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Public Schools Use GPS Devices to Track Students

Written by Gary North on August 28, 2012

Some students do not like to go to school. So, they skip.

In Austin, Texas, the district is fighting back. It has hired a company that provides GPS units. The school district gets permission from parents. Then it requires students to carry the GPS units. Every school day, the student must press a button to identify his location.

We can see what is coming next: units that do not require them to press a button.

Each student has a “mentor,” meaning an unpaid truant officer. The mentor keeps pressuring the student to go to class.

The state pays each district for students enrolled. But it has trouble verifying that students attend. This reduces doubts. The state will bet behind this. It will pressure schools to prove that students are in class.

The program is now being tested in California. The state pays $35 a day for attendance. The company charges $8 a day, but only when attendance improves. So, income for the district rises.

About 1,700 students are in the Austin program.

With these low-performance students in class, the lowest common denominator gets lower. Students who are good performers are penalized.

The school districts are happy. They get money that would have been lost. They have an incentive to get students into the program.

The next step: compulsory GPS devices even when parents do not approve. This will take a few years.

If Saul Alinksy were around, he would tell the students to lose their GPS devices “accidentally.” This would run up the costs to the company. But kids are not easy to organize. So, the program will spread.

Conclusion: if you want your children to attend schools with low-performance peers, send them into tax-funded schools.

If you want your children trained in institutions that require electronic monitoring to force attendance, send them to tax-funded schools.

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21 thoughts on “Public Schools Use GPS Devices to Track Students

  1. IF we do not STAND & FIGHT then the technology will be IMPLANTED at birth. I believe that Obamacare has some murky references to implanting chips???

  2. It is inded a brave new world in which we live.

  3. Obama care DOES force the implantable RFID chip, even though it has been "debunked". The sheeple better wake up and fast before its too late. By 2020 the Feds will have 30,000 unmanned drones flying overhead here in the USA. Big Brother is everywhere!

  4. A local softdrink distributor (West Tx/NM) has uniforms with microGPS units sewn into the shirt label and pants pocket (the size of a quarter).

  5. chickief1 says:

    Required to go to school.

    Required to have the GPS device.

    Required to pay state & federal income tax.

    Key word, REQUIRED, like it's supposed to mean something when you say REQUIRED.

    REQUIRED = more gov't, less freedom.

  6. austin texas and all of california are dumocrap controled so they are a test bed

  7. Perhaps they should just take the children who don't want to go to school and hand them a shovel. Tell them they can go to school or they can work digging ditches but either way they will be kept busy. Us the mentors to keep an eye on them as they dig. Sometimes children need a dose of reality. As they are handing out the shovels you can remind them that this is the type of work they can expect to get if they don't finish school. It's time to start telling these delicate darlings that they aren't special and eventually the government will run out of other people's money with which to give them welfare.

  8. If you love your kids and REALLY value their education and who they become, then you will get them out of the public school system and into a good private school. Yes, it's an expense. But it is 100% worth it. Can we put a price on the well being of kids?? Look at how much money is spent per student to go to public school. It's absolutely ridiculous. They should be turning out nothing but rocket scientists. It costs MUCH less a year to send a child to private school and look at the results. Facts are facts. I think a lot of people need to put their money where their mouth is — cut back on frivilous things that you don't need; new car, bigger house, the latest and greatest gadgets…invest in your children. Our kids are worth it!!

  9. I guess modern day teachers lack the skills to take attendance before class begins. Another indicator used to be a students grades. I know what your thinking its all mute anyway, given the quality of modern day govt. run education centers. The outcome doesn't very much between most that attend classes and those that fail to attend. So we will continue to argue over secondary issues to avoid actually teaching subjects that actually give the individual the tools for a better life, and the understanding of why American citizenship is something to be proud of rather then ashamed of.

  10. This should put the parents up the wall, unless thay are Commies !

  11. If the people take it then thay have earned it

  12. Apathy, people. Apathy is the scourge of mankind. It matters not whether you are talking about politics, school, work, or for that matter, anything else. If the parents are so absorbed in their own lives they don't know or care if their children are attending or not – guess what? – the kids will take advantage of that knowledge. There won't be a need for a Saul Alinsky type to tell the students to 'lose' their monitors, accidently or otherwise. They will figure it out on their own. That the parents would agree with the school officials for the use of the GPS devices says it all. The parents want the schools to raise the kids – that releases them of the responsibilities of doing it themselves.

  13. The offspring of a "Me" couple, is a "Me" child. You see it every day. That is if you were lucky enough to have parents that actually cared enough to have a hand in bringing up their children.

  14. I foresee a market for dead batteries.

  15. One step closer to communism–one step closer to the mark of the beast-bar code implant they call it – the Bible calls it the mark of the beast and anyone with it cannot go to heaven. No child of mine will ever have it.

  16. That is exactly why they will want to implant a bar code in every child! DO NOT let them do this to your children–we don’t need the government dipping into our families!! Mark of the Beast–look it up in the Bible!!

  17. I'm surprised, Texas is a rough and tumble kinda state, I would have thought them last. On the other hand, California, New Jersey, New York, y'know, the usual suspects. I'm surprised they haven't made it mandatory.

  18. gvhparkridge says:

    careful…child perverts use the same tools to make money…

  19. 1-Eddie-1 says:

    Oops, it fell out of my book bag near my father's car and he ran it over by accident. True story, I swear. Or, it fell out of my book bag when I was trying to catch my bus, and another bus ran it over.

  20. This GPS program is an absolute waste! What ever happened to the idea that education is its own reward. Those whot skip school are only penalizing themselves. They're just Democrats who are probably already voting, they just don't know it yet. Paying students to go to school? Whose half baked idea was that. OH! wait that was in California wasn't it? That's where hearts and minds can be purchased for $35 a day. I guess they have to pay the kids to get them to listen to the BS the Commie teachers spew forth in the name of education.

  21. Yeah, I think the students should should watch the movie "The Trotsky," for a union, take over their schools, and then abolish the union. 🙂