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Arizona’s Governor in Showdown With Obama on Welfare for Illegal Immigrants

Written by Gary North on August 17, 2012

President Obama has opened the floodgates to illegal immigrants by retroactively annulling the laws that kept them out.

Arizona’s governor has instructed state agencies to deny driver’s licenses to them. She has said they may not sign up for the welfare state, which is limited to legal residents only.

So, which law is sovereign: the state’s or the federal government?

He signed an executive order — Congress had no say. She signed an executive order — the legislature had no say.

So, it’s one executive power grab vs. another.

What ever happened to the legislative branches?

The media are reporting Obama’s executive order as the DREAM Act. This is of course total deception. The DREAM Act legislation did not get support by the Congress in 11 years of trying. By calling an executive order promoting what Congress rejected, the Obama Administration and the media are trying to stack the deck against Congress. About 800,000 to 1,000,000 illegal aliens will remain here, eligible for state welfare.

But not in Arizona.

In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants.

Here is the view of Arizona’s voters.

In the past decade, Arizona voters twice approved laws denying publicly funded services, such as in-state resident university tuition rates, to illegal immigrants unless mandated by the federal government.

Will their views prevail?

Protestors took to the streets.

State Rep. Catherine Miranda, who supports the federal program, called Brewer’s action mean-spirited.

“She just continues to put obstacles in front of young people in Arizona,” the Phoenix Democrat said.

Definition: “young people” = long-term adult illegal immigrants from Mexico, mainly.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona issued the following statement:

This is yet another reason why Arizona has no business trying to regulate immigration matters,” said Alessandra Soler, executive director of the ACLU of Arizona. “Brewer is distorting federal law and inaccurately interpreting state law. This order conflicts with state and federal law because people who are granted deferred action will, in fact, have authorized presence in the United States and under Arizona law people who have authorized presence are eligible to apply for Arizona state identification.  She is perpetuating the myth that deferred action applicants are somehow submitting fraudulent documents and that is completely false.  Not only is she singling out young people who are eligible for deferred action, but she also is excluding other categories of non-citizens who are authorized to be in the country, including victims of domestic violence, from obtaining state-identification while their immigration applications are being processed.

Translation: “Congress is irrelevant, and the President was right to do an end run around Congress. Anything that lets illegal aliens get into the wallets of legal residents by way of Arizona’s welfare state is a good thing.”

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74 thoughts on “Arizona’s Governor in Showdown With Obama on Welfare for Illegal Immigrants

  1. delmar jackson says:

    california voters passed a proposition to deny services to illgal aliens and an activist judge threw out the will of the people as unconstitutional for the state to deny illegals services.
    that was the end of california and the will of the people and the legitmization of Mexifornia.
    get used to it.This is no longer your country.Go back to sleep.

  2. Don't give in, Governor Brewer. You have more "balls" then most men in this country.

  3. it not our country if we don't stand up and take it back

  4. GO Gov!
    Hopefully the NEW president of the U.S. will do the same thing, should we not replace all those lefties in the senate with real Americans.

  5. God bless you and Gods strength to you Gov Brewer
    You have more Chutzpah than the other governors
    Stand Your Ground!!!!
    We are with you

  6. No federal judge should be appointed for life. Most of them are liberal activist judges.

  7. Brewer unlike Obama is NOT making an "executive power grab", she is re-afirming what is Arizona law. She wins.

  8. James Kirksey says:

    I think Gov. Brewer is right on target and if challenged in a court of law, it will stand with the Fed Law, whch Obama has circumspected, in direct violation of our Constitution. I am encouraging my governor, Gov. Bently, to follow suit and order all Alabama agencies to withhold drivers license and benefits, which are for our citizens only. This is so strange to our nation, when individual states must stand up to a Communist in order to enforce our Federal Laws, passed by our Fed Congress. Impeachment proceedings are in order; but, our Congress is still in its stooper. James Kirksey

  9. Jan Brewer for President!

  10. Chuck Hawkshead says:

    What happened to the MEN in this country? This president should have been IMPEACHED a long time ago.He has broken every law our Forefathers instituted. Gos Bless you Gov Brewer


  12. Was it Coburn that promised to contact sheriff in Az. to look into this illegal rotten pos in our oval office!!

  13. I will NOT get used to it, you idiot!! Gov. Brewer has more balls than you.

  14. Jim Thresher says:

    Obama has to go in November. He could care less about the American people or the illegals he is supporting. This is all about his re-election.

