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Marine Put in Psyco Hospital for Saying 9-11 Was an Inside Job

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2012

A non-active-duty Marine posted on Facebook that 9-11 was an inside job. We need a revolution, he said.

He did not specify “Ron Paul revolution.” Just a revolution.

The FBI got the the local police department to interrogate him in his doorway. Then he was arrested. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

When the Web media found out, the police had a PR problem. So, it did the bureaucratic thing. It blamed the FBI.

The FBI also did the bureaucratic thing. It blamed the PD.

The Marine is still “missing in action.” He is still in the local nut house.

How he got there is an official mystery. The FBI says “we know nothing.” The PD says “we know nothing.”

Fans of Hogan’s Heroes will recognize this as the Sergeant Shultz defense.
It usually works.

There were people shooting videos of the arrest. Smartphones make things easier to prove.

So, when will he get out? The officials at the nut house are not saying.

Lesson: when you call for revolution on Facebook, say “Ron Paul revolution.” Otherwise, you may wind up in a nut house.

Also, don’t say that 9-11 was an inside job. Say that certain aspects of the operation are curious and need further investigation. Focus on Building 7, which collapsed, despite not having been hit by a plane.

America is a free country, as long as you don’t write or say certain things. You can think whatever you like.

The Marine has this advantage: the Rutherford Institute, a public interest law organization, is now on this case. The FBI and the police department have bitten off more than they can chew. They will find this out soon enough.

But if you say politically incorrect things, you may not be so lucky.

Fortunately, the head of the Rutherford Institute is an old friend. I figure I can say certain things that you may not allowed to say.

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147 thoughts on “Marine Put in Psyco Hospital for Saying 9-11 Was an Inside Job

  1. so much for free speech

  2. Hatoy Butch says:

    Give this man a camouflage tin foil hat.

  3. dale briggs says:

    to bad that we have no right to disguss second opinions on anythink that comes to mind the 911 has a lot of unanswerd questions on net is alot of opinions on 911 and we have the right to disguss them with out the powers that have been given to Obama to take people of the streets because he says are hate crimes threts agains the govinment Congress should be thrown out of office and replaced with those that fallow the law of the land defend our way of life and my opinion

  4. Seminole Katz says:

    Political Correctness is a LIE. It is simply an attempt to CONTROL speach, which, by the way, is our First Ammendment Right. But when has the current Administration adhered to the Constitution ?

  5. 9-11 WAS an inside job. It was a Mossad operation with complicity of renegade elements of the American Airforce. It was specifically designed to create or manufacture the "crisis", the solution of which is the introduction of the so -called Homeland Security and Patriot acts that have paved the ways for the encroachment of our in-alienable rights and elimination of our constitional freedoms as the communist takeover of America manifaests it self. The solution to the crisis is the exact thing that the conspirators wanted to introduce but, could not do so blantently. Thus the so called event of 911 . America was behind schedule with being assimulated into the so-called New World Order. Give the marine his freedom.He stated the truth.

  6. Obama & his followers have another tool
    to silence anyone who opposes them.
    It’s only a matter of time before they come
    for you & me…… Raymond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTUYL_BFhKY&fe

  7. Is the Obama administration involved in murder?
    Let's take a look at the evidence…… http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/LaPierre-NRA-gunr

  8. Michale CrackMonkey says:

    First off the author (like so many it seems) is misleading in the story. The young man (Former Marine of which I am also) posted that he was sharpening his ax and that heads were going to roll. Now this colorful imagery given recent events is what got him arrested. IT IS WRONG. He should NOT HAVE BEEN Arrested. I don't care if the posts that the Tooth Fairy brought down the WTC he has the freedom to write what he wants. Some will say " oh but you can't shout fire in a theater…blah blah blah" Well Facebook is NOT The SAME Thing. But let's not deceive when we tell the stories. Gary North apparently thought it important to leave out crucial parts of the story. No doubt he felt it would detract from the sensationalism. The problem is when you leave critical components out of the story you are being deceptive and acting like a Democrat. We cannot stoop to their level if we want to win this war over ideology. When we can say and show that the other side lies and we do not then we will win the hearts and minds of many other those who have fallen for the words of the Dark Lord.

  9. Although I think the whole arrest is ridiculous, it seems strange how an "insider" would claim that such an event was an "inside" operation. These radical conspiracies do make people look like deranged lunatics; i.e. Katrina was perpetrated by Chinese weather manipulators and the government blew up the levies, the moon landing was a hoax and the world is flat.

  10. please learn to spell

  11. LAConfidential says:

    …and you can give yourself a POINTED tin-foil hat for drinking the mainstream media Kool-Aid.

  12. And what was the result of the findings for the cause of Building 7 to fall???

  13. Why should conspiracy be such a hard pill to swallow, and those who believe there are conspiracies deemed kooks? Doesn't this frame of mainstream ideology just fuel and give strength to those who do commit conspiracies? Why is it so hard to believe that wicked selfish wealthy people in high places with the same global dictatorial goals wouldn't get together and plot on how they could control the world and its wealth and people. Achieving world power, subjugating all those who oppose their tyrannical goals. Throughout history there have been plots planned out. Dictator wannabes, like Hitler, Stalen, Mao se' tung. Our own government has a history of dirty deeds, like what was done to the Indians. People need to take off their rose colored glasses, and quit drinking the flouride, and watching mainstream news.

  14. The 5 dancing Israelis arrested after eyewitnesses reported them on a rooftop across the river filming the 2 strikes as they happened, who were later allowed to return to Israel by then-NJ-assistant-attorney-general Michael Chertoff. They were welcomed back to Israel as heroes and said on Israeli national TV that they had gone to the US to "document the event".

    Urban Moving Systems of NJ (which shut down the day after 9-11 and the Israeli owner fled the country) whose fleet vans tested positive for thermate, the main ingredient in cutter charges used for controlled demolitions.

    Odigo, the Israeli owned tech firm in WTC whose employees received an email saying "Don't go to work on 9-11". They turned that over to the FBI but the FBI has never bothered to reveal WHO sent the email and has classified the information. The other Israeli owned company that broke its WTC lease and hurriedly moved out the weekend before 9-11 at great expense and penalty..

    Israel is not "America's only friend in the Middle East", Israel has been stabbing this country in the back for 64 years!

    Fox News, when it still had a pretense of finding the truth, ran a 4-part series on Israeli spying in America in October 2001 anchored by reporter Carl Cameron because the biggest spy network in US history had been uncovered just prior to 9-11.

  15. All true, but don't forget Dubya, who said "the Constitution is just a <expletive deleted> piece of paper."

  16. Where do youy get this hooey.
    I have never heard anything like this before.
    Sounds antisemetic at best.

  17. Are they going to detain Willie Nelson? He also said the Gvt. is responsible for 911. I don't know why thees people can't see the pictures of the plane flying into the twin towers, why they think the Gvt. is involved, but if they want to disbelieve it's their right to do so.

  18. Where do you get these so called facts?

  19. Please learn how to not be judgmental. The writer may hail from another country where you may not know how to spell in his language.

  20. Evermyrtle says:

    It was the truth that did him in.

