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Deaf Toddler Told by School to Change His Name Sign, Which Looks Like “Gun.”

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2012

A toddler, age three-and-a-half, crossed the line. He went too far. He had to be stopped.

His hand sign for his name looks suspiciously like the sign for “gun.” Yes, my friends, gun. At school. Do you understand? At school! A tax-supported school. You know: where there are defenseless children.

Well, this could not be tolerated. The school has a no-guns policy. As in “no tolerance.”

The boy was told to change his name. Maybe to Fred. Possibly to Bruce. What is his name? Hunter.

Hunter! We all know what hunters carry. I can say it here. I dare not say it on campus. Guns!

You may think I am making fun of school officials, who are only doing their jobs. Far be it from me to recommend that the school’s authorities waver in their quest for school safety.

But they had a problem. A local TV station ran a story on this policy.

Voters started laughing.

Laughing! Can you imagine this? What is the matter with these people? Don’t they understand the importance of school safety?

School officials said they had received death threats. This is no laughing matter. While the school had no copies of these death threats, officials assured the media that these had been received. Maybe in sign language. Possibly in smoke signals.

Anyway, the school district has decided to allow a teensy-weensy bit of tolerance. It has issued a press release. Hunter will henceforth be allowed to call himself Hunter.

Grand Island Public Schools is not requiring any current student with a hearing impairment to change his or her sign language name. Our mission remains: Every Student, Every Day, a Success!

This applies only to current students. This is not a blank check for future students. Parents who name their child “Uzi” are put on warning. Possibly “Magnum,” even if it refers to champagne. “Bullett” is also at risk.

Who says a school district cannot be flexible? In an election year. When school board members are up for re-election. When budgets are tight. Flexibility is basic.

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67 thoughts on “Deaf Toddler Told by School to Change His Name Sign, Which Looks Like “Gun.”

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  2. Pissed off Vet says:

    We have gone to far with political correctness GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!The country is in shambles and this is what they cry about.

  3. Hunters use BOWS, SLING SHOTS, ARROW and a multitude of other instruments. Good Lord, the child is already trying to be dominated by society. If some one shot a gun (god forbid a shot gun) by him he would be scared to dead or at the very least; crying. How about Jack the knife.

  4. ScarletDove says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard–some of this overreaction by no doubt liberal school policy is way over the top…….this is a 3 year old child…

  5. There's a legal concept called "reasonable accommodation". As a parent, I would have been on the phone so fast and filed an ADA complaint, the school would not have known what hit them.

    Aside from the fact that the sign is "similar" to the sign for "gun", the name "Hunter" is a legitimate last name here in the U.S. If the child's last name had been "Hunter", would this dust up have occurred?

    Are there any students enrolled in that district with the last name of "Boxer" or "Archer"? If so, are they allowed to attend school without changing their names? If those students are hearing students, their names would be spoken aloud. That could be far more damaging to everyone that seeing a sign that most people would not know.

  6. bpaolucci says:

    This is priceless, Raymond I'm sending this to my friends. Thanks, Barbara and thanks for your service to America

  7. Take your kids out of these schools they are not teaching are kids anyway they dont no how to read so many of them get pushed ahead and that is a shame all they want to do is teach them all about sex It is sickening

  8. Wow fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I will pass this one around

  9. jmsmaxwell says:

    Raymond, you are sick. It took me 30 minutes to try and read this without roll around laughing. After the rest of the
    office read it they also agree you are one sick puppy. Keep up the good work and the laughs comming. What really
    scares me though is we see this very thing happening ever day across the land as the froot loop grops come out and
    commence to whine and cry because they have to actually pay back their student loans or heaven forbid actually get a job
    to support themselves.

  10. How is that retards are running these schools? Oh! They must be democrats that can only think when they are sitting down. I will admit that having Hunter for a first name is dumb, but this is normal for the parents that came out of the Woodstock era. Where is the ACLU and Obama and Sharpton, etc.??? +JMJ+

  11. The child's name should be changed to "Welfare". He will then get all the love and support and compassion from these liberals.

