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42 thoughts on “174,000 Rounds of .357 Ammo for Social Security

  1. In anticipation of the angry mobs outside SS offices when the checks start bouncing.

  2. Richard Opp says:

    NO DOUBT!!

  3. Well, if we need ammunition, we'll know where to find it.

  4. Victoria DeLacy says:

    This must be why Beck's program on GBTV and before that on Fox has for years included advertisements by cheaperthandirt.com – and we have been advised to get ready with both that and food insurance. It's a tragic day indeed when the American people have to fear tyranny from our own government. Time for a change all right…VOTING GOP BACK TO MORAL AND FISCAL SANITY THIS YEAR. May God save America!

  5. sean murry says:

    They will twice messing with us seniors.

  6. bobbylang says:

    Who's making it?? George Soros is quietly buying up firearms comapanies and could very well be the recipient of this unprecedented ammo buy up!!
    Don't forget the recent buy of another civil defense organization tha was in the tens of millions rounds!

  7. Kent Hildebrand says:

    Elliot Ness won't be coming to help stop organized crime this round. Not with the Chicago mobb running the White House. Pray for America, she is facing winds of change from within and transparency is just a propaganda word to these fellow.

  8. cottagemist says:

    Intelligence…..the hearts, eyes and ears, and stealth of true patriots are ever vigilant…we never give up, nor forget…We are watching and waiting for the revelations..to take our nation back..God, Honor, and Duty…for all patriots..not just the military…

  9. It was a peaceful morning. SSA employees were getting ready to start their day, the armed guard opened the office.
    When suddenly a commotion was heard outside the building. Startled employees and the guard ran to the windows and looked out astonished by the view before them. The building was surrounded by the elderly. There they stood, banishing their walkers and canes, ready to charge the building on their scooters. Granny forcefully waving her knitting needles, spatula, and frying pan, ready to confront the occupants in the building.
    What to do? Do we throw the bullets at them, since the only gun belonged to the guard? Can we shoot grandma and grandpa? But wait, DHS has told us these people were violently cantankerous so we must take extreme measures.
    Another goo reason DHS has gone overboard on this one and needs to be abolished.

  10. 450 million rounds of hollow nose bullets and 175 million rifles similar to the rifle used by U.N. forces,
    and now another 750 million rounds of ammunition?
    It was suggested on the radio last night (Michael Savage) that the government might be getting ready for
    the backlash of internal [homeland] terrorist activity, once the Israelis attack Iran, that in fact government
    buildings across the nation will need to be very well protected to combat localized sleeper cell terrorists.
    Just a different, and very possible slant on why DHS is purchasing so much fire power.
    Of course we should also remain very vigilant as to a potential false flag operation, before the Nov.6th election.
    Remember that Obama will do anything yes anything,to remain in office….indefinitely if possible.
    Good luck, America. Good luck.

  11. Both the Ulsterman Report and Canada Free Press have covered "insiders" who say Obama is planning for a national civil war. Don't forget, every government George Soros has had a hand in has used civil unrest to institute draconian suppression of free speech and to upset voting – http://www.beaconequity.com/we-are-preparing-for-

  12. where is this information on the buying of ammunition coming from? Any body.

  13. I cannot but help to wonder if it is because, just like Homeland Security, that they realize the Baby Boomers are entering retirement age and most of us are Veterans that have seen combat, been shot at, shot at others, and have training that we can in fact pass onto others. Additionally, many of us are also current or former Law Enforcement Officers trained, as we were in the military, as marksmanship instructors in handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Many of us have even been honored enough to have been Navy SEALS, Marine Force Reconnaissance, Army Rangers, Army Special Forces, and Air Force PJ's.

    So maybe, just maybe they know they will get their behinds kick badly 🙂

  14. Sorry to pick nits, however, the hollow-point ammunition is, indeed, hollow-point. "Dum-dum" bullets were bullets modified to expand at the Dum Dum Arsenal to reduce over-penetration and increase the energy imparted to the target. Modern HP ammo is designed to do the same thing, Theoretically, if the bullet behaves as planned, there is no exit wound. Can we please eave the misuse of firearms terms to the Lame Stream Media?

    Now that the terms are defined, why the hell do these bureaucracies need all this ammunition?!? SSA, DHS, Marine Fisheries (for dangerous fish?), Good Humor drivers…where does it stop?

    I get the funny feeling that somebody doesn't trust us…..

