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Government-Subsidized Energy Drains Us Permanently

Written by Gary North on August 28, 2012

Why does the federal government support “green energy”? Because the free market won’t.

Why does the free market reject “green energy”? Because it costs more to generate than it brings in as revenues.

Why is this the case? Because “green energy” is labor-intensive.

Why do politicians support this? Because employed workers vote.

Does the public know that “green energy” is subsidized in order to create jobs at very high losses? No.

Is natural gas “green”? Yes. Is it labor intensive? No. Is it cheap? Yes. Is it clean? Yes. Does it produce carbon dioxide? Yes. Is this acceptable to the voting bloc that used to be called global warming (“climate change” these days, since global warming creased in 1999)? No. Does it need subsidies? No.

What about nuclear energy? Does it get subsidies? Yes. In what form? Government-imposed limits on accident payouts. This lowers insurance costs. Does it get other subsidies? Yes. What? Spent-fuel storage costs are not fully imposed. Neither are costs of shutting down the plants, which takes 60 years.

Does coal pollute? Yes.

Is oil getting more expensive? Yes. Does the government keep oil from being produced to “save the environment,” meaning land owned by the federal government? Yes.

So, what is the solution? Get government out of the energy source business. Let the suppliers of fuel compete in an open market.

Next, Get government out of the spent-fuel storage business. The nuclear plants should pay for everything.

Nobody calls for this. Each energy fuel source has lobbyists, and they avoid talking about their industry’s subsidies.

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2 thoughts on “Government-Subsidized Energy Drains Us Permanently

  1. kalamawashinton says:

    One thing that I have found frustrating in the "green energy" debate. I live in Washington State. A few years ago a initiative was on the ballot that by 2014 a certain percentage of power sold in the state had to be produced by "green energy" sources. That has resulted in a huge number of windmills being constructed in the state, particularly in the Columbia River Gorge where there is almost constant wind. But here in the Northwest we have a "green energy" source that has been in place for decades and produces NO "greenhouse gasses" or pollution of any kind, not even that caused by trucks or trains hauling fuel to the site, and also NO residue, such as spent rods from a nuclear plant. But this source was specifically excluded from the definition of "green energy" sources. This "wonder source" of power is hydroelectric. All I can imagine is that the power behind the initiative was pushing for the construction of these kind of sources, just to get more of them on the board. This construction project has caused a 25% increase in our power rates in the last five years. The designs of some of these enviro-whackos is driving me crazy!!!

  2. This is a strange way to run a candy store . They're playing stuff my pockets lets get reelected People are doing without some worst then others paying three times the price for " bio- fuel" that will never be as practical in service without major alterations to the engine that is consuming it.