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Lovely Rita, Meter Maid, Gets $93,000 a Year

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2012

Meter maids in Hermosa Beach get anywhere from $67,000 to $93,000 a year.

I grew up next door to Hermosa Beach. My girl friend lived in Hermosa Beach. My parents bought a home in Manhattan Beach for $8,000. Today, that same 900 square foot home would sell for a million dollars. It was three blocks from the sand. (The tiny lot is now occupied by a 3-storey home.)

Still, people can drive to work in Hermosa Beach from inland cities. There, you can buy a tiny home for a mere $275,000. So, why do meter maids make $67,000 or more? Because voters pay no attention.

Municipal governments spend money as if it were going out of style, like there will be no tomorrow. Taxpayers really do pay no attention.

Then a story like this one hits a Web site. The city council ignores it. Why stir up trouble by investigating it? There will be no fallout.

Voters will be burdened with this sort of thing until a handful of self-appointed monitors of city spending post sites with the salary information of every employee, and when swing voters go to these sites looking for ammunition.

In the Great Default, this will end. It probably will not end until then.


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5 thoughts on “Lovely Rita, Meter Maid, Gets $93,000 a Year

  1. Surfer4314 says:

    I too grew up in Manhattan Beach. what a change from 1952 to 1997 when we moved. I rememmber the dirt lot the Target sits on, it was where they would have city fairs and other things. I rememmber the Lamar therter on manhattan Beach Blvd.. I went to Meadows School and then to Foster A. Begg jr High then off to Mira Costa High.Got out of school in 1970. Boy was that a different time. City employees diddn't make any were the money the private sector did. I wish I would have taken the job with the city when it was offered…….

  2. Supertad108 says:

    It is hard to resist that temptation in hindsight. Thank you for choosing freedom and liberty instead of today you being one of the dependents and moochers. Also possibly one of those soon to be rioting because this country was not built to support able bodied individuals for 20 or 30 years sucking the taxpayer teet. This will come full circle.

    Surfer4314, you made the right choice.

  3. loveaustin says:

    Boy Supertad108, you couldn’t be more right. This will come full circle when the money runs out and America’s new “Entitlement Society”, the public sector unions will riot when their unaffordable contracts are not honored. They will refuse to acknowledge how their corrupt union thug leaders bribed public officials to approve their corrupt contracts and cry, moan and riot about not being able to sit on their ass’s collecting tax payers hard earned money… And yes, this also includes our prestigious Teacher, Firefighter and Police union thugs….. Where doses it say the non-union worker has to pay for the federal, state & local public sector union workers pensions/benefits.. who pays for our retirement?????? AFL-CIO & UAW Union thugs help to kill manufacturing in this country and now the public sector union thugs are killing our cities, states and federal government. The only reason the federal government workers are not currently at risk is because Fedzilla just borrows the money so their liberal idiots can’t see how it is currently impacting their wallets. But as you say this will come full circle after they suck us all dry….

  4. Your point being?

    Okay—I ain't dum … but my counterpoint is: so what?

    So City Hall is on a gravy train. That's great for City Hall, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. At least if you can't get on the train yourself don't be such a spoilsport as to kick the wheels off for the clever folks who can. And I'll bet that most of those meter maids have college degrees, too — doesn't that make you feel better?

  5. Hah! You didn't tell us that they also have to do other things like animal control and bus driving … 'standard' transmission, too; and some of those dogs have black belts, one karate-bite and a maid is history; hell, they EARN their bucks! I think they deserve their money (and does one have to be an American citizen to join?).

    Yes, Little Ollivia, that was sarcasm …