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Congress Surrenders to the President on Senate Hearings

Written by Gary North on August 22, 2012

The Senate must confirm appointments made by every President. This retains the Senate’s authority. It holds confirmation hearings.

That was then. This is now.

The Senate decided that it’s just too much trouble. It wanted out. So, the Senate persuaded the House to go along with a joint surrender to the President. It exempted 170 appointments from any hearings. If the President wants these people to run the bureaucracies — which cannot be fired — that’s his business.

No more advice. Universal consent.

The name of the law is the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011.

We all want more efficiency, right? We don’t want to see the Senate bogged down, right?

The Senate passed the bill 79-20, in June 2011. The House passed it by 261-116 last month. Obama signed it on August 10.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York explains what this means.

“This landmark bipartisan agreement strikes the right balance between getting important positions in the government filled quickly and preserving the Senate’s ‘advice and consent’ role. It isn’t often that Congress voluntarily takes steps to curb its own power. But for the good of our democracy, the Senate must become more efficient. This reform bill will help to break the gridlock that has dominated the Senate, allowing both parties to focus on driving an agenda designed to create jobs and reduce the deficit.”

I feel so much better now. The Senate will become more efficient. It will be able to pass more laws. Then the executive agencies will implement them with more pages in the Federal Register. It published only 83,000 pages in 2011. This new law will help reduce the legislative logjam. We will get far more pages in the future.

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141 thoughts on “Congress Surrenders to the President on Senate Hearings

  1. Are these people stupid or just plain lazy? Whichever…………NO president should be given powers over the joint houses of Congress. The temptation to control everything is too great for some of these megalomaniacs.

  2. If i had a secure feeling regarding this administration (President) it might not be so alarming. I can only think of how many bozo's were placed in power positions to puppet as needed.
    And WE are footing the bill.

  3. BENinCommieIllinois says:

    @Chuck Schumer- 1) The Senates role in questioning possible Presidential Appointees, is Not a Power…IT'S A DUTY! It's Required that you do so, in the Constitution you SWORE TO UPHOLD AND PROTECT. (aka "Your Job Description"). 2) How is this "Preserving" the Senate's "Advise and Consent" role…When you Cannot Offer any Honest Advice, without Interviewing the President's choice for the position and your "Consent" is No Longer Required? This Dereliction of Duty will be remembered along with all the rest this November.

  4. 170 Muslim appointments coming up.

  5. dale briggs says:

    we the people of this great nation must hold the congress acountable for the miss that has been done by Obama because of there lack of duty to the people that elected them so now we have given him the power to put our enemeys in power of major departments my opinion

  6. Cannot believe, based of the admin's stance on Fast & Furious, the avalanche of executive orders, and the desire to do whatever he wants, that ANY of them would vote for something like this. Wonder what's in the Kool-Aide?

  7. ms.conservative says:

    Well, welcome to the new normal, they don't even have to pretend to be doing their job-just HIS bidding. Do we have any Republicans with any testosterone at all?
    Unfortunately, we have a majority of people who don't keep up with what goes on in this most corrupt and morally bankrupt administration. Part of the problem is our Pravda-like media, who feed us only that which makes the exalted one and his band of corrupt cronies, look good.
    Imagine if he gets another 4 years. I shutter to think how his arrogance and disregard for the laws of this country will escalate if he know that it's his last shot.
    May God help us and bless America.

  8. I do believe the Congress has just dumped the last shred of our Constitution in garbage can. Buh bye America.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    The Senate is also required to pass a bidget as its first order of business. Yer, Chuck the Schmuch hasn't done that in over 1,000 days, either.

    WHAT senate?

  10. The Senate is too busy with its full-time job of collecting bribes/campaign donations to bother with unimportant things like confirming presidential appointments. I understand.


  12. What bidget?

  13. >> we the people of this great nation
    That's the dumbest thing I've read all day!

  14. Pete Baird says:

    we the people need to change this. its easy. just dont vote for any incumbent ever again. dont care how good or how bad they have been. just dont vote for anybody that has held office in the past. not even for dog catcher.. if we do this every election we will weed out the idiots sooner or later..

  15. I agree 100% with you all. Were are the real Americans at? We are becoming a nation of sheep, where is the tea parties, where is the Vets, Washington DC should be so filled up with protest you cant even move, My main question is WHY does Obama have on this country besides Fear tactics to the elected officials. No backbone has any elected officials. The worst thing in our country is there are people who still believe in him (very wrong head in sand people). we the people should stand up and be counted for these scams Obama is trying to shoved down our throats. (and winning)

  16. SicOfObama says:

    You are so right. Now he can place more muslims and black panthers who will continue to take over and finish destroying our country. These politicians are insane, that is the ONLY word to describe them. The senate, the congress, and the house are already lazy enough, giving this power to obama is handing over our country to him his dictatorship!

