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How Todd Akin Shot Himself in the Foot on the Abortion Issue

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2012

“When you shoot from the hip, you risk blowing off an important appendage.” — North’s law of unrehearsed comments.

Congressman Todd Akin takes a “no exceptions” position on abortion. Anyone who runs for office who holds this position had better know why. He never did. He still doesn’t.

He is running for U.S. Senate in Missouri.

If you run for office, and you say that your position on the most controversial campaign issue is not negotiable, then you must master the logic of your position. You must also rehearse your answers. This well-meaning dork did neither.

The hard core position is this: “Abortion is murder.” This requires you to call for the prosecution of the abortionist, the nurse, and the mother as murderers. This is the inescapable logic of the position. It is politically unacceptable. So, no one in the anti-abortion movement comes clean on this. This has always been true. Here is the public position: “Abortion is murder, but the civil sanction against murder in my state should not be applied. Maybe the state should impose a fine. I don’t know. But abortion is really mean. I’m opposed to it personally.” It is an untenable position politically. It is an untenable position logically and judicially.

This is why the anti-abortion organizations are useless, and always has been. They soft-pedal the crime. They want votes. The anti-abortion position is tenable only on the basis that abortion is murder, but the heads of these outfits are trying to play politics, so they duck the obvious question: “What is the appropriate penalty for murder?” This is why the movement is hopeless: no brains, no backbone, and no clarity. Its leaders are ashamed of the judicial implications of their position. “No, no, no: we don’t hold that.” To which the reporter should reply: “Then is abortion murder?”

The softer core position is this: “The child’s life must always be protected. The state must speak judicially on behalf of the unborn person.” It is squishy to the extent that it refuses to demand that the state prosecute for murder. The state speaks for all other victims of murder by imposing sanctions for murder, but not for victims of abortion. This is the position of the anti-abortion movement. So, hardly anyone takes this movement seriously. That is because people perceive that the movement does not take abortion seriously.

Anyone running for Congress should take this position: the federal government should have no jurisdiction here, for the Constitution lists only counterfeiting, treason, piracy, and felonies on the high seas as federal crimes. Therefore, the Supreme Court has overstepped its lawful jurisdiction in ruling on a state crime. Therefore, Congress should exercise its constitutional authority and remove abortion from the court’s jurisdiction. Article III, Section 2 states:

In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

Akin failed to understand any of this. So, when asked the standard question — “What about victims of rape?” — he made a fool of himself. He said raped women don’t often get pregnant. His answer is all over the Web and the media.

He moved from legal protection of the child to the convenience of the mother. He gave away his position, and he looks like a dork in the process.

Now the dork has produced a video with an apology. He focuses on the protection of the woman in his video. The judicial issue was never the protection of the woman. It was protection of the child fromĀ  a murderous mother who was the victim of a rape, and who wants to kill the child.

In his answer he says his wording was wrong. It sure was! He makes no attempt to explain his position. He thereby surrenders his position. He says that rape is a very bad thing. Well, duh.

Here is the judicial issue: does a rape victim have the right to kill her unborn child? The dork still refuses to face this.

The Republicans had a shot at a 51-vote majority in the Senate before this dork won the nomination. Odds at betting sites now say the Democrats will keep control of the Senate.

Harry Truman said it best: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Akin should never have run. If a politician cannot figure out why he holds his #1 controversial opinion, he should go into another line of work. Voters will have an opportunity in November to assist him in making new career plans.

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45 thoughts on “How Todd Akin Shot Himself in the Foot on the Abortion Issue

  1. He's an arrogant jerk and needs to get out of DC. He has become what is wrong with our govt…arrogance combined with stupidity…………a very dangerous combination.