  21. Evermyrtle says:

    They cannot stand the truth, especially when directed at them

  22. Ken Howes says:

    I didn’t know so many nuts were out there. Not one of those hijackers on those three planes was an Israeli. Most were Saudis or Egyptians. Osama Bin Laden, an outlawed Saudi, operated Al-Qaida for at least ten years before the 9/11 attacks. This was not the first attack on the World Trade Center. The first was also carried out by Arabs.

    The suggestion that the Israelis were behind this one ranks with the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Anti-Jewish nonsense, the sort of stuff that was used to justify the expulsion of the Jews from England under Henry II, the pogroms in Russia, and the Holocaust in Germany. Are the Israelis saints? No. There’s still the matter of the attack on the Liberty in 1967, and the various spy scandals like the one of Jonathan Pollard. And I am irritated when politicians talk about Israel’s security first and then our own as an afterthought. But anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli propaganda serves no good purpose.

  23. The facts in the 9/11 situation are plain. It was NOT an inside job, not by any stretch of the imagination. I question the sanity of anyone who says it was an inside job. They seem to have no connection to reality. Popular Mechanics wrote an excellent examination of the physical facts, which makes it clear there is no way it COULD have been an inside job. It was NOT a planned demolition. It was caused by planes flying into buildings. They identified the terrorists who did the flying. Case closed. But putting someone in the psych ward means violating his constitutional rights, because the government is incarcerating him for a thought crime. So I disagree with both sides.

  24. Jim- Please stop & think before posting…. This is the reason my mother will not post her opinions publicly. She is 74 years of age & unfortunately can no longer remember how to spell certain words. Please show a little consideration.

  25. Wedding ring is in for repair

    Since when does a plain wedding band need repairs, along with your watch, for a whole month?
    Another piece falls into place. In a press conference last week Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor was he wearing his watch.
    When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs. No reason was given for the missing watch.
    So it's just a coincidence that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan Can't possibly be that, because although he hasn't gone to a Christian church service since entering the White House, we know he's a committed Christian "cause he said so during his campaign!" ………..And I've got a bridge to nowhere to sell you also.

    This is the same president that spent the Christmas holidays in Hawaii to avoid religious obligations as PRESIDENT at the White House. His children do not receive Christmas presents.

    Let's just face the facts and quit trying to distort the truth, we have a Muslim for president in the White House, and he has no knowledge of American history

  26. American Patriot says:

    Silverstein admitted building # 7 was "pulled" on PTV the next day. I saw him myself.

  27. G Schmidt says:

    Do you actually work for a living or are you living on government generosity?
    Are you a professional blogger in some right wing payroll?
    You seen to be very active spreading paranoia in every conservative web site I stumble upon.
    very strange…….

  28. he was right gee we all know that ok let me see the plane parts thats just one

  29. G Schmidt says:

    and are you surprised by that?
    When you read on these web sites, they always frame the story to convey the agenda they want you to believe in.
    And by the way in my experience, right wingers are much worst than liberals when it comes to telling the complete unedited story.

    I wish Paul Harvey was still alive, because now we never get the "rest of the story"


  31. Thanks Sue…. not sure it was Mossad necessarily, but only a child (or a liberal) would believe
    it was NOT an inside job. Especially Bldg 7 being professionally demolished… the sad part of
    this unfortunate incident, is that one of OUR guys, a US Marine (or anyone who puts their life on
    the line for our country's freedom) is DENIED the very freedom, "Freedom of speech" that he
    risked his life to defend…. a sad day for America. Thank God for the Rutherford Institute! And
    a side note…. this November… VOTE THEM ALL OUT! Have a great day!

  32. I would not call this man a kook for having his opinion on the matter, but I think the scope of the 911 event is too big for this kind of conspiracy. To find 4 suicide crews for the planes, some one to train them to fly without landing, demolition crews to blow up the buildings, alot of poeple in the middle somewhere looking the other way. I think there would be too many poeple involved at too many levels to keep it secret. By now someone that was actually in on it would have talked. Bill Clinton could not get a BJ in the White House without the world finding out about it, I have a problem believing an operation this big couple have been planned for years without a compromise by now.

  33. G Schmidt says:

    Chinese do not have the technology to modified weather patterns or cahnge the paths of hurricanes
    only 2 countries were (or are) experimenting with that. Russia and the US

  34. Jesse Ventura has been saying this for years….so why is this Marine any different?

  35. howardtlewisiiii says:

    The City of London owns Israel. The New York Port Authority INDIVIDUALs and the party who 'restored' the two levels in WTCs I and II were in on it. The building was built disposable. The demolition system installed was retriggered with nanothermate charges to cut the cores or the nanothermate was brought in by the barrel full to mask the original preset thermite, which also was detected by Harrit, et al. The Mossad was present and took part. The coordinators were above the Mossad.
    This Marine who was talking violent revolution, though it may be legally and logically the best solution to today's rapine of America by its federal mewling, prancing, sucking, CFRtv bribed congress and White House, should study the Constitution which warns about getting too far out in front of the parade. Now Janet the Molester, Hitlery and the Obummer push hard for violent insurrection through their constitutional and policy misconduct while congress mewls and steals. i hear the U.S. Marshals are getting ready to start arrests.
    The Marine was more right than his superior officers who have done nothing to help take out the trash.

  36. SO WHY IS IT that this guy was arrested for sounding like he was encouraging a revolution? Yet the black panthers and their comrads shout publically at every opportunity what they fully intend to do to white babies…killing and skinning all white people. And when I hear this they are SHOUTING as if the MOB is already formed and READY. So at what point do these radical crazed meniacs get arrested and transfered to the NUT House for evaluation? After that theater shooting everyone was saying "we need to pay closer attention to what troubled people might say or do to subtly give off clues to their hidden intentions"…."and get help for them BEFORE they ACT". Well, I agree. I also agree that these Black Radicals are shouting out CLUES loud and clear. So WHERE is the HELP they NEED before ACTING out their threats?

  37. American Patriot says:

    I agree 100 %. I worked with structural steel for over forty years and can assure you it never happened the way the MSM said it did. There is no way jet fuel will get hot enough to soften or melt the heavy columns. Get a bucket full and set it on fire, then hold a piece of steel over it and see for yourself. Beside that if you saw the films, the fuel mostly burned on impact on the OUTSIDE of the buildings.

  38. G Schmidt says:

    You do realize you are accusing Bush and Israel, right? Obama was not President and the democrats did not even had control of Congress.
    Commies are not taking over the US or anywhere (mostly extinct with a few commies left in Cuba, Russia and N Korea)…Commies are bogeymans brought forth to shade our real danger. Large corporations and banks taking over our lives and freedoms.
    Please look at the word "paranoia" in the dictionary and get some help

  39. annie get your gun says:

    Wow, every Christian in America needs to stand up to these libtards and yobammy & company. I do feel another revolution is coming soon. We Christians may as well fight to the bitter end b/c life will never be the same if this d****** gets in office again and what would we have to lose. If we went in to battle and God forbid died, we would be in a much better place than we are now!

  40. American Patriot says:

    Right on.