  17. texasladyjuanita says:

    Does this seem like a good idea? Should we cut their pay when taking on less work? Should we cut their pay every time they allow the Administrative branch to do their work for them- making them more useless each day? It seems that when I look at historical Congressional calendars (both houses of Congress), that they work really odd hours, and they waste their time with a lot of crap that should actually be done on a city or county level (not even state level).

  18. Long live the King! We fought a revolution to get out from under the rule of a monarch . . . . I guess what goes around eventually comes around! And for this they get a salary for life!!!!

  19. Pete
    I think the 2010 Presidential eletion was the last onethe US will ever see…

    I hope I am wrong but we shall see….

  20. Our government has three branches for a reason. Each branch has it's own job. It was designed this way to keep things 'in check'. This latest relinquishment of power to the executive branch by Congress is just one more step toward a dictatorship!

  21. They want to be more efficient. Cutting their pay is the way to go. But Shummer must go. In fact, please publish the the list of congressmen who voted for this. They need to be replaces as quickly as possible.

  22. northbrook says:

    The Senate and House are affirming they are redundant and not needed when the cede their powers to the White House. They are laying the grounds for a tyrant or monarchy – Not what was laid out by the founders in the Constitution. 300 years of governing under a good system of checks and balances changed bty a final stroke of the pen and approval by a weak Congress.

    IT is really time for Change – Vote them all out.

  23. Mo Better says:

    If Congress was in joint session and every member was in attendance and if the Muslime-Fraud-In-Chief and Joey-The-Idiot were present and a comet fell from the heavens on the building, destroying it and everyone in it, would this be a good thing or a bad thing for this country?

  24. Mo Better says:

    I guess the answer depends, eh? The down side is that Hillary Clinton, left-wing Alinskyite POS would become the pRESIDENT. Hmmmmm, not so good. I think you'd have to have the rest of the presidential succession chain in attendance except Eric Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, before you had a decent person assume the duties of the Oval Office….

  25. They are acting like they want to be ruled by a dictator. If they hand over anymore power of authority they wont be needed at all. Playing into the hands of the communist and thief. The loss of liberty will show in the rise of the body count..


    They do not do any work for those they are to represent. They must be replaced. ALL OF THEM.

  27. testament2012 says:

    this is dereliction of duty, all those involved should be reprimanded, fined and or removed from office. If a soldier left his post cause he/she was bored could face a firing squad in war time prison at other times.

  28. Whaat is TREASON? If this is not it I don't know what is. Both houses MUST be replaced with people picked at randon from the street.

  29. Why don't they just do their job. Too busy regulating us to death? Shouldn't they pass a budget as required by law before they streamline? Just a thought. For your enjoyment my girls sing at the Veterans Home this past weekend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i74GXtl64w&fe

  30. If these elected legislators don't want to abide the Constitution and take on the responsibilities of their office then throw ALL these unconstitutional fifth columnists out! The Constitution clearly enumerates their job description and they do NOT have the authority to pass on or otherwise abrogate their Constitutional duties.

  31. Actually THAT was the original intent of the Founding Fathers, a nation governed by citizen legislators who would serve when called by their neighbors and after a term go back to their private lives and jobs. The United States was never supposed to have a ruling elite and government employees with lifetime jobs.

  32. David in MA says:


    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  33. David in MA says:

    Even before obozo took the steps he has I feared America was becoming communist, now I wonder if it isn’t already communist with no future. AND I have also said many in congress have either received visits or phone calls and not very nice ones at that.Like clinton was supposed to have received. GO ALONG OR SOMEONE WILL DIE CALLS.

  34. next two months will see a embattled america. repent. pray. to Jesus

  35. It is very very obvious that even with a majority of republicans in the house most of them are progressives ( communists ) and the Tea Party still has a long hard pull . Please do not let up on them because they are not demonrats , after all , a Rhino is still just a demonrat under another name . Bi-partisonship to demonrats is never a bargain because they are NEVER to be trusted even when they do make concessions , which in the fine print is NEVER .

  36. This just makes me sick…..vote everyone of them out and start over….starting with Obummer.

  37. Especially one I could name but dont want to be incarcerated.This is the dumbest our congress has done so far.Why dont they just annoint the guy and go stay home and let him rule?

  38. Hope they can be unappointerd when hes out of office in nov.

  39. How dare you. That is not your right, privilege or call to make. It is your Constitutional duty, It is not subject to your feelings or desires, you morons. It is in writing, which you cannot change without amendment. How dare you.

