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Army Needs a New Helmet for Domestic Terrorism Control

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2012

The U.S. Army offers to purchase a newly designed helmet. This helmet must be special. It must be all-purpose. Lighter. Stylish. And, most important, when the Army is redeployed from Afghanistan to (say) Chicago, the helmet must be just as good there. This is part of the new mobile army, a strike force for all seasons.

Here is the public document that asks for bids. I have bold faced the crucial sections.

Notice, these are not called helmets. They are “head protection ensembles.” Yes, ensembles. I can see it now. A line of soldiers in various uniforms walking down the runway. Not an airport runway. A runway for models showing off their latest ensembles.

1. The Government is issuing this RFI to collect information for the development and production of a head protection ensemble that will be part of the Soldier Protection System (SPS). This head protection ensemble is planned to replace the current helmet system. The SPS will provide the Soldier multiple levels of ballistic protection that can be tailored to select mission profiles and protection against specific threats from conventional fragmenting munitions, small arms ammunition, and blunt impact. Soldiers equipped with the SPS will be able to accomplish a broad range of missions. The versatility of the system will enable the Soldier to quickly transition from one mission type to another without degrading the momentum of small unit operations. The SPS will protect Soldiers involved in major combat operations, stability operations, homeland security operations, joint operating concepts, and the joint force functional concept.

This makes sense to me. Our troops are fighting terrorism over there, so that they won’t have to fight it over here. But our troops are scheduled to be pulled out of Afghanistan in 2014. So, they will have to be ready to fight terrorism over here.

So, Army needs a new headgear ensemble. “One size fits all missions.”

Whether it’s in Kabul or Chicago, these sleek new headgear ensembles must do the job.

So, if you have ideas on how to design an appropriate headgear ensemble, there is an opportunity here.

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20 thoughts on “Army Needs a New Helmet for Domestic Terrorism Control

  1. dick Grace says:

    They are gearing up for a fight closer to home. The marxist, muslim in the white house won't go softly into that good night.

  2. Barry in Newburg says:

    I prefer it be a new deployment in Chicago. This last couple of years since the Big "O" has been in Washington, violence in the windy city has increased. Since his false "Uniter" label has been given to him, his cronie now the Mayor of that pit, is it any surprise that this bunch of LIBERAL nuts thinks it can deploy the military into our country. Not a surprise to me.

  3. u.s. citizen says:

    We need to boot him out in November, IF the dictator will allow the elections to take place. He will probably declare a state of emergency and put them off, and put them off and put them off…..just sayin'

  4. tom berquist says:

    The Progressives/Marxist has waited a hundred years to reach this point and they will not go on their own. Obama has put all elements in place to take down our country. We all hope it does not reach this level of violence but "We The People" will not stand by, for another four years and watch the Marxist destroy our country. Be ready….Lock & Load. God help us all.

  5. Since when are American's required to sit on their hands and allow a 'foreigner' to dictate election protocol to a free citizenry? Are we to sit with our hands tied by the constitution to not defend it against people who use rules of engagement that suits only them? Have we been so reprogrammed to believe it's someone else's job to keep us free when the people we have selected to do that job turns on us? Who are these imaginary defenders? Look in the mirror buddy…it's you and me!
    Someone can only do to you WHAT YOU ALLOW THEM TO DO! If you sit on your _ss and accept this tyranny, then YOU must have approved it! They are arming themselves for a radical takeover and it would be foolish to not be doing the same to defend ones freedoms, family and their countrymen.

  6. DieHardPatriot says:

    Take notice the article mentions frangible ammunition….like the kind that DHS ordered and many gun owners also have in their possession. You can bet the helmet will cover the neck moreso than ever from behind hits. Frangible ammo just falls apart when it hits any thing than humans or animals as many of you probably already know about. …but what about face shots will the face shields hold up ?. Anyway they can wear all the body armor they want a hit in the chest with a solid grass round will knock them on their A**. Yes they mke a solid brass round now. I have loads of the round for 9mm , 40S&w, and 45 ACP..plus all the DRT frangible types like those the Department of Human Slaughter ordered. Stock up on solid brass ammo.

  7. snakearbusto says:

    Folks, folks. This is not about Obama, or the Commies, or the Marxists, or the Progressives, or the Gun Haters, or the Rape Deniers, or any epithet you can toss out to convince you that all you need to do is vote for the Republicans and everything will be OK. If you don't admit to yourself that this stuff has been going on since 9/11, and even before, you're not being honest with yourself. These people – ALL of them – need the military-industrial complex. They'll never let it go, no matter how many of us they have to kill. And that's what this is about: There's no more Global Communist Threat, and the Global Islamofascist threat just won't stick. And so now, the Enemy is YOU and ME. The domestic population. The enemy is ANYBODY who stands up and says they're sick and tired of America being turned into a killer state so the rich can get richer.

