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John Boehner Gets Instructions from a Teleprompter: “The Ayes Have It!”

Written by Gary North on September 1, 2012

Somehow, the bus driver who was to take the conservative members of the Virginia delegation to the Republican National Convention could not find a parking space. He would not stop. He drove round and round, three times.

On board was my old colleague from the pre-Reagan years, Morton Blackwell. He has trained college conservatives for over 30 years at the Leadership Institute. He was opposed to the new Republican rules on delegates. He was on the rules committee. He missed the meeting.

It was just one of those things, one of those crazy things.

Then John Boehner took a vote from the floor on the changes. What do you know? The “ayes” had it.

His teleprompter told him so.

Cell phones spotted it. The videos weer posted on YouTube.

That kept Ron Paul voters out. That kept out all those who are not part of the Establishment.

Here is a video.

FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather

It was exactly what I had expected and hoped for. This is great. Ron Paul’s followers will go home furious. They will burrow into local Republican organizations and take them over. It will take a decade. So what?

Ron Paul’s supporters are young. The Establishment is old.

Paul’s people will bide their time. When the Great Default hits, they will be ready.

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39 thoughts on “John Boehner Gets Instructions from a Teleprompter: “The Ayes Have It!”

  1. mathischristian says:

    Are we sure that Paul people will "burrow into local Republican organizations"? That has been discussed, but other Paul people are fed up and would rather join the Libertarian Party or do something different. And now RP himself has washed his hands of the GOP.

  2. creolegenius says:

    I, for one, have changed registrations to Independent and will probably end up voting for Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode. I don't like being 'the abused wife' who continues to enable a sick and violent spouse.

  3. new morning says:

    I'm so disgusted with the GOP, as a republican committee person, I'm ready to re-register as Independant. I wish tens of millions will follow. There is NO difference between the republicans and democrats. LIARS and THEIVES stealing from our childrens future. All they care about is keeping themselves in their elitist position, them and their family and friends. It's time America. RE-ELECT NO-ONE.

  4. Best analysis of national GOP politics I've ever read goes something like this…

    Every four years the Republican nominee performs the same ritual.

    He looks solemnly into the eyes of White America – his exclusive source of votes — and conceals the one political pledge that is never, ever broken: I will do absolutely nothing for you.

    Romney & Ryan are as likely to uphold The Pledge as Obama & Biden.

  5. Aeroeditor says:

    I hate to tell you, but if you want a flipper, you will find it in Virgil Goode. First he was a democrat, then he became a republican because the electorate changed and now he is going for a third change. Virgil Goode was a go-along republican. He won't change the budget methodology in Washington. Romney along with Ryan may have that chance and that is what our federal govt needs–a change in budget methodology.

    Let's not feed the election to Obama. Use your anger to change your representatives and senators at the state level and federal level as that will help us change govt at all levels.

    My philosophy for voting a good slate is to vote fiscal conservative for president, governor and all senators as their job is to look out for the states. I vote my social issues when voting for my representative as their job is to look out for the people. If more people took that approach, our govt might not be in this convoluted mess!!!

  6. America never ends up with a conservative candidate anymore. We keep getting RINOS shoved in front of us and we are then begged to prop him up, all with the hopes that a real conservative will come around the next election cycle. It never happens. To many RINOS and too long in between elections. Our election process has been manipulated. If that is the case, do you really have a free election? Start a new party, before the elections. Why vote for Romney when he is the same as B.O.? Liars and cheaters all, they would steal your eyes out of your head if you weren't watching them, and they still might try. I don't want to upset the apple cart, I want to flip it over a few times. Never anger the Americans, cause you just might end up waking a sleeping giant.

  7. Great, you are all going to hand the vote to OBAMA, OBUMMER!

  8. While I understand the Independent`s compassion for thier cause,many of which I do agree with,It`s pure insanity to let stubborn pride and anger get in the way of ridding ourselves of the current infection we have as a president and his administration.You know full well that another term with this guy will doom any hopes of your party,or any decent party,from salvaging the fallout from these failed socilaist policies and out-of-control debt and entitlements!Please,put your anger aside temporarily and use your intelligence as well as your experience to do what`s right for our future,our children`s future,and their dhildren`s future.Your Non-Vote is a vote for obama,and you know it.We don`t need any more lessons on what kind of damage this guy can do,do we?Let`s get him out,then we can begin to work for the changes that we all know need to be instituted to save this great nation!!!

