradition within the conservative movement to suppress civil rights. People who got into the movement, and have spent time in the movement, assume that the suppression of civil rights is okay. This is why Bush was able to get the Patriot Act passed, when Clinton did not have the courage to introduce his version to Congress. It is easier to get conservatives to vote for something like this than it is to get Democrats to vote for it. Of course, in a time of crisis, most politicians will vote for anything that suppresses civil liberties.


If the followers of Ron Paul will ever make any difference, they are going to have to spread out and burrow in. They are going to have to go back to their hometowns, get active in local politics, and spend the next 25 years or even 50 years figuring out how the local system runs, and then taking it over. This has to be a bottom-up transformation. There is no possibility of capturing power at the top of either party. To capture control of either party will require fringe people to go to the local county level and to spend at least a generation, and maybe two generations, building a political network that will enable them to control the terms of discourse at the top. They have to do an end run around Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. This will not be easy.

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63 thoughts on “How the Council on Foreign Relations Controls Republican Conservatives

  1. Although you're not a communist, you are a fool.

  2. The Irishguy says:

    Mr Kempite is the fool…you are a Luddite if you haven't done your homewrk on the CFR…google Dan Smoot and read his stuff and you will see what North is talking about. I am 77 years young and have been an advocate of uncovering the CFR"s control over the system, and until you understand who these people are you will never be free
    The Irishguy

  3. Theophilus says:

    See caption above: "Naive Conservatives" — You probably haven't touched or even heard of the body of literature to which Dr. North refers (e.g., "Invisible Government"), but HE's the fool. Riiiiiiight.

    It's one thing to disagree. It's another thing to call someone a fool when you haven't even engaged their conceptual framework.

  4. Dean Bartlett says:

    No he is not he is saying the same thing I have for just as long "did not know of him until now",
    I was born in one of the Trilateralist / CFR families and have hear this all my life.

  5. Isn't it funny how sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. D'sousa hit it right on. That has been clear from the day ObaMao was elected.

  6. Wow! an excellent analysis of where and why we are where we are today.

  7. Omar Suarez says:

    Do not discount the article it is accurate, The counsel on foreign relation, The trilateral commission and the bilderberg group control the worlds leadership. The aim is a one world government.

  8. The last paragraph has the tidbit of good information. If we, conservatives , are to change government we must start at the local level. County, state, and federal judges are extremely important as the nutty decisions being made today attest to. A loony judge rules that a farmer doesn't own the milk from his cows and has no right to drink unpasteurized milk. That's the very short version, look it up and read his decision.

  9. You are no fool either, what do people think the Tea Party is?? instead of waiting 2-3 generations to reform this government
    let's use our constitutional right to dismantle this gov' and form a new one while we have the oppertunity to do it. The destination of this Forward direction we're being moved into is no vacation spot. Will someone ask obama Forward to where ??? we found out the change, it's not nickles and dimes

  10. Is there a dimes worth of difference???

    Romney had 4 times more votes than he needed to win the nomination. Why did he and the Republican leadership go way out of their way to antagonize such a large group of energized voters?? A bit of history may explain why they took the gamble

    The industrial revolution along with freedom enabled a number of families to become extremely wealthy right at the beginning of the last century. Under the leadership of the Rockefeller family they began to dream of a New World Order and eventually a World Government whereby they would monopolize all natural resources and the means of production under their control. To facilitate their dream they along with a European banking family, the Rothschild, established the Federal Reserve Banking system. This enabled them to implement fractional reserve banking and the creation of money out of nothing in order to finance their dream. Their game plan was to gain control of our government and then use the Democratic Party to implement social programs that would make the people dependent on the government, which they controlled. The second was to use the Republican Party to implement industrial social programs that would put control of all natural resources and the means of production into the hands of the government, which they controlled. The Federal Reserve Bank with its power to implement fractional reserve banking and creating money out of nothing is the financial engine pulling us into the New World Order. This is why the Republican establishment, still under Rockefeller influence, had to moved heaven and earth to stop the Ron Paul movement. We now stand on the threshold of rescuing the Republican Party from the impresarios of the New World Order and they are becoming desperate.

  11. So far as I can tell, CFR is a supper club. I could join it, if I wanted to spend $130 a quarter to rub shoulders with the big names in foreign policy formulation. It is hardly a surprise that anybody who comes to Washington intending to become a serious force in politics joins it; it’s where the names gather. I would join it, too, if I were intending to make a name for myself in Washington.

