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TSA Orders 1400 lbs of Explosives to Train Dogs

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2012

The Transportation Safety Administration has a National Canine Program, which in turn has a Canine Explosive Section.

I guess the dogs are kept in back rooms of airports. I have never seen one.

Anyway, the TSA’s dogs division has issued a solicitation for 1400 lbs of explosives: 700 lbs of ammonium nitrate (“Oklahoma City bombing”) and 700 lbs of A-5 Flake RDX. The delivery date is August 31.

The Right has gone ballistic. Rumors of false flag operations are all over the Web. As long as there are sites out there warning against specific false flag operations, there is less likelihood that there will be one. Of course, the risk rises that there will be a real terrorist attack, which will be interpreted as a false flag operation.

What caught my eye was the quantity. How many dogs are they training? I mean, 700 lbs each of these materials are a lot of explosives.

Then there is this: How many pounds of either of these explosives can anyone carry on board a plane?

Second, how will the electronic scanners spot this stuff? It’s not metallic.

Third, is the TSA planning on using these dogs outside of airports? Then the size of the order makes more sense: lots of dogs. But who has authorized the TSA to set up checkpoints on our highways? Are there plans for train stations and bus stations?

I am not worrying about a false flag operation. I am worried about random checkpoints. Will there be dogs at all of these? If so, that will be a lot of dogs.

There is going to be a lot of money made by trainers of TSA dogs.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Will this dog hunt?

Does any of this pass the smell test?

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3 thoughts on “TSA Orders 1400 lbs of Explosives to Train Dogs

  1. On two occasions in the past year I have seen airport dogs sniffing around.. They were interesting to watch. However, the dogs were led by the Port Police – not TSA.

  2. Many of the things that are happening now would barely get noticed under normal circumstances at least separately. However, when we have such a corrupt administration who is constantly seeking more and more power and constantly lying, we all become suspicious. For good reason! Especially when you combine NDAA, FEMA camps, and 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo (not allowed in war by the Geneva convention) we all become very suspicious. I got an idea folks these all “ain’t” for training no matter what we are told! Just another example of why you don’t believe someone who lies to you? A liars word is never good! Also another good reason why we do not, under any circumstances, give up our guns or register them! If we do we are dead.

  3. To answer the author's question about bus stations,train stations,etc. it is yes the TSA has plans to have a presence in both situations. They have also already done a "dry run" with Tennessee Highway Patrol for random stop and searches on highways there. I agree with the author why does the TSA need 1400 pounds of explosive material tor train dogs? This is crazy and scary. The fence the rigime is building around us is getting its final sides.