  12. The people who are running this school district are morons and have no commonsense they are inept. These alleged educators
    should not be allowed anywhere near a school or a classroom. How did these idiots get into the positions they hold? They should all be summarily fired with cause; the cause being the stupidity of the liberal mind which is completely irrational. The more America sees the decisions that our alleged educators make in policy areas the more apparent it is why our civilization is in the process of collapse. These people are a symptom of the terminal destructive sickness that is liberalism and they should never be in authority over our children to indoctrinate their minds as they do in a classroom. This is episode is very instructive but will the people of this area have commonsense to get rid of these people who hold these offices?

  13. Talk about taking things to the extreme!! WHAT happened to good ol’ common sense?? & USING it once in a while??!!

  14. TIMERUNNER says:

    Liberals are social freaks, a scourge on American society, they should be band from ever working in a school setting weather it’s grammer school, high school or university. Liberals with or without the leadership of Obama are the real danger to America, Freedom, and Liberty.

    Tea Party Patriot
    Impeach Obama Now!

  15. PRICELESS BUT TRUE.. brilliant.

  16. Raymond, love your ant & grasshopper. Received this email and am passing it to you to be prepared – please view it – it is not good news:
    This might be the reason Clinton is pushing for Obama at the Dems Convention
    – The Clintons' will sell their souls to get back in the White House and an
    even scarier thought is Biden becoming the Sec. of State – God Help Us and
    Remember In November

    If source is correct it could change the course of the Presidential

    Vice &lt ;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck07u-5zX88&feature=youtu.be>
    President Joe Biden to Step Down! – YouTube

  17. Taquoshi – you are ever so right! That is a huge ADA complaint case.

  18. maxine- you do know that the teachers union is making waves to become involved in home schooling. Oh yeah, big time – so they can control that curriculum, too.

  19. 2WarAbnVet says:

    In the future he should be taught to sign to the school board with his middle finger.

  20. JMJ, yes, they are Dems and truly liberal/progressive ones at that. Worked in the district office of a school system and the top administrators went so far as to register as Repubs for the primary so they could counter the support of the true candidate, and then switched to the Dem party for the Nov. election. They had strategized the entire process with a timeline to achieve their goal. Disgusting how dirty they play.

  21. Seminole Katz says:

    Does Hunter's sign look like a revolver or a semi-automatic ? These politically correct idiots should NOT be teaching our children and should NOT be making school policy. Hey little Hunter; take your extended index finger and poke it in the eye of ANYONE that wants you to change your sign or your name. It is called Freedom and you won't be taught that in a government school. I'll wear my t-shirt with a picture of a gun on it and back you up, little buddy. Then we'll both get thrown out of the school and go get some ice cream.

  22. I don't see what the problem was. Nebraska is an Open Carry state 🙂

  23. Bill McCroskey says:

    I’d be WAY more concerned about kids bringing REAL guns to public schools as opposed to trying to ‘sign’ your name. Maybe this child can transfer to Chicago public schools and have Rahm Emanual ask him nicely not to use his gun ‘sign’….. you know ……like he just asked his local gangsters and thugs in a press conference to actually quit using real bullets and guns. The ones he asked to to quit shooting each other (less Democratic voters ya know) are the same ones that voted him in as mayor.

  24. Seminole Katz says:

    @ JMJ : Hunter is a fine name, whether a first name OR last name. The only problem is the liberal – politically correct – knuckleheads running Hunter's school ! I would bet that this school is a " gun-free zone " where these brave administrators would hide under a desk or run like little " girlie men " if there was an udban terrorist roaming about. Get out Hunter, get out !

  25. Awesome, Dude! Will love to share this one!

  26. This story is so disgustingly stupid, I can't believe it!!!! This poor child has enough life challenges without having to put up with idiot adults like these. The people in this school district have some work to do to get rid of these morons!!!

  27. Public_Citizen says:

    It is really too bad that the level of utter and complete mental incompetence displayed by this school board isn't painful.
    The human race needs to develop some sort of mechanism that makes 2 or more of people with this level of incomprehension suffer from an increasing level of pain the more of them come together.
    The ideal situation would be for a group to reach "critical mass" and pass out from the collective mental vacuum.

  28. I rather think his given name is perfect. He's already "hunted" and flushed out into the open myriad wastrels feeding off the taxpayers. Now its up to those with a brain in their heads to take care of them. May he long live up to his name. And good on his parents for sticking up for him and his identity. THIS gets at one of the main root problems with government education… everyone must not only conform, but bow to their wishes. I hope he chews a slice of pizza to resemble hs name sign……..