    So, yeah, you can point to everyone who’s “somebody” in Washington and say “he’s a member of CFR.” That does not mean CFR is a force in foreign policy formulation.

    To say there’s an elite in Washington that engages in groupthink and despises those who are not members is to say that politicians are human beings. It’s true, of course, but it’s trivial.

    To say that CFR is some secretive organization that forms policy, on the other hand, is… well, silly. It’s a place where people go to eat dinner and rub shoulders with bigwigs. Period.

    Good grief, folks…

  12. I still have a 35 year old paperback called the 'Rockefeller Files' which dealst with all of this. I remember there was a black senator or congressman whose name I've forotten who was investigating Rockefeller & the CFR & died in a mysterious plane crash over North Koreas. I also recall a close buddy of mine at the time as a member of the conservative Cobblestone society if I remember correctly being quite knowledgeable about this & again, this was about 40 years ago! Appears 'The Irishguy' is correct.

  13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    I think we need to get rid of Obama in order to get rid of the debt.

  14. CJay3 wrote:

    “Is there a dimes worth of difference???”

    When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, so far as I can tell, none of his appointments were criminals already known for having collaborated in the sale of pardons by a previous governor. None of them engaged in enforcement of the law unevenly according to racial identity. None of them ended a successful prosecution of Black Panthers for vote suppression by ignoring their confessions and simply releasing them. None of them refused to hire anybody but their ideological clones within their organizations. None of them sold firearms to Mexican drug cartels in a vain attempt to generate a news meme to use against gun ownership.

    What I have just described is the criminal miscreant that Barack Obama appointed to be Attorney General of the United States.

    Yes, dammit, there is a UNIVERSE of difference between them, if for no other reason then because Romney is not going to appoint criminals and ideological loons to positions of discretion and importance in the federal government. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES.


  15. John Beach says:

    The movie analysis is right on. The thesis of anti-colonialism is incorrect and irrelevant.
    Conservative principles, applied for living by individuals, work. When they are not obeyed or adhered, people are in court giving account of themselves. Government, not adhering to the same principles and not being subject to the courts for its non-adherence or disobedience to them, is a self-perpetuating mess. How much debt would the average person be allowed to accumulate before a reasonable doubt concerning his ability to repay it would be asserted?

  16. "who these people are…" please do America a favor and list their names.

  17. Thank-you, Dr. North. This was a helpful commentary in several ways and you were very persuasive with me.

  18. Art Chandler says:

    Mr. North continues to leave me dismayed. The Tea Party plate is coming off my car. The Democrats are insane. Obama is evil and determined to destroy America. The Republicans are confusing and confused. The dollar is disappearing. Am voting for Republicans because there is no other choice. I am desperately worried about America. I trust D'Souza. Pray for us all.

  19. The Federal Reserve must be abolished! The owners of this privately-owned bank are the same global elites that are controlling world governments everywhere including ours. This "shadow government" is active behind the scenes and that is why our government is doing things that "make no sense" to the American people!

    All the decisions made that are anti-American, unconstitutional, and destroying this country are made because of the wishes of those who truly run our daily lives…time has come for their major move towards One World Government. The world elites are working to take control, they have their own candidates. Obumscum just happens to be the most obvious in his hate for our country and is truly enjoying "his work assignment." He is the biggest malcontent and hater of Americanism that could be found and that is what the movie 2016 has made apparent.. Obviously, there is more to the story about taking down America.

    As for the advice to the Ron Paul supporters, this country will have long disappeared in Fifty years! We don't have time to take decades to wrestle our country from the grasp of the One Worlders! They are making their move, as we speak.

  20. Excellent! However, you neglected to mention where America needs to look for the answers that neither the Democrats, Republicans, etc. are offering us–Yahweh's morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments. So, I'll do it for you. For one of the best commentaries on God's perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11), see Gary North's "Tools of Dominion: The Case Laws of Exodus" at http://www.amazon.com/Tools-Dominion-Case-Laws-Ex….

  21. Charles Wenzel says:

    Your discernment of a material distinction is laudable (NOT 'laughable' but 'laudable')

  22. SIlver Dummy says:

    military-industrial-oil-banking-AIPAC complex??