  15. I have a residence, in ILL.; and also , AZ . I reside, six months , in each state , every year . Since this allows me to claim , either state , as my home state , I have registered to vote ; in AZ ; and am very ,’ proud ‘ , that I did .
    Also ; I know now , that my vote , will , ” count ” …

  16. I wish Missouri would do what Gov Brewer is doing all states need to do this and stop the free stuff then they might go back to Mexico

  17. You certainly , have got it right .The Congress is just as guilty , they know what this illegal alien “, is ; a ,
    ” Communist “, and that he isn’t legal , so its time to vote them all ‘ , out of office .

  18. Missouri has similar laws. They have no illegal immigrants.

  19. Sheriff Joe ‘ ; of AZ. has looked into this , ande found that his last , B.C ; is a fake . He also found a lot of information about his college years , whih are incriminating .

    But , when the Sherriff , took his findings to the media ; they only tried to discredit everything he had done , and would not put it on the air .

    We are now closer ‘, to becoming a , ” Communist ” , nation ; than ever before .

  20. Governor Brewer is right on. This is a state right issue. If you care about this country, you have to vote obozo out !!! As far obozo, he needs to be impeached. None should have that much power using executive orders for everything, In the US, we called people like that, a dictator or have we lost our country?

  21. I have now , posted , three different comments ‘ . Each time ; I’m told ; that my comment was posted .

    I do not see any ‘ , of my post . It appears ; that we now have censorship ‘, already .

  22. The policies that Obama are imposing upon the American people and his executive orders amount to TREASON. Obama
    wants to destroy this country and our freedoms that we enjoy by mandating unfair legislation through whatever door he can.
    People had better wakeup to the fact that he wants to be a dictator for life and remake the United States into a third rate
    banana republic. We must kick his sorry butt out of office this November 2012 along with all of his allies (Joe Bite Me, Hillary, Nancy Pelousy, Harry Reid etc.) in both houses of congress and the rinos.

  23. our congress is just as guilty as the communist obama and should be escorted to the gallows.

  24. i see it george

  25. Maxine, you are absolutely right. Why is it there are so few governors (as well as state,federal Representatives) who are so spineless? Our Nation is almost bankrupt and we are going to support illegal aliens. What has this person who occupies OUR White House ever done, as long as he has occupied our WH, for the American people besides harming the security of our Country. This is treasonous. Where is anyone other than Gov Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio showing they have titanium spines and are willing to fight to the end for our once great Nation. Every Governor of every State should be backing her up!!!
    Lets see who have the Spines to do so.

  26. Pelican1001 says:

    At least someone has a backbone….don't back down

  27. Where the hell is congress in all this mess. Does Boehner have a hidden agenda that we and the rest of congress don't know about. If congress can't do anything to stop this criminal from usurping every law and constitutional provision, what the hell are we paying their exorbitant salaries for? Why are we allowing them to live off the fat of the land for the rest of their lives? GET BUSY AND CLEAN HOUSE!!!!

  28. I will NOT get used to it either and I'll be happy to prove it . PASS THE AMMO…LOCK AND LOAD. I'm with Gov. Brewer.

  29. Are you all writing to your governors and legislators demanding they follow Gov Brewer's example? She deserves all the support she can muster otherwise they will smother her.

  30. The President has no right in telling the states to break the laws. He is a law break who does not pay attention to the Majority, or our duley elected Officials in cluding himself…. The majority in this country does not want these Illegals to live off them when we cant even provide for the sick, elderly,and children of this country who have worked all their lives and are entitled to the support. The president want to do this not out of compassion. Put to pander to Hispanics for their votes….

  31. I salute you Governor Brewer there are Men in this country incharge of the ther 49 states who could learn from your example. Places like California are learnig the hard way. They will never bounce back from their liberal policies. "Charity begins at Home!"

  32. Obummer can pass an illegal presidential order to give amnesty. A Governer can give an order to ignore an illegal presidential order.Thanks Governer Brewer for having a set, try to teach the republican estlabishment how to act like MEN.

  33. Doesn't the House have to appropriate money to fund this stupid program? Rational (at least I thought they were) conservatives control the House.

  34. D.L. franks says:

    I would like to know how then all the illegals are getting welfare? While my husband was out of work for a short time I tried to get food stamps. My skin was to fair and I spoke perfect English, therefore denied. My husband who has darker skin used the same app. I had written on and was granted food stamps. They even tried to give us services that were not needed. He had to ask for an Interperter because the women could not speak English. They got pissed at him. He also noted all the other people applying could not speak English either. I even knew of several Illegals who were getting welfare, housing and other aide. I've been in Az. since 1979 from Md. and can not believe the fraud that is committed here everyday. I for one have my Governor, Jan Brewer's back. God bless her and give her power to suceed.

  35. **Whoosh** what was that sound, you say? It was the sound of America going down the sh1tter.