  29. Junglejim26 says:

    What a Scum Bag School District with IDIOTS running it… Pick On a Child, you should be a shame of your selfs. IDIOTS…

  30. barb patton says:

    At the moment I am living thru a drought and my poor garden is inundated with ants and grasshoppers of all sizes and colours and these criminals eat everything that has a leaf or a flower on it. Needless to say, they won – I lost.. Our friend Raymond, who has the gift of the word – gave us the story of the Haves and the Have Nots. My major problem is – how does one get rid of those pesky grasshoppers? Raymond, do you have an answer to that one?? They procreate and they certainly don't know or care "who the baby Daddy".. I am going to take over my garden and I am going to kill the grasshoppers with every kind of poison available to me – thats it – I have solved my problem.. What about yours?

  31. STUPID people don't know they are STUPID, STUPIDITY can't be corrected. STUPID people can't be educated, ever.

  32. Coldcowboy says:

    More frickin liberal crap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hale's mom says:

    I believe they can be eaten if fried–it's a tasty treat from Africa. Not only does it get rid of the grasshoppers but they are a good source of protein (although you would probably have to eat a whole lot to equal a nice steak).

  34. Why don't they pick on the week the innocent ? Why don't they shove this PC Stuff up their as I was about to say enough is enough. They look to punish these children, as if they mass murders . This stupid and senseless Are they that afraid of 3.5 year old child ? I doubt at that age he knows what a gun is what can do what it was intended to do nor does he has a grasp on much more. He will no fear and hurt after this he will probably think it is his name not the shape of the tag. We need to get the liberal and government out of our schools. We have cowards teaching cowards what will they teach them how to be cowards? This entire panic syndrome is a disgrace.

  35. Old Curmudgeon says:

    Just to give you an idea about how stupid some of these school district "weapons" policies have become: I was teaching a Community Education class after school hours at a local high school. I carry a pocket watch that has a chain which attaches to my belt. This chain is not much heavier than say a necklace chain. The school principal stopped me in the hallway and informed me that I had to put the chain in my vehicle or I would not be allowed into the school. When I asked for an explanation he told me that chains were on their list of "prohibited weapons" and that there was zero tolerance.

  36. exbuckeye says:

    No more stupid than taking an asmatic child's inhaler away (possible causing her death), declaring her a druggie
    and suspending her for having drugs on school property.
    WE HAVE BECOME A NATION RULED BY PC IDIOTS AND AUTHORITARIANS. (I wish I knew how make larger font!!!!)

    And at the same time I'll bet that school does nothing about bullies making the lives of smaller more vulnerable kids
    miserable – until someone snaps and does bring a gun to school. God help me, long ago, I almost did

  37. Bob Burkhard says:

    I always wonder who elected/appointed these stupid folks who run our schools. Oh yeah, it's us!!

  38. yupikesk1 says:

    Does the school district expect us to believe threats were made? And just exactly what were they? " . . .what's best for the kid . . .". Who are you kidding??

  39. This would be funny if not so pathetic of grown adults. Did they ever think that a child might think it was because no one liked him and didnt even want him signing his name? What kind of school thinks like that? Whens the last time you heard of a 3 1/2 year old bringing a gun to school because of being influenced by another child having a name of Hunter. Next they will outlaw pointing a finger. Get a life, people!

  40. yupikesk1 says:

    Thanks Bill. Rahm isn't much smarter than the school administrators.

  41. I have a friend whose son is named Hunter, never thought it was dumb. So now we are to be told what we can name our children? And by the way my friend is not out of the Woodstock era, and I do not think this child's parents are either.

  42. yupikesk1 says:

    I am all for it. It will not happen to all kids , , , poor things . . .with so many terribly dysfunctional parents.

  43. Bill Weston says:

    I was the driving instructor at Gallaudet University’s Model Secondary School for the Deaf. in the 70s. Thus I was a teacher and a student learning amsign, about the “social structure” of the deaf, and teaching them to drive. Because communication is so limited in sign, there is little room for dishonesty, ie coloring a fact or situation. In other words, they REALLY tell it like it is. For example, the time when the driving instructor(me)locked his keys in the training car because he was in such a hurry. I lived through jokes about that for the rest of the time that I was there. I suspect that my replacement had to deal with it as well. The lad’s name is Hunter and hunters carry guns; So??? Honesty goes a lot farther in sign language.