  40. howardtlewisiiii says:

    The mewling, sucking, circus poodle conga line prancing congress does it again, making sure they earn that treat they hop up for each time around.

  41. howardtlewisiiii says:

    Congress has out mewled itself. I thought this could not be done. i await other incidents of terminal excessive mewling and prostration.

  42. It shouldn't matter whether this administration gives one a secure feeling or not, it is against the Constitution, therefore, not lawful. And besides, who knows who or what may come to power with this kind of authority in place in the future.

  43. It appears all of our elected in both parties are trying to help Obama become America's first Dictator! We need to vote all of them out in November! Akin doesn't look to bad compared to Obama,Biden and most of our elected in Washington!

  44. MAYA WIERTEL says:

    dO we , really vote for STUPID !…..////// ??????? POLITICIANS !

  45. Edward Shick says:

    Freedom is not Free! , It's still true as was in the Korean war , Why do we have the number of do nothing congressmen , They are well paid and every day my mail box , Phone are used to want more money so they will do there job , 535 congressmen and not one has thought they should check out our Communist President , and ether impeach or try the liar for Treason!?!?

  46. WE dont need the Congress there anymore as long as the President can make all the decisions or use executive authority to do what ever he wants to do. We can now save the tax payers all that money including retirement benefits, RIGHT

  47. This is the most dangerous bill these lazy idiots could have passed. Giving a president this kind of power is outrageous; especially considering who the president is now. Every congressman that voted for this bill should be removed from office.

  48. Congress is nonfunctional. We have lost our trust in Congress. Term limits of 2 terms, just as the pr3esident has is a must.

  49. Past tie for Nullification!

  50. Does the phrase Limp wrist bed wetter, buck passing slothful ding bats ring a bell? If they would do their jobs we could have stopped this mess in 09. Decades will pass be fore we can reverse the mess the Commie n thief has forced on us. We will get rid of him in November but the smell will linger on.

  51. What the hell happened to the US Constitution? My reading of that document says that ALL presidential appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. Was an amendment passed in the dark of night which changed that? As I remember Barak Obysmal was supposed to be an expert on the constitution. What gives?

  52. No wonder we are heading for a dictatorship. We don’t even need a congress if they are not going to do the job they were elected to do. We have a president who has spent $4 dollars to hide his past. Why would anyone spend that kind of money to hide? And why would anyone vote for someone like that? Romney hasn’t spent a dime, nor the other candidates from the other parties.

  53. Where are all the voices of the newly elected Tea Party members on these issues. Silent? Have we been dupped again by complaciency and fear.

  54. Buddy Dotson says:

    Doris C. That’s what he want’s.

  55. Curt Christiansen says:

    This is insane. What happened to A constitution run Government???? Do the elected officials believe that an true american citizen will accept this outrage. This isn't the only bill passed to miminize authority in the Government. To give such an open door policy to a proven imoral and constitution destroying so called president is suicide. I am an Republican. The sell out by the Republican Party is astonishing. I am no longer a Republican.

  56. John Beach says:

    Obviation of democratic discussion, debate and deliberation has traditionally been viewed as a good thing. It is the political divide over principle that is the basis for gridlock and and the alternative is compromise over principle to avoid gridlock. This decision will allow the executive branch to fill positions with people it trusts and with whom it can work, regardless of what the opinions of the elected representatives of the people are. Congress should return to being a part-time institution, run as intended, without all the lobbyists and special-interest groups mucking things up. The cost to the country would be far less, the politicization of issues would be far less and the whole legislative process would be more focused and efficient. When people cease to do things the way they are supposed to be done, from choice regarding sexual behavior to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of jobs, you end up with the current, wasteful, purposeless distraction of issues created by the problems resulting from wrong choices. Plain and simple.

  57. While I, like all the rest of you, am absolutely opposed to this legislation, I also noted that there are a great number of positions in this bill that should be eliminated. LOots of redundancy! For example: Why is there a medical department (or another layer of bureaucracy) under Education? I thougt we already had a Health Department overseeing the health needs of the nation. I can buy a liason position but, a department head? Another waste of my money. There are others. I think you get my point.

  58. Bob Marshall says:

    Barbara, you are so right and our founders warned this could happen if the executive branch gained too much power. our government stated out with a system of checks and balances. today, we are living in a welfare and police state with the weakest congress ever, the Department of Injustice, A Supreme Court who instead for basing laws on the Constitution use their own interpretation of the law. A president who made it clear even before he was elected why he wanted to weaken our economy, our military capability and bring down capitalism. We truly are as explained in Judge Napolitano's book, A NATION of SHEEP and Obama is the Shepard. G.Edward Griffin: "If America is to survive as a free nation, its citizens must become far more politically educated than they are at present."