    So stock up on ammo and canned goods all you want. Just be ready to fight the greatest military organization the world has ever seen – turned against its own citizens.

  8. It's been coming for over three years now! The next logical step in B.O.'s program will be to disarm all Americans. Am I alone, or do some others see the parallel to pre-World War Two nazi Germany? Those who keep saying " It can't happen in America" are just repeating what the Catholics and Jewish people said during the Nazification of Germany. WAKE UP!! America. Buying bullets that are design to cause the most horrific wounds possible, and the very bullet designs outlawed by the Geneva Conventions (for use in combat against enemy soldiers) are being bought up for usage against American citizens! If you weren't worried before, you had better be worried now!

  9. Arley Steinhour says:

    What they want, they already know exists. Darth Vader made this style head-gear famous for its protection, and anonymity of the wearer (it even makes the voice sound funny). Who knows, perhaps the manufacturer will offer a special, to our Government, where, for the price of the helmet, they provide the whole, armored, outfit.
    Most freedom loving people won't be targeted, since most of them will cow-tau to the Beast. Only the incorruptible, Christian, will be singled out as targeted, and removed from Society, quickly, and quietly, so resistance is minimized. I believe Darth Vader called his power as coming from the 'Dark-Side.'
    Stay in, go Get in, the 'Light-Side,' Soon, lest the 'Dark-Side' pressure push you into corruption. Just a thought. and an IMO.

  10. Put an Oakland raiders symbol on it. Makes for a better target.

  11. reminiscent of "The iron Heel" by Jack London.

  12. FMJ's work well against body armor. May not kill, but broken ribs kinda immobilize a person. Unless the face plate is VERY thick, it will crack/shatter it. Nothing like a shattered face plate in the eyes. Frangibles aren't really that easy to obtain. Not all places carry them. What I'd really like is about 500 rounds of steel bullets for my .357 Mag.

  13. Chi will be the start of the "riots" in major cities to insure that elections are "posponed/put-off/revoked/go-to-hell". At the same time, Congress will be disbanded and the Supreme Court will be disbanded. There had better be, as the Japanese said, a gun behind every blade of grass. Some military will not follow orders and fire on citizens, but there will be enough that will make this a really "sh1tty" situation!!!!!

  14. Major Bill says:

    we called them helmets when I was in.

  15. Idylewylde says:

    Leave it to the silly beauocrats to get it all wrong.
    Even if a person is wearing full body armor, including torso armor, one hit with a slow velocity slug, say a .45, in the area around the appendix, either side, will drop that person in a blink because of the dispersed trauma, impact wave, that makes all of the waistband muscles go spastic simultaneously. This includes loss of control of arms and legs.
    Never shoot a home intruder in the head. Always aim for the appendix area, either side, or even in the lower back, and he'll drop like a sack of rocks and stay uncoordinated until you finish him off.

    This home defense alert was brought to you courtesy of the USMC retired. It's combat tried and true.

    Semper Fi.

  16. getting ready says:

    I figured something like this would manifest itself. I have over 2k rounds of steel core 7.62. Body armor be damned. Punch a hole in 3/4" steel plate at 100yds. Gotta love it. They gonna run when there vehicle takes an incidiary round.

  17. Yes indeed, he has made good onj his promise of HIS "civilian army." It is time to stand up and fight back. There should be a national one day "Freedom From Tyranny" work stoppage, hell if the illegal aliensknow ienough to do it, as they have, what the hell is stopping the legal citizens that have become the enemy of this new Hitler and his regime. There is strength in numbers and the country had better start uniting, immediately. The states should start manning militias; for too long, the people have feared the government which equates to tyranny, which we now have. The government must start fearing the people, which equates to freedom! It's getting close to "rock & roll " time!

  18. Sounds like we are dumping the Kevlar and going back to the old steel pot and helmet liner. Ensemble! Do tell!

  19. Blair Franconia, NH says:


  20. Texas Chris says:

    From what I've seen it is a tight-fitting, padded head-cover/mask/neck, covered by a low-profile Kevlar combat helmet, then a ballistic hood over all. Imagine a very Vader-esque-in-OD-green look.