  2. Only one misspeak? Biden has gaffs daily and Obama lies daily!

  3. I think Gary North is the one with the problem. He can't be satisfied either way.

  4. Seminole Katz says:

    The number of aborted children in America is fast approaching holocaust proportions. Soon, we will reach and surpass the number killed by Hitler's reigh of terror. God our Father will withdraw His protection of America if we continue on this path. Since Missouri has chosen Todd Akin as their Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate, the party should back their decision. Mister Akin should NOT be forced or persuaded to change his heartfelt beliefs for the convenience of being politically correct. The Politically Correct media helped elect the present disaster in our White House ! Fight for Free Speach ! Fight against Controlled Politically Correct Speach. God Bless America.

  5. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Yep, Akin make a stupid statement; did anyone suffer from it? His opponent voted for Obamacare; everyone will suffer from it. Which of them has done actual harm to the nation?

  6. fdcampbell says:

    Akin misspoke regarding his position as to the sanctity of life. He flunked Politics 101 which says never frame your position in such a way that it can be spun against you by your opponents.
    But, Akin's ethics represent the very best of American conservatism. This explains the "piling on" by the MSM and the Republican establishment. Akin is a man they do not want in the Senate for ideological reasons, i.e., as a man of strong moral and ethical beliefs he is an anathema.
    The "rush to judgement" tells it all, here was an opportunity to get rid of a principled conservative (read "Tea Party type) and replace him with another, more establishment compliant, Republican.
    Shame on Romney and the rest of the Republican hierarchy.
    I suggest that Akin is highly electable, once he finishes his "mea culpas" and moves along with a full exposition of his beliefs and values, which will resonate well with Missouri voters.
    Now, if only his fellow Republicans will shut up and get on with their own campaigns……… .

  7. Give the guy a break. Biden's had so many mulligans its ridiculous. Biden brought up the "shackles of slavery" for crying out loud. That seems a bit more insensitive.

  8. Gary needs to read his son in laws article from today: http://americanvision.org/6278/legitimate-politic

  9. Evermyrtle says:

    Right! And Akin will have few politicians voting either way. If they stir this enough it may win him thousands of votes, when the voters are see the whole story. The Democrats are killers of all things good, the Republicans are gutless turncoats..

  10. Winghunter says:

    So, Romney can say that the only connection he has to the Republican party is his party registration and still become our nominee for POTUS but, Walk-The-Talk Conservative Aiken can’t open a can of worms on abortion? Chew him out and then vote him in to get McCaskill OUT!

    Chart comparing Conservative Akin’s voting record to other members of the House of Representatives on leadership and ideology http://bit.ly/Sb9C7d

    Rape Pregnancies Are Rare by Dr. John C. Willk http://bit.ly/NUwxmn

  11. hepburn222 says:

    Shame on all of the establishment Republicans for finding it so easy to throw Akin under the bus. For once we have a man who is a true conservative and the first time he makes a statement others don't agree with or makes a lot of sense, everyone scatters. With friends like these Republican's who needs the media or the Democratic party? Biden can make gaffes all day long (they're gonna put cha all back in chains) and no one says a word, but Akin misspeaks once and must step aside? Please!
    Whatever happened to circling the wagons to protect your own? Stepping up to help a friend? Instead we attempt to destroy Akin and in return hand the election and Senate seat back to Claire? Does anyone ever think these things through?

  12. winghunter says:


    You want to know the truth about this cluster? Read This: Legitimate political gang rape http://americanvision.org/6278/legitimate-politic

  13. Andrew Burns says:

    Barring rare abnormalities a six year old child has all the biological elements necessary to grow, given suitable physiological environment and adequate nutrition, into an adult person.

    The same can be said for a six month old child, for a six day old child and, for that matter, for a human egg fertilized six minutes ago. The biology is now unchallengeable. That entity, from the moment of conception till its death is a human being. Before delivery from the mother's body we commonly call that entity an unborn baby or, simply, a baby.

    The term abortion commonly refers to the act of removing a baby from its mother's body so as to deny the baby the environment and nutrition necessary to sustain its life if, indeed, the removal process does not, itself, terminate that life. That is: abortion kills a baby, a human person, which person is most certainly innocent of any wrongdoing.

    Todd Akin may have poorly made his case but his perspective on the repugnance of abortion tolerance is right on!