  15. if you go to any SS office you will NOT find many 'old' people there…mostly women with children and younger (under 40) male and females….old… is not there

  16. D.J. California says:

    The dirty secret is that Social Security isn't just for old people, nor is Medicare for that matter. My wife knows someone who saw dozens of non-English speaking pregnant women in an OB/GYN office when she was having her baby. She was told that many of them were paid for by Medicare and/or Social Security. So maybe the ammo is for the death panels to figure out how to clear out the old people who are cutting into the available money for illegals.

  17. Perhaps they are getting ahead of the curve to handle the anger that will occur once the government finishes bankrupting the system and the checks get cut off. I would guess that if they are worried about people getting that angry, then they had better lay in food and water stocks and plan on not leaving the building.


  19. fliteking says:

    Excellent response.

  20. The only way you will get this Ammo is the buisness end first.This President is prepareing to declare martial law and he will use this Ammo on anyone that has the nerve to resist his takeover of our Country,Make no mistake this President and his personel Army,(Unions and black panthers) will attempt to take this Nation.

  21. The American people (at least a majority of them) PUT THE TYRANTS UP THERE.

  22. Publication of "Solicitation of Bid". Companies submit bids to furnish the requested items.
    Several months ago DHS put out a "solicitation" for 450 million rounds. Recently they put out another "solicition" for an additional 750 million rounds.

  23. can these guns and ammo be redistributed by the government ? CEREBRUS is the company controled by GEORGE SOROS a man so dedicated to disarming citizens ,why is he buying all these gun and ammo companies ? Are these orders a form of pay back ? Why is no one in the media investigating this ?

  24. This is a fine time to be learning about this. I would like to have a government contract, too, but……….last day was Aug. 13th. Should we invest in ammunition suppliers with government contracts? How do we find out which companies get the bids? How do we find out if any of these companies who receive contracts are owned by Soros?

  25. I don't really want to have to state the obvious, but someone has to. Our government has been known "at times" to over requisition ammo. Ask any shooting enthusiast and they'll tell you that surplus ammo is the cheapest way to go. How do you think that ammo from the Korean or Vietnam wars got to be surplus? Yeah, I know, there will always be those who always place any action by the govt in a nefarious light. That's why we have three branches of government and (supposedly) citizen oversight. In addition, let's be serious; the SS admin deals with many different groups and being part of CMS they also have their enforcement wing. Though I don't always agree with their tactics or use of force, any law enforcement agency personnel must practice and show proficiency. For every bullet fired in the line of Duty at least 500 were fired for practice. How many shots does any hunter fire before the ONE he shoots at a deer, pig, elk, etc.?

    As to the DUM-DUM "controversy"… you'd have to be a real weapons DUMB-DUMB to read something into that.

  26. Ben W Gardner says:

    You really don't want to tick off a couple of million old combat veterans.

    Ben, UDT-22

  27. Actually, 174K rounds is't that big a purchase. Basically, it is enough to provide a day's live fire training for less than a thousand agents. And, don't forget, anyone who carries will ALWAYS train with the same ammo they carry when on duty. Thus, the more expensive JHP rounds instead of hardball or plain lead.
    Now, the question does arise… what TYPE of Social Security agents go about armed, and why? What are their duties that necessitate their being armed? What, are they security guards at the field offices? that would make sense. Enforcement goons going about trying to collect overpayment returns? Fraud detection/recover? What?

    The REAL scary thing though, is that far too many large federal agencies are arming up, and not just with typical duty gun sorts of things. WHY does the IRS need fifteen thousand shotguns? And not turkey guns, they are. No, defensive/assault shotguns. The Internal Revenue Service? WHY???? WHAT business do they conduct that requires, or could even, on a long stretch of the imagination, justify twevle bore shotguns with extra large mags, etc? And DHS? Maybe for some field agents, but how many of thhem go about armed? It is beginning to look like the reigning kinyun is indeed forming up his "civilian police force", which will be the equal of the military, according to HIS words. Maybe he has good reason to not trust the military to act against WE THE PEOPLE? Never mind the unconstitutioinality of military action on home soil (has being unconstitutionial ever slowed him down before this?) .

    Two pallets of .357 JHP isn't much of an ammunition purchase. Its the others we've learned about of late that concern me. Martial law just in time to cancel an election? I'd put nothing past this joker.

    By the bye, Gary, your parting shot in the article is priceless…. "Don't Mess with SS". Knowing you even as little as I do, I doubt not the slightest you are well aware of a much earlier SS, with whom one will not mess if one desires to live long and prosper. Unless one values liberty and principle higher than long life and prosperity.