  41. The author writes: “America is a free country, as long as you don’t write or say certain things. You can think whatever you like.”
    This describes a pathetic state of affairs.
    I suspect we all agree this is also true of communist China, the former Soviet Union (and contemprary Russia) and Muslim fascist theocracies. What happended to the home of the brave and the land of the free? Is America merely another fascist state ruled at present by a Marxist ideologue who has issued 120 EOs giving him the ability to control the country in a self declared emnergency?

  42. howardtlewisiiii says:

    Oink oink yourself. This news is O-L-D and C-O-N-F-I-R-M-E-D. What's more, now that the Talmud is out and about, people can consult the Book of Sanhedrin to catch sight of hate in its most inappropriate place as the center of the school of back-stabbing. Moral high ground will soon be underwater when the world finds out what passes through the minds of Talmud devotees

  43. badkarma060 says:

    Correct, they tried in 1993, the blind shiek, was the man with a plan that day, but failed to realize how well built those buildings were. You should have seen the hole that was left in the lower levels. The second attack after years of planing got exactly the result they wanted almost, they expected to knock those two towers over (massave damage and death), instead they went down the way they were meant to, pancake style, one floor on top of the other. Building 7 was small and the weight and shock from all the debris, is what made it come down. That building got hammered, if you were ever down there you would understand.

  44. Those weren't Israelis. They were Arabs. I don't know where you get this "Israeli" stuff.

  45. Southern Girl says:

    I'm not sure of all of the conspiracy theories, but I do wonder how and why a flight school would not have serious questions about foreigners taking flight lessons and stating they do not need to know how to land the plane, only to fly it. Something is messed up about that.

  46. Frank A. McCafferty says:

    Then the muslim obuma husaid al noting in the white mosque better go after all the 9-11 conspiracy organizations and me included, cause I for one wiil say what I mean and want as the occupy wall street organizers and union goons and hate filled blacks say about killing those that oppose the hate filled muslim in the white mosque.

  47. YRofTexas says:

    I subscribe to comments to local CBS news articles. Of the last 4 articles I made comments on (none disrespectful, no indications of any foul language or intent), mostly purely innocent (such as on one about Phyllis Dillar that I liked her and would miss her). That was deleted as well. I am beginning to believe that they leave comments that are adversarial or rude, in order to stir up trouble. To increase other comments. And, they leave no option to contact them to even ask why your comments are erased. I'm thinking that free-thinking speech, that is pro-constitution, pro-American is deleted on purpose. What else can I think?

  48. LibertySteve says:

    And who created AlQaida?? The CIA as confirmed bt Hillary herself!

  49. I am a Tea Partier. While I do not agree with Oduma’s KGB throwing this Marine in the Gulag, I do not believe in the conspiracy that 9/11 was an inside job. It was an Islamic terrorist attack insighted by Osama Bin Ladin. I do believe as Americans, we must all unite to prevent the Muslim in the White House from furthering Islams world domination (one world order) goals. Unfortunately, this country is so divided in factions of KKK,Panters, different Christian religions who feel that somehow, if another Christian faith does not believe as they do in Christian Doctrine, they should be avoided, or condemned to hell. No, we are so Damned divided that many refuse to overcome their differences, and will not stand together to fight against Islamic world domination. Biblically speaking, this will be our downfall, and sadly, Islam will for a time dominate that world. Thank heaven Jesus will return to crush Islam and other hateful groups, and he will wipe the floor with them, and throw them into the abyss to keep Satan company.

  50. This is the stuff we get when less than Half of the eligable voters bother to show up on election day. Some would say their vote does not count anyway. Well if I am wrong all I have lost is the time I took to vote. If the half of the poeple that do not vote are wrong we ALL lose.

  51. howardtlewisiiii says:

    9-11 WAS an inside job and U.S. Marines and other military personnel are being killed as they are forced to murder innocent people defending their homes. This is not war. It is racist genocide and this U.S.Marine is appropriate in his assessment and desperate situations the mewling, sucking, prancing circus poodle conga line congress and the dirty lying rat betrayers in the White House have put foreigners and American troops . Let him out. U.S. Marshals, please do your duty and start arresting these treasonous swine so the people who have been paying your salaries and understand the cost of freedom can enjoy the peace that they , unlike congress and the WH, have earned.
    The British, Belgian, and Netherlands monarchies have lost their slaves and are BROKE(10xGDP). DO NOT ATTACK AMERICA TO PAY THEIR BILLS. Study LIBOR and KNOW THEY ARE BUSTED.

  52. First of all you morons cannot spell – you should at least get the TITLE spelled correctly. Anyone that believes a conspiracy theory is a RIGHT WING MORON and that is all I am going to say about this. What morons we have to live with in this sad country!!

  53. seektruth says:

    It was supposedly due to "office fires". Never before in history had steel girded buildings completely collapsed due to fire. Amazing how three in one day happen to come down right in their own footprint at free-fall speeds.

  54. darrelljr says:

    Lets start a revolution for our rights and this young man!!!!
    Post on your facebook page the exact words he himself did. A statement in support of our 1st Amendment.
    Make it spread nation wide- then let them lock all of us up- who is with me?
    I will, and i live only a few miles from this young decorated marine.
    This is a disgrace to our sheriff and governor, who has done nothing against the feds invading our county and taking a citizen out of his home.- Thus both are guilty of failing to exercise their sworn duty to protect VA. citizens from over-reaching fed power.
    Are you ready to defend the 1st Amendment- LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Rose-Marie Noa says:

    What about all the other people who said the same thing very publicly???? Such as Rosie O'Donnell & other nut cases of her ilk???? They should have been put away years ago for other outrageous conduct!!! They are free! This Marine should have the same free speech rights as they do…..after all he paid for it with his own blood, sweat & tears!!!

  56. blueridge says:

    “I question the sanity” of anyone who believes that amateur pilots who flew only Cessnas (and flunked per their instructors) could pilot, at higher speeds than recommended for these highly advanced commercial aircraft, with perfect precision, on the first try, into not one, but two Twin Towers. If you believe that story than listen to Pilots for 9/11 Truth (see their website), some of which piloted the exact same aircraft and could not even duplicate the Tower strikes in the simulator. And they are former Air Force!

    So with this one irrational plank of the official story, based upon amateur hijackers, the entire 9/11 myth comes crashing down. On this one thing alone the official story cannot possibly be true. And there is plenty of other evidence that the towers could only possibly have come down by controlled demolition in such a symmetrical, universal, and at the speed of gravity manner, as if there was no resistance whatsoever. For that see AE911truth.org for expert opinions of Architects and Engineers.

    No, it was not the government that did it, not an “inside job”. It was an Israeli Mossad neocon job on Larry Silverstein’s private property of the Towers. Google Zakheim and 9/11.

  57. Hmmm.. better not read any of the recent literature on the assassination of JFK being a plot and not the work of one crazy man. Forensic evidence recently coming to light, and people involved at the time finally opening up, are paiting a rather solid case against the "lone shooter" theory, AND the process by which this tale was foisted upon the American public fifty years ago.

    I've read enough concerning the 11 September attacks… and I remember seeing the live, real time footage a number of times.. as with Kennedy's killing.Maybe Kennedy wasn't an "inside job", but it almost certainly was NOT the "lone shooter" Oswald. Maybe 11 Sept was not an inside job, but there are certainly enough "anomalies" to force one to discount the "official story". One more thing: every time the "offical story" does not follow what is easily known outside THEIR resources, there is a reason for the "spin job". SOMEONE is covering up something, and that something is not only known to some, it is dangerous to some.

