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279 thoughts on “D’Souza’s Anti-Obama Documentary: If Only It Were True!

  1. Overall this article makes the case. It is the House of Representatives, the Senate, the President(s), and the Supreme Court who are all responsible for this ongoing mess, but at the heart of the issue is how the American people have failed in their responsibility to make appropriate changes in their representatives.

    Not matter how much the public complains about the government, roughly 97% of incumbents in most elections go on to win re-election. This is where, IMO, the true failure has occurred.

  2. Please remove my email address from your list of recipients of your website emails.
    Thank you.

  3. Gary North: your article went dead South. we think you voted for obummer in 2008. admit it.

  4. Jerry Brunet says:

    I saw the documentary, and think the author of this article misses the point. The point of the documentary was not budgetary issues, but rather, it was an examination of President Obama's worldview, in an attempt to understand why he has made many of the decisions that he has made. For example, President Obama's policies against drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and his refusal to allow the new oil pipeline make no sense to many Americans, especially since he then turned around and gave U.S. taxpayer money to Brazil and other countries to allow them to drill for oil where American companies cannot. This documentary points out that unless you understand President Obama's anti-colonialist views, these things would not make any sense at all. And so, the main point of this documentary was not President Obama's bugetary failures, as serious as they are. Rather, it is an attempt to understand his major world view so that we can understand the basis for his decisions.

  5. It is true just read the real facts, Obama should be in prison along with Eric Holder!

  6. So it's Bush's fault? Yet you say yourself, "To suggest that the President of the United States has the power to make the economy worse to imply that he also has the power to make the economy terrible." You can't have it both ways. BTW, you need a proof reader in a bad way–too many typos and misspelled words.

  7. I thought you were a conservative site …. now I know the truth and I'm unsubscribing to you and telling everyone to do the same.

  8. Wayne Baxter says:

    Which side are you on? If an individual walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells and acts like a duck, then he must be a duck. Obama is not pushing the American Dream…

  9. Wesley graham says:

    What a fabrication. The article missed the most important point: Bush kept us safe from further attacks on our soil, just exactly the directed duty of the President.

  10. David Sebastian says:

    Please remove my email as well .

  11. In order for D'Souza to have covered all the subject areas you mention, this would have to be a 5-hour film, or perhaps a television mini-series. What he is trying to show is that Obama's cultural and political frame of reference is so far off from that of a typical American. His anti-colonialism hatred is so deeply imbued into Obama's psyche that it overarches everything. It is not a film that hits you over the head . . . rather it goes to Obama's basic point of view, learned from early childhood, with various of his mentors being outlined in the film, in order to educate the viewer about certain fundamental facts about his world view. By laying it all out on the table and letting the viewer connect the dots for himself/herself, D'Souza has created a film on Obama's background that may draw in the fence-sitters — and perhaps an Obama supporter or two. That's what we want, isn't it? To educate those who are ignorant of the basic motivations of this president. No sense in creating a film that will only preach to the choir.

  12. are ya looking for $ North? Ya just blew it. Blame Bush? That sounds familiar!
    Way wrong spin on this,way wrong!

  13. There you go again. It is all George Bush’s fault. When will some one else be the fault of anything that happens in the WORLD?

  14. Gary, I guess I went to the wrong “2016”. The message that the fundamental principle guiding Barack Obama and his regime stems from an anti-colonialist (aka Western European Caucasian) hatred noted in the documentary is just that … a fundamental principle from which all other policies are based or spawned. Both the economic and diplomatic policies of the Obama regime are based upon that fundamental principle. One can argue about the particular policies of different administrations, but realizing one is based upon a principle that is rooted in a hatred for all things related to our cultural history, i.e., Western European Caucasians. I thought the “2016” I saw was very well done and very scary if Obama is given another 4 years.

  15. Delmar Jackson says:

    Thank you for this review, it was very helpful and insightful.
    Before Ron Paul became a presidential contender, I was so ignorant, I thought the federal reserve was a government institution.
    Your points about rev wright do not go far enough. It is wrong to assign guilt by association, but 20 years attendance in the same chuch and minister is not plain association. The fact you left out is how Rev wright and his church gave a lifetime acievement award to rev louis farrakhan.
    The Rev farrakhan preaches that white blue eyed people are actual real Devils. Members of his church , the nation of islam, have committed many murders of random white people in the past encouraged by this racist hate filled venemous preaching.

    I have blue eyes. My family has blue eyes. In the eyes of Rev farrakhan we are DEVILS. In the eyes of Rev Wright, such hate filled preaching is to be oevrlooked or agreed with. How could any president attend such a church for 20 years!
    I don't like Romney, he has too many Bush neocons wanting another war for isreal in his party, but what choice do I have.
    I hope everyone goes and votes and does not stay home like they did when John amnesty Mccain was running.

  16. And Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

  17. Gary is great at explaining why we have our current economic crisis, but I am not sure how that has to do with the main subject matter of the movie. I agree with Jerry Brunet. The main purpose of the movie is to give the sleeping American public a better idea of what motivates the president to do what he does. I am not sure a movie that attempts to explain Mr. North's economic points would be as popular, though I believe it is sorely needed.

  18. The point of this doc was to expose Obama's history and what he believes in and why he has done what he has done without seeking the approval of anyone!! It exposed his agenda. All the things that you have mentioned is your agenda! It is a good agenda but don't put down the doc because you have a different agenda!!

  19. bpaolucci says:

    THE point of the film was to determine who Obama is and how he came to be the man he is – it was not to recount all of the sins of the past. The author of this article neglects to state that the Democrats controlled the Congress, both houses, for the last 2 years of the Bush administration and while he's correct in stating the fact that the Congress controls spending, omitting who is in control of congress ignores the truth of why Bush was stuck with too much spending – something that continued under Obama for his first 2 years until the Tea Party made some real changes. The article also ignores the fact that Obama is a Marxist/Leftist/anti-colonialists spender – with our money. I saw the film – it was well done and didn't slam Obama anywhere near as much as it could have – there's so much ammunition available. Jerry Brunet's comments above nails it. I find it odd that this site would put up an article meant to discredit D.Souza who did a fine job.

  20. Wow! This article is as wrong as it's grammar is bad. Can't believe I just wasted my time reading it. You owe me 10 minutes of my life back Mr. North.

  21. Crap. Meant "its" not "it's", but the point is the same.

  22. I read D'Souza'a book a couple years ago. It was an interesting take on what motivates Obama, but it may not explain 100% of what makes Obama tick. This movie will be cataloged along side of "Dreams From My Real Father," and "A Question of Eligibility" as yet another attempt to explain the most unknown and secretive person to ever occupy the White House. Maybe if, as his first Executive Order upon being sworn in, Obama hadn't sealed all records related to his past, these movies would have no purpose.

  23. Exactly my impression Jerry. Bush bashing is getting old and older. Everytime I hear it an automatic red flag labelled "Liberal" comes up. Bush was no George Washington but he was never an Obama either.

  24. I am with you Lorrayne, and the others, that will UNSUBSCRIBE!


  26. Theophilus says:

    I have read a lot of comments, and I encourage everyone: Don't be falsely led to think that Dr. North is somehow an Obama supporter. From his massive body of work it is easy to see that he sides with neither the "left" nor the "right" but is independent in his drive for liberty. Neither side of the political spectrum understands the concept of liberty. The point I got out of this article is that setting Bush and his neocon agenda against Obama is a false dichotomy and misses the point. Yes, there are differences between "left" and "right," but the same basic group of elites pulls the strings for the major decisions and policies. Neither side focuses on what should be discussed: the Fed and foreign interventionism.

  27. The globalist elites control both parties and need to be stopped. Obama is destroying the future of America and giving us a lower standard of living.

  28. Rick Heid says:

    Very good article Gary. Neither the progressives nor the neocons will point the finger at the real boogy man. The only time the Bible mentions Jesus getting physically angry was towards the money changers. You would think that would be a very important and well understood point. But since modern man still doesn't acknowledge this and relate the story to the Fed is proof of just how skillful Satan is.
    However, the article contends that Bush and Obama are on the same team (to use sports analogy). I think it's more like two opposing teams in the same league. The money changers don't care if the world is more like the America of our founders intent, or the ideology of Marx. So long as it's all the same, easier to control, and maximizes their bottom line. The sovereignty of Nations with different forms of government and financial structures is expensive and more difficult to control even though it is easier to create debt by pitting them against each other.
    Anyone who thinks the Fed isn't the real boogy man and underestimates their power should take notice of how the RNC, in conjunction with the media and DNC, have painted Dr. Paul as a nut and shut him out even when the delegates were numerous enough to warrant a brokered convention. The fact that the delegates are so numerous is the only tiny thread that gives me any hope that my kids' world will be anything other than servitude to the banksters.
    As for the Jerimaih/racist part of your article, the RNC is nearly as afraid of the race card as they are of the banksters.

  29. I never heard of this guy, and now I know I won't waste my time reading any of his "stories". As mentioned by other bloggers on this story, he is not paying attention. D'Souza's intent was to make everyone he could aware of this disease that has infected the white house. So this fall, we will have to vote him out as well as a lot of the RINO's and all of the democrats. Lets get rid of harry reid and barbara bouncer, as well as feinstein.

  30. yeah, what is the purpose of this article? thinking now the writer is just another jealous liberal in disguise… another soros site?

  31. FLA Patriot says:

    Never ever E-Mail me again. Thank you

  32. I thought this was teapartyeconomist.com, not RonPaulBotInsanity.com. Might want to look into that website redirection issue 🙂

    But seriously, I think I'd like to no longer receive this newsletter. This article comes just a little too close to shilling for Obama, which is a position no Tea Party affiliated entity worth the label would take.

    And I also think the author blatantly missed the idea behind '2016'. It 3was not meant to deal with the problems of past admins, or to outline the problems facing future admins, it was trying to make the point through factual analysis of why you should fear and refuse to continue the CURRENT admin.

  33. "Obama is George W Bush in blackface"?

    Seriously? I mean, really?

    I bet if the Obama campaign started running commercials claiming that they would gain quite a few votes! Don't give them any ideas!

  34. Another attempt by a Barack supporter to spin the truth! Big surprise! He does not care about the truth … come-on now … how would he even know one way or the other, Barack has concealed and/or sealed most all of the records about his past. So what do we have to go on but his own words from his very own book! So based on this book the director developed the movie! Now are you trying to tell us that we can't believe Barack's own words!

  35. Really? Approve by who a liberal!

  36. Who is approval a Barack re-election staffer!

  37. Unsubscribing. This is the last crap article I'll read from this site.

  38. As was said earlier, Mr. North, you missed the main point of the documentary. Your points are of minor importance to me.

