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“You Lie!” Congressman Raises Millions for His Campaign

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2012

Remember Joe Wilson? He is the Congressman who ungraciously called Obama a liar when the President told a non-truth. You may recall how he was pilloried by the media: “Shame! Shame!”

He later said that other Congressmen came up to him and asked what they could yell at the President to raise donations. Maybe they were kidding, but word got out fast.

It was not a shame for his “Re-elect Joe Wilson” fund. He cried all the way to the bank. From all over the nation, Republicans who think Obama is a liar started donating to his campaign.

Ron Paul was the all-time master of getting donations from outside his district. He did this for years. He was unbeatable. The no-name Democrats who ran against him could never match his fund-raising.

For years after the famous $4 million “money bomb” for his 2007 Presidential nomination run, his peers kept coming to him to ask how he did it. He told them they should vote libertarian for 30 years. This was not what they wanted to hear.

Other Congressmen who hold extreme views have the same advantage. Leftist Alan Grayson raises lots of money from outside his district.

People who hold an extreme view find that their incumbent Congressman cannot be beaten. Maybe he is gerrymandered into lifetime employment as a politician. So, what can they do to support their cause? Send money to a Congressman who holds their views. It’s a way of protesting.

Wise ones would donate only to politicians who have a shot at winning the election, but who are in a close race. This is electoral triage. Don’t donate to a sure loser. Don’t donate to a sure winner.

This assumes that you want to donate at all, which is generally a bad idea. Better to spend political money on funding a “vote no” campaign on the next local bond issue. It’s not glamorous, but it could save your county a lot of money. It could stop some boondoggle from getting funded.

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14 thoughts on ““You Lie!” Congressman Raises Millions for His Campaign

  1. JohnWayne says:

    We need more like Joe Wilson!

  2. All congress members should be calling Obama a liar. Imposter president or not he is a liar and needs to be called out but congress is too pansy to get real. Apparently they are jealous of Joe Wilson because he has balls.

  3. The man Wilson just told the truth; Obama is the most pathological liar to ever sit in the white house, Obama's agenda is to destroy America. The news media should be called the (Joseph Goebbels propagand team.

  4. delmar Jackson says:

    Joe Wilson may have been wrong to yell at the president, but the press was wrong to dismiss Joes claim. The healthcare bill does say that illegals can not get healthcare under the bill. What the weasels will not tell you is that all verification procedures to check and see if a person applying was an illegal were removed from the bill. TWICE.
    I made a video on it.

    ILLEGALS WILL GET FREE HEALTH CARE WHILE YOU PAY- SEE PROOF!. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9Banza7Y0A

    Time is running out. Once Obamas backdoor amnesty to stay is in place, millions of illegals will be eligible and then bring in their elderly family members. Once they get the vote they will be unstoppable and a giant tax burden for generations. Those advocating a smaller government but refusing to stop massive immigration are brain dead.

  5. Obama is a Fraud. It was the evidence by a law enforcement agency proves he is a Fraud. Why do people deny criminal investigation and accept words from a liers mouth. Especially one that no one knows very little truth about the liers back ground. That is blind following.
    The Federal Government knew that he was a Fraud from the begining.

  6. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Actually, Joe Wilson showed great restraint since Obama lied over a dozen times during that single State of the Union speech.

  7. November 6th, 2012 ! November 6th, 2012 ! November 6th, 2012 ! November 6th, 2012 ! November 6th, 2012 ! November

    6th, 2012 ! November 6th, 2012 ! November 6th, 2012 !

  8. And Joe Wilson was right, wasn't he!!!!!

  9. I always knew Joe Wilson was right, and wasnt being racist. A liar is a liar no matter what race he/she is. The lamestream media is a prime example of this!

  10. Jawohl – it is high time for our political reps to speak up.
    Every country has their share of idiots, but in 2008 this Nation we had a greater crop of idiots helping a man from Kenya get
    into the White House.

  11. Jim McClarin says:

    Ron Paul's $4-million money bomb on November 5, 2007 was pretty dramatic but his HISTORIC money bomb happened Dec. 16, 2007 when just over $6-million was raised in 24 hours.

  12. I sometimes state We The People should fire them ALL for not standing up and screaming "HE IS NOT ELIGIBLE!!!"
    We can keep Joe! At least he was honest about the Kenyan's credibility!

  13. I think BO is "just following orders"……to coin a phrase.

  14. He was way ahead of the team and had a nose for the rotten Obama, all others failed us to call a spade a spade. The Supreme Court failed to protect our Nation from the idiots on the loose.