  9. adamenochnoah says:

    Anyone who has paid any attention to what the Republican Party has done to Ron Paul and his supporters must be thoroughly outraged at the injustice and injurious treatment inflicted, not only upon Ron and his followers, but also upon the integrity of a free and fair political process. In short, we don't have a free and fair political process in America anymore! What we have is a Soviet-style political apparatus that thrives on manipulation, intimidation, and downright dishonesty.

  10. It`s obvious that a new candidate sadly will not be electable at this point,,but this is reality.It`s not prudent or sensible to sit on your hands and not vote,as many did with McCain whom I didn`t particularly care for either,but he was the better choice at the time as Romney is now and you know that.I realize your frustrations,I have them too,but we cannot afford to let this bafoon have 4 more years!Come on people!I have children and Grandchildren,even if I didn`t,I can`t stand by and watch these people destroy our nation beyond repair!Think about that!

  11. Straighten up and you won't need your butt whipped, woman

  12. c. law p a g Chris says:

    Get A CLUE!~ It Was a "Union Bus Driver" sent to Undermine the RNC when will these Idiots Wake UP?
    MIc Gafs, Dead Air and Mics Turned On at Tactically Damaging Times Union Sound Tech" STAGEHAND Unions" are INfiltraitoring by Contracts to Invade and Sabotage?

  13. OregonMuse says:

    You've put your finger on the weak point in Dr. North's article. It's a huge unsupported assumption that Ron Paul supporters will "burrow into local Republican organizations." Will they? Do they have the patience to do this? From what I've seen, the Paulites like to form tiny little third and (fourth parties) that few people ever vote for, and spend much time trying to get their man elected president (thinking that, like some medieval king, he will be able to implement his agenda without any substantial opposition). So the evidence is that Paul supports are mostly "want it all now" types rather than operatives with discipline and patience.

  14. (Paul people are fed up and would rather join the Libertarian Party) DR. PAUL's PEOPLE are LIBERTARIAN,as is HE! AFTER this ELECTION Libertarian's and TEA PARTY GROUPS need to work together as ONE to RECLAIM OUR GOVERNMENT and OUR CONSTITUTION along with the RULE of LAW that has been so trashed by the DEMS and The GOP! RIGHT NOW VOTE! A.B.O!

  15. I'm a Virginian and I'm telling you flat out if you vote for anyone other than Romney you OUR VOTING FOR MR.B.O and HIS COMMIE THUGS to stay FOUR (4) MORE YEARS if not FOREVER! WELCOME to 1984! WATCH the MOVIE to see your FUTURE. For the life of me I can not understand anyone voting for VIRGIL GOODE!

  16. IF you so love MR.B.O. and HIS COMMIE THUGS then VOTE for them,but don't act as if you are something you're not!

  17. ( White America – his exclusive source of votes) SHOW ME your FACTS! This is another FOOLISH STATEMENT by DEMS! (I will do absolutely nothing for you) AND THAT IS ALL GOVERNMENT should do! BY so doing Letting WE the PEOPLE LIVE OUR LIFE'S as WE SEE FIT! NOT as SLAVES of or to GOVERNMENT!

  18. We have 2 candidates, the incumbent and the conservative, Mitt Romney, just 2, those are the choices. To not vote or to vote for a minority 3rd party is a vote for the incumbent. Do you really want 4 more years of empty promises?

    BHO is singing the same song he did 4 years ago. Can we The People afford 4 more years of unchecked spending and class warfare, increased taxes and let's not forget Obamacare? The DNC managed to keep God a plank in their platform, just barely. But look at the planks they have added. Do you want the people that support those new planks, gay & lesbian marriage, abortion on demand, running tour country.

    Think twice b4 you vote for a 3rd or 4th party candidate that doesn't have a "snowballs chance in hell" of winning because you may be electing the incumbent in the process, that is not acceptable!