  44. yupikesk1 says:

    This is one of hundreds of reasons the U.S. is trailing most of the rest of the planet in education.

  45. yupikesk1 says:

    What a challenge in driver's education. I have had students with Hunter as a first AND last name. Pity the poor kids from Hunters School District in Washington State. 🙂

  46. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Another reason to limit government bureaucracy of all kinds. These dumbocrats know nothing at all about special education and are just pridefully following their liberal agenda. His parents are the experts and kudos to them for not abiding the education tyranny.

  47. madmemere says:

    Ok – -so, how do you "sign" welfare?? Maybe with $$$ signs??

  48. yupikesk1 says:

    AmericaBeautiful.. Right on. Thanks. Decay in our classrooms has sent us into a tailspin. We pay more and more folks not to work . . . because they cannot think.

  49. sean murry says:

    They are full of crap.

  50. CHARLES HYSLOP says:


  51. diamond1957 says:

    Gun control run amok, and just like gun control it misses its mark

  52. Spikeygrrl says:

    Finally, an appropriate response to all this PC stuff: "VOTERS STARTED LAUGHING."

    This could turn into a shining example of liberals FINALLY being hoisted by their own petard; their idol, Saul Alinsky, specifically recommends making one's political enemies the subject of ridicule.

    — When someone "plays the race card," LAUGH AT THEM ("You're kidding, right?")

    — When someone voices support for taxpayer-funded birth control, LAUGH AT THEM ("You've got such a great sense of humor, tell me another one!")

    — When somebody says they support homosexual marriage, LAUGH AT THEM ("What a great idea for a dystopian sitcom! You really ought to move to Hollywood, you'd make it big there.")

    — When people yike about foreign wars, LAUGH AT THEM ("Yeah, I remember, they did that in Hogan's Heroes. Good one!")

    — And when ANYBODY says they plan to vote for Obama in November, LAUGH AT THEM ("Stop it already, my stomach hurts!")

    …and so on, and so on, and so on, while giving them NOTHING even remotely offensive to lash back at you for. After all, what's as joyous and harmless as LAUGHTER?

    Cosmic justice, neh? 😀

  53. Excellent story and the moral is well received . Well at least by me . I have never seen a more blatently hostile administration towards the American people , nor one so willing to ceed our rights over to such an inept group as the UN who I am quite certain would be totally in capeable of pouring pee out of a boot even if it had written instructions on it .

    Harry Reid , Nancy Pelosi , Barry Obama and his butt boy Eric Holder should all be ousted from office and brought before the courts for crimes against the American people . And you know Raymond , you are absolutely correct , I have a grasshopper friend and he just doesn't get it .

  54. Hunter is a dumb name ? I wish you had told Hunter S. Thompson that , he'd have put you on your prissy ass !

  55. I agree!!! leave 'Political Correctness" to the politicans who can not & will not do their jobs correctly it Is time for 'Moral Correctness' to be done by the Civilized Human race.

  56. By the way, has anyone looked at the picture of the sign? it looks like someome crossing their fingers for luck.

  57. that is one word people do not undersatand—Reasonable

  58. Dan of Amherst says:

    This is yet another example of the idiots that have been elected to school boards and also those who run the schools. And you wonder why we have an educational system that is falling apart. We are listening to fools and are making up rules and regulations because too many people do not have common sense.

  59. Life is tough; even tougher if you’re stupid!–John Wayne

  60. Liberasts brought a complete madness to this country as a new thinking and behavioral standard.
    And it is only US THE PEOPLE who can and MUST stop this madness.

  61. Hunter's parents need to find another school – a private school. I wish a lot of people would donate to Hunter's parents so they can get him into a conservative school. Those people at Hunter's school are crazy liberal, anti-gunners. They are useless.

  62. Just another example of the politically correct liberal extreme. Perhaps the school should enourage parents to home school so the kids won't be exposed to such a liberal pile of nonsense and hate.

  63. Don't be surprised folks. Political correctness ran amuk quite a few years ago!
    We are reaping what we have sown!

  64. Ooops…Amok!

  65. To sign the name “Welfare”, you hold out both hands, palms up, and flex your fingers together in your direction like you’re saying “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, etc.”