  39. What an A-hole! I definitely see where this so-called conservative is really coming from. Don't tell me the new Hitler either spread some of his slush fund, the stimulus mney or he put the muscle on him like he did to justice Roberts! I mean come on, anything that shines the light on this Muslim-Marxist implant only helps the cause! Gary North, you definitely went south in my opinion of your writing – ADIOS!

  40. I fully agree. They should be in jail. If anyone else had done the things they have done would be. They do not have the interest of the American people.

  41. didn’t see the movie,and dont intend to. Bush’s fault ? Yes the congress is at fault, and it falls mainly on the democrats but not all, you leave out the liberal media and their influence with public perception. While you do make a few valid comments, you never mention the amount of time the democrats have controlled the congress as compared to the republicans, and how many times and length of they had both the congress and the WH,you write like someone with an agenda but imply you have none, and as the comments show, I’m not alone.

  42. Iron Angel says:

    The article was dead wrong, the author is obviously a far left liberal still blaming bush for Obama's mistakes. The budget issues after he took over responsibility are completely his and no one else's. The Obama administration spent 787 billion on the stimulus and failed to make a dent in the problem. And he jeopardized future generations as our economy teeters on the edge of collapse. Unemployment is over 8% and probably much worse in reality. Under the Obama administration a Budget has not yet been passed and the National Debt has risen $4.939 Trillion. Obama's failed policies don't belong to Bush they belong to Obama.

  43. Tony Shaw says:

    I agree hold heartedly, with the majority on here. Take me off your list of subscribers. Unsubscribe

  44. Take me off the list: Tshaw@rattlesnakerefining.com

  45. I agree with previous posts as to the intent of 2016 and as I see it, it was not as the writer attempted to make it seem in this article. I will not un-subscribe [yet], but I will block the teapartyeconomist.com and force it into my Junk Mail Folder. Further articles by Mr. North will relegate that issue to the Delete Folder. If other writers try to misrepresent their articles as did Mr. North, I will then unsubscribe.

  46. fdcampbell says:

    This article deeply bothers me because Mr. North deliberately veers off the point of the film (well expressed in some of the preceding comments).

    I will not unsubscribe (yet) but I will definitely view future postings with a jaundiced eye.

  47. Nice article, but the writer fails to remember that the House can pass all the bills and budgets it wants, but if the Senate doesn't vote on them, they go nowhere. This has been the problem for the pass eight years or more with the obstructionist leader Harry Reid. The Senate is required by law to pass a budget, but Harry is keeping all the other Senators from doing their jobs. He is violating the Constitution and should be removed from the Senate.

  48. I don't always agree with Gary North, but anyone who believes North is "liberal" or an Obama supporter is either invincibly ignorant or simply incapable of any reasonable degree of political discernment and judgment. OTOH, it's folks such as those complaining about North who also suffer from ACVS (Abused Conservative Voter Syndrome), who keep rewarding an abusive GOP with votes for such nominees as Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, the Bushes, Bobe Dole, John McCain, and now a nominee who doggedly defends his crafting of state-level healthcare fascism.

  49. Gary North voted for B.O.! Take me off your email list, I don't need to read the other sides viewpoint, we get enough of it from the Liberal Media!

  50. Gary is on the money (pun intended). Bush loved war; Obama loves war. Bush hated the Constitution ("it's just a <expletive deleted> piece of paper!"); Obama hates the Constitution. Bush and his majority-GOP Congress created new bureaucracies at a rate that would make Al Gore green with envy. Bush chose to bail out the big banks, and Obama has cheerfully continued those same bailouts.

    Obama has out-Bushed George Bush.

  51. Gary, the real details are in D'Souza's book. Do you really think an 89 minute movie can give the details you want. I agree that Congress failing at its constitutional duty is the problem and that the Federal Reserve is an even bigger problem. IF the people really understood what the FED does, they would all revolt today! I do believe that D'Souza's thesis is correct. that Obama has a dream from his father and that is to pull western culture down to the rest of the world. Of course, neither Obama or Congress or the FED will be brought down, they will still live like kings no matter what. (to be continued)

  52. This article should be thrown in the dumpster. It is garbage..

  53. Gary, you are correct from a strict Austrian Econ point of view but you must remember that very few people have read von Mises' Human Action or understand many of the Econ sophisms put forth by both political parties. I have yet to see the movie 2016 but from others' comments it appears that it was made more from a marketing point of view than econ facts to show the basic philosophical differences between individualism vs. altruistic state collectivism. Ayn Rand would probably love this movie. Of course the major problem is the Fed Reserve but one must solve that problem by first ushering in an administration that could possibly add Ron or Rand Paul to their Cabinet.

  54. This author is another paranoid conspiracy theorist parading as a conservative. This kind of prattle does nothing but discourage people who are needed to unite behind the effort to get rid of the current gangsters in D.C. He's not the only one. There are many of these attention seeking tin hat goof balls all over the blogs. They are closer to anarchists than conservatives. Free speech is their right, but I don't want to have it blasted onto my computer screen so get me off your list.

  55. Isn't McCain working for the demonrats….they are the ones he suports….

  56. The central theme of the book is the motivation behind President Obama's policies and beliefs. Anything else pales in comparison. The debt etc, are consequences of this . Yes President Bush spent too much money but his agenda was not based on depicting America as a colonist empire. What was portrayed makes sense and explains why the President makes the decisions he does.

  57. What motivates obumscum is exactly what is in the movie. That third-world-upbringing of his is at the core of his hatred for "blue-eyed-devils" He looks at how his people live and wants to turn this country into something even worse, to punish us for being successful…

  58. I agree. It was fact based & no matter how much some people want to ignore the truth, Obama IS & always will be a commie!

  59. The article is a piece of crap and should be thrown in the dumpster.

    I do agree that the Federal Reserve is running this country. Americans shouldn't have to buy their money from a group of global elitists. They have the power to make the dollar worthless and end our economy as we know it. We do not control our own destiny because we do not own our currency. Abolish the Fed! Its owners are our worst enemies.

  60. It is obvious, at least to me, North missed the whole theme of the documentary. It does seem he is a closet obama supporter now that Paul is no longer running. So it is understandable, maybe, why his observation is so different then mine.

    Although I agreed with some of the things Paul espoused, I disagreed with many more of his positions. I do and did find many of his stances very extreme but in any case not conservative. It is much easier to see now how he has surrounded himself with radically thinking people as has obama. It also explains some of the irrational thinking put forth by many of his supporters. If any relationship with the tea party continues this thinking will certainly preclude any association with right minded folks.

  61. Gary North may have a few points that are valid. However, I would highly disagree with his opinion that we should ask Tim The Tax Evader Geithner anything…especially about how the Treasurey operates and the sordid mechanism of the Federal Reserve. The movie is an exposure of one facet of the self-annointed messiah who illegally sits in the Oval Office…a full exposure would most likely result in a 10-hour film without intermission periods. I also disagree with North regarding the American's perception of when the current crises began—most of us are astute enough to recognize that our Freedoms, as guaranteed by the US Constitution, have been whittled down significantly since LBJ took office. Ask the older folks and they will tell you they enjoyed more freedom prior to the assassination of JFK—LBJ began his so-called "great society propaganda" programs and its been downhill ever since.

  62. I have read other articles by Gary North and this one baffles me. I no longer want to get information from him. I too am extremely surprised that this site printed his article. No Christian conservative should ever support -0; in fact no one should.

  63. No matter how much some may dislike President Clinton, he did something that the Republicans absolutely hated–he balanced the budget and left the American citizens $3 Trillion in the cofers, something republican presidents were unable to do. When Bush2 took office, he squandered that legacy of Clinton's in less than 3 months and continued the spending spree during his terms of office—but not at the scale that obama has done. Bush2's legacy was in his dealing with the Sept 11 2001 attack on America by the middle east. When obama entered the Oval Office, he was already guilty of deceit and lies—he even brazenly said he wanted to "dismantle the US Constitution" during a campaign interview (Jan 2008) while in San Francisco; he had already insulted American citizens for their support of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms and the protection of the First Amendment Right for Freedom OF Religion; he had already, throughout his 2008 campaign, admitted to being a citizen of Kenya and not the United States—yet the majority of the American citizens voted this con-artist into office.

  64. BSDetectorNow says:

    I agree Wayne….As usual," It's Bush's Fault" I'm so Damn tired of hearing that from Liberals and Obozo and now hearing it from this clown, that I don't know from Adam, is a little too much. Saying that Bush and Obozo are one and the same is pure straight from the bovine BS. Bush did make mistakes but he was a pretty darn good President, Patriot and CHRISTIAN.

  65. Tony Rohl says:

    No film can tell the story some wish it would. If the writer is so concerned, let him film his own story.

  66. You fit well in with the dimwits>>>ridiculous articles>>>your opinions are straight from the Liberal handbook…Pure B.S. Send me no more of your biased and stupid opinion, remove me at once from your e-mail list. American are not stupid as you seems to think.

  67. Well, the wolf in sheep's clothing is now being exposed for what he really is–and Gary North misses the point entirely. No President, including Bush2, ever thought to spend as much as obama has in his slightly less than 4 years on office; no other President ever devised so many scams and schemes to bilk the United States as obama and his cohorts–including george soros (who obviously is a control freak who wants to rule the world–does soros think his criminality and his criminal mind will endear people to willingly lavish adoration upon him?). The US should charge soros with high crimes, treason, and sedition along with obama and his chicago thugs because they seek to overpower and usurp our government, changing our Republic into a communist state–a puppet for the world to use as a whipping boy for their own errors of judgement. Enough is enough…it is time to get rid of the nits in the WH and clean the swill of the swamp. And Gary North should rewrite his article because his opinion doesn't fit the critique of the film 2016.

  68. Please remove me from any furtherbe-mails. You sound more like a conspiracy theorist “Tea Party Assassin” than an economist.

  69. Please take me off your list. D'Souza is so much smarter than you it is laughable!!

  70. Sorry I had to write my statement in segements, but if it is "too long" you are automatically requested to reduce your comment. Why are we so limited? Oh well–at least I said what I wanted to say. Have a great holiday and a safe one everybody….God Bless All and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. BSDetectorNow says:

    I'm with you Lorrayne. I'm support the tea party and I thought this was a good site too read. I have many Conservative web sites coming in without this. If I wanted this Liberal crap I would Subscribe to the Huffer Puffer… Adiós Mr North and TPE.

  72. Why? Because this site presents opposing views? It is best to know your enemies in order to conquer them…and in your quest to find a pure conservative site, understand that it does not exist and you are seeking a figment of your imagination.