  14. Andrew Burns says:

    Hey! When is the Republican leadership gonna start taling about the Arpaio Cold Case Posse Filndings ???

  15. Andrew Burns says:

    Hey! When is the Republican leadership gonna start talking about the Arpaio Cold Case Posse Findings ???

  16. I hate to break it to ya (not really) but we exceeded the German holocaust many years ago. The people of the United States have killed approximately 55 million unborn children. Our economy shows the impact of this clearly. It hurts the economy, and this is the natural consequence (not to mention the lack of people to support their parents, because their parents never had them). God allows natural consequences.

  17. I am not afraid to tell you point blank what needs to be done. We must prosecute abortionists to the full extent of the law, and put them out of business. They know what they're doing, and no one is forcing them. Without abortionists, there will be few abortions. In most cases, women lack two elements that must be proven for conviction: scienter (they're being told their baby is a blob of tissue) and mens rea (unless they freely chose abortion, which in most cases is not the situation). Prosecutors have the discretion to use limited resources wisely. One woman may have at most a couple dozen abortions (a friend told me of one she knows who had 23, in the Soviet Union), but an abortionist can commit thousands or tens of thousands. If the mother became pregnant from rape, she is still carrying a human being, who doesn't deserve capital punishment for the crime of his father. Rape should not be an exception. Let's support the mother. If she cannot bring herself to raise what is also HER child, then she can choose adoption. If she has an abortion, she becomes an aggressor, no better than her rapist. Most rape victims don't want that. Most rape victims don't even choose abortion. It's a bogus argument from the get-go. It is unfortunate that someone like Akin would not have studied the issue; however, a good candidate must be versed in many issues to stand a chance of winning. You can't expect a candidate to be thoroughly knowledgeable of many issues. That said, abortion is a paramount issue, so I would hope he worked on his position at least a little. But as long as he will support the right to life, I don't care.

    Bottom line: if a woman willfully gets an abortion, with full knowledge her baby is a human being, prosecute her. Among the thousands of women I have talked to about this, only ONE ever showed both mens rea and scienter. In all other cases, prosecute the abortionist, and leave the woman alone. In most cases, she's a victim of fraud and medical rape anyway. In most cases, she has been coerced.

  18. tomnchrist says:

    Another poor article.
    Another reason the republican party is useless, and only a step behind the democrat party on the way to h e l l.
    Self cannibalism will not insure your longivity.

    An Independent,
    looking for a moral and Godly choice. Akins looks better than most to me.

  19. MarthaRice says:

    There are numerous charges of rape that are not legitimate. Men are falsly accused every day so Akin is not all wrong.

  20. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    Todd Akin should take one for the team and he should realize that there's no "I" in team.

  21. Finally heard Sara Palin blow it when she suggested a third party candidate. Todd Akin is terribly old school I will admit, but he's on the right side and would pull out the election if given the opportunity. Romney is afraid to enter the fray because it might hurt him but what would hurt America more would be to not take the Senate. Enjoy some good music my conservative friends this is my girls at the Veterans Home this weekend. THANKS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i74GXtl64w&fe

  22. every replacement would lose. Akin will win and the fake christians will just have to keep their mouths shut.

  23. Abortion is murder in the eyes of God and those involved in it will burn on fire in Hell forever. Now concerning man's law, changes need to be made in The United States to make abortion against the law subject to earthly punishment as a capital crime. What's the use, LORD PLEASE EITHER RAPTURE US WHO BELONG TO YOU SOON and or JUDGE THE USA AND EARTH. The USA and most countries are no better than Sodom and we may soon end as they did. The answer is to . " repent toward God and place your faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ. ( Acts 20:21)KJB. <carm.org

  24. This is true. I got a letter from a woman who seduced a black man. They went out into the wilderness. She continued to seduce him, and when she said "stop", he didn't. She said she had a right to tell him to stop because he was black. She said he raped her. Moral: don't go to a remote spot with a stranger (or even an acquaintance). That said, it doesn't matter to the BABY whether the mother consented or not. If the baby exists, she has no right to aggress against him. Neither does anyone else. It is unjust to punish the baby for the misbehavior of the parents.

