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Gun Manufacturers May Head West if State Microstamping Laws Are Passed

Written by Gary North on August 30, 2012

One of the great things about liberty is that you can vote with your feet.

Gun control fanatics in New York and Connecticut are getting ready to pass laws that will require gun manufacturers to stamp their guns’ barrels with new ID markers. Western states do not require this. “Howdy, partner!” Neither do Southern states. “Y’all come!”

Remington and Colt say they will consider closing plants in New York and Connecticut if these laws are passed. One gun control legislator is outraged. It’s unfair! They should grin and bear it!

“That’s the new threat: to move where that [gun] friendly state is. It’s unfair of them to resist sensible regulation to save lives. It does not impact lawful gun ownership at all.”

The petty tyrants of the world deeply resent freedom across a border. It’s just not fair. People can get away from well-intentioned tyranny. “There ought to be a law against this!”

Microstamping, or ballistic imprinting, is a patented process that uses laser technology to engrave a tiny marking of the make, model and serial number on the tip of a gun’s firing pin to allow an imprint of that information on spent cartridge cases. Supporters of the technology say it will be a “game changer,” allowing authorities to quickly identify the registered guns used in crimes.

Which guns will buyers prefer? Microstamped or unstamped? The answer is clear: unstamped. The free market will speak if Remington and Colt submit. They will lose sales. S&W and Ruger will gain sales.

Remington has said that it would be cheaper to close the plant and move out of state than to reconfigure the production process.

The “game-changer” for the controllers become the no-brainer for the manufacturers.

Colt is in Connecticut, but not for long if the law passes.

Customers do not have to comply with New York liberals. That is the great thing about free markets. We can take our business elsewhere.

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17 thoughts on “Gun Manufacturers May Head West if State Microstamping Laws Are Passed

  1. All the manufacturers have to do is make components in existing plants and ship them out of state for final assembly. Not that hard to defy the tyrants.

  2. Garland Burdette says:

    If NY & CT want the manufacturing of guns in their states they need to leave Remington & Colt alone along with future perspective gun manufacturers int their states. It is ironic that many states do not believe in ID's for voters that they would push so hard for ID's for guns. Like illegal voters their is an idiot person behind both of these issues. Guns do not kill people, idiots and creeps behind the guns do kill people. Illegals and multiple voting by people takes our liberties away from all of us that plan on adhering to the law.

  3. Or come to Tennessee, we all ready have Barrett Firearms Manufacturing.
    Colt and Remington will fit right in.
    No State income tax, no State debt and a budget surplus.

  4. The "Micro Stamping" legislation has been SHOT DOWN THREE TIMES by the New York State Senate. This dog won't hunt! The last time it was defeated the "fired case" legislation was thrown out along with it. But some a$$ hat legislator from NYC continues to propose it. It's a waste of valuable time that legislators could better use like keeping business from leaving these states due to HIGH TAXES and BS environmental regs. Mikey Bloomberg is behind all this with his anti gun agenda. The Napoleonic little bastige!

  5. Mike Rick says:

    Huron county, Michigan would welcome the gun manufacturers along with the jobs they would create.

  6. they will just pass another law requiring that any parts made in state are subject to their new 'decree'.
    Better to move now.

  7. Bravo, bravo, bravo to Remington and Colt. Get out of the Dictator state of CT. While some states fixed their deficits W/O raising taxes, our bum raised taxes retroactively, forced child and day care workers into the SEI union (Taxpayers pay members union dues), and with his huge spending we're still in the red! He's an Obama clone!

  8. Micro-stamping is just another manifestation of micro-management of the population that is all governments know how to do. In the 70's the USPS hired "efficiency experts" to monitor postal workers and instruct them how to do their jobs "better". These "experts" would interrupt workers, for example, to show them different wrist actions to use to process the mail faster. The constant fussing over the tiniest details eventually drove some workers to "go postal" and shoot the place up. This kind of micromanagement is now happening on a societal level and will eventually have the same results, society will "snap".

  9. One of my favorite quote's is: "You can't tax it if it ain't there." So go ahead (New York and Connecticut), and put more regulations on manufacturers. Tennessee would love to see these companies come to our state. I have never understood why any manufacture would want to stay in a "liberal den of thieves" and still try to turn a profit. I would have moved to another state, years ago.

  10. I would like to know how microstamping in the barrel is going to save lives. As if the criminals care? The ONLY people that obey gun laws are those that don't commit crimes to begin with. It's going to take decades to unwind all of the stupid rules and regulations these morons keep coming up with. Every time they create a law, some unintended consequence occurs and they have to create MORE laws to try to correct the original one. It never ends.

  11. Dale left coast says:

    "Supporters of the technology say it will be a “game changer,” allowing authorities to quickly identify the registered guns used in crimes."
    The toughtest part of this senario . . . will be getting the CRIMINALS TO REGISTER THEIR GUNS . . . . unintended consequences of Lieberal Stupidity . . . .

  12. This is just as stupid as any other gun ban. Anyone planning on doing something illegal with a gun will simply replace the firing pin with a non stamped firing pin (that will be readily available on the black market). Once again, lawful citizens will be the only people impacted by this silly crap.

  13. OKLAHOMA will welcome them ALSO

  14. What makes you think the consequences are unintended?

    Lawmakers fully intend for there to be problems, so they can attempt to justify their existence by passing new laws to “fix” the problems that they created. It’s called “Job security.”

  15. Blackhawke says:

    "Microstamping" is a totally UNPROVEN technology that benefits only ONE person, the patent owner!

    He couldn't sell the technology to ANY firearms manufacturer, so he went to Boxer and Pelosi and sold them on the 'crime solving' possibilities – and then they took the ball and ran with it. Right to Soros and Bloomberg and Brady.

    And anyone can defeat the technology by replacing the firing pin, either with a replacement part or one you make yourself. Kinda reminds me of how effective the "85 mph" speedometer was in slowing down cars and stopping speeders – NOT!

    Like other Democrat schemes, it's a solution in search of a problem.

  16. Blackhawke says:

    I've met the CEO of Remington when he talked to our Connecticut gun club two months ago, and this subject came up during the meeting – and he said then the company would move "in a heartbeat" if microstamping was passed. He was sompletely serious and wouldn't hesitate.

  17. No, it would not take years to unwind all these regulations. Simply pass a constitutional amendment that says "no victim, no crime,' and another that says the State cannot represent people in criminal matters. Thus if John doe murders Bob Smith, instead of it being State vs Doe it would be Estate of Bob Smith vs Doe. These two laws would smack the stick right out of the hands of big government. In one fell swoop, it would no longer be possible for them to regulate businesses, ban drugs, force people to buy things etc. And it would go a long way toward restoring justice.