  73. I agree. We are tired of the "blame Bush". game. The Democrats allowed Peloise, Reid, Holder and all of Obama's creators to hi-jack the Democratic Party and now they don't know what to do> Convict all of them of treason so maybe outside forces will not try to overtake the US again in a long time.

  74. Mr. North sounds like another one that has been drinking the cool aide. He is nothing more than another Obama lackey. He conveniently left out the fact that from 2007 until now, the democraps have controlled the Senate.

  75. BSDetectorNow says:

    LOL…When critiquing someone's grammar it is important to be correct.

  76. Not only that but let's not forget the dem controlled congress Bush had to put up with too.

  77. It's funny how the "ignorant" call us "uneducated" too.

  78. Spot on! The article skims the surface while D'Souza's documentary reveals what lies beneath. It offers an illumination of the elements and traumas during Obama's developmental experience responsible for shaping this man's philosophical and ideological views.

  79. BSDetectorNow says:

    I believe Mr North is actually a Paulbot and not very happy with the GOP for rejecting Ron Paul. George Bush may have come close too or did go beyond Constitutional limits but BeRock Obummer has shredded it.

  80. guestfloramae says:

    North your FULL OF IT……………..basically THIS HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!! and where the hell have you been for 4 years!!! living under a f**king rock??? and President Bush doesn't EVEN come close to this demoralizing, vicious, vile, vulgar, masturbating, homo pos of shyt, SO DON'T GO THEIR, you entire article stinks of voting for that subhuman garbage ovomit!!!! DON'T EVER WRITE AGAIN YOU MIGHT TAKE UP DISH WASHING!!! OR CLEANING CRAPPERS, THAT'S ABOUT ALL YOUR GOOD FOR!!

  81. Obama plays the blame game, true. He doesn't go back far enough or accept his own failures. I wouldn't blame Bush or Obama for all of our economic woes. I'd put the blame squarely on ALL of them: Bush 1 (for his war) and Clinton (for his housing policies which allowed those who really could not afford a house, to buy a house – so much bigger than just that statement), and then Bush 2 (for his war), and then of course, Obama (for doing nothing, essentially). It's fair to blame past administrations, provided you honestly blame. Selecting just one administration is calculated and dishonest.

  82. politicalbob says:

    I'm done reading anything from this site. I wasted my time reading this article expecting some information about the movie itself since I haven't had a chance to see it yet. Most of the article is wasted arguing about the missing and the author's personal disagreement with the presentation. MIssing information? Maybe yes if it doesn't cover the lies about transparency, cutting the deficit, one term presidency if he didn't fix the economy, no health care reform unless broadly bipartisan.. Anyone who has had their eyes open for the last three years knows he is the racist and he is intentionally trying to make the government control everything and bankrupt the country while he makes sure the middle class end up on welfare and food stamps. I just watch video of his own words until I can't take the lies anymore. Of course he is a racist and he lies saying after 20 years he didn't know Wright preached racism. Bull, like almost everything else he has said and pledged. He won't even uphold the laws of the US and the Constitution despite his sworn oath to do so. Impeachment is too good for him, indictment is the path to take. And don't justify his ruining this country by citing bad decisions made in the past. Two wrongs don't make a right. That should sound familiar to real American patriots. I don't believe he was born in HI but even if he was, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows he is hiding something very damaging to him. Mr. transparency? Yeah right.. The latest set of lies I saw proven was his attempt to blame the Solyndra scandal on the Bush administration when the loan request was denied. Everyone should remember his speeches at Solyndra about how he was creating permanent good jobs when he was actually wasting tax dollars on cronyism and pipe dreams.while blocking oil and gas production and working toward oil independence. I'm done with this site and I'm sure many more will follow.

  83. DrBarbara says:

    Remove me also. I don't need another "blame Bush for everything" idiot spewing his inane drivel.

  84. It is apparent that the writer of this article missed the whole point of the movie. As other posters have already commented the purpose was to show people Obama's worldview which is scary in itself. It helped explain to me and others why he is intent on bringing America and Americans to their knees. I have been picking up a troublesome attitude from part of the teaparty movement and the writer is a picture of it. With so much at stake in this election for President of the United States he still wants to sabotage our efforts to expose Obama and influence others that Romney is our best (and only) choice at this time. Point in fact: I was grieved when I saw the group of Ron Paul's supporters who wanted to cause a big ruckus on the floor of the convention by insisting on giving their delegate votes to Paul when he has dropped out of the race some time ago. This is a time when we all have to stand together or hang together. A house divided against itself cannot stand. The time to put the pressure on the establishment was before the Primary, not just before the General Election. It sounds like you want Obama for another 4 years. This article is ignorant in the max!

  85. O , Theopolis as Luke said, it is all right to point out the faults on both sides before the actual battle begins, but once we are engaged with the enemy, we'd better get on one side or the other. When you won't choose a side to stand on at the point of the battle you are just trying to deny responsiblity for protecting your people. It's like saying Adolf Hitler has his problems, but then so do the Jews. I'm not going to side with either one. Just let whatever pans out, pans out. This is nothing but a big fat excuse for the writer of this article not to get in the battle and help us win, but only to point out the failures of both sides so he can be "unbiased". Bull poo poo

  86. Remove me from you email list also. I also will not waste my time reading such garbage.

  87. You nailed it!! For 8 years Preident Bush kept our nation safe. I can only imaging how Obama would have handled 911.
    Probably the same way he has "taken care of our Nation" for the past 3 1/2 years…What a scary thought.!
    Some people have "tunnel vision". They can't recognize the truth, even when it is staring them in the face.

  88. just ramblin says:

    You are right Raymond,and when people understand this things will change.
    The problem is that a lot of the are INDOCTRINATES from the marxist indoctrination things we call public schools,that teach you what to think instead of HOW!!!.
    We fail because we are not VIGILANT like Thomas Jefferson said we should be.
    40% of the Voting anymore is a popularity contest instead of a well researched and thought out thing.
    The rest of it is someone looking for something for nothing.
    America you are getting what you voted for.
    If that don't set well,quit lying to yourself and get informed.(I mean REALLY INFORMED,DO SOME RESEARCH on the federal reserve and the income tax and the 17th amendment,and the CONSTITUTION.
    just rambling

  89. I will be unsubscribing from your email. If you cannot analyze a documentary film any better than that, I don't want to waste my time looking at anything else you do.

  90. rich Corrao says:

    And where do you get your credentials from Gary North!!?????? Were you there at the birth, lived with him for all his childhood / adolescent / Adult life???? ……… Listen, Bill Ayres the Weather underground terrorist, Van Jones and a bunch of Chiacgo thugs were his mentors or at least companions……. Regarding Rev. Wright, I would also say that obama savored his hate America / very racist sermons……… It's like getting a weekly fix on a desired drug……….. With other very shadowy cronies, ergo Wright helped form obama into what he is today……… He hates our Democracy, our Free enterprise, our freedoms and wishes to destroy them….. CHANGE!!

  91. Maurey Amsterdamm says:

    All North is saying is that there ain't a dimes worth of difference between the two major political parties. He is absolutely correct:: The House of Representatives controls the purse, not the President. Who is controlling the House now? The Republicans. Yet we still have $trillion+ annual deficits. D'Sousa's movie is a subset of a larger problem, which is THE problem we face. All we get is finger pointing – each side blaming the other, when in fact, they are both on the same team…and that team ain't us.

  92. Forget what any other President has done, Obama is guilty of doing so many things that are wrong. Even if he had absolutely no control over the problems that existed when he took office, he could still be a LEADER. And the first mark of a leader, esp. in the face of danger, is to unify. He, on the other hand, has been the most divisive President we have EVER had! What really scares me to death is his use of Executive Order. His actions are unconstitutional and impeachable offenses. He has completely ignored Congress or the Constitution. Included in Obama's executive orders allow the state to seize dictatorial power in a time of crisis, including the seizure of private property, communications and the institution of forced labor camps. Labor camps? How the hell does that have anything to do with terrorism or freedom or anything like the America I grew up in?

  93. BulldogRedeemer says:

    AMEN Jerry, you nailed it! This author misses the point, or is trying to obfuscate the main point of the movie ( which is Obama's dislike of white European nations, and now the United States, exploiting the poor peoples of color in the world . Obama wants to correct that by down sizing the United States, decease our influence in the world by greatly reducing our military capabilities and its reach, transferring our wealth to those nations of color ($2 billion to Brazil to create wealth for them by obtaining oil while vastly restricting our ability to get our own carbon based energy, and his EPA's Cap and Trade agenda, just for starters). Obama doesn't give a hoot about environmental issues. He just wants to transfer wealth from those who have to those who do not, domestically and globally!
    P.S. Despite this author trying to discourage people from seeing this movie (Hmmm!), everyone should go and see it. and also read D'souza,s books!

  94. R H Lehmuth says:

    You make the claim to be "Tea Party" and then publish this trash. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen tjhis kind of trash on your list. NEVER eMAIL ME AGAIN

  95. fishiemike says:


  96. Please remove my email as well.

  97. I don't care if the fault for where we are lies with George Bush or George Washington. The problem now is Barack Obama and it is useful to know why Obama is who he is because Obama is a disaster.

  98. Interesting the number of posters publicly demanding that Dr. North remove them from the TPE maillist when they can do that themselves. Harrumph harrumph!

  99. Another Kool-Aid drinker !! Not worth my time. Please unsubscibe me.

  100. I am also unsubscribing from this lunatics web page.

  101. Theophilus says:

    Well said, Dan.

  102. I usually agree with North. But he is full of it, this time. No one EVER mentions 3,000 DEAD Americans on 911. We went to WWII over Pearl Harbor. (2.400 dead) and we fought Vietnam with one hand behind our back, thank you LBJ. 'Cause we need to be politically correct!! Obama believes America stole from developing countries (developing for several thousand years) and used their resources to make ourselves prosperous. Hence, the Obama APOLOGY tour when he stepped into the Oval Office. YOU MISSED THIS ONE, GARY !!!

  103. Theophilus says:

    There's no way Ron or Rand are going to be part of Romney's regime in any meaningful way.

  104. Theophilus says:

    Why is the article a piece of crap if you agree with the basic thrust that the Fed is the problem?

  105. Theophilus says:

    Yes, films like this can do more harm than good because they divert attention from the real problems and propose solutions that will not work.

  106. Theophilus says:

    Lots of Bush worshippers on this forum, 'twould appear.

  107. Actually I think you had it right in the first place. "It's" is the possessive form and that applies to the grammer. "Its" is plural, as in neutral gender, "They're all a bunch of 'its'".

  108. Sue-Lane Moore says:

    Please remove me from this web-site.You missed the point of the Documentary, but since this is a Ron Paul site I can certainly understand!

  109. Aida Volpe says:

    Remove me from your email.