  28. oldmadman says:

    Have any of you been to a Social Security Office recently. It’s not for the old folks any more. I was there three times last month getting wages that were not reported by my employer, for 5 years, added to my SS record. It was mostly folks that were disabled (?), looking for food stamps and/or public assistance, or folks that couldn’t speak english. Most of these folks are in better health than I am and have not paid into the system.

  29. That's why SS is broke. The Social Democrats decided to use OUR retirement funds to pay for a variety of entitlements that couldn't stand on their own. Hence, all the lawyers who get rich specializing in "getting you your disability payments approved by SS.l

  30. Yep, the younger you are the fewer 'work credits' you need to qualify for SS disability.

    It always has been a long process, where you needed an attorney (they get paid by SS), but if you stuck it out you would always eventually prevail in your claim.

    Then you are eligible for Medicare in 24 months (much cheaper than private health insurance, much better coverage than Medicaid)

    Once you are on the above there is a whole host of other benefits you can get, many essentially permanent.

    Not a bad way to live if you are young with few skills (you can earn cash via unreported side jobs)

    Provided you've already lost any shred of integrity.

  31. Skyknight says:

    If they stop paying our earned Social Security checks (not an entitlement) they will need a lot more that 174 thousand rounds of ammo.

  32. Jim Cotten says:

    Maybe they are planning to use it to protect our money from the politicians!

  33. steve handley says:

    Yes…Obama' plan is to take down America via civil unrest and martial law. Make no misake about obama's intentions.
    Read about the plans that Bill Ayers had for overthrowing the government and executing 25 to 35 MILLION Americas who he believed would not "cooperate". He planned to intern millions of others in "re-education" centers. Obama will follow the plan of his best good buddy Bll. If you still believe BHO and his gang are true Americans you are sadly mistaken…

  34. John Hardman says:

    My My My How times have changed. Now we get personal service delivered right to our door by those nice folks down at the Social Security Office. For example ; "Mary Smith" is entitled to a $1,000.00 Death Benefit from Social Security. One sunny Day at Mary Smith's home in the suburbs, the door bell sounds ("Ding Dong") and "Mary Smith" promtly opens the door. There stood a gentleman with a briefcase, who introduced Himself as being a Social Security Official; and said He was there to make sure that everything was in order with Her SS account. "Mary Smith" greeted Him with a warm smile and a cheerful "Good Morning" and invited the Social Security Official into her modest home. As the front door closed behind the SS Officer, He said
    are you "Mary Smith" she nodded in the affirmative; He then said did you know that you have a $1000.00 Death Benefit with
    your SS account; to which she said yes; whereupon He pulled a 357 Magnum hand gun from His briefcase and shot "Mary Smith" dead on that very the spot.

  35. This Corrupt rotten Administration is stock piling MRE;s and water More than 17 million meals ?? . Osamba is not going willfully when he is defeated in Nov . His New Black Panties army will be ready to kill and die for the glorious leader ?? ,good the more the merrier .


  37. Paul E. Mason says:

    If anyone has not been buying up on the stuff that goes boom, well, so be you. Never hurts to have enough of the stuff. But in any case, the gov't. should never be trusted. Hell, can your best friend be trusted ? The trick to all this is simple….Have one caliper which is not main stream. As in 10mm auto to name only one. Sure America runs on .223, but that will burn out fast. Keep a broad base of ammo and firearms. Keep the faith….Our Flag, our Religion, our Heritage. Remember one thing though….We will not be the first to fight for Freedom. That our past Patriots have fought for is worth fighting for, again and again. We are now the present Patriots. And will sacrifice, as they before us, "Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor". Oh, and if anyone wonders why, just tell them America is under attack, and this time, it is…. " from within."

  38. Infowars.com published an uncannily similar article one day prior to this post.

  39. Could be, but I think they will be sending out a box of ammo with each ss check so we can plink. Remember, they are from the Govt. and here to help

  40. OK, I read this and became concerned as to why the SSA needed ammo. I did some research. The SS administration has 225 special agents that investigates fraud within the SSA department. The SSA makes all kinds of payments to all kinds of people ( some are criminal elements). Whenever there are monetary payments made to people there will be fraud to some degree. These agents are basicly cops. These cops carry weapons that are loaded. In order to use use those weapons agents must be trained (with live ammo), once trained they must qualify with that weapon quarterly ( with live ammo). 174,000 rounds of ammo really isn't that much considering it's intended use. So the ammunition they ordered is in my opinion justified.
    Frankly I think all people should carry a weapon on their hip (should they choose to) An armed society is a much more polite society.

  41. Allen Goldberg says:

    if the U.S. Government buys 750 MILLION rounds using our money, why do we not get the right to ask …………..WHY??

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