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Public School Student Is Threatened to Be Expelled: Photo on Her Notebook

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2012

The utter insanity of bureaucratic public education got international attention recently. A 13-year-old California girl was threatened with expulsion because she had a photo of her older brother in his military uniform on her school notebook. She also had a photo of her after-school softball team.

The story got picked up by local TV station KTLA in Los Angeles. Then it got picked up by Britain’s Daily Mail. And why not? Any time a bonehead decision is made by some bureaucrat, the public enjoys seeing the bureaucracy put on the spot.

The girl is in middle school, better known as junior high school. She is in a program to promote better  academics. She is black. In short, she is part of the educational bureaucracy’s target student population. “Save these kids” How? “By prohibiting photos on their notebooks.”

So, they threatened her with expulsion.

They made up a rule on not allowing photos on a notebook. Then, when her mother complained, they sent the mother a list of rules. There was nothing about photos on a  notebook.

After KTLA sent a reporter to find out what was going on, the school decided that the bureaucrat who was making trouble had gone too far, since this was now making trouble for the school.

The school compromised. She could keep the photo of her brother, but the softball team picture had to go. She complied.

So, what’s the problem? Nobody mentions it. Gangs. If the school does not prohibit all photos, some kid is going to put a gang symbol on his notebook. So, the school bans all photos.

It’s like the TSA at airports. If the TSA frisks only people who look like Arabs, it’s racial-religious profiling. The Israelis do it, but we’re not Israelis. So, we all go through the scanning machines. They pull aside some 80-year-old great grandmother. This keeps the ACLU happy, as long as granny is not an Arab.

The school dares not say, “We’ve got dozens of gang members attending, and we will not expel them. So, we don’t let a girl have a photo of her softball team on her notebook.” That would be bad for PR. Parents might say: “Then expel the thugs.” But the school district gets money from the state for all students enrolled. “We need the thugs. They are free money.” This is true, but it’s bad PR. So, the district bans photos of softball teams.

This is public education in America. It is run for the convenience of bureaucrats and thugs. It is not run for the sake of 13-year-old honor students.

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13 thoughts on “Public School Student Is Threatened to Be Expelled: Photo on Her Notebook

  1. dick Grace says:

    These idiots have completely destroyed the education system. Time to take out the trash.

  2. Some Educators are are idiots in disguise. I know. I am a aub-teacher and I see a few of them at every school.

  3. This is public education in Bulgaria . It is run for the convenience of bureaucrats and thugs. It is not run for the sake of 13-year-old honor students.

  4. An we wonder why our children can't pass the ISTEP's. It's pretty obvious to me that the teachers and bureaucrats don't have time to teach our children anything as their time is spent on policing what students have on their notebooks, clothes, etc. which might offend someone else. What Idiots and instead of teaching our children the 3 R's they are trying to teach our children the things that parents should be teaching them for example Sex Education. What foolishness.

  5. Where else but California? I think sometimes we should saw the whole state off and let it drift into the ocean. No I don't believe it is physically possible to do that just in case some nut reads this and doesn't understand a bit of humor is intended.

  6. Admiral America says:

    A lot of kids who were losers in high school return to the system to exact revenge as bureaucrats , and teachers.

  7. Lower the bar and get a check! What a concept!

  8. They should get bonuses for expelling the thugs.

  9. One of my granddaughters is being home schooled instead of going into High School for the 9th grade. The HS calls and wants to know why and tells us that if she tries to enroll because she doesn't like home schooling she will be rejected because they will be full and she would have to go to a HS a long distance away. No problem, she is going to like home schooling. She has friends who home school and she is looking forward to it. It is really sad that our public schools think they need to teach soci-alism and all other isms along with evolution as a fact instead of a theory. As parents, we have a big job of teaching what is right in our homes. Oh, BTW, we live in CA.
    Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old (mature), he will not depart from it.

  10. isn't this the same state that threatened to kick out a kid for chewing his slice of horrid cafeteria pizza into something another kid picked up and started "using" as a "gun"? Or another kid who brought in a photo of her Dad in Afghanistan, in battle kit (with his MBR, of course), and got kicked out because of the "zero tolerance" anti-gun "policy"? Or yet anoher kid who brought in a two inch high soft plastic "army guy" (with HIS MBR, of course) and was kicked out for having a "gun".. yet these same kids get handed concoms, AFTER being taught how to use them and that using them is "normal, safe, right, and good".

    I rememver a guy running for President who had vowed to dismantle the US Department of Education, where a lot of this policy insanity originates… oh, but he is "unelectable"………

  11. 2WarAbnVet says:

    I’ll bet the photo of her brother did not show him carrying a weapon. If it had they’d have locked down the school, and sent all the students to grief counseling.

  12. Idylewylde says:

    I'm now a gangsta? Is that it?
    My kids can be expelled for putting my USMC pic on a notebook? Is that it?
    Only in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia.

    On the bright side, every sane state is now using California as the model of what they DO NOT want to turn into.
    So, yeah, you go California .. you keep on showing us what you are .. because that's the Obama model.

    Four more years of Obama, and we are all going to be living in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia.

  13. Idylewylde says:

    That was soooo right on, Bro 🙂