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47 thoughts on “Dum-Dum Memo From Social Security: Why 174,000 Rounds of Hollow-Point Ammo?

  1. These people take the cake.First of all,they let any Tom,Dick,or Harry go on Social security disability after their unemployment runs out.Then they arm their agents as if they were FBI or secret service,just in case they confront an ornery old grandmother who may be collecting a few dollars more than they should.The Gestapo is here,America.

  2. There is fraud in Medicide and Medicare, will they have armed agents to gun down the poor, the elderly and doctors? Also voting illegally is fraud, will agents gun down illegals and the folks at the DMV who issue the voter card?

  3. robert sargent says:

    what happened to gun control.pretty soon they will be the only ones with guns.that means your freedom is gone.

  4. That is their plan,Robert.

  5. dick Grace says:

    What is the problem. They are from the government and they just want to help.

  6. sounds to me like the SS Adm has an army….there is RAMPANT fraud in SS and Medicare…..and most of it starts in Congress and the Presidency….what was supposed to be "kept in trust (the proverbial lock box) has been used as a piggy bank by Obama and Congress! So much for "TRUST!"

  7. Has anyone asked to see the former purchase records for these government departments? Have they bought anywhere near this many in the past? Why is ammo not bought over the counter by each individual agent as they need them through a voucher or on a reimbursement program. Each agent should need only 100 rounds at any one time. If they wanted more practice ammo, they could supply it themselves. 285,000 rounds seems like a much more reasonable number for the entire SSA department!
    Something is just not right with this whole stinking government thing!!!

  8. Concerned Mom says:

    There is a sworn law enforcement group in many parts of federal and state government that are not well known to the general public because they do there job efficently and are protecting the funds of YOU the tax payer. Many of the major fraud cases involve organized crime and those who would use the fraud to commit domestic terrorism. These Agents must qualify with their firearms two to four times a year to remain forficient (that means a good safe shoot for those who need it spelled out). These Agents don't involve themselves in politics because they investigate and arrest wrongdoers from both political parties or no affiliation. Having family in law enforcement I need to pray everyday they come home alive and safe. Hope you all do the same. Take care.

  9. 590 rounds per agent is nothing when you factor training, i go to the range once a month and burn around 200 rounds (about 2hours of practice) over a year I burn 2400 rounds not counting times when I play with my non self defense weapons. If anything social security Leo's should be mocked for their shoddy training regiment.

  10. The intent is to have the liberal control of the non-military elements of the federal governmemnt where the Dems appoint and selectively hire people with Dem/liberal pasts preferences. The military is predominately conservative but the latest downsizing is selectively rifting the conservatives and not the liberals. See a pattern for the New Communist America?
    The ammunition being purchased by the non-military is astounding from DHS to SS and otherssuch as NOAH(?). What are they going to do with the ammunition? Shoot the tornados and hurricanes? I think they are tryi8ng to tie up the US production capacity so the individuals cannot get ammunition for their guns. Best for the Ammunition companies to forego the government procurements and manufacture for the non-government sector as at the least their money actually exist and is not funny money or borrowed (if a reality).

  11. Steve Bergstrom says:

    I'm from the government. I'm here to help you. And, I;m not happy 'till you're not happy!

  12. Well then,lets just add sniper-training to their regimen.

  13. I remember what Reagan said about that ….. lol

  14. I believe LTB hit the nail on the head…I shoot as often as I can and that many rounds per person is WAY high…The objective is to tie up ammo suppliers…i would strongly suggest buying as much ammo for your particular needs and stockpile asap…Avoid the bulk Russian ammo advertised in many shooter's catalogs; it jams due to a plastic jacket that is out of tolerance…Ex -Navy shooter…

  15. Sgt. York says:

    when O'Vomit gets reelected and the"yes Sir" boys will need protection. Our taxes will go up 3oo% as he shoves taxes up to the top. well get use to it as it will be the norm if O'Vomit gets a second term,which will lead us into a life time of Commie Muslim life here in America. count your guns boys,keep your powder dry,lock and load and sight your target.

  16. Did anyone catch the fopa in the first line? They listed, 357 hollow point(dum-dum) ammo. The two are nowhere the same. They are trying to demonize hollow point ammo. Dum-dum ammo is made by cutting an x in the ammo nose. When hit with a dum-dum round it separates into 4 pieces. The British used this round in one of the uprising in one of their colonies. The ammo they were issued was ineffective in stopping the local militants when they were hopped up with their drug of choice. After that "war" the world's governments united to ban the use of dum-dum bullets. As most people do not know the background, only that dum-dum bullets are VERY bad, they will go along with banning hollow point ammo. This is just the foot in the door!!!
    Please feel free to cut, paste and send it to anyone that you think doesn't know the difference.