  59. The US senate just violated the US Constitution. The Congress is not able to give away its powers.

    What the Congress should have done, if these 170 positions were not important enough to require the "advice and consent" of the senate, then they should have eliminated all of them!!!!!

  60. What is the House thinking?

  61. This is more scary than all the other moves this government has made already which have scared me half to death! I agree with all you stated above. Does the Congress not know they are already irrelevant? This move has made them more so. I would also like to know why they think they need to keep on passing so many laws!!!!! Seems we are "over-lawed" and I think our USA is already gone, as we knew it. No wonder the Congress has such low ratings. I thought the Republicans had a backbone when they gained control of the House of Representatives. TERM LIMITS!!! The Congress has given our country away. INEPT, STUPID does not begin to cover their actions. Chuck Shummer is one of the biggest idiots, with his explanation of why they voted for this. If they paid attention to what they are supposed to be doing, they would have plenty of time to get something done. STUPID, CORRUPT, SHEEP (sorry sheep). It's strange to me that all these so-called intelligent people cannot see what their constituents see! Find out who voted for this, and VOTE THEM ALL OUT THE NEXT TIME THEY COME UP FOR ELECTION.

  62. Now what happens when we have a Republican President, do we repeal this act?

  63. I would be ok to flush each and every one of these communist marxist liberals out of office!

  64. American Lady says:

    This is just another sick act by the disgusting potus. I guess it's his way of cutting the spending. If he's taking over for the Senate and Congress (because they can't be bothered) then their salaries no longer need be paid. And come Nov 6th obummer's salary will no longer be paid. Our country has gone to shit; in just short of 4 years we've been handed a death sentence by an illegal who came from no where, did nothing, lied, used us, lied. broken promises, lied, bowed and kissed asses of communist dictators, lied about his obamacare (took $716 million dollars from Medicare to start paying for it), took from social security to pay for college bills so he could look good telling students they didn't have to pay for their college bills, executive order so African-Black children woud be guaranteed educations from childrhood through career; …, cont'd.

  65. It’s amazing how our political environment has turned into a reflection of the emergence of the fantasy dictatorship in “Star Wars.” Is Obama “Darth Sideous?” I can hardly beleive that people are voting for this without some sort of demonic influence dampening their reason.

  66. Uuh, 2010???? WOW

  67. dyfan4ever says:

    It's just plain simple, let vote out many of the House and Congress! It is time for those old people to retire anyway! If you don't do your job at workyou usually get fired right! So let's fire Congress!

  68. Ron Coleman says:

    As Biden would say, ” if things don’t change we are going to have a 3 letter word REVOLUTION.” Idiots!!!!!!!!!!

  69. American Lady says:

    cont'd. deducting money from social security checks from people who helped to finance college educations of their children or grandchildren and have fallen behind in payments, cost of living has skyrocketed under this fool; cont'd.

  70. American Lady says:

    cont'd. a gallon of gasoline was $1.78 when the faker took office .. I paid $4.01 yeserday a gallon and I fill my car at 1/2 tank to try and keep the full cost down and a**hole and his "dainty" wife and Biden use Air Force One like some people use the subway. Spend spend spend for the obamas. The o's came from nothing, are nothing but think they're shit don't stink. If this "hide all my records" pissant is not kicked out of office in November (if there is an election and not an executive order banning it) then that's proof positive he fixed another election.

  71. American Lady says:

    cont'd. The idea of that company from Spain going to do OUR VOTE COUNTING … company the smiling monkey arrnaged through his friend Georgie .. is proving another fraud deal from potus. What is wrong with this country that it cannot get it's shit together and get this piece of feces out of our hair, our country (send him back to Kenya or whereve he actually came from). He's ruining us and our standing to and in the rest of the world. He's made us a laughing stock If he isn't bowing to that commie sheik, he's attacking religions (not his own muslim crap). Every time he went to a foreign country and appologized for America I wanted to ram a railroad tie up his backside.

  72. American Lady says:

    cont'd.I was born here, my parents were both born here, my family and relatives have fought in WWI and forward and are still fighting to protect and defend us and this Chicago local yokel wants our service people to pay more for their medical coverage and has reduced our military budget and doesn't know that the Navy doesn't have generals!! I apologize to Admiral McRaven for this president's lack of knowledge; everyone knows the Navy has the Admiral and the Army has the General. Just like we know we have 50 states not 57 as obooboo thinks and Ohio is spelled OHIO .. any third grader knows that. contj'd.