  36. Shouldn't you be asking about Harry Reid? Why always Boehner when Dingy Harry is the one always standing in the way of everything the Senate attempts to do to deal with Obama's lawless behavior and the messes he creates. It is time to clean House and the Senate too!

  37. In Mexico you are not allowed to come into Mexico and live off the government and be there at all unless you have a way to support yourself. This is bullshit.

  38. "So, it’s one executive power grab vs. another." NO, IT IS NOT!

    Obama's failure to enforce the current laws and uphold and protect the Constitution, is lawless. He has mistaken himself for God when he is actually just a lawless thug, traitor and the No.1 domestic enemy of the United States. He believes he is above the law, above the Congress, above the courts, and above the Constitution. He is wrong in so many ways. He should be arrested and placed in shackles. He should be frog marched out of our White House, tarred and feathered.

    Governor Jan Brewer is enforcing the law and upholding and protecting the Constitution. She is doing what every governor, every law enforcement officer, and every citizen should do—push back against the Obamanation's lawlessness—nullify every executive order and tell him where he can shove it. It's what should have been done 3.5 years ago. Brewer is a true American standing up in the face of a little-boy tyrant. It is sad that so few politicians have her clarity and courage.

  39. It's absolutely an ILLEGAL PRESIDENTIAL ORDER!!! Gov. Brewer is reaffirming AZ law passed by AZ LEGAL residents. It's our money and there's little enough of it in our state these days than to waste it on supporting illegal aliens!! We can't afford it!!!!

  40. To bad the Governors of all the other 49 states don't have the guts to do the same and get all the illegals out of our country so we can get back to rebuilding this country. Obama has almost ruined us we need him out and all his buddies now. God bless you Gov Brewer and God Bless America.

  41. We legal citizens hope that many more states will follow Arizona's example and enforce the laws concerning ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. u.s. citizen says:

    I hope Kansas follows Gov. Brewer's lead!!!!

  43. I agree, he has done plenty that would call for impeachment.
    We all must stand with Gov. Brewer! Shut off the "free stuff" pipeline and watch them flee back to Mexico. Immigration problem solved!

  44. LISTEN TO:

    * TruNews with Rick Wiles (Including the archives).
    * The PowerHour with Joyce Riley.

  45. I'm sorry, but look at all the cowardly male RINOs acquiescing to an illegal president overtly and blatantly undermining our Constitution – then look at the female governor standing up to him… God bless you Governor Brewer, you have much to teach our so-called pansy, sell-out leadership.

  46. The federal government should mind its own business. It has no business sending thousands of wetbacks to the Arizonan table, bringing nothing to it. If they want to dispense such largesse, do it at their own expense. Don't send them to my house.

  47. delmar jackson says:

    I would like to thank Dr North for including immigration related articles in his teaparty site. Most libertarians I know and read have little use for the immigraion issue as they see massive immigration as a poison pill that will help end social entitlements they think are wrong like welfare and social security. if we get too many immigrants they will bankrupt the system and end the programs. However, almost none of the immigrants will vote for libertarian or true conservative issues, and once they are a majority it will also end any conservative or libertarian agenda for generations.
    Also, many teaparty groups have been hijacked by neocons that wil not mention immigration and are being used to focus on lowering taxes for the wealthy, getting us into more wars for isreal and using the small government matra to end all entitlement programs.

    Small government is not the answer, fiscally responsdible government is the answer. if you live in a town of 500 and want to emply 100 dog catchers, it is OK by me, just make sure it comes out of the towns pockets and is not passed onto other towns or other generations.

  48. Jan Brewer should run for President. This takes alot of courage to do what she is doing. Since Arizona is taking the bulk of the trouble from Mexico and the boarder, this state is being put under duress and Gov Brewer has to deal with it. I'm all for Gov Brewer–she is brave, smart, courageous. She needs our prayers. I hope this will not happen in my state of Virginia, that Govenor McDonnell will take control and not be bullied by the Obama administration. I pray we get him out of the White House as soon as possible. This man is a few screws short.

  49. Three cheers for Jan Brewer. It is too bad that other governors don't have the courage that she does. Under the US Constitution the states and the people living in those states are sovereign. Governor Brewer, please keep on saying "no" to the Federal attacks on "states rights."

  50. Ted Gager says:

    Personally, I believe that it may just be time for Arizonians to form a Citizens Militia to deal with the problems being perpetrated upon them by our LAWLESS executive branch of tyranny. The last straw is about to be placed on the backs of Arizona's citizens. What's next, free public housing for the illegal guests of Obama?…Time to rise up!