    Think Fast and Furious…. that "carelsss field operation" is now known absolutely to have been a complex inside conspiracy at the highest levels of our "government", for the ezpress purpose of trolling for stricter "gun control", a political agenda held in high esteem by some of our "leaders".

    There are also a few other "incidents" that, upon closer examination by those close but not 'inside", no longer fit the story put forth by the media…. or the government. Pueblo, KAL 007, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Iran-Contra, Dr, Lee, maybe you can think of a couple others. The "record" of incidents told one way but almost certainly not happening according to the "official story" is long….. the "shoe bomber", the "panty bomber", the "Huttaree Militia", OKC and Mc Veigh, not saying ANY of these are full on government backed conspiracies, inside jobs… just that the facts known today don't fit the "official story"….. my question is "if not, WHY not?" WHAT needs to be covered, spun, changed, protected?

  58. Buzzymuzzwelle says:

    I'm a Tea Party Patriot. This man is retired. He has a right to his beliefs. Though do not believe it was an inside job I do believe
    that many in high places all over the world knew it was coming. I own a dance studio in the suburbs of DC and after 9/11 one
    of my parents who works for the World Bank said that their employees were told explicitly not to travel that week and to avoid
    New York at all costs. Plus many have forgotten how the bank of Scotland made millions on the tragedy and were fined a mere
    pittance. They knew what was coming. We do not know and will probably never know how far up this information went. Buzzy

  59. Just like "those weren't Israelis" bombing the King David Hotel, ones at the center of the Lavon Affair, the attempted sinking of USS Liberty, on and on and on…..

  60. Here's the problem. People knew something was coming down. They didn't know when and where. There was insufficient information to stop it.

  61. Hmmm….. cased closed? Please take a look to the photo that Marine posted. You can clearly see where the fusalage hit the building. A large black semi-crater is clearly evident. Yet there is no damage to the building where the wings of the plane should have also hit the building. When the planes hit the WTC, they left a wide swath, but not at the Pentagon. Plus there is no debris field; no airplane parts, no engine parts, just a blacked out area where an apparent 'missile-like' structure hit the building. Conveniently, that part of the building had been evacuated for 'renovations'. Take a look at Pilots for 911 truth, and then come back here and say "case closed".

  62. Patriot Diva says:

    The first time I heard about the “Truthers”, I thought they were all just democrats and left wing types who wanted to pin whatever they could on George W. Bush. Now after doing a good bit of research, I’m not so sure. I agree with Sue’s post most of all. There are people in the highest levels of our government from both major political parties who have signed on to the New World Order. It is a plan that has been int he works for decades with the goal of a one world government, one world religion, and one world currency. Many of the richest and most powerful people in the world support this evil plan. Some of you may recall a story about Bill Gates recently who is openly advocating for depopulation. Through the use of tainted vaccines, genetically modified foods, and other means there is a plan to depopulate by 90%. Now consider that even with these methods, depopulation by such a large number with a planet of 6 billion people, what do you think will happen? it is hard to comprehend such a vulgar evil plan, that it makes even the most vile villain in amy movie seem almost tame. It is well documented that the department of Homeland Security and other agencies have been purchasing millions of rounds of hollow point bullets. The government in the last two years has purchased millions of long shelf life meals. There are rumors of the existence of 800 FEMA camps designed to keep people in not out. The most frightening thing of all is the talk of millions of empty plastic coffins and the FEMA sites and large numbers of modern day guillotines (SP?) ordered by the government. If all of these things are true, we have a whole lot of trouble on our hands. I have long doubted that our government was in any way our friend. People can laugh and make fun of us crazy conspiracy kooks, but is there anyone out there willing to take the time to investigate and discover for themselves whether these are true? I do believe that there is a well organized and well funded group of people who want a one world government. There have been hints of this for some time. Take a look at pictures of the strange paintings and symbols at the Denver Airport. Look at the Georgia Guidestones. Go to any online bookseller and get some books on the New World Order. What you find will be very interesting. I warn you, you may not sleep a few nights after that!

  63. Many knew what was going to happen and did not show up for work. All details were on the internet. All the pros and cons. Let G. Schmidt go!

  64. Pathos 11 says:

    This commentary is to all of the people out there that think they are immune to having their basic rights ignored and compromised, but think again. What happened to that young marine can happen to you right now, not tommorow not next week but right now.

  65. The Federal Government is Employing NDAA 2012 and Detained a Former Marine, a Honorable Combat Veteran for nothing but his Constitutional Right of Free Speech! The Federal Government does not understand the word 'INFRINGE' in the Bill of Rights! Though I do not know Brandon, I will Stand with a Fellow Veteran who has done nothing but Defend the Constitution! Americans need to Wake-Up before it is to late because once you are behind the Barbwire Fence, it will be too Late! Ask why the Dept of Homeland Security needs 2,700 MRAP's that were designed for 'Combat Patrols' in a Hostile City? Why did US Civilian Federal Agencies, that are not Military or Police, Purchase 1.3 BILLIONS rounds of AMMUNITION in 2012 alone? Why hasn't our Border with Mexico been Secured that could allow a Truckloads of Terrorist to cross and Raise Hell in America? Yet the TSA will Fondle Law Abiding American Citizens in the Name of Security against Terrorism! The only Terrorism I see happening to Americans since 911, is the Tyrannical Federal Government Infringing on our Constitutional Rights!

  66. howardtlewisiiii says:

    9-11 WAS an inside job and U.S. Marines and other military personnel are being killed as they are forced to murder innocent people defending their homes. This is not war. It is racist genocide and this U.S.Marine is appropriate in his assessment and desperate situations the mewling, sucking, prancing circus poodle conga line and the dirty lying rat betrayers in the White House have put foreigners and American troops . Let him out. U.S. Marshals, please do your duty and start arresting these treasonous swine so the people who have been paying your salaries and understand the cost of freedom can enjoy the peace that they , unlike congress and the WH, have earned.

  67. Why don't they put obummer in the nut house? he's done more harm to this country than that marine ever though of doing. I guess I'll be next,

  68. OK he's nuts but is he dangerous? Take a listen to some conservative kids singing for the Veterans Home http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i74GXtl64w&fe

  69. Only half the truth.He lied about the inside job.I agree with the revolution part.Obama should be strung and most of his party should go to the happy house !!

  70. In what context did he make that statement?

  71. Flying a plane is easy ,it's take off and landing that's hard,i guess they were trying to land on the buildings.

  72. Arizona_Don says:

    Looks like everyone on here has an opinion as to how and why someone conspired to bring down the twin towers. I know what opinions are like!

    Lots of accusations but no proof offered or referenced. If it was an inside job who was responsible Bush or Clinton? Or perhaps the Russians or Chinese spies or double agents or who? Even some Jew haters think Israel. The reality is we know “who done it.”

    Anyone who may think it would not have been possible for the terrorist to steer (that’s all they had to do steer it) these aircraft into those buildings is not schooled in Aviation I personally spent over forty years as a pilot and I will tell you it is possible. They do not have to know the systems and they did not have to takeoff or land just steer. Furthermore, the operational numbers meant nothing to them because their intent was destruction.