  110. Nancy FL-You are exactly right! I've seen 2016. It is absolutely vital that EVERY American see this film before our country is intentionally destroyed from within. What this entire administration has been doing is treason!

  111. Autodidact says:

    I have seen D'Souza speak in person and read his book Roots of Obama's Rage. I think North misses the point of D'Souza's documentary. D'Souza's point was not to identify the main problem[s] plaguing the US but to explain Obama's actions that have so consistent effects that are deleterious to the welfare of the US. D'Souza explains Obama in terms of anti-colonialism which he understands from his own childhood in India. I think D'Souza is both right and wrong. I think Obama may well have absorbed his Marxist Kenyan father's anti-colonialism, but he is also a Muslim [see the Freudian slip confession on Youtube in his interview with George Stephanopoulos]. Both of these characteristics, if true, would explain Obama's anti-US decisions and policies, but only his faith as a Muslim explains his consistent celebration of Ramadan while snubbing Easter and the National Day of Prayer. One must fit all the facts into the picture, whcih D'Souza does not do.

  112. OK. Bush started it. Obama finishes it. How hard is this to understand? Bush is not president, Obama is. If spending was the problem Bush left, then why did Obama spend more? If Bush was so wrong, then why didn't Obama do something different? If Obama is a black Bush, it still does not make it right what Obama did. People…use some logic. If someone is leading you in the wrong direction (Bush), then for goodness sake, do not continue and make it WORSE yourself (Obama). Obama is responsible for the position we are in today. Maybe Bush was 4 yrs ago – Obama is now.

  113. Eugene Boyd says:

    Please unsubscribe me from receiving any more mailings from Tea Party Economist! Thank you.

  114. George Bush ? Really still trying to blame Him. What a bunch of CRAP.

  115. Mark Portman says:

    Judging Obama by his actions rather than by political rhetoric, he has in fact perpetuated and in some cases exacerbated every intrusive, big-government policy of his presidential predecessor. Not a single one of you have demonstrated any ability to refute Dr. North's points here. Acting so butt-hurt over this article seems an emotional response one would expect of democrats, not self-identified republicans. Also, it's rather obvious that Dr. North is a libertarian for those of you who could not figure that out…

  116. Mark Portman says:

    Gary North is a actually an anarcho-capitalist who would never vote for someone like Obama, if he even votes at all. Although I think people are correct to think he missed the point of the documentary in a way, suggesting he supports Obama while neglecting to do a five-minute background check on him makes your entire comment complete nonsense. He's just far more anti-government than any typical republican can likely stomach.

  117. You saved me the trouble of explaining this to Gary myself.
    Thank you.
    I cannot believe that any person with common sense could not see what was meant here.
    I admittedly didn't read all of Gary's article. Only part ,the first part. I stopped when I saw
    he was stating that some things were not brought out in the movie. When I know they were.
    I saw it also. I don't know how you can write a review and miss these things and give it thumbs down on that basis.
    Credibility is lost because of this.
    I also wondered if he is a lib in disguise.

  118. Good job alienating us who wish to Save our great Nation. Im also done with this idiot website.

  119. Thanks Bob… I agree with you – and I have NO idea what movie Mr North went to see – or what kind of mushrooms he was eating when he saw it. He missed the entire point of the movie.

  120. How stupid can you be. Those executive orders are ancient and began with Kennedy. All republican presidents, including Reagan, renew, extend and even replace them with worse ones.

  121. Don Kretzer says:

    Hmmmm…… Before I begin allow me to state where I stand on issues so when the accusations start to fly I can refer those to the beginning of this post. Number one, I believe in limited government at all levels.Especially at the Federal level. I believe the 2nd admendment guarantees all the rest. I believe that each branch of gov't has their own responsibilities in which they ALL have fallen short woefully short of since the beginning of the 20th century. Having said that, The truth can be a bitter pill to swallow. it appears there are those posting here who are either ignorant of what has transpiried or simply refuse too see the obvious. Indeed, a lot of our current problems did originate with Bush, I voted for him in 2000…..refused to vote for him in 04 I voted for the best person I thought was qualified to be president…..Me…did the same in 08. For those who think Mr North is Bush bashing….tell me…..where was Mr North wrong? Bush did indeed start 2 wars neither of which were even remotely neccessary. As horrid as the 9-11 attacks were <my daughter's birthday is 9-11, she was five when the towers fell…> they did not justify the current situation we find ourselves in the ME. Bush's problem was….he was too lienient<SP>? Bush also started a new drug program for Seniors…..Created a new huge beauracracy nightmare otherwise known as Homeland Defense…. Tried to sell our ports to Dubai…WTH?…..Appointed Justice Alito with the approval of Congress who allowed the boondoggle of Obamacare to be sustained even tho it is entirely unconstitutional. He began the first boondoggle of Stimulus and even said and I quote…" We must suspend capitalism in order to save it"…Wha????. Mr North also rightfully blamed Congress….which until 2006 was under republican control… deficits marched on under Bush…..And then came along the another fiasco…..Obama….. nothing in Mr North's commentary was wrong…..nothing…..Most of you missed his point entirely While the D' Souza documentary was well received, it was also very blantant in its attempt to snowball the public…and apparently….it worked. Obama was never on the side of Angels……but to pretend Bush was….is disengenuous. I will leave my email address for those who to respond and we can have a spirited debate…..Thank-you


  122. I am with all of you. I am with the Tea Party and this site is a fraud just like OBAMA. Take me from your listing. I do not want to hear this trash

  123. Don Kretzer says:

    Amen…..you get it….

  124. Don Kretzer says:

    Danno….don't get me started……lol No wonder Obama got elected…….some these posts i read……probably voters with the hanging chads……

  125. Idylewylde says:

    I'll give you this one, Gary .. you did your homework.
    I've been saying it for nearly 4 years now, and the lock-step Republicans react like I have the plague.
    I called Bush a Neocon on one blog, then outlined every anti-Conservative policy he took. I did it to shock the real Neocons .. and not one of them listened. They still insisted that Bush is a Neocon.
    The only real difference between Bush and Obama is that Bush is a Corporate Elitist, and Obama is a Corporate Fascist .. and both sides of that feud are dragging America down. Two cliques of elitists snarling over the tax money pig-trough.
    We need CONSERVATIVES in office, not self-serving elitists of any stripe.
    This is why I'm an Independent .. I won't register as a Republican until the RINO parasites are flushed down the drain along with the Uber-Libs.

  126. Gliderider says:

    I totally agree Jerry. What the author is saying may be true, but it has no bearing on what the documentary was ultimately trying to show us, and in fact did show us about Obama. While it confirmed what I always believed about Obama, I almost wish I had not seen it as it made me sick to my stomach.

  127. Thanks Maurey, you aren’t a raving Republican, just a patriot who knows there isn’t a difference in either party when you get down to it. It’s amazing Ron Paul kept getting elected. I would have figured him to have an “accident”.

  128. Mr.North's review went south!

  129. Art Chandler says:

    I'll take D'Souza word over North's anytime. D'Souza's credentials are impeccable. Where in the heck did North come from and where are his credentials? I've ordered the dvd.

  130. TheFatLadySinging says:

    Jerry B is spot on. At first I was beginning to think maybe the author of this article saw a different film than I did. Beside being an obvious Obamabot I think he has truly drunk all the Democrat Kool Aide. D'Souza doesn't do anything but use Obama's own words from his autobiography "Dreams From My Father". He tries to lay out WHY he has done what he has done over the past three yrs, WHAT his motivation is and based on that analysis and combined with his actions of the past 3+yrs where we could expect him to go with policy etc if reelected. GOD Forbid! But as with every Obamabot I've ever met, or heard try to stick up for Obama's failed presidency, they immediately lay the blame on Bush or the Weather, or Climate Change or something. It couldn't possibly be Obama's incompetence, because he is the smartest guy in the room. Well we all know about that smartest guy in the room. Don't we. . .

  131. Elaine Liming says:

    This was a scholarly attempt at showing who Obama is and what made him this way.D'Souza is a immigrant to our country, a Dartmouth Scholar, writer ,a college president and probably since this movie has come out, has a price on his head from the mobsters in the Democratic party. His premise makes you think , makes you uncomfortable at times, but involves you.
    Gary you need to pay attention to our culture more. We the people need to stand up for morality, for the very life that comes from our creator, rebuilding family values, stop asking what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country. When we take the lead in our own life and environment so that when we vote, we will make wiser choices and thus turns things around.
    Obama has been a wake up call for those of us in the silent majority; we need to unite as Americans and make our country strong again in our belief in God, family, and decent values for living. There is lots of work to be done!

  132. All he is saying that Bush started the wars, and Obama kept them going. Which is true. Obama didn't actually create most of the messes you're in in the USA, but rather just perpetuated them and made them worse.

    And really, it makes perfect sense that 'pastor' Wright (who is very obviously not even a real Christian) influenced Obama's thinking an awful lot more over the 20 years he listened to this racist maniac, than his father, who he met once.

    And did he say he likes Obama or voted for him? Not at all. In fact, he obviously doesn't believe Obama was born in Hawaii either……. and neither do I. But the truth is still the truth.

  133. Keeping your nation safe……. wow, you're one of the sheeple for sure. Actually, 9/11 was an inside job, and Bush either made it happen or allowed it to happen, because he wanted to start his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he needed a 'reason' for them. Meaning, Bush is evil to the core.

  134. Both sides are controlled by the same people. Therefore taking sides in this case is entirely pointless. No matter who 'wins' this election, you guys lose, as simple as that.

  135. The author is more a libertarian who blames both Obama and Bush and their respective parties and the bankers who support them. The only thing obvious here is that your reading comprehension skills are greatly lacking.

  136. And wasn't Clinton a disaster but Bush was going to restore honor to the White House and make America great again? HA! So what if Obama is a disaster–if Mitt wins in November, he'll be a disaster, too! Because he'll follow the same major policies that Bush and Obama both supported. Total monetary control for the bankers, more welfare handouts for deadbeat people and corporations, more wars to give the "defense" contractors more profits.

  137. Jonathan Mailer says:

    Just about all of you are brownshirt facist Republican morons. Gary North is a libertarian, and his site is described as "A free daily subscription service from Ron Paul's original staff economist." Did you GOPbot idiots not see that? He didn't mislead any of you jackasses.

    Back to your Washtington Times, Pig Limbaugh, Free Republic, Fox News, and War Street Journal propaganda you go!

    P.S. Your empty suit Romney will LOSE on Nov. 6. You should have nominated Ron Paul, you dumbasses.