    What the hell does Israel have to do with this bankrupt carcass called America? Your debt, that you cannot hide, is 16trillion and your currency is worthless.

    Your unfunded debt is over 120trillion. Even if FOrt Knox is not empty, at most, 8,000 tons at current prices is worth less than 500 billion.

    Gold must go to 50,000 an ounce for the US govt to balance its debt. Which is just what the Von Mises Institute wants.

    Blame the uncontrolled greed of your white CEOs whose blood line comes from Scotland, England, and Germany.

  23. Art Chandler says:

    Don't know where you're from, but please stay there.

  24. It really doesn't matter if D'Souza doesn't get, CFR, Trilateral Commission, or the Illuminati. What matters is that his movie is affecting thousands of perspective voters in a way that the same old boring facts can't do. If enough poorly informed voters see this movie, it can turn the tide for those who are too stubborn to believe their own eyes. I've been fighting these sub-humans ever since I was a TA in the History Dept in College. They can't control everybody and we need to pray for another R. Reagan.

  25. Too many to list in a short term. But by studious listening they are identifiable. Just to give you a start, Harry reid, and Nancy Pelosi, and Senator Waters of California. OK? Now do your home work.

  26. Danny R. Mast says:

    My fellow Americans, There is indeed a new world order coming AND it is the one we read about in the Bible .. Isaiah,Daniel, Revelation. just to name a few and the leader will be JESUS CHRIST ,KING OF KINGS ,LORD OF LORDS and it is coming no matter what and in His time. the solution ? Pray for our country and be sure you part of the family of GOD

  27. OregonMuse says:

    Wonderful. North hopes that D'Souza sees his imperceptive, completely-misses-the-point review of 2016. Seriously? The only thing that'll get him is that he'll look like a fool in front of a much larger audience.

  28. OregonMuse says:

    Well said, philwynk.

  29. Jim McClarin says:

    I'd like to agree but it appears large blocks of the tea party have been co-opted by the very CFR types Gary mentions.

  30. Jim McClarin says:

    It was Congressman Lawrence McDonald who was not black.

  31. If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn't vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what "Change" was and now we know and I'm glad I didn't vote for him. independent voter

  32. Jim McClarin says:

    If we get rid of Obama we'll still have the debt to contend with. If you think Romney won't spend like Obama I can only hope you are right and I am wrong. I see no substantive difference in Bush/Obama/Romney when it comes to policy.

  33. As George C Wallace said" There's not a dimes worth of difference between them", Democrats and Republicans.

  34. glen thompson says:

    D'Souza's 2012 and North's rant on the thread are two entirely unrelated subjects. D'Souza is 100% right (although it is only part of the story). North has some good points that carry allot of weight; but, is all diluted with his narrow elitist thinking and his total lack of a basic understanding of what makes up the human animal. This is often a problem with many so-called intellects. Although usually associated with Leftist, North succeeds in exemplifying this condition. Unfortunate.

  35. I have a copy of a book, "None Dare Call It Treason", that was first printed, I believe about 50 years ago, that has the CFR first being known as the "Fabien Society". It's goals was for a one world government and was formed in England.

  36. I think this is also a PR piece and not all true. Libertarianism is not out, it is alive and well and spreading. This worries these neocons. It is also part of the reason why the RNC is silencing all voices in the Republican party that do not follow their agenda. .

  37. Idylewylde says:

    GOOD ONE, GARY …….. see the corporate elitists wetting their knickers over this one 🙂
    They will denounce you til the crows come home because the TRUTH isn't convenient.
    Obama has done precisely what Bush did, only more-so .. right down the line. I spotted this day one.
    What I see are the yacht club republicans and yacht club democrats playing us all for fun and profit.
    They will fight you tooth and nail, and call you a Commie before this is over.
    Now, that said, I do not entirely disagree with what Bush was up to. It's the things I disagree with that have my hackles up.
    In sharp contrast, Obama is Bush on steroids when it comes to elitist in games. Obama is a farce of epic proportion, and an abject failure as a con man. At least Bush tried to stay within the bounds of Republican sensibilities, while Obama is an outrage of every sensibility.
    D'Souza points to part of the profile that explains some of those outrages … and D'Souza is relevant if only because he points to the smokescreen Obama hides behind.

  38. Alice Maxwell says:

    This is all useless discussion since most readers are not "in" on the history of it all.

