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Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Written by Gary North on September 3, 2012

California’s governor, Jerry Brown, is expected to sign a recently passed bill  which will, if he signs it, allow illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses.

On what basis? Simple: Obama’s executive order to restrict the deportation of the teenage children of illegal aliens. I have written about this executive order here.

Once a person gets a driver’s in California, it will not be hard to get one in other states, except in Mississippi, where you must present a Social Security card.

Then comes voting, where a driver’s license is usually all it takes to prove that you are eligible to vote.

The sponsor of the bill says that the reason for issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens is so that they can drive safely.

It must be really hard being the only illegal alien who can’t drive a car to high school. But it’s nice to see that illegal aliens are doing well enough to have cars for their high school children.

Or is it possible that the bill’s sponsor, a Democrat Hispanic, had another reason for issuing licenses?  Two words come to mind: “motor voter.”

I left California in 1975. I have never regretted that decision.

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17 thoughts on “Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens

  1. In 2008 bo's slogan was hope and change, Well nobody asked what the change would be, although he actually told Joe the plumber , Redistribute the wealth. Well !!! who's going to ask Forward To Where ?? I shudder to think of our final destination under this gov'ernm. To all who kept their powder dry,,,,it's time to loadem up

  2. Sincer Holder doesn't know the definition of ILLEGAL, I suppose Brown doesn't know also…..and I though Arnold was bad! California is just nuts!

  3. David in MA says:

    Ya, but! Will these drivers licenses be legal in other states?
    And, if they are, why isn't my license to carry a firearm in other states just as legal?

  4. Any driver's license issued to an illegal should be valid for driving in only one direction, South!

  5. So if & when these illegials get a drivers license, will they then be required like the rest of us legal American citizens to purchase auto insurance? I would not want to be involved in a wreck with one of them if they have no insurance because then I'm screwed & that would really make me furious.

  6. LostProton says:

    The only way to stop this is in two steps: First, the states must require continuous insurance, not just buy a policy to get a receipt for proof of insurance and then drop it by nonpayment of premiums, to acquire and maintain a drivers license, that we must hang our representatives with; Second the money people in the vehicle insurance companies must refuse to insure illegal aliens as unacceptable risks. This must be backed by U.S. citizens buying the same insurance telling their insurer that they will cancel their insurance with them, and move to another insurer, if they insure illegal aliens. We the legal citizens possess that right, until we relinquish it by not preserving it.

  7. This crap has GOT to stop! R&R is the first step! I'm sick of all the FREE stuff & entitlements that they DO NOT DESERVE!!

  8. Delmar Jackson says:

    Thanks again Dr North for mentioning immigration as a concern. many libertarians are blind to immigration being anything but a blessing. massive immigration will end libertarianism and even conservatism. Unless we reduce immigration , our future is to become mexifornia as Califiornia has become.

  9. If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn't vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what "Change" was and now we know and I'm glad I didn't vote for him. independent voter

  10. A legal license for illegal drivers making them safer works as good as seat belts prevents accidents– Namely NOT AT ALL!! Illegal people are invaders and Theives. the people who support illegals are traitors to the USA., iF thewy can't be shot or hung, ship them out with the people they love. they are not wanted in this country.

  11. Just another way to get illegal s a way to vote for dumbocrats ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,SCUMBAGS

  12. In Nevada the insurance company is required to electronically file your proof of insurance with the DMV, and to also notify them electronically if your insurance lapses, which is cause for immediate suspension of your driver's license and revocation of the valid regsitration of any vehicles you own.

  13. It's his way of getting more votes…if hispanics think the dictator cares about them, they are really WRONG!!! He cares nothing for anything except VOTES< VOTES< VOTES!!! We are praying he will be soundly defeated in NOVEMBER, and a lesson will go to those who think they can promote and install communism in America!!! They can't and won't!!! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!

  14. Jerry needs to go he is Ovmits A- – kisser cant you people see he is disroying you state kick out all the libs and Demacraps that are not going by the consation other wise you wont have a state the Mixicans will have it and then they will try to spread out all over this country and take over like the musslims are going to try and do we need to send them all back to there countrys and close the gates

  15. Real citizens are harrased at DMV and have to shoul all your papers, Birth Certificate, SS card, Marriage Lisense, Passport. It is good to be illegal. If only we all could have it that good.

  16. Some one please explain what is wrong with legal immigration.

  17. Janice H: I had a friend whose boy was riding a motorcycle in LV NV. He obeyed all of the laws. However, an illegal from south of the border, who didn't have a driver's license or insurance ran him down and was DUI. The son lost the left leg from the knee down, the left arms was permanently rendered almost useless. The penalty for the DUI 5 years and deported back to south of the border. The penalty for the son, a life of misery from that point forward.