  138. The two sides are not Republicans and Democrats. In all of the time the Republicans have been in power, when did the government ever get smaller? When did spending ever go down? When did freedom and liberty ever increase? What makes you keep thinking that Republicans and Democrats are the two different sides you have to choose from? Just because Republicans say they're for different things doesn't make it true. No matter which party is in control of the White House or Congress, when they leave power the country is poorer and less free. The two sides are really tyranny and freedom.

  139. OregonMuse says:

    North swings and misses.

  140. Sure, this year it'll finally be different. This year America will finally replace all the Democrats with Republicans and the deficit will be cut in half, and abortion will be outlawed, and taxes will drop to nearly nothing, and NPR will be de-funded, and the Department of Education will be cut, and the tax code will be simplified, and the USPS will be reorganized, and some government workers will be fired, and spending will drop to a fraction of what it has been, and the Constitution will be followed, and we'll get out of the UN. And I know this because Republicans have a storied history of doing all of these things when they're in control, and not just talking about them to raise funds for elections but doing none of them while in power. Right?

  141. 9/11 happened on Bush's watch. So I guess he didn't keep the country as safe as you think he did.

    "Some people have "tunnel vision". They can't recognize the truth, even when it is staring them in the face."

    Yeah, no kidding.

  142. Wow, I’m actually shocked by the willful ignorance of those who have lambasted Dr North’s opinion of the film. I would expect such comments from Dumocrats, but not from any even vaguely familiar with Dr North. His comments were absolutely correct. God help America if even a fraction of the populace are so deluded by your neocon hogwash.

  143. Lorrayne and friends, you are cordially invited to resume your reading on The New York Slimes for your “unbiased facts”.

  144. Hatul Mastul says:

    Wow there are a lot of tools on this article.

    Did any of you morons actually read the article. Gary North is not blaming bush or excusing Obama. He is saying that it most of the economic mess is the fault of the fed and congress.

    Unlike all you idiots North has read and understands the constitution. He knows that the fed, the stupid wars, the overbearing security establishment are all illegal and unamerican.

    All you idiots need to think twice, and read more, if you know how that is, before you post such rubbish.

  145. Naw, your conservative bubble is bursting?

  146. LOL. Gary North isn't a liberal. He's LIBERTARIAN.

  147. This is a LIBERTARIAN site. We don't need the conservative BS (which BTW is the same as the liberal BS). Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

  148. It's not all Bush's fault. Don't forget Reagan and Nixon!

  149. Who supports them? Gary North? Haha, Gary North supports libertarians, like Gary Johnson or Ron Paul.

  150. The only way you can read North's commentaries objectively is to take yourself out of the two-party washing machine and realize that you do not build up a $222 trillion deficit with one party taxing and spending and the other party pledging to reduce government and lower taxes. At some point rank and file Republicans are going to have to come to grips with the reality that their precious conservative party is not. They showed during this last campaign cycle that it is filled with megalomaniacally blinded fools who would rather kill its future just to keep control over one branch of a dying political and governing system.

  151. Clearly the quote points out that the president does not have the influence over the economy that we want to apportion to him, and if you weren't obsessing on the one typo from someone who writes 4-6 columns a week, you would have understood that.

    Your Republican Party has just written its death warrant. Why in the world would it work so hard to alienate millions of 20-somethings wanting to work and organize to restore the freedom that Neocons tell us our troops are fighting to preserve? This is objective to which the GOP devoted itself with its heavy-handed rules changes and replacing, blocking, and intimidating the growing freedom movement that came into the party to support the Ron Paul candidacy. Their battle cry has been transformed, over night, from "President Paul!" to "F— the GOP!" So you people who would vote for Satan if he claimed to be a Republican are going to find any reason to disagree with the analysis of a "documentary" from a trained historian and widely published and respected Austrian School economist.

    I hope you're wearing life jackets because you are sailing on the GOP Titanic.

  152. For only two years, you of course ignore 2001-2007; Conservatives aren’t stupid, they are willfully ignorant.

  153. Phyllis, You make the same illogical statement that most sycophants do, ignore the obvious: the terrorist attacks if 9/11 occurred in 2001 when BUSH was Predident, ergo he did NOT keep us safe.

  154. Great point Duke! If you di the math since Ford, GOP has added more to the on budget debt than Dems! But this group of partisan hacks don’t want to hear that. They want to chant USA USA and call themselves “great Americans” and scream at liberals as “big dopes”. To attack the article as they have shows that they have no critical thinking skills and thus we are doomed to continue the cycle if debt and blame; all the while as the Constitition and our liberties are shredded!! The same ones here who decry this as “blame Bush” will be the sane ones who in 2014 will still be blaming Obama.

  155. Is this “disease” anti-colonialism? If so, weren’t our Founding Fathers consumed with this disease?

  156. The “ditto heads” on this thread obviously don’t do research Mark, they simply listen to the talk radio mafia to find out how they are supposed to think!

  157. Where in the article dies Mirth say he supports Obama? You people have no critical thinking skills or much reading comprehension skills!! Get a grip! Bush and the GOP totally controlled the government from 2001-2007; tell me all about thise blissful conservative times; No Child Left Behind, the biggest Federal intrusion into education in history!; Medicare Part D, an entitlement program for Christs sakes!; where was the conservative nirvana??? Quit excusing the GOP because they are “your team”

  158. MarcyFleming says:

    What a bunch of stupid dummies here ! North told the truth and you Repug rejects don't want to hear or read it, no wonder the libertarian John Stuart Mill called conservatives the stupid party 150 years ago.
    Good God, why not try refuting anything North writes here ? Where do you imbeciles get your disinformation from ?
    Sean Insanity ? Michael Weiner The Savage ? Roosh Bimbo ? Mark Israel First Levin ? Bill O'Really ?
    Neocon dummies all ! Ron Paul was our only chance and you GOP primary voters blew it !

  159. Charming Richard says:

    OMG…How the truth offends your so-called friends. I’ve become an admirer of Mr. North through LewRockwell.com and this is the first time I’ve read the comments section. How can so many be so blind about so much?

    Mr. North, please add me to your email list, thank you.

  160. Too many people are responding from an either/or point of view. Seems to me that D’Souza and North can both be right, or at least the ‘truth’ can contain both perspectives.

  161. BSDetectorNow says:

    Didn't say he was a liberal….He is a Paulbot and Ron Paul's ex-financial adviser and was spouting Liberal crap.
    Just wish the Paulbots would get over it. Why blame the Republican Party for not choosing a Libertarian or Independent that only a small percentage wanted for our Republican nominee???

  162. So what is this "liberal" crap exactly? Let me guess… They want to stop bombing brown people?

    The Republican party will continue to shot themselves in the foot. Ron Paul is too peace loving for the average republican. It's a miracle that you didn't attack Clint Eastwood for criticizing Obama for NOT pulling the troops out of Afghanistan and closing gitmo.

  163. No, Ursula, we lose if Obama wins. But, if Romney wins, we live to fight another day.—

  164. No, Ursula, if Obama wins then we lose. If Romney wins we live to fight another day.

  165. Economics are facts that opinion cannot tamper with. The data is there for any truth seeker to see. So what if Bush gets called out in this article. His administration and his party's Congress DID spend the money. Obama and his party in Congress are doing the same. It's pretty simple people. What are so offended about? How are you going to feel when the US economy doesn't snap back after a neocon sits in the oval office? As long as interest rates are manipulated, there will NEVER be a recovery. That is an economic law, just like the law of gravity. Undeniable. It doesn't matter if the POTUS has an R or D behind his name, so long as the Fed is allowed to control monetary policy, then the game is up.

  166. Tyranny and freedom are the outcome not the sides. A battle is raging for the very life of America, so when I see that one side is a Marxist pillager who wants to put America under centralized control of the government. Who is lifting all restraint of decency and morality. Who thinks he is above the law, who is not only fiscally irresponsible, but also reprehensible, and the other side is fiscally irresponsible and is growing the government faster than I want, but who still holds to the semblence of the American way of life and whose party has just put out an unapolegetically moral and to the right platform that includes: pro-life, marriage between a man and a woman, legal and not illegal immigration, etc. then I am going to pick a side that is most like me and live to fight another day. If Obama wins we can all attend America's funeral and brag about how we didn't take a side.

  167. Interesting article. When liberals were excited about Obama winning the election I immediately asked, what difference is there in regard to their foreign policies? In regard to the middle east, not much. The big differences include the marriage amendment, health care mandate, abortion advocacy (including black mailing of states who deny government funding), homosexual rights (including hate crimes, i.e. the thought police), taxation, etc. I'm not an isolationist, as Ron Paul advocates, but even if I were, I still would vote for Bush over Obama on any election day.

  168. no, that may be a Fabrication too. I used to believe this. Al one needs to do is start to do is understand money and to look at the evince, including those that are not being publicized. There are a lot of things that have been distorted.

  169. And yet the real point just goes way over your head. How naive of you. What is a commie? Is it one that supports big government, but not just your version of it?

  170. What is it about the truth that makes you afraid? Is it because you will realize that you have been living a lie? It is because you will realize that you have been voting for the mess that your in? Obama is only a symptom of a bigger problem and its not just pushing a version of big government that you disagree with.

  171. What is it that makes you afraid of the constitution? And how does this equate with conservative values?

  172. ChipperMonk says:

    Having listened to you for several years, I understand you are a Ron Paul libertarian. You object to President Bush because not being an Isolationist, he spent us into the beginning of a financial crisis. His reasoning is abhorrent to you. Although not totally agreeing, I have no problem with your position and concluded that you are an intelligent person with extraordinarily strong opinions.

    This does not mean I agree with your assessment of 2016. Dinesh is not an economist and did not produce a documentary on economic policy. He comes from a completely different perspective, making his point effectively that Obama is a dangerous political ideologue. His opinion is unique and radically different from all others in the media about Obama. I agree with him on most points.

    Dinesh has a PhD and is president of a college. He has proven intellectual capacity and is knowledgeable on the subject of President Obama. My views agree with the little I have been able to ascertain about a President who is unusually secretive about his past.

    To base your article on 2016 as “untrue” reveals several things that trouble me. 1) You are so biased against Bush that it clouds your judgment. 2) That you have such a distorted view of this as to miss the foundation of the film. 3) That I could be so mistaken about your intelligence is upsetting.
    To insert my opinion, true intelligence includes the ability to view the world with minimal bias (or to use Critical Thinking in all endeavors). We see this failure mostly in Liberal thinkers. To see the same failure in someone I had valued is tragic.

    Although a conservative, I am a realist. As such, I try to see the valid points of someone I disagree with. When their basic positions are so crippled by illogic as to be sophomoric, they lose credibility.

    Sadly, you managed to crawl into that category. I won’t mark your future efforts as spam but will be initially dismissive of your articles. To say the least, you disappoint me.

