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Norway Sends a Message: “Mass Murders R Us!”

Written by Gary North on August 27, 2012

The murderer of 77 people in Norway was just given a maximum sentence: 21 years in prison.

That’s 13 weeks per victim.

He becomes eligible for parole in 10 years. If he shapes up and gets out, that’s a little over six weeks per victim.

After reviewing these figures, I decided to write an ad for Norway’s Tourism Bureau.

Mass Murder at a Discount Price for Volume

Would you like to gun down a lot of people? Do it in Norway. The price is right!

No matter how many people you kill, if you do it in one huge shooting spree, it’s one low price! Think of Norway as the Sam’s Club of murder, the Costco of the morgue.

Our region is called the land of the midnight sun. With all those extra hours of sunlight in summer, you can shoot, shoot, shoot till your heart’s content.

The convicted killer hated Muslims. So, he shot liberals who let Muslims into Norway. This was indirect. But don’t worry. You can shoot the real thing, too. Muslims are all over Norway.

But don’t think this offer is limited to Muslim-haters. Norway is an equal-opportunity nation. Jew-haters are welcome, too. Do you hate Jews in general? Norwegian Jews are as eligible as any others. Shoot them where you get a real bargain.

Remember: hunting season is open all year-round. There are no quotas. Pick a group. Bag as many as you like for the same low price.

No hunting license is required.

Get here before the law is changed. Don’t look back some day and think, “I could have killed dozens of them! Maybe hundreds!”

This is is an opportunity of a lifetime. (Unless you’re a target.)

If this sounds as though Norway’s legal system is in need of reform, you may be ready for my book, Victim’s Rights. Download a free copy here.

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48 thoughts on “Norway Sends a Message: “Mass Murders R Us!”

  1. I wonder how many folks in Norway are wishing they had the death penalty, and would enforce it. Unlike California, we have a death penalty but a wimpy gov. and a bunch of activist judges who think our death penalty is to painful. They don't care about the victims. They are more conerned about the "inhumane" way we kill the scumbags. I thnik in California's case, lets fire up the old gas chambers and pack as many killers as we can into it, and start dropping pellets.

  2. This is completely false, Gary. He will be in for the rest of his life. As long as he is a threat for "society" his sentence will be prolonged indefinitely!

  3. Not many people wish for a death penalty, not even now. Also, see my comment below.

  4. Mike Bortnick says:

    Vengeance belongs to the lord.

  5. If the sentence had been 21 years for EACH victim and no chance for parole, he would be serving 1,617 years–a sentence most people would be willing to accept. I haven't seen any article about how the Norwegians or other European Nations feel about the sentence; it would be interesting to hear of their input instead of just how Americans feel about it. I would also like to hear of the Norwegian Courts views on how they reached such a singular, incomprehensible sentencing for this horrid mass murderer…and what about crimes against children, since so many of the victims were children; don't they even care about them? I don't think I would want to vist any of the Scandinavian countries because it appears they have so little value of human life and care nothing for the children.

  6. It is no wonder there is so much violence in the world, they just get a slap on the hand and sent on their way. This man does not deserve to live. And it appals me even more that these were innocent children. Just like the case recently in or around Cincinnati, Ohio, where some black youths beat a man severely just because they were bored. The attackers are animals.

  7. I have already answered that question. I'm a Norwegian, and people are okay with this sentence, because it means he will be in for the rest of his life. It's not our fault that the rest of the world do not understand our court system or that Gary North has sensational articles about it.

  8. And regarding the Cincinnati youths attacking a man because they were bored. How much of it have you heard on the news. Where was Sharpton and Jackson or the president. The president should have come on and said any of these boys could have been my son. Where is Waters, Jackson Lee being indignant? I am so sick of this reverse racial discrimination being ignored. May be these boys identified more with gorillas than people.

  9. AllahisSatan says:

    Gary what do you care? Do you want Norway telling us how to sentence our citizens? As for "outrage" I'm sure there are thousands of outraged Norwegians- outraged that Muslims are raping Norwegian women and destroying their culture while their politically correct Labor Party looks on doing nothing! Make no mistake Gary, soon infidels everywhere will have to decide if they want to "convert" to Islam or to take up arms and send these monsters to see Allah.

  10. Have you taken your pills today?

  11. In Chicago he would get a job with the water department and then on to the red light monitor program….

  12. For everyone out there, if we would do to these murders as we once did, then there would be less of that around, but NO, we have to protect them while the murdered can't ever live again, or bring forth a child, a grand child or even have a future. Making the tax payer pay for these bad a**es forever is stupid. Time to get back to hanging, shooting and etc. This will put a stop to much of this waste of life.