  51. butterfly lady says:

    I so admire Jan Brewer and her staunch ideas and sticking to them..I pray she has enough support to keep the illegals at bay, they are not suppose to come to the United States and sponge off of us! Come and earn your worth, and become a citizen…why should we be obligated to take care of you if you come into our country illegal!

  52. SmithWinston6478 says:

    You might consider some instruction regarding punctuation, or at least follow the pattern of coherent writing of others you see. Your posts are so chaotic they only draw attention to your ineptitude.

  53. Love you Jan. Don't let them beat you down. You have more guts and spine then those in congress.

  54. ike one.
    Obama wants illegals in this country to be able to vote and vote often so that he will be able to over ride the votes of legitimate regestered voters. Those voters would unaminously reject obama in a landslide decision for Romney. The internet is full of blogs by people who DON NOT WANT ANOTHER 4 YEARS of that anti-christ, commie from hell obama.

  55. This is the web site,e-mail and fax contact for Republican Governors Association.Get in touch with them now.Ask if all other Republican Governors are going to use executive order to stop illegal’s.

    TELE-202-662-4140 E-MAIL rga@rga.org FAX 202-662-4924

  56. I would say that she is following the laws on the books, so what's the beef you libs. This repeal of the law didn't pass congress, so as far as I am concerned, she has every right.

  57. THAT YOU KNOW OF. Unfortunately they are like cockroaches, everywhrere!!!

  58. Well, she's in Maricopa County, the county of Sheriff Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio is THE untimate authority for law inforcement in Maricopa County. NO ONE supercedes him. He can arrest ANY Federal agent for harassment if they go after da Gov.

  59. Maybe in 2016 we will have a Chris Christie and Jan Brewer ticket! "The bigger balls campaign" GO JAN!

  60. Right on… hang in there Jan… we're all behind you!!! don't let the bums in DC tell you what to do… good grief they can't even take care of themselves, much less tell states what to do.

  61. Wish Gov. Perry had the backbone to do the same here in Texas! God bless Gov. Brewer…

  62. Lisa w: Exactly! We should be making OUR LAWS are strict as those of MEXICO. I would say we should put up ELECTRIIFIED, BARBED WIRE ROLLED FENCES along OUR border, then every few feet plant some kind of bomb mechanism. You would soon stop the invasion of illegals… one way or another. Is anyone else as fed up of this crap as I am?

  63. Sue: you know, I sometimes wonder, seeing as how obummer doesn't want to abide by the law and stop these illegals, and WONT LET the police stop them and ask for ID. Isn't there some way "We the People" could do it? I know there are a LOT OF LEGAL aliens in the country, but I wouldn't think THEY would mind producing their ID, if it meant STOPPING this ILLEGAL VOTE. If we could do this at the voting booths, maybe WE could stop it.

  64. David: I have to agree with you on this. Jan Brewer is the only one out there, amongst ALL THOSE GOVERNORS, who is trying to help us STOP this ILLEGAL INVASION, and help save OUR COUNTRY.

  65. screw u moron

  66. oldgringo says:

    For those of you who don't know the ACLU was founded by the Communist Party USA…..Nex time you read an article refering to the ACLU remember that this is a Communist Organization hell bent on destroying everthing good in this country all for the sake of Marxism…..They are the promoters of absolute evil!…..What I don't understand is why this organization is over loaded with Jews…..Not that I have anything against jews….I also wonder why the majority of jews in the country voted for Obama…..They can't say Obummer is on their side or a strong supporter of Israel…..So what gives?

  67. 2smokie39 says:

    Good luck Gov. Brewer; maybe these funds can be taken from President Obama's, Catherine Miranda's, Alessndra Soler's,
    and anyone else's paycheck who supports this unconstitutional idea.


  68. 2smokie39 says:

    Thank you Rooster and Gov. Brewer.

  69. Complainer hater says:

    Maybe if she did her job and stopped thinking of ways to make headlines for herself, she wouldn't have an immigration problem. So far all I ever see her doing is moaning about the current government. And tell her to use make-up when she's on TV, we can see the worry lines on her face.

  70. You should change your name to Crow.

  71. I think Gov. Brewer should be running for President on a States Rights and Constitutional platform. I'd vote for her.

  72. Jan Brewer You are my hero, along with the Military , you are right to stand up to obama, i'm sick and getting tired of all these illegals coming into my country and then taking advantages of all the freebies that I pay for and can't get because I make to much money, if they want to be here DO IT THE RIGHT AND LEGAL WAY

  73. Obama's is not Law… I've said all along that this is a great way to "flush the criminals out." Then, go get momma and pappa. aunt and uncle, brother and sister…

  74. The Ant & The


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