  73. American Lady says:

    cont'd. One of the best tabloid is Whistleblower, July 2012 issue, "Why Obama Lies". 46 pages covering all of his lies (with proof). You don't have to read any more that this issue, unless you read "Amateur" and see the movie from the book, "Roots of Obama's Rage" what America will be like in 2016 if he's re-elected …. please, my brother and sister Americans, pray and get rid of this satan this evil anti-christ and pick up the pieces of our shatterd nation to once again be the wonderful and respected people and country we were before him. Thanks be to God for all he's given us and will continue to give if we'd just turn our eyes to Him and pray for our America. .. God Bless Us … end

  74. When our government fails to execute its duties then it is time for the people to unite for a common cause. Get rid of every member of congress that ceded it power to the Executive Branch and demand they nulliy all duties that belong to the congress and given to the executive branch. We must take back our government.

  75. American Lady says:

    first part : This is just another sick act by the disgusting potus. I guess it's his way of cutting the spending. If he's taking over for the Senate and Congress (because they can't be bothered) then their salaries no longer need be paid. And come Nov 6th obummer's salary will no longer be paid. Our country has gone to shit; in just short of 4 years we've been handed a death sentence by an illegal who came from no where, did nothing, lied, used us, lied. broken promises, lied, bowed and kissed asses of communist dictators, lied about his obamacare (took $716 million dollars from Medicare to start paying for it), took from social security to pay for college bills so he could look good telling students they didn't have to pay for their college bills, executive order so African-Black children woud be guaranteed educations from childrhood through career; …,

  76. exbuckeye says:

    And these pan sys keep calling me for donations!! Fat chance!!

  77. Chuck Shumer is an ass, so are the New Yorkers who keep voting him back in Office. I'm not sure if we can keep blaming the Politicians when "WE THE PEOPLE", maybe not you and me, but the people of their District's , keep putting them back in Office. New York City Residents are probably the guilty ones that vote for Shumer, the Rural Communities, if any, probably don't know or like him. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  78. What's certain by this new law is that representative government is a thing of the past. The president has been elevated to dictator or one who rules by "divine right". Washington only sees the general population as cattle for being taxed, working until you drop (unless you die as a soldier in one of the endless wars of conquest that seems to be our only national product anymore).

  79. they are the people that elect them are stupid

  80. Now tell me again the repubs are not in cahoots with the demo communists.

  81. grannymac says:

    From where I sit, the members of Congress just bought themselves some insurance. It’s called job security. They aren’t thinking that we just might pull the big wipe-out on Capitol Hill come Nov., because they forget who’s really their boss. Every one of them who voted “Yea” on this deserves to be in the unemployment line come Nov. 13, 2012, regardless of party affiliation. Let’s make it happen!!!

  82. Here is a good idea. When Obummer gets kicked out, why not take the no good Senators with him??? Makes sense to me.

  83. don't be a DICK Jim……

  84. Dear American Taxpayer

    For only the second time in my adult life,
    I am not ashamed of my country. I want to
    thank the hard working American people
    for paying $242 thousand dollars for my
    vacation in Spain .. My daughter Sasha,
    several long-time family friends, my personal staff
    and various guests had a wonderful time.

    Honestly, you just haven't lived until you have stayed
    in a $2,500.00 per night suite at a 5-Star luxury hotel.
    Thank you also for the use of Air Force 2 and the
    70 Secret Service personnel who tagged along to be
    sure we were safe and cared for at all times.

    Air Force 2 only used 47,500 gallons of jet fuel for this trip
    and carbon emissions were a mere 1,031 tons of CO2.
    These are only rough estimates, but they are close.
    That's quite a carbon footprint as my good friend Al Gore would say,
    so we must ask the American citizens to drive smaller,
    more fuel efficient cars and drive less too,
    so we can lessen our combined carbon footprint.

    I know times are hard and millions of you are struggling to
    put food on the table and trying to make ends meet.
    I do appreciate your sacrifice and do hope you find work soon.
    I was really exhausted after Barack took our family on a luxury
    vacation in Maine a few weeks ago.
    I just had to get away for a few days!

    Michelle Obama


    Thank you as well for the $2 BILLION trip to India
    we recently went on. Love ya, mean it.

    P.S.S. We also had a great, great time in Hawaii …..
    Remember the 2012 election is not too far away!!
    It's you little people who make our lives so wonderful.

