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The Republican Establishment Wants Ron Paul’s Supporters, but Not Ron Paul

Written by Gary North on August 30, 2012

Joel Skousen, a Mormon and the brother of economist Mark Skousen, as well as the nephew of Cleon Skousen (The Naked Communist, The Naked Capitalist), has written an insightful report on the Republican Party’s establishment. He does not trust it. He writes:

James Hohmann of Politico.com has a summary of the GOP movement to stop Paul. “The Republican establishment has quelled the Ron Paul Revolution, at least for 2012. Using… procedural hardball, Mitt Romney’s campaign and his allies who control the Republican National Committee [actually, Romney controls no one at the RNC. It is run by a cadre of hardcore globlists. They are only allied with Romney because he got to the nomination despite their attempts to derail him. Their control over his advisors is total and complete] have ensured that the Texas congressman will neither speak nor be formally nominated at next week’s convention.

“The 168-member Republican National Committee approved a report Thursday by the Romney-friendly “committee on contests” that invalidated Paul delegates elected in Maine based on irregularities at the state convention [actually, the irregularities were on the part of the establishment leaders trying to change the rules to halt Ron Paul from winning a majority of delegates at the convention]. The RNC [arbitrarily, and without basis in any rule] voted to split the at-large delegation in half, effectively depriving Paul of control.”

Justin Raimondo added other details. “The Republican party Establishment is eager to crush any public expressions of dissent – both inside and outside the convention hall. Ron Paul’s supporters in the GOP learned that the hard way, as the Romneyites used their control of the party bureaucracy at the state and national levels [actually it wasn’t Romneyites, but the old guard elite inside the GOP that have always controlled things at the top] to retroactively change the rules in order to unseat duly elected Paul delegates.

It was best that Paul did not speak at the convention. That would have implied his support for the Republican establishment. But his followers should have been seated by the screening committee.

The establishment thinks its convention tribute video will buy off his supporters. It won’t. They will remember the dirty tricks of 2012. They are young. They are hopping mad. They will not all drop out. The hard core will infiltrate the party. The precincts will receive them. They will burrow in.

Give them 20 years in county government politics. The federal government will eventually go bankrupt. This is inevitable statistically. Political power will shift back to the counties: the core tax base. Then this video will come true.

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11 thoughts on “The Republican Establishment Wants Ron Paul’s Supporters, but Not Ron Paul

  1. The Ron Paul people are getting to be as bad as the Dems… They don't care about this country but of themselves or they would stop and think that if they don't vote for Romney, obama will get back in. What is wrong with people anyway?

  2. In response to annmarie: The point is not which of the two evils gets elected; it's to expose the evil of the current system and how the insiders of the current two-party movement work together to suppress outsiders.

    When all you do is listen to insiders, you are getting the same overall view but with only slight tweaks to disguise the real message. Even Rush Limbaugh has caught on to this, when he refers to Republicans expressing views that he calls "Democrat lite." Example: "We still want to expand government; just not as much as the other guys do." If the people who are talking about changing government are only talking about reducing the GROWTH of spending, they are not talking about reducing spending. Unless they are talking about taking a machete to government budgets. But see how this works when you run for re-election.

  3. How wrong you are Annmarie. Ron Paul supporters care more about this country and less about the Republican party. The GOP propped up a candidate that is funded by the same big banks that Obama is. His policies are essentially the same as Obama's. Ron Paul was the ONLY other candidate that was offering American people a change of direction where the government actually abides by the Constitution and "We the People" tell the government what we want. A common sense foreign policy where we defend our nation and stop killing innocent people in the middle east. Reducing the bloated government and giving the money back to the people. During the campaign the only media attention he got was about how he couldn't win and when he was winning it was how it didn't matter. The GOP made a huge mistake in not backing the only man of principle. Because he would not further their agenda of stealing from the people to give to their buddy lobbyists, they tried everything in the book to silence him. Now that he's gone they think they can throw a few bones and his supporters will support another puppet candidate. How wrong they are because we know their agenda and won't fall their lies. They won't get Paul supporters without Paul! I have only been a Republican for about a year and the one and only reason was to support Ron Paul. I have never voted for party, I vote on principles. Perhaps all you party loyalists should get behind Gary Johnson since that is where most Ron Paul supporters will go.

  4. The media are going to use Paul as a scape goat for whichever lie they want you to believe in. If Obama wins it's Paul's fault because his people didn't vote for Romney. If Romney wins, he's so great he overcame the Paulies. Congratulations! You've swallowed it whole! Why not blame the Republicans for putting up such a weak candidate? Romney has already said before he gets in he will start another war with Iran (Obama too). Do you really want another war? Another batch of maimed and killed young men?

  5. fdcampbell says:

    Mute evidence of the existence of a self-protective Republican establishment is their reaction to Akin's faux pas.
    Within just a few hours, there was a deluge of demands from the Republican establishment for Akin to drop out. The misspeak would have been forgotten by now except for the gasoline thrown on the fire by Republican "leadership".

    Clearly, Akin is not under the control of the party apparatus and therefore must be replaced by a more "compliant" candidate, even at the risk of losing the office.

    I suggest that a rapprochement between the Palin and Paul wings is in order.

  6. I really don't understand the crap coming out of some people, that if we don't vote for Romney then Obama will "get back in". Who cares? Romney is no different from Obama on any substantial issue. On any issue: The American Empire (which is bankrupting us). Abortion (despite Romney's last-minute about face on the issue), Fiscal policy, deficit spending, monetary policy, being owned by the banks, etc.

  7. Money and fear are what makes this world go round. There is barely a hairs-breath of difference between the Reps and Dems, they’re both so afraid of America losing it’s position of power they’ll do anything to maintain our place among the ever-increasing globalist movement. Maybe the republicans are just a little better at hiding their true motives. They’ve got us all running round in circles that don’t make one bit of difference because the true powers that control the strings are somewhere else. Ron Paul was the only one brave enough to cut the strings. And ultimately God will decide, He is the one who raises up empires and smashes them down, He turns the hearts of the people according to His purpose.

  8. Greenbulldog says:

    Ron Paul's bio: "Energized millions of people around the United States (and the world) with his message of liberty. Those people went on later to lead the 3rd American (Ron Paul) revolution."

  9. Well, that's really just too bad for the Republican Establishment. Can't bring yourselves to nominate and elect a fiscal conservative like Dr. Ron Paul? You won't be getting MY VOTE. You can count on that. Just could not play by the rules, now, could you? See where that gets you.

  10. You can't have Ron Paul supports without Ron Paul.

  11. I'd prefer not to see Romney get elected. At least I'll get a chance at a real conservative President in 2016. Besides, having Republicans in the House, Senate and White House hasn't worked well in the past. That's how we got No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, and a host of other nonsense. I feel MUCH safer with Obama in office so we'll have some nice, unproductive gridlock.