  13. Mvl: Read your history. Educate yourself. Historcially, he is correct. The mass media and governments have been lying to people about the reality of Jihad. It's OK to rape war captives and infidels. Sure there are peaceful muslims, but the core teachings of islam, taken literally, demand warfare against all infidels. That's you and me and…everybody. Infiltration is a favorite tactic. Educate yourself. Check out MEMRI TV, they have thousands of clips from all around the middel east from government sanctioned TV, it wil chill your blood. You'll be angry with the media and government for covering it up.

  14. "…Yahweh’s law allows no exceptions for the prescribed punishment of convicted murderers. Leviticus 24:17 dictates the judgment for intentional, premeditated murder is death. Human life is so valuable to Yahweh that any man (or animal) that maliciously takes another person’s life is to be put to death. Death penalty opponents find this incongruous. They believe life is so valuable it must be protected at all costs. However, the anti-capital punishment advocates are the ones who cheapen life. For example, if a murderer is given twenty years in prison instead of being put to death, the life of the victim has been assigned a value of only twenty years [in this instance, thirteen weeks]. The life of a murderer is certainly not more valuable than the life of the person he murdered. Put another way, the life of the person murdered is so valuable it requires the life of the murderer:

    ' …surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man. Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.' (Genesis 9:5-6)…."

    For more, see Chapter 17 "Amendment 8: Fines, Bail, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/biblelaw-constitut….

  15. The usual claptrap coming from Americans who are not insat in how things work in Norway. He will spend 21 yrs in solitary confinement, 6sq meters of living space and 6 sq meters of simple training eqpt…………….he will never ever come in contact with other prisoners, and after 21 yrs his case will be reviewed and he will serve another 5 yrs, then another 5 yrs etc etc

  16. I don't need to "educate" myself. Are you saying that we are supposed to be at war with "muslims"? Who are these "MUSLIMS"? Individuals of course… Sounds strange that libertarians would collectivize a bunch of people like that.

  17. john you have to remember liberals are idiots and as such are unteachable

  18. ted, i agree and the same should apply to those that perform abortions

  19. chvietvet says:

    The United States Government has apparently killed at least a half a million veterans of Vietnam and later wars to save the money it owes them under the law. The government delayed treatment for diseases caused by agent orange for many years until most of the victims were dead for lack of treatment. Then it denied veterans countless jobs until hundreds of thousands of them died of exposure or assaults while homeless in the streets. These deaths were obviously committed on purpose, yet nobody was prosecuted, indicating complicity by our politicians. Inexplicably, at least two federal employees were indicted for killing veterans. One was a male nurse in a veterans' hospital, who murdered roughly 35 veterans by giving them overdoses of morphine. He was permitted to plead guilty to five of his murders and sentenced to about six years in prison. A female lawyer for the Department of Veterans' Affairs was also allowed to plead guilty to killing five veterans by shredding their claim files for medical treatment. This permitted the DVA to withhold treatment until the sicknesses killed the veteran. Although her file shredding resulted in the death of a great many veterans, she also received about six years in prison for the five she admitted killing. Her excuse was that her father and her husband had repressed her because she was female, so that was good enough for the judge to give her an amazingly light sentence. A veteran's life is obviously worth only about 14 months in prison, minus time for good behavior. Are we really much better than Norway?

  20. I'm not a "liberal"…

  21. Idylewylde says:

    Firstly, Norway is not being run by Liberals. The party in power is Marxist, and openly so.
    Secondly, those nice Liberal Norwegian Marxists are oppressing Christian speech while letting the Ragheads run loose.
    Thirdly, Marxists don't mind killing you and your family to achieve their goals, but get all put out when it happens to them.
    I am not defending this guy … what he did was wrong.
    But, before we start engaging in shallow recriminations, we'd better find out what set this guy off … and that's the one thing that the Marxist regime in Norway supresses, and the Lame Stream Media here in the U.S. supresses .. and now I'm seeing it on this blog.
    You'd better do your homework, Gary … there's a real scary thing lurking behind what happened there.
    Do I know who and what this guy is?
    But you'll never hear it in the media.

  22. hey who knows in a few more years they may bust him out of prison once they figure out the Muslims really do want to take over the world and cut the heads off of those who don't convert to Islam with a dull knife, sloooowly. for those who doubt how these people really think you can watch this video, but be warned this is the real deal for those who have never seen a head cut off with a dull knife. This is very graphic, this is one reason why I dispise a people who have so little regard for the rights of others/or respect for human life. watch it if you want an education in reality, don't watch it if you are squeamish…. http://clashdaily.com/2012/08/graphic-muslims-cut

  23. The labour party isn't marxist. They are social democrats or as Mises called them "interventionists". Sure, they build much of their perception of the world upon the marxist social theory, but they do not want to abolish private "property". Instead they give you the permission to have property, but with a lot of restrictions.

    Anyway, the labour party left their radicalism in the early 80s. I don't doubt that there are radicals still in the party, but they have lost and will continue to lose to the moderates.