  25. The evil democrat baby killing abortion party will do anything to stay in power so they can go on destroying our country. Their leader Barack Hussein Obama is for homosexuals in the military, same sex marriages and had a homosexual Sodomite Party in the white house. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah therefore a vote for Obama is a vote against God.

  26. For sure and Akin shouldn't have to worry to much since Obama got elected President being a Homosexual.Muslim who hated white people and rich people and Christian People and some of those fools even gave him money,Oh and if Obama can get votes from those people and dead people and Dogs with people names and many Illegal and after all the lies he told then Akin should be a shoo in!

  27. Everyone who votes for killing innocent little babies should all be given the chair as fast as they can cook them and bury them! They are every bit as bad as Hilter an like Hilter these babie killers will probably go after old people next! When Obama is voted out in November we should vote all the other Bums out too and start over!

  28. John Beach says:

    Except in cases of rape, legitimate rape, (if you don't like the use of the term "legitimate rape," is it a legitimate criticism?) the right of a woman to choose is not violated. A woman's right to choose begins before sex, before conception and before abortion has to be an option. If God does not give a woman the grace to deal with a certain type of pregnancy and she chooses to abort, she is the one who has to live with the choice and whatever psychological consequences there may be resulting from the choice.
    Just as a Christian person can not receive salvation for another person, it is illogical for Christians to impose their will, as a means of societal salvation, on others who do not believe as they do. One would think that erudite people would recognize this and cease to be obsessed with the issue the morality of the behavior of others. They need to revisit the doctrine of salvation and get "real."

  29. GOP needs to learn not to lynch their own. They stood and watched GW get fried in a hate campaign and they got creamed in '08. They had all the info to argue against the "Bush Lied" mantra. But whimped out and let him get burn. Clinton survived impeachment, and trials. Newt had to leve Congress, but Rangle still decorates the place. I don't mean covering up stuff. Ths Akin nonsense is not cause to drop him like a sack of dung.

  30. I am with you for awhile. But abortion is not just a moral issue. It is about allowing people to kill innocent human beings. It is the DUTY of government to punish those who do that. A woman also deserves protection from abortion butchers who deceive her, and people who coerce her into abortion. It’s not even about societal salvation. It’s about simple human rights: the rights of mothers and unborn babies. A woman has a right to know and love her child. A woman has a right to experience the joy of having a new child. Abortion robs her of both. As for rape, 72% of women who conceive through rape refuse to have an abortion, in spite of heavy pressure to do so. 80% of those who had an abortion for a rape pregnancy regret it. 80% of those who carry their babies say they do not regret it; in fact, no woman said she regretted giving her baby life. Abortion is dangerous for mothers; we deserve better. We deserve protection. Abortion is not a right.

  31. I agree with you completely! Leave Akin alone. He was just repeating what doctors and nurses have been taught for years.

  32. Gary North is the guy who should resign. What an arrogant and stupid article.

  33. consensual sex says:

    How many times has the accusation of RAPE taken place when in all ctuality it was instances like towana brawly and the incident of the lacross players wher no sex actually took place or the woman had sencond thought the next morning and decided she wanted revenge on the man who she voluntarily went to bed with or in other cases the woman fond out the check bounced so she decided to yell rape. I think these are the type of cases that the man was talking about. To me to be a legitimate rape there must be some sort of evidence that the woman has resisted the act and not laid back and said so rape me I'll help you.

  34. We can fault the GOP for this mans bad treatment. He said he was mistaken, and he apologized, but that isn't good enough for them because they are as bad as the dems as far as being fair. They want nothing to do with the T party, they will crusify this man because they are NOT as conservative as they are trying to portray themselves. I told them that every time they called me for donations, and I told them I would not give them any money till they really were conservative. If you noticed, they had no real conservatives giving speeches at their convention. Maybe why God is letting a hurricane happen. Hey guys in the GOP, read the Harbinger. Maybe that will change your minds to do good instead of what you are doing.