    Our problem is not empre or empiracle thinking. We have to review our directions, scale back artifical expectations and realize that life itself is at stake.

    The tech revolution has so diverted national resources that many people will have to pay for this misdirected capital with their lives and successive lives.

    We are at a turning point. Do we contine to promote "leisure pleasure" as the aim for existence or do we get back to basics,,,,family, food, study and enjoyment of and from the children we produce. After all, birth is the greatest achievement of Man….the ability to have another generation standing by to take the baton when we are too old to carry it!

    The greatest hell would be to be on a desert island with jjust a few buddies and watch while our paltry small civilization sinks with our bodies and there will be none left to even record it!

  39. In spite of the existence of the CFR and its vetting process of presidential candidates, I am going to vote for the candidate based on his character and his stand for the Constitution. From a man's character comes all of his behavior, including all major and minor decisions. I know that both Romney and Ryan are devoted family men who have worked hard to build up successful service-oriented business and live their Christian faith rather than pay it lip service. Romney is on record for saving the life of the daughter of one of his business partners at Bain, for not taking one penny for salary as governor of Massachusettes where he eliminated a 1.5 billion deficit for that state, for giving all of his inheritance from his father to charity, and for other significant volunteer services and contributions. The Romney/Ryan platform is to …. (continued on next message)

  40. completely repeal Obamacare and completely reject the UN Agenda 21 (an NWO agenda if there ever was one). A rose by any other name. What is the CFR going to do—- kill him or threaten his family if they don't like his support of our Constitution or his foreign policy? Perhaps the elitists are able to buy the misguided souls of many with their wealth (such as the media and major financial institutions), but there IS a limit as to how much damage they can do. A truly godly man whose faith is in Christ and who is committed to living that faith will, through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, be able to overcome evil. I will be voting for him and praying for both him and Mr. Ryan and their families as well as praying for GOD'S Will to be done with this country. No matter what the outcome, I trust that God works all things ultimately for good. Isn't that just plain naive!

  41. Bush II even said this in his speech as President. One World Gvt. This is why I hate both sides of the isle, they have monopolized power amongst just the sliver of political class and have the FDIC and all the corporations trading with them. It is an oligarchy of the worst kind ~ American cultivated and supported. This is why the MUST break the American spirit (both sides) to gain total power over a mind manipulated and weakened citizenry. (some of you in here are just that)

    The man is not a fool –

  42. http://www.garynorth.com/public/main.cfm

    for those thinking they are smarter than Gary North

  43. This article is most certainly not representative of all people within the Tea Party, who want to restore our country. I share your concerns. Yes, pray for us all.

  44. I believe you are correct, but i also believe the Tea Party is the vocalization of the silent majority. and when the majority breaks their silence, they will control the elections. as long as fair elections remain, "We the people" still have a chance to preserve the Constitution.

  45. Take the Tea Party plate off if you wish, but save it. maybe four years from now, you may want to put it back on.

  46. Just a couple of things. First of all, the Banking Cartel controls the money. So, the Democrats and Republicans are on board. OK, so now what? More Government control of healthcare? More Government controls and regulations on business? More massive Federal expansion and spending? I don't know if Romney/Ryan will go a different direction or not. What I do know is the direction Obama and his Administration have taken. I want no more of it. I will vote for Romney/Ryan.

  47. Thomas G. Brown says:

    This is a great article and I loved the full discussion of the movie on your subscription site. I saw first hand last weekend when I attended my first Republican Convention in Tampa as a delegate from PA. It was all staged to push the agenda of the neo-cons and really did nothing to educated or follow the purpose of a convention which is to nominate a Presidential and VP candidate. They railroaded Congressman Paul and force new rules down our throats that prevent grassroots conservatives from being elected to the convention in the future. The pre vote at our PA delegation breakfast was just sickening. . There where about 15 or so of us who voted against this change at the breakfast and you thought we had voted against ending abortion the people all around mocked and sneered at us for holding them up from leaving the breakfast to discuss the issues and explain why this rule change was a bad idea.

  48. Get a life. At least Bush did not go around the world APOLIGIZING to our enemies. If you love the idiot in the white house, go join him in Kenya, where he belongs, And Bush had the balls to immediately go after the clowns who killed 3000 of our ctizens on 9/11.You kids make me laugh.