  85. Korean War Vet says:

    TSgt, USAF, Retired: I have to agree with you 100% on that nitwit, Shumer. I’m sure that most of NYC’s residents voted him into office, but I’m not taking the State’s rural residents off the hook, either; by that, I refer you to the Nation’s farming community, which is heavily weighted down with Democrat Liberals. Those folks enjoy to the hilt the government subsidies they receive to help run their farms, and they know that if they lose their Liberal “representation” they’ll lose an government funding they’ve been receiving for who knows how long…perhaps going back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt days…poor babies: they buy those $300,000 pieces of air-conditioned farm equipment and operate their equipment using GPS gear to keep them right on track, and those that have those tall wind-driven electric fans that produce electricity for some electric conglamorate, and are subsidized for having those ugly things on their farms by the conglamorate…well, they just can’t see losing their hand-outs, now, can they? Anyway,Friend: those are the people that play a big part in voting in the nitwits like we have “running” the country today. Thanks for your service to the Nation, my Friend; another TSgt, USAF, Retired.

  86. Spencer Downs says:

    Little by little, one step at a time! This is how nations are taken over by despots! Suddenly you realize that your power and authority have been taken away, and you didn't even realize it. Damn these politicians! Not a Statesman in the whole bunch! Obviously, these people have been threatened! Next we will see the president declare an emergency and the elections will be cancelled "as a matter of national security!" We will see uniformed people in the streets, but they won't be ours! Then the banks will all be "nationalized" and our money will be confiscated along with the deeds to all property. Then people will begin to quietly disappear, especially those who are dissenters. Churches will be closed, no meetings will be allowed, food will be rationed, and travel will be severely restricted. News media will be tightly controlled and Fox News will be shut down. Conservative radio hosts will be silenced. Then, it's over!

  87. Time to realize that the Repubs are in collusion with the Dems.. They both want the Constitution erased.

  88. Korean War Vet says:

    Patriot, the way to handle this situation is to vote every one of those idiotic bozos out of office, but FIRST write a letter to each of your “representatives” that are up for re-election, telling them that you are voting them out of office and why you are voting that way: this is your Constitutional right, granted you by the First Amendment. Don’t forget to vote in November!

  89. Our freedoms are being chipped away by gutless representatives in Washington. We must remember these people next time they come up for re-election. There is talk that a revolution might take place not in the too distant future? I think that it is happening now but in slow motion because no one is standing guard to protect our Constitution. What ever happened to the word treason? We have a sitting president? violating our sovereingty by violating federal law and forcing ICE to not enforce the laws. We have a secretary of state, Clinton embracing the UN and giving away our Second Admendment rights? and on and on!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Korean War Vet says:

    exbuckeye: I’m with you, Friend: I get those money-begging phone calls myself, and I just ell them to get lost, that all they know how to do is beg money from their constituents, but they don’t know how to LISTEN to their constituents’ comments. They are all a lost cause. Every one of them that are up for election this go-around are finished, as far as I am concerned. Keep fighting, Friend!

  91. I would like to know exactly why we are paying any member of congress. No one man, republicans or democrat should have as much power as Obama seems to think he does, and then the congress just let something else slip by. Oh well, hopefully all the people Obama appoints will be gone in November. I hope when we get a new congress and senate, they will do things according the constitution.

  92. It is merely the same thing that Hugo Chavez, marxist President of Venezuela did. This being the case, America is now a Marxist State. Game over.

  93. If the Senate can't do its job why have them? Their salaries and freebies would cut the budget substantially.

  94. Harold Smith says:

    Odumba is bad enough, now our “do nothing” congress is aiding and abeeting his dictatorship. I am with you. Lets’s replace them all with someone with nerve enough to oppose this “liar-in-chief”.

  95. CitizenOfTheRepublic says:

    The constitution was written after considerable thought by some really very brilliant men and the powers were as equally divided as possible. These wise men feared too powerful an executive. Now we see our House and Senate give away even more of their power, more of their responsibility and duty…to a power-hunger narcissistic communist. Not good people…NOT GOOD. Have we not yet seen the kinds of evil men and women this president selects as leaders? __FIre all of the House and Senate as they come up for election…they have proven that their interests are not in our best interests!

  96. We can all salute the Late Great United States! I was wondering why the "Crickets" in congress, now I know. Everything now comes to light!

  97. Hitler is alive and well.

  98. Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret) says:

    Career politicians are the lowest tyopemof sub-humans. They lie when telling the truth is easier, more efficint and accomplishes the desired ends. Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins and Lamar Alexander have betrayed not only their oath but the entire Republicn Concept of Govenment. This Great Country of ours is in dire neeed of a National Referendum and likely a Constitutional Convention to rid ourselves of 535 Mostly incompetent an/or treacherous servants. I see nothing but more of the same coming out of Tampa this next week. I pray I am wrong.
    In my considered opinion, Ir is way past time America elected a woman to be our President, Obviously one considerably more ethical than Susan Collins.