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result or as my Gram used to say, "fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me". Wake up!

  19. by your definition if insantiy, voting for EITHER ONE of the "candidates" qualifies. Romney a "conservative"? When I stop laughing I'll have to start crying.

    The bottom line is that the political process in both major parties has been so coopted by the gool ol boy ruling elite that a REAL candidate (several of which had their hats in the ring) could not survive the "process". So we have the incumbent and his near clone.

    I suppose I'll have to hold my nose and vote for the "new guy" on the off chance he'll actually bring in some "change", and maybe a gramme or threee of "hope". Yeah, and I got a chicken can fly to the moon and back in a week.

    This election is worse than the last…. after seeing what this kinyun is made of, up close and far too parsonal, we've got no real choice, just as last time, but the system that is SUPPOSED to be WE THE PEOPLE choosing their new elected officials has been coopted by the machine. Time for a new one. If ALL those of us who are sick of the status quo band together in ONE PARTY, stop squabbling over petty details, we COULD put forward ONE candidate from the lot of us who really WOUULD make a difference at the national level. Yeah, and I've got a chicken……….

  20. Jan Williams says:

    Enter text right here!A lot of which you say is true ; Not ALL. However, RE-ELECTING NO-ONE is not a viable choice .There is another and it is hard work. It can NOT be done sitting behind a computer. You have to pick and chose your battles. This is one agenda (of many) my group, the Conservative Society for Action, has elected to do. When the redistricting took place this year in New York State, a RINO crossed county lines and extended his liberal record into a new state assembly district. We vetted this individual, although we quite well knew his voting record and the liberal legislation he supported. He was a PARTY pick from both counties and had endorsements from both the Rep., Con. and Ind. parties. We took to the streets (literally) and

  21. Jan Williams says:

    Enter text right here!petitioned him into a Republican Primary and also a vanity T.E.A. party line (only if he wins the primary). If he wins the primary the general election is almost a given. The party bosses said it (the petition) could not be done and there was a big stir about it in our state capitol. This was done because we too are disgusted with the GOP. We had Rep. committee people from all over (without conflict) walking the petitions. I guess, a mere 30 or so people working a few hours a day, seven days a week for three to four weeks halted the Party Machine and forced a primary run-off. The POWER of the PETITION put the GOP on notice and we intend to continue picking RINO's for deletion. Yes, it is "only" a state assembly

  22. Jan Williams says:

    !election. Yes, it is us against them(Rep. & Dem.). Yes. All Politics is Local. Yes, this is where most of the higher elected offices started out from and that it is why it is important to nip it in the bud, whenever and where ever. Yes, it is ABO and ABRino. So. turn your disgust into empowerment. If the GOP and candidates are not of your liking and do not represent Republican values put them on notice. Start at the bottom and Petition them out of office. " Win " or Lose ; They do take notice !

  23. creolegenius, just stay home then. You are throwing away your vote anyway. You people who stamp your feet & "take your ball home" because you don't get your way are going to hand the election to obama again & that is worse than anything you could do.

  24. WRONG! obama & biden have shown/told us what they are going to do & you STILL don't see the difference?

  25. gary, you are being sensible unlike some other crybabies who pull a tantrum when they don't get their way,i.e. "Ill show them".So they will enable obama to finish his plan to destroy our copuntry rather than try to removew him first & THEN work on their issues. With obama in for another 4 years, they are going nowhere anyway. Who said "None are so blind as those who WILL NOT see"?

  26. Why didn't the people just get off the bus at the door and let the bus driver go find a parking space by himself!! Why sit on the bus and ride around and around??? Were they all idiots…

  27. And, if the Ron Paul supporters didn't act like "nuts" they would be a lot more acceptable to the average voter.. They are their own worst enemies..

    If all else fails…LIE about your agenda like all the other politicians in the two parties. It seems to work for them.

  28. That is why I wish there was a tea party. I am disgusted with the republicans not standing up to all the executive orders which are clearly not constitutional. I am a registered democrat but have never voted along party lines, always voted for the one I liked the best. I guess I was a democrat because that was what my mom was. My dad never voted ever and I asked him why and he said if they aren't crooks before they get elected, they soon will be. I completely agree.