  49. I thought it was called "none Dare Call It Consparecy" I read that book in the 70s it was eye opening and everything that was laid out in the book has come to pass except the downfall of the USA to bring in the "New World Order". I believe that is where this is all heading, a little faster under Obama then the elite Republicans.

  50. I like your comments & agree.

  51. Do you realize that when the CFR promulgates a new foreign policy, six months later our government adopts it and puts it into effect? The CFR is in no means a trivial organization such as a dinner club. Back in the '90's a spokesman for the CFR was talking about the masses and refered to us as "cannon fodder". There was an uproar over it, and he retracted the statement. This should tell you how they feel about you.

  52. Peter Meis says:

    There are two books, one of each of the titles mentioned. It is hard to get copies of such things these days. I have mine, starting in 1960 to build a fantastic conservative library.

  53. I believe Alexis deT in "Democracy.." expressed the view that a dangerous flaw to our democracy was our high interest in national politics, but a disinclination to get our hands dirty in local politics.

  54. So if you criticize Bush, you love Obama.

    Your powers of reasoning are stupendous. This is what years of military service breeds. God save us.

  55. Phil,

    The CFR is likely created as a propaganda organization for influence in professional circles, not for direct intervention in policy. It may do the latter, but I recall reading that the purpose of the CFR was to ensnare academics, doctors and the like. If you can influence boundaries of debate, you don't need to censor opinions.

  56. Art,

    Perhaps you should examine whether you need to 'trust' anyone.

    Trust may be an outmoded concept. There is recent research showing that collectivist societies suffer from higher levels of corruption. Instead of trust, perhaps we need accountability. After all, I don't have to trust that my doctor knows what he is doing if I know I can sue his ass off if he does something wrong.

  57. White CEOs?

    Ellison, Brin, Blankfein, etc etc.

    Take a look at the CEOs of the Fortune 500, and you'll find an overwhelming majority are Jewish. Hence, not white. Communications, media, movies, pornography, hotels, professional sports leagues, etc.

  58. It's nice that your superior intellect backed up your claim with an argument. I didn't realize that begging the question was considered superior.

    I am privileged to have seen how high intellects work, courtesy of your post. Thank you.

  59. Isn't Ryan a major shill for the weapons industry? I'm not sure that Christ would be all that impressed.

  60. Are freedom and liberty "extreme" ideals? Is believing in God given inalienable rights extremist rhetoric? Should I take to heart what those on both the Left and the Right say, that I need to sacrifice freedom for security, that I need to give more of my individual sovereignty to the state for my own good? Do I have to accept the notion that a handful of central planners know how I should live my life better than I do? Must I really allow these people to control my decision making for me?

    America and Americans have allowed the central planners to dictate what they can and cannot do and say for decades now. We have watched and stood silently by while we have been stripped of our inalienable, human rights in almost every aspect of life, whether it's our freedom of speech, religion, right to defense of ourselves, family, or our freedom, or right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. We have allowed all this through either apathy or ignorance. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Whether or not there is a CFR or other group of elites conspiring against us (and there is), we have let this travesty transpire. What we don't realize, at least the vast majority of us, is that we have the power to put a stop to this erosion of our rights. We have the numbers, the sheer weight of the population. This is what the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Skull & Bones, and every other evil, freedom robbing entities are truly afraid of; the political awakening of the masses to their dirty tricks against us. The question is, will this generation of Americans finally wake up and have the courage to do something about it, the courage which our founding fathers had to get rid of the evil tyranny in their midst? One can only hope that we do.

    Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

  61. Spot on. The Elite have no allegiance except unto themselves. The are versed in Hegelian Dialectic and so play both sides against each other via Academia, the media and "experts" on various shows and blogs. They are the third party, hidden from view, that keep the angst going between the two extremes.

  62. So the newly educated masses a la D'Souza vote for the Republican that has been vetted by the CFR to be within the limits of their thinking…that doesn't get us anywhere. We need someone who is NOT vetted by the CFR for at least two terms with a Congress that will support his/her agenda. Then, and only then, is there a chance to start disabling the structure that allows those from the CFR, Tri-lateral, and Bilderberg Group to control things like they do. I have heard more and more about these three groups since the mid 90s and everything is lining up with those facts. The control of the money supply is key. Eliminate the Fed and go back to the gold standard. It both controls inflation and spending.