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Feds Pay High School Dropouts 36% More Than the Private Sector

Written by Gary North on August 17, 2012

High school dropouts who find jobs with the federal government are paid 36% more than high school dropouts in the private sector. This was the finding of a recent study by the Congressional Research Service.

This is good news for defenders of liberty. It means that the Federal government will absorb these short-sighted people who had no academic abilities. This removes them from the private sector. So, the federal government will be even less efficient than it was before it hires these people.

This is good. It costs a little more, but it pays. Compared to the general waste of the federal government, this is chump change.

Admittedly, it will make the government even less responsive to taxpayers. But when was the federal government ever responsive to taxpayers? We should look on the bright side. The bureaucracies will be slower and more ponderous than ever.

It turns out that the FedGov pays almost everyone more than they would be paid in the private sector. (This does not include former CEO’s of Goldman Sachs, who serve time as Secretary of the Treasury or in the Senate in order to make sure things go well for Goldman Sachs.)

Got a bachelor’s degree? Then the federal sector will pay on average 15 percent more in total compensation.  A master’s degree?  8 percent more in total compensation.

If you hold a “Professional Degree or Doctorate,” however, the situation reverses, and the federal sector pays an average 18 percent less than found in a comparable job in the private sector.

For “All Levels of Education” the CBO study found that the federal worker gets 16 percent more in total compensation than the comparable private sector employee.

The better your formal education, the less you are appreciated by the FedGov. This shows an awareness of economic value that surprises me.

Conclusion: when hiring inefficient people, the FedGov goes after the less expensive ones. Governing philosophy: “If we are going to pay people to get nothing done, let’s hire them cheap.”

I can’t argue with that!

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9 thoughts on “Feds Pay High School Dropouts 36% More Than the Private Sector

  1. The pay difference is in all government verses private jobs.

  2. This will only last as long as the government can afford to pay these people these wage rates. As the inevitable reduction(s) in staffing ['downsizing'] continue, after their 99 weeks of unemployment checks expire, expect these persons to be competing with higher skilled applicants in what will remain of the private sector. Those who have benefited from 'social promotion', decreased standards, affirmative discrimination and various quotas will compare very, very poorly with better qualified candidates.
    In my field, I'm seeing far better qualified people applying for what was once at best humble, semi-skilled health care jobs. The one enormous difference is that these newcomers don't just 'shuffle along'. They are motivated to learn more value added skills and certifications progress to more value added levels of the profession.
    If you or a loved one needed care, who would you feel more comfortable with?

  3. this is why the government is not capable of running anything, because of the morons they hire, they are not equipped to do their job, they don't have a clue they hire minorities that have a maybe a 5th mentality. Affirmative action should never have been brought on board, all it's done is caused problems.

  4. NYC subway cleaners (at stations, not at trainyards) earn 19$/hr. To take the civil service test you MUST indicate your race. This is work that can easily be done by welfare recipients, (Not for that wage) and ease them out of the taxpayers pocket. Same for street cleaning. Lower cost(s) for the taxpayers and an end, however slow, of the civil service unions grossly overpaid positions, and strike threats.
    Well then, if the 'downsized' ex civil servants mentioned above finish the 99th week, where will they then work ? Where will the other 'lower wattage' individuals work ? At any job that will have them, at whatever wage that job's skill requirements are worth. Activists and protesters be damned.

  5. Hot damn – I shoulda dropped out of school and done got me a job with the gov-ment! This is OUTRAGEOUS – no wonder there is so much wrong and screwed up with anything the government touches – all the people who "work" for the government are certified morons.

  6. The governors will be more responsive I think. Maybe there will be a lot more knee jerking going on with more conflicting controls. that should be comforting, HUH!!!

  7. Feds Pay High School Dropouts 36% More Than the Private Sector

    Let's get this straight, the "Feds" are not paying these losers, you are with every paycheck you get with Federal taxes taken out!

  8. Dave Brown says:

    You are all missing the real point here: Russia got rid of its intellectual class and replaced them with morons
    to do Stalin's bidding, which was to force the people at gun point to fall into line with the State. Now we know why the various
    agencies of Government are ordering so many rounds of ammo!

  9. I honestly think the reason the government hires less educated people to do 'their work' is because those less educated can be more easily be manipulated by those in power than those with advanced education. You know, 'dumb the masses' theory. You know that 'Knowledge is power'. The more educated you are more likely they will question the status quo than those who are not as educated because they 'don't know better'. Never question the government on what it says or does. You do what you are told. Just my 2 c.