  99. Patches64 says:

    Why are we even paying these people? They just sit up there on their fat butts and try to figure out how to get more of our money. This form of government just isn’t working anymore!

  100. Liberty49 says:

    I know it didn't change the outcome, but it made me feel better to write my Senators and Representatives and give them hell for being traitors to the Constitution!

  101. Thanks so much for the much needed uplifting song. It's obvious how proud you are of your darling daughters and their talent (yours too). Agree with all you stated above. Congress has no spine, if they let Obama control all they do. Call them racist all they want. DO THE JOB THE PEOPLE SENT THEM TO DO, or vote them out. TERM LIMITS!! Someone stated above about their pay–dock them for every day without a budget, every time they criticize the other party (sick of that), for not being there when there is a vote, etc.

  102. I lost a post due to the fact they had to approve my message. By the time I tried to fix problem my message was gone. There goes some more rules and regulations. We the People are sick and tired of all these rules. We are fed up to here, and then here comes some more. I waited for over 10 minutes, wrote another post while waiting, then received a message that stated my post was too long, needing to divide it into two posts. I comment on different newsletters,etc., and have never had this happen. UGH!!!!!!

  103. I agree with you David. We are in dangerous territory. We must get this corrupt admin. out of our lives!!!

  104. Yes TERM LIMITS. Why can't the American people vote on some of the issues left up to Congress? States do the same, why can't the Federal. Guess they are as afraid of us as we are of them!!!
    Make me sick also, Judy.

  105. What we have in Congress are a bunch of weak kneed yellow-bellied spineless wimps. A bunch of cowards.

  106. We need to sweep 985 of both parties out of Washington in November!—

  107. Boxerbuddy4 says:

    Our current politicians are some of the people on the planet. Why would they give up that process? Lazy? the consequences of their actions will be enormous. They all need to go!!!


  109. This just shows it's not only the President but the House and Senate are all out to destroy our Country.

  110. Even a dictator needs his minions. They all represent themselves, not us the US has been in a corner playing with their computers, texting, facebooking?, they have provided us with an electronic coliseum. We have all developed multiple personalities, dumb, dumberer and dumberest. Now I can even spell like the leader.

  111. ditto,yea!

  112. Too many back room deals and bribes to undo..term limits, NO POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS, Niente, nada nichevo nitz zero zilch. Provide a "narional governmental network where they can televise their BS to their hearts content. One term PERIOD. Maybe a bonus for doing a good job. Nothing else.

  113. Maybe they will replace the czars, or maybe its a way to legitimize them and be able to appoint them as political pay back, this way the populaccio wont have a clu, Duh!!

  114. The bidet they are all sitting on..Do you think that a professional lifetime politician wants his allowance cut, think again. The only way is to close your pocketbook. Trying to Google "no taxation without representation", I know I heard it before, maybe in a dream…

  115. It is us who have become irrelevant. We habe become the ping pong ball in their game and keep getting knip knuped back and forth. And yes to the KW Vet, it is greed that has consumed a majority of our otherwise Once Great nation. And why not steal from the nations treasury, the corporate citizens ( in keeping with the bozo ruling of the scotus) do it all the time, so before any one gets mine..as the saying goes. The only similarity that corporations have with people is that they crap all over us, Our taxes were to go for public works for the good of all. I love capitalism, but this is not it, not by a long shot. A thieving and dishonest parent can not teach his children well. A disillusioned but still proud American. All that we can HOPE for is A deffinite CHANGE, than we can start anew, and be able to say to these hyenas, I RE-BUILT THAT.

  116. Well we now have a dictator in chief in the White House. He never belonged there anyway. Hope he goes back to his homeland, Kenya when he loses in November. Better yet, he should be tried for treason and high crimes and misdemeanors. Well, make that felonies!!!

  117. This is precisely what is wrong, you picked up the typo and missed the substance, shame…

  118. Where have all the Americans gone?
    "Gone to graveyards every one" And no, we will never learn!

  119. What were these idiots served before voting ?

  120. You forgot to say that they will be "foreign" muslims, not Americans…from the muslim brotherhoos.

  121. Just get rid of congress and admit we have a "dictatorship."

    Afterall, what is left for congress to do. All I see that it does is pass every law that obumscum puts in front of them. With executive orders and with the power to make any appointments he wants, and NDAA, he can arrest anyone, and detain them without charges. People they can come knocking on your door, confiscate all you own, and throw you away…..forever. What other power does he need? The judicial system has been infiltrated, up to and including the supreme court..