  29. However, Imy respect grew immensely for Romney after watching all the Republican convention. He is a man that does things behind the scenes and does not take credit for everything, so unlike what we have in office now. If you ever listen to any speeches by O, watch how many times he says "I". All I know is before I would have voted for Romney over O any day but my respect for his ability improved a great deal when he made Paul Ryan to be his running mate. I was very impressed with Ryan's budget proposal, even though it seemed to be very unpopular. And I am one that shouldn't have been impressed, because I am on social security, medicare and I am a woman. I admired him for not kicking the can down the road, so unlike most of the politicians. That is why I also like Scott Walker and Gov. Kasich. Much rather have honor than popularity any day.

  30. Cipher, your bullet hit a bullseye. Another party like the Libertarian party is needed. The Republocrats are entrenched to the end. Neither plans on representing anyone but the elite who control them. It’s time for a Libertarian party with real teeth and that can only be accomplished by supporting it. Look at their numbers right now. People said that about the Bull Moose party but it was a surprise to the entrenched of D.C.

  31. After viewing some of the comments, I can only say that the liberals love this. This is exactly how the Messiah will win re-election. To make the statement that this set of conservative candidates is worse than in 2008, tells me that there are a lot of selfish and ignorant people out there. You want America to be destroyed, then follow through with the insanity of wasting your vote on a third or fourth party candidate. We are at the crossroads of a historical time in our history, don't turn your back on making the right decision. For a third party to succeed, you need to have the numbers BEFORE any major election. Wake up folks, and get on board.

  32. Lew, if you could vote for Snake Romney after seeing this lying, stealing and profoundly corrrupt scumbag in all his evil glory at the RNC, then you are no better than he and the rotten GOP. GET THIS STRAIGHT:OBAMA AND ROMNEY ARE EXACTLY IDENTICAL. BOTH HAVE DESIGNS TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY ALTOGETHER IN THE NEXT FOUR YEARS.

    The ONLY man alive who can prevent this is Dr. Ron Paul. If he does not run third party and win, which he would, it is 100% certain that it is OVER for America and the Free World.

  33. Actually, you're pointing out an unexpanded argument in Dr. North's article: namely, that Rep. Party leadership wouldn't be this blatantly hostile, unless they were already on the losing side of the power slope within the Party. No one deliberately provokes internal rivals to sabotage your success, unless said rivals are on the verge of taking over.

  34. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    At least God and Jerusalem weren't booed at the Republican Convention.

  35. adamenochnoah says:

    LoL. After getting nowhere with the GOP for almost 40 yrs, it is time to form a new party…

  36. I voted for Ron Paul in 2008, and yes, my ring finger is 1.5 cm longer than my index finger!

    A few do have substance.

    The USA is History, mis amigos!

    ret expat MD; NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR and 45 years in medicine

    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE (I did not spend 8.5 years active to have a Communist as the US President – resigned 4 July 1978 – Insane Hussein should do the same)

  37. Ron Paul and his supporters are the biggest allies Obama and the Demoncrats have. Leaving the GOP to be an Independent or a third party will give the Demoncrats a sure victory in November. Is the GOP perfect (no it's not) but splitting off because you are mad will only help Obama destroy the country. Ron Paul people please grow up. Four more years of Obama and we won't have a country or free elections. The stronger TEA PARTY Republicians get the better the chance to get the GOP back on the right track. Ron Paul is 77, just to old to be president. He did the country a dis-service by running.

  38. for how long will you keep choosing the lesser of two evils before you realize that the nominations are rigged. I’d rather have 4 more years of Obama with republicans/rhinos in control of congress and then have Ron Paul or rand paul as president than have one after another republicrat as president nominee.

    We don’t even know what romney is going to do as president.All he says he’ll do is “everything oppisite from Obama”. His track record is horrible with him supporting just about anything at one time or other.

  39. irategrandma says:

    We may not know exactly what Romney will do but he has a known past and a known record and if he does everything opposite from Obama, he gets my vote!