    Besides isn’t this about a Marines first amendment rights and NDAA not rehashing a who done it?

  73. SonOfLiberty says:

    Well, Then I guess they will have to arrest all the Muslims since they share the same belief.

  74. MightyMike says:

    Get a grip people. He was not put in the "nut hosue" for claiming 9/11 was an insude job [ clearly financed, planned, trained for- during the Clinton Presidency, and Jamie Gorelicks policy of no communication between FBI and CIA helping. Then she id put in the 911 commission. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse] In fact there is a plethora of well meaning deluded people claiming that. Too mamy to put away, especially with limited hold time reviews by courts to have hearings to show if he';s a danger. But his other comments show he belongs there, or we may be regretting another Aurora shooting, and saying why dodn;t someone connect the dots. Well, now they connected the dots!. YOu can't have it both ways.

  75. jjjj

  76. MightyMike says:

    Because Ventura did not included threats of violence!. Duh!

  77. Exactly, and seeing the plain facts right in front of our noses is not being a conspiracy theory nut. This man does too many muslim things, and really nothing at all to show his "Christian" side. The next step will be the lame stream media finally admitting his affinity for Islam over Christianity, but then saying "So what, don't we have freedom of religion in this country and isn't the President entitled to his?" Mark my words, you will be seeing this stuff in the not too distant future, especially if he is "re-appointed" in "His Last Election" as he told Medvedev!

  78. Read about this in the newspaper. I guess they had to publish because it made Fox. Anyway the police claimed he was arrested because he resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer. I believe the videos do not show him committing any acts of violence.
    Above all I think that this "arrest" for re-education was merely a message to the SEALS and their message to Obama to stop the leaks. You will notice that Obama did not even mention any attempts to plug the leaks coming from the WH. So my question is who will be next?

  79. Unalienable Rights. People get that word wrong all the time & I have it right in front of me so I know I'm right.

  80. Mighty Mike says:

    Because we've connected the evidentiary dots and your side just bases it on wishful thinking. You give too much credibility for the THOUSANDS of people that would need to be involved and keep it secret. "If 2 people know someting, it is no longer a secret" There is just as miuch evidence that Martians did it. Yeah thats the ticket. martians disquised as Muslims during Clintons Presidency, communicating with and fooling Bin Laden, etc etc. Got it.

  81. They are black – New Black Panthers. They can't be racist because they are black and apparently aren't taken seriously by Eric Holder so therefore they can say and do whatever they want. I guess when white babies are killed in nurseries and white people are skinned and have acid poured on them, maybe something will be done.

    How come local cops are doing the bidding of feds without a warrant? Would Joe Arpaio do the bidding of the feds like Chesterfield County did? Apparently, this is not the first one who has been grabbed. Came across an article where there have been 6 instances of people snatched and taken for psychiatric observatio in the last month or so. Guess that's to scare the rest of us. Plus it's a way to take guns away.

  82. I don't have to go to another crackpot site. I have better things to do. The mere fact that the plane didn't destruct as you thought it should at the Pentagon doesn't mean it was something else. Numerous eyewitnesses saw it. The mere fact that this part of the Pentagon was under construction doesn't mean diddly squat either, unless you want to credit God for minimizing loss of life. We also have video of the planes flying into the Twin Towers. I watched those numerous times. They collapsed from the point of impact down. You don't do planned demolitions that way. It wasn't the fires that caused the lower floors to collapse. It was the weight and inertia of the material that fell on them. People who claim all this was an inside job are hurting our country. You need to stop. Sure, you have the constitutional right to say those things, but when people start engaging in sedition, that's a crime. It's not protected. Let's say people knew that the Twin Towers would be attacked. (They didn't know what would be attacked, or how.) They still didn't know exactly when, or by what means. The terrorists let us know just enough to get everyone into a tizzy. Of COURSE they wouldn't tell us what we needed to know to stop them.

  83. They found plane parts. I saw pictures of them. Where have you been?

  84. Those of you who claim 9/11 was an inside job instead of blaming terrorists are playing right into Obumer's hands.

  85. I too am a Tea Partier , and a former Marine , and whiloe I disagree with the premise that 9 / 11 was an inside job , it is not that I don't think they are capable of it . They are MORE than capable , and in fact are conspiring to eliminate or nullify our constitution because it stands in the way of the new one world order under communism enforced by fascism . Their biggest step in this conspiracy has already taken place with the election oof Obamass . But he , just like us , is little more than a tool to them , although he doesn't realize it . Every past president in my life time has signed what appeared to be benign and insignificant treaties and policies for environmental corrections , population corrections , property rights , civil rights , health programs , etc: , that , taken together on a worldwide or United Nations level has conspired to he destruction of the United States because our founders anticipated this , thus OUR constitution is their biggest roadblock to world control by a few elitist asses .

  86. Dean Palmer says:

    What do you people think – that we're all stupid cattle out here? Come on! Everyone knows 9-11 was an inside job; if they don't know it, they sure as hell suspect it! And here's why:

    1) There were secondary explosions heard down at street level AFTER the "planes" hit the buildings;
    2) The buildings collapsed exactly like demolition buildings we've all seen on TV. Explosives and shaped charges are placed at key locations in a building's load-bearing support structures and beams, and these are detonated in timed sequence to cause the building to fall straight down. The impact damage from a large commercial jet aircraft and the added weight from the planes inside the buildings would have caused a sideways swaying motion plus a complex torsional loading on the building supports which would have causd a "topple over" kind of collapse. No way these buildings would have fallen straight down – really nice and neat so as to avoid too much damage to adjacent real estate? Hmmm…
    3) No F-16s sere scrambled! All it takes is for ATC to detect a commercial jet to be more than 10 ~ 15 miles off their approved flight plan course and all hell breaks loose. NORAD would be notified immediately and after no contact with the flight crews, Air Force jets would be quickly deployed to intercept. So where were the Air Force jets… were they instructed to stand down????
    4) No LARGE metallic aircraft components were found laying about in nearby neighborhoods. Heavy and massive steel parts like engine casings and landing gear, etc. would have broken away and punched right through the buildings and kept on going when the "aircraft" disintegrated from shear momentum at jet flight speeds. Yet nothing was found. Were the videos and images we all saw on the evening news PhotoShopped? i.e., what REALLY hit the buildings, if anything;
    5) Several building engineers interviewed after the 9-11 event happened said that the World Trade Center buildings should have not collapsed from being hit by even a large commercial jet. These buildings were designed to flex and bend under side loads and high wind stresses so as to absorb the energy of these kind of mechanical disturbances. According to these engineers, a single hit from even a fully loaded commercial jet could not have toppled them!

    It's a bit late, but I think a deep investigation needs to be made and a few heads need to roll on this one! Sorry – I'm just not buying it.

