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Black Helicopters (Mythical) in Minneapolis (Real)

Written by Gary North on August 30, 2012

Someone with a smartphone pointed it out the window of his high-rise and “filmed” (“digited”?) unmarked military helicopters.

This is what liberals call “the black helicopter” mentality. It afflicts far-Right conservatives and people with camcorders or smartphones.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune played along. It assured readers that “authorities” — no names — “are reassuring worried residents that those mysterious helicopters flying low over parts of the Twin Cities metro area Monday night aren’t anything menacing.”

Or, in a more familiar phrase, “Move along. There is nothing to see here.”

The paper explained:

The U.S. Special Operations Command has been conducting routine urban-environment training in Minneapolis and Saint Paul since Aug. 19, supported by police in both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The training, which had been conducted in locations not easily seen by the public, became more visible as of Sunday, when helicopters became part of it. Residents can expect to see or hear low-flying military transport helicopters, specifically Black Hawks and smaller Hughes 500s between 7 p.m. and midnight.

The paper assured readers that the flights were coordinated withe local authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Coordinated.I feel better now.

“Exact training times and locations are not being released to prevent people from gathering to attempt to watch the training and creating a safety hazard.”

Safety hazard. Yes. I feel better now.

It is important that U.S. Special Operations Command get training. Special Ops are not the same as PsyOps.

Black Helicopters are normal for Special Ops. But they are never used in SpyOps.

I know you will understand the difference.

Move along. There is nothing to see here.

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33 thoughts on “Black Helicopters (Mythical) in Minneapolis (Real)

  1. Training is a reasonable explanation. True or not true, who knows? But reasonable.

  2. Yeah, reasonable if you want to condition citizens to continuous military presence on our own streets and in our own skies. Reasonable if you want to practice attacking your own civilians.

  3. "Black Helicopters are normal for Special Ops. But they are never used in SpyOps." That my friend is baloney. As one who has been "monitored" I can tell that whoever happens to be up there will be used.

  4. On April 15, 2009 we held our first Tea Party rally in downtown Sylva,NC, a small town in Western NC. We had pre-cleared the event with local officials. Just as we formed up for our march down Main St., several helicopters of the same type appeared on the horizon and stayed in the area until right after our event finished. We made numerous inquiries and nobody so much as admitted their presence, let alone gave us a reason. This was all right after Napolitano's "Right Wing Terrorist Alert" had come down. Anyone who thinks our government isn't planning action AGAINST its own people has been living under a rock for the last decade.

  5. dntmkmecomoverther says:

    Hmmm. We have had SOPs since 1952 and I don't EVER remember training in the confines of public areas….much less with helicopters in a highly populated area. We DO have training areas for this…so, one must ask, 'why here, why now?'

  6. Hmm , training is a reasonable explanation . But then reasonable explanations have been use to cover up many sinister things in past . Special Ops and Psy Ops are the normal usage of thee all Black Helicopters , they are also used to deploy Special Ops troops rapidly . I know this first hand , both the Black Hawks and the Little Boys . How do you think we got feet on the ground in Mogadishu , Somolia .

  7. Yep, training for martial law implementation coming to a city near you very soon. Two current Army soldiers told me they ARE training to implement martial law right now. Ignore this at your own peril. I just spoke with my Congresswoman about this. She made excuses for it.

  8. There is a difference between observing and taking action. If a plot was in effect, then why are you still here? Anything is possible, but not everything is likely. I think this is unwarranted paranoia. No action was taken and no action has been employed. Government bureaucrats have been watching and collecting data since Hoover's day.

  9. Jesse Ventura PROVED the existance of the FEMA camps. NC has 2 of them, one on the FT Bragg military post. I truly believe martial law will be implemented before the election, leaving Obama as permanent dictator. We shall see.

  10. onewildman says:

    I've seen similar choppers here in California. On experience I herd the chopper. I thought it was a little loud. I went to the door and looked out. I saw a chopper. It was black with no markings. It was hovering at about 150ft to 200ft high. I grabbed my spotting scope to get a closer look. What I saw was disturbing. There were four people on board. All were dressed in black.
    The side door was open. One person was taking photographs of the business next door to mine. When he spotted me he snapped a picture of me. then they took off extremely fast.

    The business next door is a police equipment business. they have everything from ammo & guns to body armor. I know the owner and the employes personally. One of the partners trains NSA, FBI, CIA and law enforcement personal in hand to hand, self defense and weapon use.

    This happen two years ago. I have not seen one since.

    IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! ! ! ! !

  11. Seminole Katz says:

    This may be true OR "rural legend" : Years ago a chicken farmer, maybe in Arkansas, complained to the military base near his farm, that the Black Helicopters were frightening his chickens and egg production had decreased. The farmer called many times and the military denied the existance of the Black Helicopters. So, one day, as one of the Evil Black Helo's flew low over the chicken yard, scattering the frightened birds in every direction, the exasperated farmer shot down the Helicopter ! When the military showed up at the farm to interview the farmer, he said " THAT Black Helicopter I've been calling you about ! " Since that day, the skys have been clear over this farmer's place and egg production is up !

