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Arizona-Mexico Fence: The First Mile. Soon. Real Soon. Trust Them.

Written by Gary North on August 29, 2012

For all the talk in Congress about a fence between Mexico and the United States, nothing ever gets done.

For all the talk in Arizona about a fence between Mexico and Arizona, nothing ever gets done.

But now a state legislative committee that has recommended nothing specific in over a year and a half of meetings has proposed building the first mile. The fence has received no government funds. It has raised $273,000 in donations. It will cost the state an estimated $2.8 million, which of course means $5 million, minimum.

Politicians like to talk. Bureaucracies like to plan. Committees like to meet. But the border remains a sieve.

Something will be done one of these days. We have a politician’s word on this. A member of the committee assures voters that the committee is “looking to get the first mile started.” Yes, sir, it is looking into it. Carefully looking, you understand.

Once construction begins — within the year, if all works out — Smith said he is confident private contributors will begin donating again. Since fundraising began last year, private donors have given $273,000. The committee is talking to two fencing companies for the project, plans to use inmate labor and hopes private companies will donate supplies to lower costs.

The state legislature set up the committee in 2010. The committee is rolling along, holding meetings. “Members include Republican state lawmakers, county sheriffs and state department heads.” It has been meeting since March 2011. It has made no recommendations.

It was set up to make recommendations.

“I don’t think we have enough info to make a recommendation,” said co-chairman Rep. Russ Jones, R-Yuma. “There’s so much technology that’s important given the challenging terrain.”

But do not worry. “Jones said the committee may make recommendations starting early next year.” Then again, maybe not.

The committee is required to file monthly status reports. It has not met since April. It did submit a report in November 2011.

These is a solution to this problem. Jones has said the legislature may change the law requiring monthly reports. Then again, maybe not.

Although the committee hasn’t made any recommendations, Jones said there has been some movement: creating the committee website, hearing testimony from law enforcement and twice visiting the border.

There is an old rule: “Activity is no substitute for production.”

Their next step is to look at the technology and figure out the best way to secure the border, physically and through surveillance, Jones said.

That will happen Real Soon Now.

“We need to figure out how to make legitimate trade and travel possible,” he said.

Yes, they do. One of these days.

Meanwhile, the border remains a sieve.

Do voters care? Maybe a few do, but not enough of them to threaten politicians with reprisals for doing nothing. Comprende, usted?

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7 thoughts on “Arizona-Mexico Fence: The First Mile. Soon. Real Soon. Trust Them.

  1. No fence can be built high enough or strong enough to deter people determined to get their so-called "entitlements." They can climb over, dig under, cut through or blow holes. They will gain access to sell their drugs, get free housing, free food, free medical, and a place they can spit on our flag and fly their own. After all, they've gotten by with doing this for years and years, courtesy of our Politically Correct Corrupted Government.

  2. Tell it to the Israeli's, their fences are working fine. Like Carl Sandbug said " Good Fences, make good neighbors"

  3. The first thing to do is to remove the current "administration" in the WH in November. Then the next challenge is to secure the border..in the meantime clamp down on the benefits they come here for, welfare, education, medical, IRS loopholes (child tax credits), and so forth. If we take away the freebies given them by the "administration" in their effort to pander for votes, fewer will come. The border fence needs to be double…with a road in between on U.S. soil, and penalties for hiring illegal aliens enforced, as well as the current laws which are ignored by the "administration". Next, a reformed immigration policy!!! We want LEGAL immigrants, not illegal aliens sneaking into our country. AZ is a terrorist pathway into our country and it must be closed!!!!!

  4. take ALL the money being wasted by this political committee, its travel, meetinfs, reports, extra pay for extra duty, the website, etc, give it to SHeriff Joe or Sheriff Mack, and have them get their pink-suited laborers ready to go to work. Buy one used truck off CraigsList, put out some bids for materials and get it going. Simple…… OH, and all htose illegals the ICE refuse to deport, you know, the ones lying about in the holding pens? Suit them in pink as well, and put THEM to work. Maybe if word gets out that anyone coming to America for a free ride and coming illegally will be caught and put to work, no pay, then sent south after the fence is built. You know, when the last mile is being commpleted, before its sealed up, have all the illegals line up on the south side the fence whilst the US convicts close it up. Then pack up and go home, leaving the illegals on the right side…. THEIR side.

    Oh, and fire the politicians who have wasted two years doing nothing. The best thing about this is that, whilst they were busyling themselves about doing nothing, they were not doing BAD things. Look on the bright side. Try, anyway……..

  5. It seems fences work fine around the White House and prisons but for some reason the open border people keep telling us they won't work on the border. Congress appropriated money for a double layer fence when Bush was president but at the last minute the funding for it was pulled so it couldn't be built, yet Congress gave Boeing billions of dollars to build a high-tech, gadget fence that didn't work – not because it didn't stop people, but because none of the gadgets worked and now we're told that no fence will work. It's not that a fence won't work, it's our politicians that don't want it to work.

  6. Hm… I hear all the time about how people come together to do things the gov't says can't be done or won't pay for and it works out fine. Maybe it's time to bypass these costly comittees and worthless gov't. and ask for donations and volunteers. For all the times they've been ripped off and worse, I'm betting the landowners on the border will be the first in line to help build followed by tons of taxpayers that are sick and tired of their hard earned money going to trespassing criminal invaders. Heck, toss in Sheriff Joes least dangerous prisoners and offer them a little time off their sentences and I'd bet they, alone, could get it done in no time AND they'll be earning their keep too! After all, we're already paying to support them, why not let them earn it and benefit us all? Throw in any illegals he's got and when they run home with their tails between their legs we'll at least know that they'll be passing on the word that they're gonna be working on chain gangs building a fence to keep their compatriots out next time they head this way and get caught instead of sitting on their tushes collecting all those freebies. Win, win for all!

  7. lizaz you're right on, the Obama administration is the biggest FENCE blocking enforcement of immigration laws and they need removing in November!