  24. arealpatriot says:

    What's the difference? Liberals ARE marxist so yes that country is being run by liberals! In the third sentence you called them "liberal marxists" so you are half right.

  25. This is sickening. Very poor taste.

  26. Seminole Katz says:

    The Islamization of America has just begun. Liberals have sold America a bill of goods ( evil ) under the banner of cultural diversity and Sharia Law. Muslims take over a community, State and Country gradually and once they INFEST themselves they become more bold and enforce their crude belief system on everyone. You can either convert or DIE.

  27. Social engineering always comes at a huge price. The idiots who run Norway thought they could just let anyone in from any country they wanted without any kickback from their own citizens. What a bunch of damn fools – of course there will be kickback and pushback – and in this particular case, the pushback was very very horrible.

  28. Liberals are marxists? Again, do you even know what that means?

  29. I agree it is very poor taste that is why you WERE WARNED if you can't handle it DON"T LOOK, but Muslmis will be Muslims and fanatics about it.

  30. KEY word right their "INFEST" and then take over

  31. richard holmes says:

    I see no wrong with offing liberals

  32. I agree.

  33. Yes, and God's avenger in this world is the civil magistrate whose job it is to administer capital punishment to those guilty of capital crimes ("But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer." Rom 13:4b).

  34. Yes. Christian teaching is so weak these days. While we are never as individuals to avenge crimes (although we can use self-defense), the civil magistrate is to impose capital punishment on those guilty of capital crimes (But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer." Rom 13:4b). The "he" is the civil government.

  35. SHOES THROWER says:

    So then Osama bin Laden waited for the Lord to strike down the World Trade Center?

  36. SHOES THROWER says:

    How did they treat murderers in the old days when they plundered Europe?

  37. So you think you come from a high moral position by saying you are going to torture this vicious jerk for 21+5+5+5 etc? Amazing!

  38. And I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counsellors as at the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called, The city of righteousness, the faithful city. — Restoration is ALL apart of our role on Earth in every level — any system that does NOT restore is a usurper of Gods standards. A usurper PLACES oneself OVER what it's working to replace. — Proverbs 29.2 When the righteous are in authority , the people rejoice : but when the wicked beareth rule , the people mourn. Judges 8.23 And Gideon said unto them, I will not rule over you, neither shall my son rule over you: Yahweah shall rule over you. — we need GOOD preachers to SPEAK truth regardless of their offering plates — Ecclesiastes 12.9 And moreover , because the preacher was wise , he still taught the people knowledge ; yea, he gave good heed , and sought out , and set in order many proverbs.

  39. Heltegaard says:

    I leave Norway to mind its own business. Are we still sending U.S. AID to the OPEC countries? SMAAAARRRRTTTTT!!!

  40. And Obama didnt step forward and claim if he had sons he would want them just like those youths? oh my! Or maybe contact the mans family and say "I feel your pain!"? Oh I forgot…. Only if it was the other way around…. Never mind…

  41. Dennis Bartlett says:

    Annemarie , Shame on you for even thinking death to these fine upstanding citizens . They were abused by their parents , took drugs , someone invaded their turf , someone cut them off (road rage), oversexed , wrong color , just needed to have that computer or sneakers , didn’t really mean to kill them , just scare em’ .
    I do know there have been innocents put to death but when there is overwhelming evidence take em’ out pronto !


  43. Yes, John, and where are these peaceful/moderate muslims when their brothers in faith are committing atrocities ?
    Have we ever seen them demonstrate against terror and murder ? Their culture is not compatible with that
    of European countries, and still various governments let them into the countries they do not like or have
    any intent to assimilate into. The Norwegian Government provided the bomb and the fuse and is now
    "surprised" that somebody with a match came along. Norway used to be a peaceful country with low crime;
    that has changed thanks to politicians who are either stupid or evil. They ought to stand trial along with Anders
    Behring Breivik.

  44. If it was one of mine I wish him out tomorrow. I would be waiting for him!

  45. Given the fact that I heard that Muslims are complaining about the difficulty of celebrating their daytime Ramadan fast in the Land of the Midnight Sun, I'd say the trend toward mass murder is merely an accomodation to jihadi immigrants.

  46. Idylewylde says:

    Are you listening to yourself?
    They give 'permission' to own what was already owned privately before they came to power.
    If you need 'permission', you don't own it.
    So, please, don't tell me they're not Marxists … they've just wrapped it up in a new package and sold it as Liberalism.
    And, by the way, the Marxist arm of that party is still devoutly Marxist, with no apologies.

  47. Idylewylde says:

    Jon .. you're absolutely right … and the Marxists opened the door for fringe groups to do the pushing .. which is what this guy is. He is playing 'liberator' against the Marxist tyranny .. and it worked. His group is gaining momentum .. and I fully expect a very serious wave of attacks against the Marxists and Muslims in Norway the near future.