  87. Sorry, but I do not “know” it was an inside job. And no, I don’t suspect it.

    1. I know nothing of any secondary explosions. Even if there were, it wouldn’t prove your point.
    2. No, they did not collapse like any demolished buildings I have seen. All the ones I have seen began to collapse at their base. These collapsed from the floor where the planes struck (and I DID SEE THE PLANES, numerous times on videos). If the buildings are as durable as you claim, no you wouldn’t have seen the kind of sideways swaying motion. And no, they wouldn’t have toppled to the side. They were designed NOT TO DO THAT no matter what.
    3. We weren’t in the habit of scrambling F-16s to shoot at domestic commercial jets, and we didn’t have enough time to analyze the situation to decide it would be necessary. NORAD isn’t observing INSIDE the country. Their observation devices are pointing OUTWARD.
    4. How do you KNOW no large metallic aircraft components were found elsewhere? And since we SAW THE PLANES STRIKE THE BUILDINGS, it really doesn’t matter, does it? There wasn’t time to photo-shop the videos I saw. I saw them within two hours of impact.
    5. The mere fact that some building engineers didn’t anticipate the degree of stress on the buildings doesn’t mean they were designed for that particular kind of assault. And if they were involved in any way in the design, they have a conflict of interest problem anyway.

    I’m not buying it. The people who allege it was an inside job are enemies of our country, as far as I am concerned, and they helped put the Resident Squatter in the people’s house. They’re not our friends. They’ll construct a “plausible” case that will fool people like you. They have to, to accomplish their goals. I’m not buying it. Sorry.

  88. TheHoosier says:

    That it was a conspiracy is true. An inside job possibly. There are enough demented persons in all areas of Government. That it was the Mossad or that Israel had any part in it shows a bigoted anti-semenite individual who speaks without facts but through racial bias. Sad Sue stick to facts not your prejudices.

  89. I have my own theory about 911. We were caught with our proverbial pants down when the planes hit—but some people are saying there were numerous explosions in several floors right after they hit, claiming that our govt was complicit, or involving Israel. I don't believe that. What I do think is that the twin towers had a lot of Islamic maintenance or other employees who set charges on the various floors to either be set off by timing or remote devices. That makes the most sense to me, though I've not heard it suggested by anyone else.

  90. TheHoosier says:

    The NBP is Obamas private organization. Why do you think they were released and all charges dropped about voter intimidation when they had photosof them in the act? Too Obama "used" to march with the Black Panthers.

  91. Tea Party Patriot says:

    Obama and Biden should be in the room down the hall..

  92. Another engineer wannabe flapping his gums about stuff he has no knowledge of. The name calling goes a long way to prove your point. Building 7 was “pulled”, do you have any idea how long it would take to set up that building to take it down as cleanly as it went?

  93. I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. After all, if people set charges, other people would have seen it. This is one of the reasons why I know it wasn't a planned demolition. The kind of charges needed would be bulky, and they would be noticed. Remember, they already had one attempt in 1993, to damage one of the towers, and it took a truckload and all the damage it did was to a couple of floors, but no structural damage was done.

    And to another poster, yes, we were not expecting this kind of attack, and we were not prepared for it.

  94. And your point is? Hindsight is always 20/20.

  95. I am not an engineer wannabe, nor am I male. Even if they did pull it, they did it because of the dangers. They didn't decide to pull it as part of some kind of inside job. I see no evidence it was pulled. http://www.debunking911.com/pull.htm

    Blaming the Israelis sounds awfully anti-semitic to me. Why would they want to kill their own people, and for what purpose?

    Blueridge, big airliners are easier to fly than Cessnas. Furthermore, I saw the videotapes with my own eyes. AIRLINERS FLEW INTO THE TOWERS. Terrorists claimed credit. Sounds good to me!

  96. John Hand says:

    The buildings were hit full force throttle by full sized loaded with passengers, luggage and fuel airliners. The IMPACT each plane made was tremendous. That shook the fireproofing coating off the beams even before the flames hit them. Then the flames burned for long minutes, while above, many many floors of concrete, furniture and people were pressing down. Did you ever notice that the last building hit was the first one to pancake down? Why was that? Because there was MORE WEIGHT pressing down on the burning floors because the second plane impacted much lower than the first one did. And your statement that there is ‘no way that jet fuel will get hot enough to soften or melt the heavy columns’ is really stupid. Do you know HOW they make steel beams? Do you know how they are shaped and bent? Did you know that they are created while RED HOT so they will form and bend? Oh, you didn’t know that. You have never worked in a steel mill like I have? So, did you try your little test? Did YOU get a bucket full of fuel and set it on fire and hold a piece of steel over it to see for yourself? Go on, I am waiting to see this. And you don’t get to wear any fireproof gloves.

  97. John Hand says:

    Crap, Get off it. So the guy was or is a Marine? He said that 9-11 was an inside job. That alone qualifies him as a wacko. And we do not know exactly what happened when the police came and questioned him. If they handcuffed him and took him away, either he said or threatened something. If he was placed in a mental institution, he probably needed to be there. I am retired military but I am not going to sit here and defend this guy without knowing all the facts just because he is or was a Marine. Besides, this site, I believe, is one that tends to be anti-police, so anything the police do is wrong according to them. And when I comment, I don’t hide behind some phony name. If you can’t say it and put your name on it, then don’t say it at all.

  98. John Hand says:

    Please learn to capitalize at the beginning of a sentence and place a period at the end.

  99. John Hand says:

    They used Microsoft Flight Simulator games for training. Not joking, the FBI found this out in the investigations. I am not a pilot, but I have been at the controls of small engined planes, and it is not exactly easy to turn a plane while at altitude and line it up for the runway. so I will have to admit that those two terrorists did a pretty good job of sighting on those two towers and hitting them. The second plane almost missed if you study the videos. One advantage the pilots had, they were aiming for the tallest building(s) in America so they could see them from a long way off.

  100. He said 9/11 was in "inside job" and that got him in trouble? Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth don't say that, but they do point out the many uncorrected fundamental problems with engineering reports about the destruction of the three World Trade Center Towers.

    What few people know is that that over 1700 Architects and Engineers, many licensed and registered, have signed the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition (www.AE911Truth.org) calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center that day … the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 … citing forensic and video evidence supporting Controlled Demolition. While this makes many people uncomfortable, and even dismissive, people who believe the laws of physics hold every day, and who … eleven years after those mind numbing events, realize that the evidence for Controlled Demolition is overwhelming. View their website.

    There are no crazy conspiracy theorists at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, just technical people saying something is really wrong with the explanation of planes … fire … followed by the complete graviational collapse of three modern skyscrapers.

  101. John Hand says:

    The Pentagon was constructed with walls much thicker than the almost non-existent ‘walls’ of the twin towers. Solid, thick concrete. And there is footage of that place hitting the Pentagon. The plane was flying at hundreds of miles an hour, and the particular camera that got the shot (from the side) was not running at normal speed. It was set to take a still photo in movie form at maybe one a second instead of 16 frames a second. So when the plane flies past in the frames, it is just a quick blur, but it was there.