  122. We don't have time to "vote" them all out….time is of the essence/

  123. Please pay special attention to Sec. 4 of this Act (a.k.a., the "Caesar Bill"), which establishes a "Working Group" that will streamline the vetting process for considered candidates.

    This section provides for the creation of an electronic "smart form" questionnaire for the candidates. Sec. 4(c)(3)(B)(ii)(VI) allows for "modifying" the questions to suit each candidate; Sec. 4 (d)(2)(A) use investigators "other than the FBI"; and, Sec. 4(d)(2)(B) "vary the scope of the investigation" depending on the nature of the position and candidate's background investigation…;

    In other words, if the candidate is "politically" the right fit for the job, then he/she gets the position.

    Wonderful, isn't it??

  124. We have the biggest collection of meatheads that are suppose to prtect us in Washington. Those we elect todo for us have been giving ground and the bidding of our muslin head and his far out left wing. I beleive the people need to let those in Washinton know how we feel about this and their other lazy ways.








  132. texasladyjuanita says:

    The states have the power to change anything they want. They can take their power back. If the United States would indeed Unite, they can force the Congress to change the Constitution – with a concrete definition of range of powers of the states, and limiting the powers of the federal government. No state joined the union for the agenda we now have. For enough of the 50 states to become diligent in this matter, We The People would have to vote in people who are truly on the side of the people in this matter. The states have nothing to lose in Uniting against the Federal Government in limiting its power to original intent, and everything to gain.

  133. It's not a matter of laziness but rather a matter of tyranny! This two-headed one party regime is giving the middle finger to you and freedom. It is time to realize that it will be up to patriots to restore our liberty – isn't it apparent by now! What more do these NWO-ists have to do to convince you that you are the enemy of the state?

  134. Stevieboy 69 says:

    GREAT, more laws. Just what we need. It just goes to show that both parties are the same. I am very dissapointed in the Repubs. Just changed to Independent Party. This whole group is pathetic.

  135. Dick Dzina says:

    Years ago I made a suggestion to EXPAND the range of Congressional review. Remember several cases of malfeance in office by Presidential "personal" advisers and friends who are NEVER reviewed. Contention was a President's personal friends and entourage should be his decision alone. Now this? DUMB! Horrible!. Please request repeal in the next Congress.

  136. dave smith says:

    This is what happens after eliminating the teaching of the constitution in schools 50 years ago. Everyone in Washington except a very few don't understand that gridlock is and was the main purpose of the constitution. Every country in the world passes laws by political fiat we were the only ones who did not. We had a real checks and balance. The signing of that law will head us in the direction of the rest of the failed, unproductive governments in the world. Now who will bailout the world’s failures? We certainly won’t be able to anymore.

  137. richard holmes says:

    It all comes down to treason. One small step at a time. Traitors should be hung.

  138. Congress did not have a Great Leader. How Boehner became the Speaker of the House is beyond me! He doesn't listen to the people and doesn't even listen to his Congress. He does his business behind closed doors with the enemy. That should tell you something. There should be a study to see why "Liberals" are so anti-American. They all need brain scans to see if there's something missing in their skull. It's hard to believe that 1/2 of our Country doesn'tseem to care what happens to America….or their just plum stupid and uninformed! If they are voting for this person only on one issue….they'd better get their seatbelts on…cause it ain't going to matter if he gets back in the WH! He's going to forget everything he promised and give away most of our Country and let Sharia Law become our Law. No one is asking "who is this person in the WH?" Does anyone really know? He came from nowhere and has no legitimate ID. This should set off all the alarms in the whole Country!!! Congress better demand that he prove he is who he is before the election!!!!

  139. keepersleeper says:

    Uh, Ladies and Gentlemen: We are losing our country to a bunch of LOSERS in Congress! Do we need more evidence than this to be convinced that we BETTER WIN IN NOVEMBER WITH ROMNEY? Then, we must hold HIS feet to the fire and get our country back to constitutional rule-of-law! What the He!! is going on?

  140. keepersleeper says:

    I want to see the Tea Party become the usurper of the Republican Party…the RINOs are grazing in the grass and not doing their job to protect us through constitutional ruleof-law! I'm sick of ALL of them-aren't you?

  141. I have an idea to save time and tax payer money, get RID of the House and the Senate altogether and let the stupid president do whatever he wants to the USA. Who gives a dammed anyway! these elected people don't do what the majority want anyway! obama is doing what he wants anyway, just cut out the middle man!!!!!!! obama and the muslim communist are going to lie, cheat, and make laws at will to destroy America.