  173. There are some amazingly stupid people here in the comments. Why don’t you try reading a book sometime? We are obviously doomed with so many illiterate people thinking they should have political opinions that will influence what happens to others. You should be ashamed.

  174. BSDetectorNow says:

    The Liberals "Crap" is blaming Bush for everything and not a damn thing to do with "Bombing" Brown people. I also want our troops out of all war Zones until our country is directly affected. I have been to war and I hate it but to remain free , it is a necessary evil. I believe in much of what Paul believes but Ron Paul has been trying for years to be president. It "ain't" going too happen and people like you and Ron Paul are going to get Obozo re-elected.

  175. BSDetectorNow says:

    I'm not afraid of the constitution. I love the constitution. It is the most God inspired document ,and second only to the Bible, ever written. I said before that I'm a member of the tea party but that does not mean that I have to support someone that will not win the election and re-election Obozo, the biggest abuser and threat the Constitution has seen since Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.

  176. I think you should direct that BS detector at yourself I can assure you it will go off loudly. The TP has been nothing more than a mainstream republican organization. Supporting the likes of frauds like Gingrich, Santorum, etc. You all did get it right with Rand Paul and Mike Lee but thats abut it. Its folks like yourself who are so devoted religuosly to the GOP that when anyone criticizes Bush you get all bonkers. North writes the truth here and the truth cuts like a knife regardless of what party it goes thru. You folks in the TP have never recognized yor true founder, Ron Paul, thats why you folks are rudderless and drifting from one candidate to another. BS detector, your are just too politcally correct to handle the truth.
    For shame

  177. Save the nation by blindly electing the politics as usual mainstream folks from both sides? Do you even know how much of a sheep you are?

  178. It is a conservative site, its just that you are realizing for the first time that you aren't a conservative

  179. I'm not an american, so I don't have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Libertarians aren't blaming Bush for everything, this started a looong time ago, and both republicans and democrats are the problem. You haven't kept your country safe from anything. 9/11 was blowback after decades of you bombing those evil brown muslims.

    Bottom line: Both Obama and Romney will run your country into the ground, the difference? The rhetoric will be a bit different. When I think of it I would like Obama to win just to piss people like you off.

  180. And you owe me 10 seconds of my life for having read such a weak comment like yours.

  181. Can we say grammar nazis? Folks this is a freaking thread post not English lit class.

  182. If you actually read this article North says the every opposite. The presidency should be in the background while the fed should be in the forefront. When he does point he finger to the presidency he makes it clear that Obama is just as bad as Bush in fact what makes Obama bad is that he is Bush. Perhaps before commenting you should improve your reading comprehension skills

  183. Sorry, I replied to the wrong comment. I didn't mean to imply anything with you and your comment.

    Also, after reading your comment, I wonder it you have read Gary North "conspiracy in Philadelphia". It's about the constitution and makes for an enlightenment read. http://www.garynorth.com/philadelphia.pdf

  184. BSDetectorNow says:

    Never read The Times in my 72 years on this earth and never will. I would give more weight to your reply had you suggested reading the Times for "unbiased views" not unbiased facts. Facts are suppose to be facts but today
    what is facts to one person is BS to another. Now Who's facts are we to believe? What makes Mr North's facts the correct ones as opposed to someone else? The facts to me are that GW Bush was/is not responsible for all that he is being blamed for. Anyway, go ahead and enjoy this site. I have deleted and blocked it from my e-mail box and will not reply futher…Adios

  185. Dont forget the other bozo republican monster, Teddy Roosevelt

    The constitution wasn't divinely inspired otherwise it would be inerrant and perfect like the Bible. Was it divinely inspired when it called for 3/5ths of the slaves to be counted for tax purposes? Was it heavenly inspired from above during the totalitarian prohibition era. No, thats why this great human document has a mechanism to amend it because that framers saw that it could be flawed.

  186. Adios BS DETECTOR, you know the saying about the door hitting you on the way out!

  187. Thank you for exposing the central point of the documentary! Our prez is anti-colonial and that sheds the light on his total behavior.

  188. Obama is only a symptom of a bigger problem but not the cause; plundering one neighbor to pay for another persons needs or desires. The real problem is that Obama vision of big government different from most others. For most of you it's not really about constitutional standards, or liberty but about selfish ego and greed..

  189. unless , the individual wants to fool the naive.

  190. The country as you think exists was lost a long time ago. You are only starting to feel the effects as loose loan standards and money created our of thin starts to wane unmasking the reality.

  191. And I thought it was only liberals who close there eyes to reality.

  192. So, are you telling me that obama signing tons of executive orders and initiating hundreds of new regulations had no negative effect on the U. S. economy? Are you totally stoned on drugs or what. Also having heir Reid block ever single bit of good legislation must also have a very negative effect. North knows not of what he speaks!

  193. I agree with you, Jerry. Also, find the picture of Obama holding the book on "post-America". A picture is worth a thousand words!

  194. BSDetectorNow says:

    Just remember if Obummer wins and American goes down, so does your country.

  195. I liked the article. And to all of you with the negative comments: Go vote for Romney. I’m sure he’ll save the country and all will be well. You all deserve what you will get. No wonder this country is in such a sad shape.

  196. BSDetectorNow says:

    That is Your opinion…. The thoughts and ideas brought forth was above the abilities of just mortal man.
    Slavery is something man made and has been around since the beginning of time. Did God step in and stop it thousands of years ago.? Yes there is a mechanism to amend it, It is part of what makes it truly inspired but not like the way Liberals try changing it. Progressivism and Leftist Judges and justices isn't the way to do it.

  197. LOL!! Who cares about the disparae motives of Bush v. Obama if they get us to the same place? The comments here are SO stupid!! Just a bunch of brainwashed Fox viewers. No wonder they nominated Mitt Romney.

  198. "I too am extremely surprised that this site printed his article."

    LOL, well, it couldn't have been because it's his Web site, you think? LOL!! Conservatives are now to be considered retarded. They really are.

  199. There is an honest disagreement about how much violence is necessary and proper to obtain and preserve liberty. The libertarians are very stupid because they say no violence is needed for liberty, just add water, and the conservatives are warmongers. The warmongers, like me, believe that if violence is not needed then it’s obviously not a very big problem; the lack of liberty IS a big problem which calls for the most atrocious violence to support it. I’m enthusiastic about overcoming every obstacle to Christian liberty and I refuse to apologize for my enthusiasm.

  200. I read Lew Rockwell and Gary North because they are intelligent and thought-provoking, but they are not “thoughtful.” Libertarians of that peace-nik sort have so much hatred from disappointment in Republicans for not being pacifists that they lose sight of the big picture. I’m convinced they believe their propaganda about liberty being its own defender which doesn’t need to put up its dukes at any time. I think the only reason we have even ideas about liberty is because numerous tyrants were, shall we say, dispatched with extreme prejudice. Also, there can be no doubt that these guys really hate Jews in general and Israelis in particular. As a hebephile, this greatly disappoints me, but it is the love of Islam that I just can’t understand. Islam is the most anti-libertarian philosphy that ever existed in human history. I think it is more oppressive that communism, which is saying a lot. At least communism tries to pretend it is not a religion.

    So these guys have an understanding of economics, which is better than most people can say, but they have no idea about real life and what it takes to survive in this wicked violence controlled world.

  201. BSDetectorNow says:

    I assure you that I'm not anti Ron Paul. As my Representative from Lake Jackson,Texas, I have not only known him for over 30 years but have also voted for him until I moved from his district. As for going "bonkers" over Bush criticism , I may say the same for you and your devotion to Ron Paul even to the extent of getting BeRock Obummer re-elected.
    I have found fault in many things "W" has done but the whole point I had in posting in the first place was that I was tired of Liberals and Paulbots blaming everything on George Bush.
    We are not rudderles drifting from one candidatete to another , we have ours. His name is Mitt Romney and the shame is that he is not yours. Hope you enjoy 4 more years of Obama .

  202. I didn’t want to believe it either, but it’s all about the Jews, whom they hate with a purple passion. Especially they hate Jews living in Israel. For some reason these phony balony ersatz libertarians think Islam is a libertarian religion, especially when compared to those evil followers of Judaism.
    Only a total retard could fail to notice that Islam is the most anti-libertarian set of ideas ever known in human history.

  203. The comments to this article were really eye opening. Yes, conservatives are stupid, as the English philosopher John Stuart Mill noted over a century ago. That they are still so in love with George W. Bush wasn't a huge surprise but the notion that his years in office were some nirvana is pretty shocking. Why didn't John McCain win on his coattails?

    Dinesh D'Souza is a college president? Who gives a crap? He's president of The King's College, which is a conservative diploma mill located on Broadway in New York City. Lots of conservative colleges install celebrity and quasi-celebrity figureheads to aid fundraising. He only holds a B.A. in English, and even from Dartmouth that wasn't exactly a rigorous undertaking. Bubble-brain Laura Ingraham at least holds a law degree from Dartmouth and she is reputedly Dartmouth's dumbest graduate ever.

  204. BSDetectorNow says:

    No Treetorn I haven't. I have never heard of Gary North until I started receiving the TPE in my in box. I have seen "2016" and I think he missed the whole point but his blame Bush for everything just hit my "enough is enough" button. I had nothing against Ron Paul until he put this election in danger of losing to BeRock Obozo. His knowledge of the Constitution is unsurpassed in Congress. His foreign policy sounds great on paper but falls back to isolationism. Teddy Roosevelt said "Speak softly and carry a big stick" Ron Paul's would be "mumble and carry a wet noodle".
    As for Mr North and the link you sent me…..Wow…Sorry , can't believe it. It goes against all I have been taught all my life and please don't say that is the point. It's his opinion and doesn't make it a fact or truth one way or another just as this is my opinion.

  205. I love how all the fake conservatives show up here and say "please remove me from the mailing list"
    Hahahaha! Bush = Obama = Romney = Spending = Wars = Healthcare = Liberals all the same thing. This country is going DOWN before it can be rebuilt, no matter who you vote for, so don't waste your time.