  102. John Hand says:

    A recent one hour report on Cable TV showed some very intelligent research on what actually happened at Dealey Plaza. The first shot by Oswald was fired from straight across (opposite) the Lincoln as soon as it turned the corner. New review of eyewitness reports and a recording of the scene proves that the first shot was from straight across (and down). That shot bounced off a street light overhead and then the bullet went down the street to the right and hit the sidewalk, where it chipped the concrete and that piece flew up and bloodied a man’s face that was standing there at the entrance to the underpass. The round was never found. Then the second and third shots were taken from the angle we have all seen so many times, and laser beam technology clearly illustrated how the second bullet passed through JKF’s body and hit Governor Connolly, who was turned sideways and sitting lower in the middle of the car in a ‘jump seat.’ Then the third bullet was the head shot. All proven, and finally able to convince me that there never was a second shooter on the grassy knoll. By the way I have visited the location several times. It will very interesting to see what Bill O’Reilly’s new book KILLING KENNEDY will ‘reveal’ about the shooting since so much material has been created already through the years. By the way,all you who might have heard that Tony Scott, the director of TOP GUN, etc committed suicide this past Sunday. He was working, along with his brother Ridley, on the History Channel movie of KILLING LINCOLN set to come out next year.

  103. John Hand says:

    MONTHS AFTER the buildings came down, they were finding body and plane parts on the ROOFTOPS of buildings nearbye. But you are right. From the way I got it, while the planes were being hi-jacked and still in the air, GW Bush and VP Cheney, aided by Condeleeza Rice, were in the buildings and setting the charges. Then, using Secret Service details, they were given rides down on Express elevators in time to get away before the planes hit the buildings. They used a new top secret phantom jet that flies faster than light to get Bush to that school so he could be seen reading to students when the planes actually it. Definitely an inside job.

  104. There are 233,000 architects in the United States. You expect me to be IMPRESSED that 1700 of them (some of whom are engineers, not architects) said it was an inside job? I don’t THINK so.

    I believe in the laws of physics. That’s why I know it was NOT an inside job.

  105. van jones said the same thing and obama hired him

  106. Jodie Pessolano says:

    This is so wrong. This is what they did in the former Soviet Union. They committed political dissidents to insane asylums. I disagree with this man's views, but our right to political expression, unless clearly advocating violence, (and that was not at all clear here) is absolute.
    I find it odd that we tolerate people like Major Hassan, who advocate the violent overthrow of our government, but arrest this man. This is selective persecution/prosecution.

  107. I agree completely, and said so. I am very much against the involuntary incarceration of people in mental hospitals for thought crimes. The government does it. They pay for the facilities, and it's their kangaroo courts and judges that keep people there. Psychiatry is a cult. They force people to participate in their sessions, and to take dangerous and toxic drugs, against their will, and will often keep people incarcerated indefinitely if they refuse. You are quite right about the Soviet Union as well. I knew a woman who was locked up in a psychiatric facility for being a Christian. This is very dangerous stuff. The Marine is dead wrong about 9/11, but that doesn't excuse what they are doing to him.

  108. michael cardwell says:

    I WAS IN MY LIVING ROOM BEING ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS SPIRITUALLY AND ASKED THE GOD THE Father to crush the world trade center to powder,they were sticking demons in me and i had no choice they would not let me come to Jesus.My second coisin lives next door to president bush,for years i was held down in mental hospitals to put demons in and damn my soul.They did this to other people to I dont know if central intelligence was listening.They would hold people down attacking them with witchcraft in harris county phsychiatric they even dismembered people,and tried to make them worship the beast.One of my coisins told me a few days or months before the ohklahoma federal building.should we blow up the federal building or the one across the street.People in the mental hospitals used to call 911 trying to report them to the police,and one of my cousins met a guy named mustaffa and said he was in on it from what i remember(the federal building.WHETHER DONE FROM THE INSIDE i DONT KNOW.I do know people were being held down and tortured in that hospital with witchcraft and voodoo and the occult.And they held down a cia agent and fought him one time trying to feed him pshyc drugs.They are cruel people they are not merciful,

  109. RealityBroker says:

    Mental hospitals were/are widely used for political repression in the former Soviet Union and China. The United States joined in during the middle of the 20th century, but little is spoken about this American Gulag.

  110. The New Dealer says:

    He is nuts and deserves to be under a doctor's care. Unfortunately there are so many rightwing nuts, conspiratorial thinkers that are running wild, the shrinks are overwhelmed. The more I read of the Tea Bag Brigade and their zealots, the more I fear that this country is in trouble. Bible-thumping, science rejecting, anti-intellectual crazies are a distinctive threat to our society.

  111. John Beach says:

    In an open, free, democratic society, it is difficult to blame anything other than liberty (freedom is not free and we pay a price for it, however unwittingly). The liability of freedom is that there are those who abuse it. So while we might like to blame the government, the INS, the Border Patrol, immigration inspectors at ports of entry or, now, the TSA and Department of Homeland Security for the lapses in security that we think are responsible for the different America that has evolved over the last ten to fifteen years, it is basically freedom, accorded to people who abuse it, which is the culprit. It is a difficult subject because if we were to limit access to the U.S. based on specific criteria for discrimination, there are those who would see the commonality of right-wing, conservative Judeo-Christianity as the fear-mongering practitioner of prejudice preventing honest, innocent people from entering the country based on their religious beliefs. Since it is impossible to discern the bad from the good, from a liberal perspective, all are allowed to enter without stringent policies which discriminate against all of a particular persuasion to prevent the actions of the few. Of course, the national crime rate is probably are terrorizing as the few extremists of other religions, if the truth be known.
    It is easy and comforting, however, to say that, in an ideal, conservative country, we could do such a thing and not miss the problems and costs of diversity.


  113. like golf of tinkin, right? debunked total inside job.




  117. Some people will believe any insanity that may support their political point of view, and you appear to be one of them, Sue. This is a real stretch, in effect stating that bin Laden and his Jihadis were working for/with Mossad! That said, violating the Marine's First Amendment rights is uncalled for, especially using the old Soviet tactic of declaring those with disagreeable opinions to be crazy.

  118. Michale CrackMonkey says:

    I guess no I am not surprised… But I would also say that in my experience it is really the left that tends to stretch the truth and take things out of context. From Obama at the top lying on every subject that comes out of his mouth to a majority of the Democrats serving in Congress and the Senate. Major Liberal news outlets also known as the main stream media start and repeat lies with impunity. They altered the contents of recordings of George Zimmerman. They made up false accusations about GW Bush. They tell bold faced lies thinking that no one will question them. We see this everyday and it is far more prevalent coming from the left than the right. Yes there are plenty of right wing exaggerations but when it comes to telling complete lies they left seems to be well on top.

  119. And “they“ want Romneys` tax returns,when he took a crap last and paper to prove it. Who was supposed to vet this guy ,they are the ones who belong in the crapper.I hope I`m being politically correct.

  120. If this guy could be tossed into a psych hospital for observation and evaluation, why isn't Van Jones and all of the black panthers and a few other libs in there as well??

  121. I don’t know if you’ve looked into it, but you might want to examine the evidence that contradicts the official explanation of 911.