  17. but do you use hollow-points for target practice?

  18. wiltedrosemarybush says:

    The SSA (and NOAA, etc.) should not have ***ANY*** armed agents. If their investigators discover fraud, they should have to work with either local police (ideally) or, if necessary, the FBI, to make the arrest. At no point should they be in a gunfight!

  19. I didn't know if anybody else caught that error. Seems no matter what the subject, the media has to spin it.

  20. James Kirksey says:

    I am strongly in favor of 2nd Amendment rights and also suspiciousof all the government agencies purchasing deadly ammuniton in large quanities. As a veteran, i feel this is a panic action brought about by fear of an uprising of citizens in oppositon to Obama's attempts to have a totalitarian government, contrary to our Constitution. However, in all fariness the SSA has an enforcement branch, which is armed. About 40 years ago, one of these agents used my National Guard Armory to store confiscated property while a case was under litigation. These SSA agents work in hostile environments and use force to enforce the laws. Inversely, this could be just a secret direcive from the Whitehouse, to stock up before Obama's big surprise of more anarchy. James Kirksey

  21. I am a concealed hand gun instructor and I recommend that my students go to the range at least once a month for practice and that the fire no less than 100 rounds, so that is 1200 rounds a year to maintain their civilian skill level. Most law enforcement organizations have to qualify their officers once a quarter, using the ammo they are authorized to carry. This training will burn a minimum of 150 rounds, that’s 600 rounds per year per officer, not to mention that most responsible LEO’s go to the range at least every other month just to maintain their skill level. So 174,000 rounds of ammo might sound high on the surface but in reality the should probably be buying more just to cover the number of time their responsible officers train on their on time!!

  22. charles hyslop says:

    i have never used hollow points for practice they cost to much

  23. 590 rounds per???

  24. Practice what you shoot and shoot what you practice is the mantra of self-defense instructors. I am one.

  25. Thank God for you Chuck. Most people think we would be terrorist types for the amount of ammo we have as instructors. I too am an instructor for personal protection. My newbies ask much ammo to bring to training I say a minimum of 100 rounds. I agree with 100 round per month minimum as well.

  26. I check Wiki because I have not heard that phrase in years. The 'dum-dum' was a British military bullet developed for use in India – at the Dum-Dum Arsenal – on the North West Frontier in the late 1890s.

    The dum-dum comprised a jacketed .303 bullet with the jacket nose open to expose its lead core. The aim was to improve the bullet's effectiveness by increasing its expansion upon impact.

    The phrase 'dum-dum' was later taken to include any soft-nosed or hollow pointed bullet. The Hague Convention of 1899 outlawed the use of dum-dum bullets during warfare.

    During the First World War the Belgian government faced German charges of having used dum-dum bullets in battle. Kaiser Wilhelm II wrote a telegram to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson on 7 September 1914 protesting such use; the Belgians strongly denied the Kaiser's charges.

  27. Maybe the gov't. (obama) is planning something is egregious that the ENTIRE public will rise up, not just the patriots!!

  28. Pure Bull!

  29. Actually 590 rds is not very much per officer. Just in practice i would fire around 1,000 rds per year. The agents are Police Officers so they are authorized by Federal Law, like most States to carry a firearms. I just surprised that they are carrying a revolver. I would think they would arm them with a semi-auto like most agencies these days.

  30. Korean Vet says:


    You know what the Gipper used to say when the government is hear to help you, that's when the big trouble begins.

  31. Korean Vet says:

    Sgt. York,

    And buy lots of that stuff they call LEAD

  32. I worked for Social Security for over forty years, retiring in late 2009. I never haerd of having any armed special agents and never saw amy federal job descriptions for them. If I had, I would have applied for one of them. I did deal with SSA OIG agents on several different investigations. None of them were armed. If they felt weapons were needed, they wold eithe arrange for a US Marshall or a Federal Protecive Service escort. In either case, neither was armed with a 357. they carried either a 38 special(FPS) or a 9mm semi auto (US marshall) If SSA is buying all that 357 ammo, isn't it strange that no one has mentioned any orders to buy theguns that shoot it?

  33. Jackiesue says:

    Whjy would you train with hollow point ammunition?

  34. Question is what is really behind this. Why does the NOAA need ammo as well

  35. exbuckeye says:

    Maybe they ALL know something we dont.

