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Army National Guard Funds Dale Earnhart, Jr. “Vroom, Vroom.”

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2012

Some general in the Army National Guard decided that the ANG should become a team sponsor of Dale Earnhart, Jr’s. racing team.

For this, the ANG gets its name on one of the cars. I could not see it on most of them, but this photo displays it. The car appears to be headed for a crash.

Some general figures that this will get lots of kids to sign up for the Army National Guard. Where is the proof? Where is the evidence that this ad has increased volunteers? “I’m here to get sent to Afghanistan because Dale had NATIONAL GUARD on his car.”

Do we want recruits this stupid?

Dale does.

“I think that it’s good for our team and good for the sport. We’re excited that they’re ready to be on board for the next season,” Earnhardt said Friday at Michigan International Speedway, where he’ll race Sunday. “I feel comfortable that we’re set and we can move forward.”

It’s good for a true Good Young Boy of NASCAR. His team can use the money. It’s not so good for taxpayers.

Every year, the military spends $72 million for sports team subsidies. There was an attempt to cut this. Congress refused.

You wonder why the federal government is running a $1.2 trillion deficit? Because Washington’s sign is “Boondoggles R Us.”

Sports leagues such as NASCAR, IndyCar, Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association sent a letter to Republican and Democratic leaders urging them to oppose the amendment.

Earnhart went out to give a lecture to high schools. He told the media this.

“We’ve got some great ideas coming up that we just started implementing this past week, where we’re going to visit high schools and talk to kids and the parents and the principals and getting the Guard an opportunity to have more access at that level, so we’re doing some good things.

“That was a lot of fun. That was the first time I’ve been to a high school to talk to a group like that, so I enjoyed that.”

I am in favor of an all-volunteer army. But I think there are better reasons to sign up than this.

Vroom, vroom.

Bang, bang.


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9 thoughts on “Army National Guard Funds Dale Earnhart, Jr. “Vroom, Vroom.”

  1. Not a Junior Fan says:

    The car is not headed for a crash! Junior is celebrating his win at Michigan in the spring 2012 race. Market research says that NASCAR has the most loyal fans of any other sport. Obviously, you have never been to a NASCAR event, if so, you would understand the patriotism, loyalty, enthusiasm, and brand loyalty that these fans demondtrate.

  2. Mr North, you have a very negitive attitude and you need to look at nascar sponsors with a different frame of mind. They have some excellent role models for our youth as well as some not so excellent. Not everyone is going to join the guard because of Juniors car or him, but it takes a very inteligent young man or women to understand nascar, the rules and most of all the mechanics of a nascar engine. Do you know the engine sizes or even the horsepower of one? I think this put young fans of nascar in an outstanding group for military registration.

  3. If author is opposed to all advertising by the military for recruitment purposes then, while I do not agree, I can understand his point. If he agrees that it is acceptable to use advertising for recruitment purposes then this is one of the best places to find bright young men and women who are patriot and care about country. An all-volunteer Army needs to recruit young people and there will be an expense to it. The alternative is to go back to the draft.

  4. Gary North, there is so much greater waste going on in our leaky government trough—-this is the best you can come up with to make it better! Not very well thought out Sir, keep thinking though.

  5. I sometimes wonder how these alleged experts on everything ever have a lick of sense!! What a stupid and irrelevant column this was. Why don't you just join the rest of the MSM an suck up to the Messiah.

  6. jerry1944 says:

    What a dig bat the autor is Stock cars promote are army and service men and lots come of our soldeirs come from that back ground This nut must be a lib

  7. This dork, Gary North, just doesn't know a thing about NASCAR., and you can tell by the way he writes that he is somewhat childish. He doesn't even know a vitcory spinout when he sees one. NASCAR fans show their patriotism at the begining or each race with the shoiwing of our colors, the invocation, and the National Anthem. You don't see this at the begining of any other sports venue shown on TV. I'm wondering just where they got this Dork, and why they even give creedence to his colum.

  8. I don't know about his being a Liberal, but you can tell by his childish writing that he's not very professional. VROOM VROOM??? C'mon now Gary North, you should be able to do better than that.

  9. Mr. North should show up at Lowes Motor Speedway in May to understand the affiliation between our nation’s protectors and NASCAR. I think he would walk away with a totally different perspective on the subject. Furthermore, with so much wasteful spending in Washington, I had rather see my tax dollars go toward promoting the military than a lot of bailouts for irresponsble companies.