  206. Wow, very shocked by all the uneducated comments on here….first Gary North is NOT a liberal!!! He’s someone who understands that is not only obama’s fault, bush had a hand in it too. But ALL of you need to learn how to comprehend what u read! He is talking about the root of the problem which IS the Federal Reserve, without them buying the majority of bonds,the government would not be able to afford this crazy deficit spending!! They would be forced to make massive cuts. If u actually take the time to study it u will realize just how massive the cuts need to be, I’m sorry but Paul Ryan does not go nearing far enough! This county is going down, there is nothing that can change that…even if Romney is elected, what do u think he’s really going to cut?! Ur living in La la land if u think he’s going to make any drastic changes. You people really need to educate yourselves

  207. Wow, very shocked by all the uneducated comments on here….first Gary North is NOT a liberal!!! He’s someone who understands that is not only obama’s fault, bush had a hand in it too. But ALL of you need to learn how to comprehend what u read! He is talking about the root of the problem which IS the Federal Reserve, without them buying the majority of bonds,the government would not be able to afford this crazy deficit spending!! They would be forced to make massive cuts. If u actually take the time to study it u will realize just how massive the cuts need to be, I’m sorry but Paul Ryan does not go nearing far enough! This county is going down, there is nothing that can change that…even if Romney is elected, what do u think he’s really going to cut?! Ur living in La la land if u think he’s going to make any drastic changes.

  208. Well, I de-clare, I had no idea this was Mr. North's Web site. By, by, Mr. North, you are no longer on my email list.

  209. **"I saw the documentary, and think the author of this article misses the point. The point of the documentary was not budgetary issues, but rather, it was an examination of President Obama's worldview, in an attempt to understand why he has made many of the decisions that he has made."**

    LOL!! You people are so dull it's sad. WHO GIVES A CRAP WHAT OBAMA'S MOTIVES ARE, even if that were the main point of the documentary?! The mess that we're in is not solely his fault and if you think it is, you don't have a clue as to the real roots of the problem.

  210. My name is also to be removed. What the hell are you smoking g north? Is this the military g north or is it another blame Bush lie and set up by the democrat obama drones? THIS CANNOT BE THE MILITARY G NORTH?

  211. What I really took home from this article is your insight about Jeremiah Wright's preaching, and how Obama must be comfortable with it. Scary thought.

  212. There is actually a huge battle going on here between the left and the right. The left wants the Muslims to run the world and the right wants the West to run the world. Obama and the Dems represent the left and Romney and the Repubs represent the right. However, there is someone in the picture that is seldom discussed because of political correctness, the Neocons (Capitalists) and the Neolibs (Communists). Most are Jews. Neocons are interested in the survival of Israel from the Muslim countries and the Neolibs are interested in money with no regard for life. Soros is a Neolib and Netanyahu is a Neocon.

  213. Continued:
    Most libs have no moral values and most conservs do. Since we are a 2 party system, we must choose which side we will be on. Vote for Obama and you vote against the US and Israel. Vote for Romney and you will be voting for a strong US and Israel. This is really a battle between those that believe or don't believe in God. Those that don't believe in God, believe in Government (man) and those that believe in God believe in limited government. The libertarians recognize the problem but do not have the voters to make a difference. There is too much division amongst the American people to have a strong Libertarian party! It's now or never for each party. Since the libs have no rules to follow, they are likely to "create" a reason to keep Obama in the whitehouse. A real threat by Iran to Israel right before the election, would give Obama a reason to call an Executive order to call off the election.

  214. Continued:
    Has Obama been making deals with Iran as he did to Russia when the mics were accidentally left on. He said he would be more co-operative during his next term. He didn't say "if" he was re-elected! All other related reasons for voting one way or the other is inconsequential. This is about survival!!
    Think about it!

  215. "*I thought you were a conservative site …. now I know the truth and I'm unsubscribing to you and telling everyone to do the same.*"

    And thus does right become left–just as jackass stupid, narrowminded, and intolerant of the truth and whever its chips fall.

  216. *"It's Bush's Fault" I'm so Damn tired of hearing that from Liberals and Obozo and now hearing it from this clown, that I don't know from Adam, is a little too much."*

    The only clown here is you. And you're right, you don't know North or the truth from Adam and apparently don't want to hear it. North never said it was all solely Bush's fault, but it would take some intelligence to comprehend that.

  217. Dinesh has a Ph.D. Really? So where did he earn it, clown? All he has is a B.A. in English from Dartmouth.

  218. So who among the libertarians said Islam is a libertarian religion? LOL!! Yep, you're as factually challenged as the rest of the idiot brownshirt fascists on here.

  219. Joe Zrnchik says:

    When Will True Patriots Begin To Wage War Against a Corrupt US Government?

  220. Joe Zrnchik says:

    Yeah, why listen to him when we all can see what a good idea going to war in Iraq and exporting democracy has been.

  221. I've never seen the movie but I have seen D'Souza interview. I am 100% sure the man is full of shit in many areas. His message his geared towards the clueless of the population..in this case..the clueless on the right. He's no different than Michael Moore. Moore was/is preaching to the clueless left.

  222. assimilated says:


  223. assimilated says:

    It's just freaking unreal how much cognitive dissonance is going on here. These mindless Republican commenters deserve the government they're going to get, good and hard.

  224. assimilated says:

    You know, liberals piss me off, but at least they're honest about it. This Bush cult is just pathologically dishonest.
    Makes sense since their whole thinking is fueled by batshit insane Evangelical fundamentalists gleefully lusting for nuclear apocalypse.

  225. liberranter says:

    I'm very sorry to see that Gary North's pearls of wisdom have been cast before the swine who frequent this web site. I sincerely hope that it wasn't his idea to contribute here. I cannot imagine that Gary, or anyone else who truly believes in liberty, would ever want anything to do with any site containing the label "Tea Party" in its title, or want to be associated with that neocon-co-opted movement.

    Gary, please don't post anything else here in the future. It's a waste of your invaluable product. It would be one thing if there was any hope of actually educating anyone here, but it's really a lost cause. You might as well be posting over at the National Review or the AEI. Either way, it's beneath you.

  226. Ding ding ding we have a winner !!! The small minds of the GOP just live to grasp at straws: now they think Romney will change things if they can just get rid if the anti-colonialist!! Just as idiot liberals thought Ibama would change things. And when presented with the truth, they run from it as fast as they can! Don’t even send it to their email, they don’t even want to see it!!! Sheep

  227. FromtheBlackSwamp says:

    For those who wildly and parochially disagree with this article, help the rest of us out and list the major policy differences between Bush and Obama. What are the differences in foreign policy, monetary policy, spending, healthcare, government power/control, etc.? In what way has Obama changed directions from where Bush was taking us. I don't see any differences really. The two parties currently in power have been described by someone as the right and left wings of the same bird flying in the wrong direction. So, again, help us out and list the major policy differences.

  228. I must agree with Jerry Brunet and others in this blog who state that Gary North missed the point of the movie. The central theme of the movie was "What was Obama's dream?" As his auto-biographical Book Dreams of My Father shows, as does the movie, Obama's Dream is not the "American Dream" but the dream of Barack Obama Senior-destruction of the white European colonial system. That means anti-capitalism, anti-Christianity (despite Obama's conversion? to Christianity) and anti-white. One interesting thing that the movie points out is Obama's mother's disdain for capitalism. Understanding this information give insight to how Obama thinks and acts. It explains his disregard for the Constitution. To him it is toilet paper and something to be abused.

  229. MarcyFleming says:

    Exactly. Thanks.

  230. MarcyFleming says:

    So did Bush & Reagan & Bush Sr. & Nixon. You are seriously stupid !

  231. MarcyFleming says:

    Thanks, Dave, glad there a few thinkers here.

  232. MarcyFleming says:

    Exactly !

  233. MarcyFleming says:

    I have lived in Israel. It doesn't need to get stronger as it is the third strongest military power on earth. As a Jew I'm tired of Fundie Christ Cult imbeciles like you ! Most Israelis are atheists, they want you to take your Jesus and your dirty money & shove it.

  234. MarcyFleming says:

    You said it very well.

  235. MarcyFleming says:

    The movie is slanted partisan idiocy designed to appeal to the Dumb Right.

  236. MarcyFleming says:

    Don't hold your breath waiting for the Bushite Neocon birdbrains to reply.

  237. MarcyFleming says:

    No, I think he should come here more often and annoy the hell out of the Dumb Right imbeciles here.

  238. MarcyFleming says:

    Gary, are you really this stupid ? Roosevelt set up Pearl Harbor to get the US into the war because the New Deal failed and our Israel First policy brought on 9-11. YOU miss the point that moron Bush made Obama possible.

  239. MarcyFleming says:

    So should Bush for that lying war !

  240. MarcyFleming says:

    That is exactly what he's doing with this partisan travesty.

  241. MarcyFleming says:

    No he's right & your a moron.

  242. flabastida says:

    The biggest anti-Bush bashing was not from liberals, but from the Ron Paul crowd who correctly called him out on his neo-conservative war-mongering foreign policy.

  243. Libertarian Jack says:

    I agree, for the most part, with this article but there is one thing that is glaringly wrong. Obama may have joined Wright's church 20 years ago but he did so at the urging of political advisers in Chicago. I have lived there for most of my life and for 8 years was the neighbor of the long time mayor, Richie Daley. Obama is basically not a religious nor active Christian. He probably went to church once or twice a year and may very well have missed most of Rev Wright's rantings.

  244. Mike in MI says:

    “Bush kept us safe from further attacks on our soil”

    But he didn’t do much for those 3,000 innocents in NYC, did he? In spite of all the intelligence noise that something was going to happen involving airplanes flying into buildings, and the obscene amounts we spend on military and intelligence gathering, Bush and all his advisers just missed it, huh? If you can swallow this, you can swallow anything. Yep, he really honored his oath in that regard!

  245. Man you people who juge all of these email aswers or comments realy make me "Laugh"! GO-TO-HELL!!!

  246. Mike in MI says:

    Delmar, have you noticed we must always choose between the lesser of two evils?

  247. Noel Buckley says:

    Unsubscribe me. THis is inane. I don;t know where you got my email but I don;t want your junk.

  248. Sacroft, there is no battle. Every president stomps out a little more freedom. Romney will take more, too. Only he’ll take the freedoms Republicans will willingly give up. Just like Bush did. Just like Obama is working to take freedoms Democrats will willingly give up. Back and forth it goes, until there’s nothing left. So long as you keep electing the phony the Republicans and the Democrats put forward every four years, that’s what you’ll get.

    The Republican platform is a joke. Go back and read the platform from the years Bush was in office and you’ll see that what’s in the platform is meaningless. It’s there to convince people like you to keep supporting the Republican party. But don’t be surprised when Romney leaves office and abortion is still legal, gay marriage is still legal, illegal immigration is still occurring (unless the economy gets so bad they’re better off staying home), the deficit is still growing, the bankers are still setting monetary policy, and not one single government department gets shuttered.

    I have taken a side, and I refuse to side anymore with warmongers, thieves, tyrants, and liars.

  249. That's how far gone you Republicans and Democrats are–you think that if a person says something factually true but not supportive of one party, then they MUST be supportive of the other party.

    No Christian should ever support a warmonger, a thief, or a liar. Which pretty much means anyone the Democrats or Republicans would nominate for President of the United States.