  122. Rose Kiddlehopper says:

    I wonder that this thought is so prevalent because of the convenience and expediency of putting together the bureaucracies to protect us. We give preference to terrorists over the law-abiding citizens. An example might be of the OWS's with all their crimes and filth being held up as "good examples" while the clean, non-violent Tea Parteriers were painted with a brush of racism, kooks and violent. Is not this what conspiracies do? What afterall is a conspiracy? Is it not to "come together for a particular goal in secrecy? Ahh…Globalism and the breaking of the American Constitution and way of life by stealing everything possible to bring us down. Just wondering…

  123. Maurice B. Craghead says:

    I am also a tea party member and I am for Ron Paul, as the only Candidate who understands why so many are apposed to Obama, and who was responsible for 9/11, but you don't understand that this 9/11 incident happened on George Bush's watch, not Obama's. So is Abama and the Demcratic party the only conspiators? Or is this an international conspiracy, which includes other govenments and people within our own government who have the power to control such an attack? Although it was not entirely our government involved, the danger is not just our govenernment but other people throughout the world. Besides, with the attack on Iraq, we found no evidence that the Iraqs were involved. So, listen to this comutation. They are telling you the truth.

  124. The government had confiscated all videos made by anyone that is know to have recorded the crash into the Pentagon on 9-11. What was then released seems curiously lacking in data.

    I did not know that.

    Protecting national security by keeping videos of the crash a secret, I suppose.

    Speaking of 9-11, what’s in the pods?


  125. Well Mr. Hand, I am a law abiding citizen & am NOT anti-police BUT I have seen, on occasion, the police NOT being so fair to people. They let their little bit of power go to their heads! Kinda like the so called POTUS that's squatting in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!

  126. I am aware of weather manipulation, but this paranoia is a bit extreme.

  127. Hahaha! I'm a media shill? And just why is it that we are both reading the same news article? Hahaha! Too funny! The problem is, you watch too much Television!!!

  128. Even if there were extenuating circumstances that correlate with the collapse, this does not mean that 9-11 was perpetrated by the US government. Even if we offer a hypothetical and say that it was a conspiracy lead by a select few men on the government payroll, they would be treated in the same way as all the other homegrown "terrorists." Maybe you think that every single member of the FBI, CIA, US Congressman, etc, etc, is in on this thing? Come on!

  129. You are like so many Americans twisting yourselves into tortured pretzels of illogic in order to defend the official story. There are photos of trapped WTC employees after the jet fuel had burned up standing at the point of entry waving at rescuers. The Windsor skyscraper in Madrid Spain burned continuously for 3 solid days, right down to the steel girders and did not collapse.

    Also, asymmetrical hits against vertical structures like the WTC (which incidentally were built to stricter and tougher construction standards due to the fact that they housed government offices) do not cause textbook perfectly symmetrical collapses of buildings into their own footprints, not once but twice in the same 24 hours. (Oh, I almost forgot about Building 7 that collapsed into its own footprint the same day even though it wasn't hit by ANY plane. That anomaly was completely ignored in the official whitewash put out by the 9-11 Commission, even though 7 years after the report the commission revisited it and sheepishly admitted that it was still a "complete mystery".)

    That you may or may not have "worked in a steel mill" once does not instantly qualify you as a master of space, time and physics. You, John Hand, are as susceptible to prejudice, bribery, misplaced patriotism and/or fear of failure as any of those government officials who have been covering up for the last 10 years what really happened.

  130. How many Gazans did your oh-so-tolerant Israelis machine-gun today for throwing rocks?

  131. If you are right, this suggests that everyone involved in these investigations were in on the conspiracies and they were able to hide all of the evidence. Furthermore, they would have to either involve every major government entity in their planning of the job or silence everyone who got in their way. With the number of people working for the government this would make the body count higher than the actual number of people killed in the buildings. Meanwhile, they would need to orchestrate a plan that would seduce Obama's team players into working with them in an operation of flawless synchronization. I just don't buy it. I love conspiracy movies, but it works out much better on the big screen than in real life.

    If there was really a government initiative to depopulate the world, there are much better ways to do it. For example, think of all the health regulations. All they would need to do is hire some questionable quack to oversee health and human services and/or the CDC to loosen up regulations that they know to be a health risk. They could introduce viruses that wouldn't even need an explanation. They could target certain people groups, like the homeless population or welfare recipients, that way they could continue to collect more tax revenue or they could just knock off rich conservatives and collect their estate taxes so they could retire early with a more lucrative pension.

  132. If conspiracists are right, this suggests that everyone involved in these investigations were in on the conspiracy and they were able to hide all of the evidence. Furthermore, they would have to either involve every major government entity in their planning of the job or silence everyone who got in their way. With the number of people working for the government this would make the body count higher than the actual number of people killed in the buildings. Meanwhile, they would need to orchestrate a plan that would seduce Obama's team players into working with them in an operation of flawless synchronization. I just don't buy it. I love conspiracy movies (including the new Bourne), but it works out much better on the big screen than in real life.

  133. The Marine is getting screwed.

    President Bush ordered the Pentagon to find sleepers and moles after 9-11. January 2003 I received a phone call [tape recorded] from my DIA handler in the Pentagon. He told me in the next room they [political operatives in uniform] were shredding hundreds of Clinton era files.

    Department of Defense Warehouses Whistle Blowers On Psychiatric Wards
    Link: http://www.semmelweissociety3.net/americangulagmi

    Dan Collins
    US Army MI/MP SFC (retired)

  134. Why don't you find something positive to promote. We have a helluva lot of things wrong in this country as a result of people going to sleep in November of 2008. This 9/11 inside job paranoia is nothing but a distraction, and serves no useful purpose.

  135. Easy. You are Monday Morning Quarterbacking with the help of 20/20 hindsight. Who the hell ever thought before 9/11/2001 that Camel Riders would be thinking about hijacking multiple airliners and flying them into buildings. These were not government flight schools, and even if the CIA or FBI had had some suspicion about something the flight schools wouldn't have known anything about it. Today a Camel Rider without proper credentials and attitude couldn't get near a flight school.

  136. Check the engineering and architectural plans of the Twin Towers and the expert conclusions drawn for the reasons they collapsed. Or, if you get your jollies out of promoting conspiracy theories just remain ignorant.

  137. If that's all it takes to be put in the loony bin, then Joe Biden should be there too. Not only for suggesting that Republicans will put blacks back in literal chains, but for also schizophrenically attemping to imitate someone from the south.

  138. willowspring says:

    You may think twice about the investigation and findings from the demolition of building 7 after you watch this video.
    It will give you the facts, which you feel you must have in order to "defend" or even to believe the 9/11 so-called terrorist attack, so you understand in actuality it was an inside job.

  139. willowspring says:

    It's not the rocks they throw my friend. It is the rockets launched into Israeli neighborhoods killing men, women and children.

  140. All you say may be true but your shouting, bad grammar, and poor spelling don't help your case at all!

  141. Lutetia Vollintine says:

    Clay it was OSAMA BIN LADEN and ALQAEDA that did the 9/11 attacks cause OSAMA BIN LADEN and the U.S. got into an disagreement a very long time ago and he turned against the U.S. and that’s why he had the ones to fly those planes into the buildings cause he hated the U.S.

  142. I agree

  143. joy in tucson says:

    I heard recently that if an ex-military says he is 'suffering' from post traumatic stress syndrome..he gives away his right to ever own a gun!!
    He/she doesn't have to be treated for it..merely admit to it..one more gun control method!
    This man was locked up without any authorization from any authority..Is he still there???????????

    Who knows?…Our govt scares me!

  144. ,Maybe because their clues are not subtle enough? Since then we have political people on the floor of the DNC asking that Romney be killed. Was she arrested? Nope