    Maybe the government is gonna put the kibosh on ammo manufacture and all these
    agencies intend to get their supplies in before that happens.
    Maybe by overloading the 'system' there wont be enuf remaining manufacrturing
    capability to make ammo for private sale – gun control by default!.
    Think maybe either of these scenarios make sense???

  36. Korean Vet says:

    Back in the days when i used to shoot 600 to 700 rounds a month always bought by the case.
    And did much reloading as well, not even close to that number at this point in my life, but i still try to go once a month
    not to lose my touch.
    The Golden Years are not so Golden

  37. I've had to visit the local Social Security off where I live. I noticed that the security officer on duty now carries a gun. I don't think they did in the past, but it could have been that I just didn't notice. On one of my most recent visits, I wanted to ask him if that gun was for his protection or mine? I didn't, for fear of perhaps being wrongly scrutinized. If more people had conceal/carry permits, there would be far fewer crazies out there thinking they can just shoot up a place and get way with it with no fear of being taken out by a law abiding citizen who has the legal right to carry.

  38. exbuckeye says:

    I came back here from the next article in line – about the army needing a new kind of RIOT helmet. (???)
    . http://teapartyeconomist.com/2012/08/21/army-need
    If they didnt have somethiung up their sleeve (besides their arm) they wouldnt be planning for -riots-
    would they?? Duh!!!

  39. Tracy Lynge, deputy assistant inspector general with the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General explains:

    And the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action illuminates. Please read instead of leaping to conclusions.

  40. Canadian Friend says:

    You Americans are in trouble. Your Federal Government is preparing for civil war, buying billions of rounds of handgun ammunition for all of the departments that have armed personnel. The only conceivable reason for so much ammo is having to control and/or fight millions of people. Since invasion is not feasible, it has to be a war against their own people. I'm worried for you. We're praying for you.

  41. Hope you are just being….well Uknow.

  42. Maybe the government is in worse shape than either party will let on. So, when the checks are suppose to go out there won't be ONE FOR THE RECIPIENTS. We can then host America's version of the Nuremberg trials and politicians saying they were only following orders won't cut this time either.

  43. Everybody is missing the point. The new Hitler had stated, while campaigning, that "we needed a civilian army more powerful than the military – guess what, he wasn't sh^tting! While descimating our military by having the bravest Americans used as cannon fodder, in essence slowly getting rid of those who would stand up against his "civilian army" and cutting funding to the armed forces to the point that we are becomming defenseless, he has systematically armed his civilian army – DHS, TSA, EPA, IRS, HSA – to the teeth. He has become the new Hitler that I have correctly dubbed him. America, you have a big problem on your hand that is not going away as he already know's the outcome of this pseudo-election. We have arrived at the point in time of this dying Republic that T. Jefferson had the wisdom to forsee, and that is: " THE TREE OF LIBERTY MUST BE REFRESHED FROM TIME TO TIME WITH THE BLOOD OF PATRIOTS AND TYRANTS." You want your freedom, then you'll have to maintain it as T. Jefferson had stated. That is the straight skinny, whether you want to believe it or not!

  44. Forget the ammo……IT's……the ..era….that ..LET….Social Security …SAVINGS ACCOUNT….open for …other ..Administrations to……..BORROW…..from…..with a …..I.O.U………and …NEVER….PAID….back…the…DEBIT……………….THERE's..THE…CRIME……..

  45. History has shown that governments, especially rogue ones led by tyrants, subversives or fascist (includingi islamic) leaders rarely ever do anything without reason. Personally, if you look at it closely, I woud consider the denial of the state rights to secession by Abraham Lincoln, guaranteed by agreements of the U.S. Constitution & Articles of Statehood, signed by Washington & each of the Southern States that was at the heart of the first shots fired Civil War, the New Deal & acts of LBJ & Truman, Bill and Hillary Clinton's Executive Orders & backroom deals with China and others while gathering records on political opponents & others, efforts by both Bushes, & the many criminal and even the recent (I believe) traitorous Executive Orders, Unconstitutional Laws, preparations for Martial Law, and obama, Hillary and other's deals with Union Leaders, Islamic Terror Groups, deals by Hillary and obama with the UN, foreign redistribution of U.S. wealth, foreign funding of obama & his cronies and crimes too numerous to count all as window dressing combined with current ammo purchases & further equipping in accordance with what's to come all before elections.

  46. Our forefathers , would be using' their guns , by now .

  47. Malcontento says: