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TSA Follies: How a Jet Skier Evaded Detection at JFK Airport

Written by Gary North on August 23, 2012

The British paper, The Guardian, ran a story on how a man riding a jet ski close to JFK Airport had his jet ski conk out. So, here is what he did.

1. He swam to land.

2. He climbed an 8-foot perimeter fence.

3. He walked past the $100 million motion-sensor system/video cameras.

4. He walked across two runways.

5. He walked into a terminal building.

6. He asked a Delta Airlines employee for help.

He was wearing a bright yellow life jacket.

The Delta Airlines employee called the authorities, who have charged him with criminal trespass.

Some red-faced bureaucrat with the New York Port Authority released this statement. “We have called for an expedited review of the incident and a complete investigation to determine how Raytheon’s perimeter intrusion detection system – which exceeds federal requirements — could be improved. Our goal is to keep the region’s airports safe and secure at all times.”

Could be improved? How about replaced?

The authority added that “immediate action” had been taken to strengthen security following the breach, including “round the clock patrols of the facility’s perimeter and increased patrols by boat of the surrounding waterway”.

And where was the Transportation Security Agency’s small army of terrorist-spotting experts? No one knows. It isn’t saying. Its outlook: “Let the Port Authority take the heat on this one.”

The Annual budget for the TSA is $8 billion.

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16 thoughts on “TSA Follies: How a Jet Skier Evaded Detection at JFK Airport

  1. Wouldn't it be cheaper to have a man with a pickup truck and a couple of dogs patrolling the fence?

  2. The security were all fooled by the yellow life jacket. He probably looked like a ramp traffic director to anyone watching the monitors. Here's where a little bit of logic would have been very helpful. No one should be on a runway or taxiway without an accompanying vehicle which would be controlled by the tower!
    Anyone, no matter what they were wearing, should be walking or climbing fences without the knowledge of the tower. Guess it's just another: "Not my job!" occurrence!

  3. so, now we have it.. The perfect plan for terrorists to gain close access to our antion's runways. A nine mm GLock could then be used to take out any airliner upon takeoff or landing. Engine function is critical during both of those….. take one out at super low altitude, few pilots can regain control and save the plane.

    I've been saying since long before 11 September when THEY want to take down another plane, no "security" force or system will stop them. Criminal minds bent on destruction, and working together, are far more creative on the proactive sisde than government paid beauroctats trying to spend their budgets well each year…. or bent on furthering a political or social agenda. TSA are a sick joke. Wish Rop Paul was not "unelectable" he's got a plan to deal with them…….

  4. exbuckeye says:

    My only comment – Duh and double Duh!!

  5. Did anyone think to just help the poor guy out?

  6. USAForever48 says:

    Yes, it would be cheaper and way more practical, Peter. And that's precisely why they won't do it. If it looks like it would be cheap and practical, the government wants no part of it. (GREAT idea though!!!!)

  7. sourcesmall says:

    This whole thing seems a bit strange to me. Why didn't he just swim to the other side away from the airport? Don't really know the layout here, so that might make a difference??? But also, why has this now been broadcast to all potential enemies everywhere? Since he did go the airport route, and made it inside, why didn't he just call a friend or someone to come pick him up at the airport? Or did he find himself stuck on the "personnel side" only maybe? The whole thing is just a bit bizarre to me. I have to wonder what was going through his mind as he climbed over the fence (will I be shot at, or suddenly surrounded by squad cars?), or as he walked across two runways (that could be risky to say the least), or as he asked the Delta employee for help. Just what kind of help did he ask for? Can you guys help me get my jetski restarted? Again, why didn't he just find a phone, assuming he didn't have his own cell phone on him (and who doesn't these days) and call someone? Was this a "test" of our security?

  8. probable for the cameras and employee's from a distance, but what about the fence, the motions detectors, etc. all the mechanical mechanisms FAILED to do the job they were designed for and "exceeding government specifications" at that.

  9. no, it is not a "better solution. the easiest would be a sniper on top, or in a building facing a runway, he could get several planes before they could call off further landings/takeoffs, and a much better chance of surviving to do it again.

  10. of course not he was a dangerous terrorist, dont you know the damage that life vest could have done to an aircraft engine??? its called FOD or Foreign (as in not part of the plane, not nationality) Object Damage. runways and aircraft carriers have to check all runways regularly to make sure there is nothing that could cause this (although birds are always a factor), so not their first option was to detain him, then when they figured out the egg on their face, they charged with criminal tresspass, after all he didnt HAVE to climb the fence, he could have tried to swim to another shore, or just died where he was, at least it would have been legal (and yes that was a pun based on the original Judge Dredd Movie.)

  11. How come I can't print the comments to give to a friend to read?

  12. keepyourpower says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Being a female…would they have treated a female the same way?
    Lord have Mercy…the man needed help! Arrest him for trying to get help? Check him out…if he is clean..let him go!
    You should pay him for showing the defect!

  13. 2WarAbnVet says:

    The TSA was probably busy groping dangerous four-year olds at the time.

  14. Hi Peter, NO< you know Obama wants to spend billions more for jobs and help the economy….



  15. forlourned says:

    This is why we need to flipping All grow up. Since a FEW ragheads flew planes and murdered over 2 thousand people we shriveled up into a small dirty corner and cried foul! We have now spent BILLIONS (in fact it's probably past TRILLIONS now due to the DE-valuing of the $) both overseas and at home to produce next to NOTHING to "give us safety". Does this sound "unsound" when I write that a full mandate should be enacted which will Force every single adult to own one SINGLE REVOLVER with a box of ammo now? Everyone will be forced to be trained in the handling and safety of mentioned weapon and children will be given a small DAGGER and also be trained too. Reaching the age of 15 they will be given a rifle and when finally becoming 18 a SINGLE REVOLVER and a box of ammo.. All under less than One Billion dollars or so.
    Seriously; it's time to GROW UP.

  16. awkingsley says:

    @forlourned: Thank you for your comment! Furthermore, all passengers and airline personnel need to be armed with tazers, and the TSA and Homeland Security need to be told to find REAL jobs. I'm sure this would be psychologically devastating to the TSA because they are so addicted to sexually assaulting airline passengers by now.

    In addition, charging someone with criminal trespass who is in trouble and needs help is a crime in itself. What was the man supposed to do – drown himself to give all of the Police State morons respect?