  12. Yeah, training for how to control a large city like Minneapolis to round us up for the FEMA camps…that is, if they don't shoot us in the street or just blow up the buildings. We need to be SURE of our military, and I almost wonder if these helicopters aren't being flown not by our military, but by specially selected people dedicated to Obama and his cause? Just a thought since Obama stated before he was elected that he wanted to create a "civilian army that would be greater than our military" maybe he's succeeded.

  13. Action WAS taken. The government sent helicopters to intimidate american citizens. Just because they weren't beaten and handcuffed doesn't mean nothing happened. I don't see the same action against all of the mosques and training camps muslims have built in this country. Get real.

  14. Exactly. Ft Campbell trains on post, this is nothing more than intimidation tactics. I hope the people of Minnesota wise up and vote Obama out, we elect more TEA party, constitutionally minded people to congress and pressure them to get rid of Homeland Security and all of the entities under its umbrella. Rand Paul is currently fighting to get rid of TSA. He needs to go further up the food chain.

  15. How about just voting the commie out? Impeaching would take too long, cost too much and why should WE waste our time and energy on this insignificant excuse for a human? Just let him fade away…for good.

  16. PatriotDiva says:

    They won't use our military, they'll use U.N. "peacekeepers" or Chinese troops. That's my guess.

  17. PatriotDiva says:

    And the farmer was probably never seen or heard from again?:

  18. Have the posters on this site considered looking for a "group rate" at a good mental health facility?

  19. The things Obama has done and continues to do amount to treason and anarchy. He needs to be punished to the full extent of the law, even including hanging if appropriate. We can't just let him get away scot-free to continue his devastation elsewhere or continue destroying us. If we don't do anything to stop him, we might as well just lay down and let him take over without a fight because we're only wasting our breath talking.

  20. Carlos Garcia says:

    I'm sorry, but is not Somalia, Nigeria, Kosovo, Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. Special Operation's Units to be conducting Black-Ops on "Civilian Airspace" there's one simple explanation, and is not "Anti-Terrorist Training." The military have their Installations, Bases and Areas to conduct training. "That's why while I served in the military the Motto was Train as We Fight." This is just clearly a way for the Federal government to further their tentacles, and civilian control. This is just clearly a way of "Police State" enforce with Local Law enforcement.

  21. Very Sick all of this. The people still have the power if they will only understand it and then do something about it.

  22. Fighting Grandma says:

    I also see the black unmarked helicopters going through late at night here on the Gulf Coast of Florida with no running lights on that I can remember. There are usually 2 and they are flying low and quiet. Getting very interesting out there…

  23. Are you reassured?

  24. El Kabong says:

    I live in a small town, and yesterday evening, I saw a black unmarked helicopter fly pretty low about a mile west of town. It flew north rather quickly. A few minutes later, it came back south flying over the same spot as before, about a mile west of town.

    A few minutes after that, I went to the cemetary to water flowers, and the black helicopter few over the cemetary and turned south. After it went about a mile, it stayed in one place. I thought maybe it was law enforcement looking for marijuana crops in the fields, and they may have seen something suspicious there. The helicopter stayed in one place for about two minutes before it finally flew away.

    After I read this article, I wonder if this helicopter was used to look for marijuana, or if it was used to spy??

  25. El Kabong says:

    After I posted, I realize I spelled 'cemetery' wrong. Oh well, better late than never. 🙂

  26. It really isn't reasonable in a country where it is against the law for American troops to act against the citizenry. If this were so "reasonable", it wouldn't be a novelty. But we as Americans have ALWAYS kept the troops from considering American civilians a legitimate target, and Posse Comitatus explicitly forbid such activity. Of course, under Bush2, our traitors in Congress passed the NDAA, which strips the public of this protection, but that doesn't make it any less of a threat, only more so. If this doesn't alarm you, you're not paying attention.

  27. Impeachment is for elected officials, not fraudulent imposters who are illegally in our country. Obama should indeed be tried and sent to prison, but not impeached.

  28. Yes, we are looking for one to house all the Obama apologists. Wake up and smell the tyranny, fool.

  29. huapakechi says:

    With richie as Sec State, that will be near impossible.

  30. huapakechi says:

    I know I am paranoid. Am I paranoid enough? As I recall, It's common practice throughout history for totalitarian regimes to 'hospitalize' leaders of dissent. When they don't simply murder them.

  31. They're just getting ready for the civil unrest they're planning to start just prior to the election.


  33. You are so cool! I do not suppose I’ve read a single thing like that before. So great to find somebody with a few original thoughts on this issue. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that’s needed on the internet, someone with a little originality!