  250. What was he supposed to do Kristi, make a list of every President through American history and list all their faults just so he could draw a connection between Obama and his predecessor?

    You only mentioned Obama, Bush, and Clinton. You only mentioned one more administration than Dr. North did. But by your logic, that's probably not good enough. Maybe selecting just two other administrations besides Obama is also "calculated and dishonest."

  251. I suggest you move to another country where the government can tell you what to do, how to live, what to eat, what to wear, where to live — this way you won't have to worry about either party. Soci-listic / Communistic countries would be glad to have you. Perhaps if you move to any muslim country you won't live long because you wouldn't have ANY say so. Instead of you criticizing those of us who want a better America why don't you do something useful to make it better. I agree with only one thing pertaining to the demoRat's platform and only disagree with one thing in the GOP platform. That doesn't mean I agree with those who are running for office for man is totally fallible and power makes them do real stupid things. The greatest thing we can do is turn to God for help to get this country turned around. He is the only one who can.

  252. Point in fact: the Republican Party continually lied, cheated, broke their own rules, and changed rules on the spot–from the primaries/caucuses through the start of the convention–to keep Ron Paul and his delegates from having the voice and the influence they had won in the voting. If you can't even trust Republicans to fairly treat a long-time party member and his delegates, how can you trust them with anything else?

    When they've said for my entire life that they believe in smaller government, but every time they have any power the grow the government, how can you keep believing them? When they've said they want conservative justices, but they keep appointing liberal judges, how can you continue to believe them? When they've said from the beginning of Roe v. Wade they want to overturn it, but they only ever talk and never try, why do you keep believing them?

    It's all talk, and that's all it will ever be, because they don't really want those things. They just want gullible people to keep voting for them and giving them money.

  253. The point of the documentary was to scare even more Republicans so they'd be sure to vote for Mitt in November. As if that would change the actual policies of the federal government. From all of the fear and illogical arguments I've seen in these comments, it appears to be working.

  254. Yep, and when Mitt is President he'll follow the same policies and make it even worse! And then when Hillary wins in 2016 she'll follow the same policies and make it EVEN WORSE! So you keep changing one empty suit for another, but the policies stay the same and we all get screwed!

    Wow, democracy really works!

  255. Yep, George Bush is to blame, and so is Barack Obama. What's CRAP is that people still think that blaming Bush means you automatically love Obama.

  256. Yes, I weep for the state of reading comprehension in this country.

  257. That statement is foolish on its face; name one fact where Obana gas seriously attempted to dismantle the Amerucan Empire or the military industrial complex or the intelligence apparatus!

  258. Your team’s view of a “better America” is a militaristic police state; I’ll pass.

  259. Ingragam is Dartmouth undergrad, University if Virginia Law

  260. I had a good laugh at your answer since I am not a demoRat and they are the ones who want a military state so they (obama) can run everyone else's life just like Castro in Cuba — have you given more thought to move elsewhere since you hate America so much?

  261. It's obvious you can't look at all the sides and reason which one gives us more time. You are caught in the trap of your own ideology and can't see outside the box. So be it. You have the right. Go to it…. <P align=center>”A wise person foresees danger and takesprecautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” Proverbs 22:3</DIV>—

  262. Man, I love all the people who are acting as if Gary North here is some kind of "Blame Bush" liberal commie. Seriously, this guy has written a economic commentary on the Holy Bible itself, using it to justify the free-market, via the ethic of scarcity that the Bible posits. He is a very conservative Christian. The problem is that many conservative Christians in America today long ago sold their souls to Mammon.

  263. Funny how things don't really change from administration to administration, and the uneducated voter, like you, still votes in the same fakes every four years and wonders why the nation is on the highway to hell with no detours, or even a step back. You maybe aren't anti-Ron Paul, but you have no common sense either.

  264. TailGunner says:

    Sometimes you just need to clean out the garage and it seems you did a pretty good job this time. Been dealing with and arguing with the self-described conservatives for years.
    Commodity watch: If your un-subscribers brains were gasoline and you put it all in one container there still would not be enough to run a piss ant's motorcycle around a Cheerio.

  265. Well for the record the intelligence agencies like CIA etc were GUTTED by Clinton. THATS why 9/11 happened.

  266. GeorgeinRI says:

    The truth hurts. Especially for Republicans. Until Americans face the truth that both parties are responsible for the mess we are in, we'll get more of he same-ole. I get accused of being an " Obama lover" or a liberal when I bring these things up. Yes, Obama is an Ob-ismal failure. But 2016 is only a distraction brought to you from the DC GOP establishment because their endorsed ticket doesn't have an economic plan to run on. A much better movie, if you really want a better future for your children is: http://www.fixingamericamovie.com

  267. therooster says:

    Inflationary spending is "scripted" into the play as "the stick" that moves the market to real-time gold-as-money. Unlike what most would typically think, a real-time (floating values) precious metal monetization must be organic and market driven from the bottom-up for the sake of rate of change and to avoid a sudden dollar collapse. All the elite can do in their relegated and limited role now is to "carry the stick". Follow the script. Support bullion and monetize it at the grass roots level. It will support vital liquidity needs (debt free) and purge existing debt from the system by freeing up fiat based debt (dollars) to find the hands that need it so that it can be retired and abolished..(repaid) . ONLY ASSETS IN ACTUAL CIRCULATION CAN ACCOMPLISH THIS. Don't worry about the banks. Unlie many think, they still have a vested interest in gold-as-money in real-time based on the intellectual ownership of the USD and the associated price peg that warrants transaction fees for any and all gold based payments that are e-comm related. If anything that's paid for is paid for with bullion on the basis that the economic widget or service is priced in a fiat currency (any), then the use of the dollar's conversion service (USD/OZ) cannot be avoided in the system's design and algorithm. More specifically, every bullion based payment system such as goldmoney.com uses the (USD/OZ) "bridge" from the debt world to the asset world in order for gold weight to be distributed as payment. The dollar's ultimate role is not that of a settlement currency for payment. This new application is that of a real-time measure in service to gold and migration back to ASSET based currency, but in REAL-TIME. The dollar's tenure as a free floating currency (for settlement) has been but a stop-gap measure in a long journey. Not a bad idea to forward this post in order to open up people's thinking and perceptions. God Bless.

  268. michaeldusty says:

    the author is right on, except he neglected to note that both houses of congress was controlled by the democrats for the last two years of BUSH presidency and almost without fail, they loaded up the BUSH budgets with far more than was asked for by BUSH. BUSH being weak would not veto the bills. this was very instrumental in the deficits.

  269. LOL. Never mind that when the GOP controlled everything, they spent like drunken sailors.

  270. Dune Chard says:

    Blame Bush??? Imagine that… From a RP supporter???… You don't have to remove me from your list… I'm not on it…

  271. A lot of cognitive dissonance is displayed by the tea-o-con republicans who comment on this article with disdain for Gary North and the facts. Are people really that brain-washed to the point that anyone who critcizes D-Souza's inaccuracies is leftist Obama voter. Hahaha seriously this is why I consider myself an Austrian and try to avoid as many as the over 50 tea partiers who act like mob members foaming at the mouth every time someone criticizes their Neo-conservative handlers. I hope they learn from watching Romney lose and regret their treatment of Ron Paul and liberty.

    Gary, keep up the good work and God bless. I started reading your site back in 2007 after I voted for Ron Paul during under-grad. I am 25 now, in law school, and Austro-libertarian. Anyone who calls your character or work into question are ignorant of the fact of where you stand politically and how passionate you are about economics. People seem like they would rather just hear Anti-Obama rhetoric all day and forget about each source's credibility.

  272. I hate to burst your bubbles, Pollyannas, but both Bushes, Carter, Clinton, and, of course, the Kenyan, were installed by the crooks of the NWO. We haven't had a non-NWO owned president since Reagan. You people are a big part of our problem. Deaf, dumb, and blind to the reality of Big Buck Politics.

  273. DouglassMc says:

    "'It's' grammar is bad?" Remove the log in your eye so you can see to remove the splinter in another's eye.

  274. What Bush did or did not do is no excuse for Obama's failure.

  275. I note that you are a Paulbot, and that you enthusiastically support Gary North's comical misreading of the movie. I am in awe of you because, quite sensibly, you identify with mighty Austria and not puny America. Anyone that questions what is said, according to you, is ignorant and credulous. And because American voters failed to apprehend Dr. Paul's brilliance, they need to be punished by suffering through 4 more years of Obama tyranny. According to you, none of Obama's detractors are legitimate conservatives; they are all "Neocons" and they are simply being manipulated by… somebody. Bill Kristol, perhaps. Well Tony, you have a lot to learn about electoral politics. Firstly, despite the media blitzkrieg of propaganda and disinformation heralding the supposedly inevitability of Obama's re-election, the fact is that Romney will emerge in a Reaganesque victory. There is simply too much accumulated hatred toward the Marxist interloper for him to prevail, and I don't give a whit for the transparently falsified Democrat polls showing Obama leading by 40 points… But most of all, I just want to say that your most ridiculous comment was that an Obama victory would result in widespread regret by the electorate that they did not vote for Dr. Paul. If there is one thing I can be absolutely sure of, absolutely NO ONE would ever even consider that their votes would have been better invested in Ron Paul. I personally like and admire the man, but there has never been a more unelectable candidate than Ron Paul. The scorched-earth attitude of his devotees toward the Republican party is childish, self-defeating, immature and guaranteed to marginalize libertarianism in the future. Epic fail in the article; epic fail in your analysis, Tony.

  276. You make this uninformed comment, based on the fact that you have NOT seen the movie and do not understand the content. And you believe that a scholar like Dinesh D'Souza is "no different than Michael Moore." My question is, why would anyone take your hyperbolic comments as anything other than choleric background noise? Who are you, what gives you credibility, to state that you are "100% sure than [D'Souza] is full of shit?" Personally, I think you are an untenty jamoke and a dystrophic lummox.

  277. Since Obama is a Communist, it goes without saying he is an atheist, and that all his pretensions about being "Christian" are nothing more than dishonest and hypocritical rhetoric. The closest he feels to religion is his sympathy for and endorsement of Islam.

  278. Gary North may be Christian, I wouldn't even begin to dispute that. A conservative? Don't make me laugh.

  279. You are wrong. But even if it were true, and Romney had no economic plan, I would trust him infinitely more than Obama for the next four years. Because I have zero doubt that Romney believes in and wants to strengthen America, whereas I know that Obama seeks to destroy capitalism, undermine America and her institutions, gut our military, and capitulate to the UN "one world government" globalists who would probably name him first President of the World should he hand over a decimated America to their authority, which he surely will. Screw your stupid movie.