  35. I agree with you about the arrogant and stupid article, Annie. I've read a lot of useful articles written by Gary North but I lost a lot of respect for him when he descended to calling Mr. Akin a "dork." You're much more likeable and easier to listen to when you're not so pompous, Mr. North. And I am grateful to Mr. Akin for bringing abortion and the usual exclusions back to the front burner for the American public.

  36. denniskrug says:

    Hey, You're the idiot here ! Todd Akin made a statement that wasn't what he wanted to say but it was just a statement. What needs to be done now is to quit running this into the ground and support him. He made a statement he didn't vote for BIG GOVERNMENT, MORE SPENDING, OBAMACARE, HIGHER TAXES like Clair McCaskill did. Maybe he should remove himself from the ballot but no matter what he SAID he's WAY BETTER THAN Clair McCaskill and what we have now !

  37. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    It's too late to say you're sorry. Todd Akin should place himself above his ego and pull out before it's too late.

  38. We shouldn’t be throwing people under the bus like O and his cohorts do. We should be ashamed even to consider it. Akin isn’t running to inflate his ego. He is running because we need him. If WE turn against him, he will lose, and it will be OUR fault.

  39. And which, incidentally, is largely correct. There are aspects of the situation that make pregnancy less likely, even if it's a woman's fertile time and the man is also fertile. Changes in hormones caused by trauma, failure to release an egg because of the trauma, spasms in the Fallopian tubes, all play a part. When we go around aiding and abetting Democrats who will happily destroy a strong Republican candidate because of a "slip" of the tongue, we are worse than they are. They'll continue to find "slips" of the tongue for every strong Republican candidate. We HAVE to stop throwing our own under the bus.

  40. I'm sorry, but this is dead wrong. Yes, there are women who change their minds and cry "rape." I know a man who lost his career over such an accusation, and it caused me serious harm, because he was my therapist. That said, there is a distinction between not resisting, and actually helping or seducing the alleged rapist. If a person is holding a gun to your head, you are not likely to resist, especially if you haven't been taught how to do that. As our self defense instructor pointed out, if there is one rapist, he must put down his gun to rape you. That's when you act. He also said that 72% of UNTRAINED women who fight back escape unharmed. But it is part of the temperament of a woman to comply, especially when they feel threatened. Another friend of ours had a daughter who was carjacked at 10 pm while leaving her job for the night, and she was taken out into the desert and brutally raped and murdered. Do you think she consented? We don't know if she resisted or not, but I'm positive she didn't consent to being murdered. Let's forget the term "legitimate" rape. It's a rape if it is against the woman's will AT THE TIME, regardless of what actions she takes or doesn't take. We need to teach women that most rapists are cowards and bullies, and that we CAN resist in most cases, successfully, because they are looking for a woman they can bully. If we refuse to be bullied, in most cases that will be the end of it. We need to learn to stay away from locations that are likely to be a problem, and this in itself may not always be practical, if we live in a neighborhood where there is a problem and we have to go to and from work, or when we are in our own homes with the doors and windows locked. We women need to learn to defend our own honor. We need to stop buying the honeyed stories of men who just want to use our bodies. We need to learn to understand male sexuality, and that honeyed words don't mean the same thing as commitment. Training in self defense, staying out of places where it's private enough for someone to get away with rape, and refusing to go to bed with someone we're not married to will go a long ways toward stopping the problem. And before you think I don't have the credentials to make the statements I am making, I will point out that I have a second degree black belt and I teach. And yes, I have been threatened by a stalker, but because I knew what to do, I was also able to escape unharmed.

  41. He will recover, estlabishment repub's will have egg on there face

  42. Seems like there are many that run for office that when they sign up lose their minds and say anything to get them in hot water. The partys they are with will have to end up putting tape over their mouths to keep from showing how big of a behind they are.. If he gets in it will be the republican Joe Bidin.

  43. dick Grace says:

    there is no scriptural basis for abortion under any circumstances.