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Cops Say, “Our Computer Says a Felon Lives Here” — 5 Times

Written by Gary North on August 17, 2012

No one at this Utah police department knows how to update a computer entry. Anyway, that seems to be the problem.

The police have arrived at the front door of a man’s home, looking for a felon. The man has lived at this address for over four years. No matter. Five times the police have come in full force to arrest the missing felon.

The home owner keeps telling them the man does not live there. Five times, he has been told that the police department’s computer says this is his address.

You can see a news report here.

You might think that it would be a good idea if the police updated their computer data base to reflect this change in address. This is not possible. The data base program requires that a new address be substituted. The police do not know his new address. So, the old address stays.

How about an entry like this: “We have gone there five times over the last four years. The man does not live here.” Sorry; there is no entry box for this sort of information.

The question arises: “What is it that triggers each visit? Is this part of a schedule?” It appears that this is the case. The visits seem random because the computer program scrambles them. This keeps the felon confused. The police do not want to tip their hand about when they are coming.

An outsider might conclude that the police department is run by a total incompetent. Not because no one can update the computer. No one expects a police department to be able to do this. But the local TV station did a story on the five visits. This indicates an inability on the part of the police chief to get the media to cover up a story that makes his department look like the Keystone Cops, a usually fatal career weakness for any senior law-enforcement official.

As to where the felon is after five years, no one on the force has been assigned to the task of finding out. What is crucial is that a team of police is sent out on a randomized schedule to visit the house where he used to live. Procedure is what counts, not results. After all, this is a bureaucracy.

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15 thoughts on “Cops Say, “Our Computer Says a Felon Lives Here” — 5 Times

  1. If I were the new homeowner I would be worried about that inevitable 6th visit from the cops with a trigger-happy rookie at the helm.

  2. EASY solution
    Put in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  3. I agree. If I was the homeowner I would go to whatever length necessary to correct this. Poor guy, potentially dangerous situation.

  4. Pissed off Vet says:

    This could be a potential law suite waiting to happen with possible death to innocent home owners and if so who will be to blame they are not going to arrest the police. So what is a home owner to do maybe put a sign on the door you been here 5 times you know he is not here if you bother me again ill become a felon for shooting anyone who enters my house unannounced and see what that gets ya you cant win we have become a Police state were they can do no wrong.

  5. How about a new address of 4186 Fellon No Longer Lives Here Ave.? Wouldn't that solve the problem? You can't fix Stupid!

  6. Mostly, the cops are idiots and can't think out of the box. This is definatly not a job where they hire the best or the brightest.

  7. JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS…….mindless bots that are a clear and present danger…nation wide

  8. A bureaucracy is a machine. Did you ever get your hand caught in a machine? I have, and it's very, very scary. (It was a conveyor belt.) The thought instantly occurs to you that this machine doesn't have any human emotions, doesn't respond to your cries for help or to stop, and is absolutely merciless, inexorable, and implacable. Not because it's malevolent, you understand, but simply because it's a machine. Don't get caught in a bureaucracy. It'll grind you up.

  9. Anyone in the police force with half a brain would know that you could put in the address for the police precinct and solve the citizen's problem it in a matter of seconds. As long as it validates in their master street address guide, the system will take it. The only concern then is will the police force suit up and storm the police precinct in search of the fugitive. That is when the hilarity ensues.

  10. Boxerbuddy4 says:

    My son works the a computer company that writes programs for law enforcement, sounds like this PD should call them for a new program!

  11. LISTEN TO:

    * TruNews with Rick Wiles (Including the archives).
    * The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.

  12. Something like that. Place a coded fake address that the cops know means "no new address" into that box. Then they will at least leave the innocent guy alone, even if they never find the real felon. The American Stasse is getting more Nazi-like every day.

  13. More and more they are hiring obedient neanderthals who will unquestioningly "follow orders". Sieg Heil!

  14. Right. Our injustice system, like our sick care system are similar in that the only way to guarantee you don't get ground up by them is to never get involved with either.

  15. I really hate to say this but it's like they're a bunch of "good lil gofers" that only do what they're told to do without considering whether it's moral, correct or even logical. This makes them look so damned STUPID to an intelligent person. Do these guys have a brain ? or is this a plan of sorts.