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Obamacare Enforcement Will Bust the IRS’s Back . . . Or Ours

Written by Gary North on August 27, 2012

Every dark cloud has its silver lining. If this story is true, Obamacare will be a national blessing in disguise. Bad as it will be, it offers a hammer to tax protesters. The “paperwork” — digitwork — will bust it.

So says Dan Pilla, an old-line tax protester.

Obamacare must be enforced. Every resource that the IRS devotes to Obamacare is a resource not expended in investigating you.

Pilla writes:

The IRS is just one of several federal agencies responsible for implementing the legislation. Specifically, the IRS is responsible for the enforcement and administration of forty-seven of the Act’s tax-related provisions. This Special Report addresses the role that the IRS will play in enforcing and administering the PPACA. . . .

No citizen faces any penalty for not applying for or drawing Social Security benefits. On the other hand, failure to purchase the required medical insurance for yourself and dependents under the PPACA carries substantial civil penalties.

This marks the first time in the history of the United States that the federal government has commanded citizens to purchase a product or service under penalty of law. . . .

In the case of the PPACA, that impact involves a massive expansion of the power and reach of the Internal Revenue Service, the agency chiefly responsible to enforce and administer the PPACA.

One of the key reasons the IRS has grown so large and powerful over the past several decades is that Congress continues to hand the IRS the duties of administering social programs. Now, under the PPACA, the IRS is responsible for the largest social benefit program ever implemented in the history of the nation. To do this job, the IRS estimates it will spend nearly $1 billion just through 2013 in information technology costs alone. Estimates are that it will take a minimum of 5,000 and perhaps as many of 16,000 additional IRS employees to carry out the mandates under the law.

And this is just the beginning. There is no telling what the true costs will be as this program shapes up over the years. . . .

Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains forty-seven tax-related provisions, just four of them promise to impose tremendous administrative burdens for the IRS and compliance nightmares for both individuals and businesses. When combined with the other forty-three, there is no telling what kind of costs the agency will incur in carrying out this massive legislation. . . .

The IRS will be the face of American national health care. . . .

This is going to require the IRS to undertake a massive education program, including the preparation and distribution of publications and instructions to guide individuals and businesses in complying with this law. The IRS must also be prepared to answer millions of questions through phone calls and at its walk-in sites to guide people through the compliance maze. And when there is a discrepancy or people disagree with how the law is being administered, they will have to deal with the IRS to resolve the problem. . . .

Moreover, the NTA points out that as the IRS’s responsibilities are “expanded into other areas, it will turn to more automation and less interaction with taxpayers” in an effort to get the job done. . . .

The IRS’s delivery of phone services dropped considerably over the past several years. For example, in 2007, 82.1 percent of calls to the IRS were answered. Regardless of any wait time, taxpayers got help. By 2011, the number dropped to 70.1 percent. Even worse, the IRS anticipates that by the end of 2012, the number will be 61 percent. . . .

Under current law, there is no requirement to report household income to the IRS. Thus, there are no rules for figuring it and no mechanism for reporting it. The IRS has no means to collect the information or apply it. And citizens have no experience in calculating it. That means substantial changes will have to be made to tax forms and instructions and the IRS will have to reprogram its systems to accept, store, retrieve and utilize the information. Moreover, citizens and tax pros alike will have to be educated as to how, when and where to report the information. . . .

Given the scope of the PPACA, there is no telling how deep the tentacles of the IRS will sink into the fabric of our lives and businesses. One thing is for sure—they will sink far deeper than the typical American ever imagined. . . .

Not since the Medicare and Medicaid Acts of the 1960s has Congress imparted so much power to government agencies to carry out social programs. But those programs pale in comparison to the scope and power usurped by the federal government under the PPACA.

The PPACA imposes costs and reporting burdens so vast, that when added to those that already exist, create a load that’s nearly impossible to carry. I do not believe it’s melodramatic to suggest that the costs and massive bureaucracy required to run this system could bring the IRS to its knees. And if it doesn’t, it would only be because Congress grows the IRS’s annual budget and workforce to previously unimaginable levels. . . .

At approximately 100,000 employees and an annual budget of nearly $13.5 billion, the IRS is already the largest police force in the world. How much larger will it grow under this bill? There’s no way to fashion a reasonable guess, other than to say that whatever the growth is, free people don’t want it and a free nation cannot tolerate it.

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9 thoughts on “Obamacare Enforcement Will Bust the IRS’s Back . . . Or Ours

  1. The incompetent IRS cannot even deal correctly with ITIN's so a U.S. Citizen can file married, joint with his foreign spouse to comply with the law causing the taxpayer (me) to spend over $500 just to send them the forms and documentation that the U.S. Consulate charges $50 PER PAGE to notarize. Now how in the H _ _ L are they going to do this?

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  9. commonsensewoman says:

    Drs can barely keep up with all the red tape as it is…. and now we'll all have to deal with yet another agency…