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9,516 Cars for the Government’s Climate Change Bureaucrats

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2012

Let’s say that the federal government employs 11,605 employees in the Natural Resource Conservation Center.

In fact, it does.

Let’s say these people need to get the word out on climate change. After all, the climate is changing. Temperatures over the last decade have been cooling.

What’s that? Cooling? Yes. Read about this here.

So, the climate is changing. No one can intelligently argue that climate does not change, right? It gets warm. Then it gets cold. This goes on all the time.

The public must be warned.

The federal government has 11,605 people being paid to sound the warning. These people want to keep their jobs. They need to look as though they are doing something useful.

So, they need to drive around, sounding out the warning. If you are not driving around, someone may think you are expendable.

So, the agency needs cars. Lots of vehicles. At least 9,516.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service owns 987 cars, 3,387 light-duty trucks, 4,341 four-wheel-drive light-duty trucks, 767 medium-duty vehicles, 33 heavy-duty vehicles, and one bus. Medium-duty vehicles, according to GAO, can be cargo vans and work trucks while heavy-duty vehicles include dump trucks and other large vehicles.

There is a vehicle for every 1.2 employees.

Are they all powered by natural gas or alternative fuels? One-third are.

This message must get out.

We read on the agency’s website these inspiring words.

Our goal is not just a sustainable, nutritious, abundant food supply, but also thriving ecosystems that support a diversity of life. In the next century, NRCS will not only continue to tackle familiar challenges like ensuring clean water and healthy soil, but will also rise to meet new issues, such as clean air, clean energy, climate change, and new technology.

This boondoggle agency has been absorbing taxpayers’ dollars ever since 1935. That was early in Roosevelt’s New Deal. It used to be called the Soil Conservation Service, but that’s so very 1935! “NRCS has expanded to become a conservation leader for all natural resources, ensuring private lands are conserved, restored, and more resilient to environmental challenges, like climate change.” Climate change. Right.

Why is this so important? Because “Seventy percent of the land in the United States is privately owned, making stewardship by private landowners absolutely critical to the health of our Nation’s environment.”

Excuse me? The government still owns 30% of the land? Why?

And the problem is what private landowners do? You mean private ownership is wasteful? Of course it is.

The solution is scientific land-use planning by federal bureaucrats, who have lots of vehicles to drive around in and plan.

Science and technology are critical to good conservation. NRCS experts from many disciplines come together to help landowners conserve natural resources in efficient, smart and sustainable ways. Whether developed in a laboratory or on the land, NRCS science and technology helps landowners make the right decisions for every natural resource. NRCS succeeds through partnerships, working closely with individual farmers and ranchers, landowners, local conservation districts, government agencies, Tribes, Earth Team volunteers and many other people and groups that care about the quality of America’s natural resources.

I did not know about Earth Team volunteers. Now I do.

I winder if they have vehicles.

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7 thoughts on “9,516 Cars for the Government’s Climate Change Bureaucrats

  1. 11,000+ employees. Government jobs probably paying an average of $100,000/yr salary. That over ONE BILLION+/yr. MONEY WELL SPENT, NOT.

  2. 2WarAbnVet says:

    No, no, they need to drive around in the same tinfoil deathtraps that government has mandated for the rest of us. Perhaps they will then open up more government jobs to replace those individuals scraped off the highway.

  3. It's an unfortunate necessity, based on the fact that we all live hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. Jesus, Gary, you're a moron. LOGISTICS. No matter how you slice it, gasoline is the cheapest and most effective way to transport people.

    Regarding your "temperature cooling" theory, yes, temperature swings from lows to highs and back again. It's the EXTREMES that have scientists worried. We've broken THOUSANDS of temperature records in the past few years. That rarely happens. Why? BECAUSE RECORDS ARE SET BY EXTREMES.

    I'd have used italics, but there's no support for that here. Or anywhere, really. Just making a point where you seemed to drop it, utterly and completely.

  4. Dean, saying government salaries average $100,000/yr is soooo bogus. Cut that in half and you're in the ballpark.

  5. Hopefully Romney/Ryan will end this disgusting, unacceptable taxpayer ripoff!!!!

  6. This is also part of the agenda 21 plan and land brokerages are doing their part by offering land conservation trusts so you can pay less property tax.

  7. LarrryFrfom10EC says:

    Why don't they take the public transportation they insist the rest of us use?