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DHS Buys 750 Million Additional Rounds of Ammunition

Written by Gary North on August 14, 2012

Maybe you recall that the Department of Homeland security bought 450 million rounds of hollow-point  ammunition earlier this year. But, when it comes to preparation, the DHS is not leaving anything to chance. It is ordering another 750 million rounds. The solicitation is here. It’s for training.

Training whom? How many? On what scale? Where? Why?

This story is really making the rounds. (I’ve got 750 million of ’em!). It’s all over the Web — except on any mainstream media outlet. There, no one has noticed. “Nothing to see here. Please!”

I think the DHS’s purchase is a good model for all Americans. Preppers should stock up on items that may get into short supply. Ammunition is surely one such item. But storage is a problem. Where can ammo be stored safely?

I am curious: Where does the DHS plan to store these vital rounds? Does it have ammo storage centers? It must. But where are they? Are there multiple storage facilities, located conveniently around the nation?

Then this comes to mind. How many terrorists does the DHS think are located in the USA? How many sleeper cells are there?

If the DHS needs 1.2 billion rounds of ammunition, there must be a lot of sleeper cells. A lot! All of these guys are expected to hit the streets at once, thereby mandating the use of 1.2 billion rounds. That will be some uprising.

I have a problem mentally envisioning this many sleeper cells of Saudi Arabians — or are they Iranians? — all patiently awaiting a signal to take to the streets. They are awaiting a signal  from . . . whom?

Is America awaiting its very own Arab spring?

Is America one big Fort Hood?

Does any of this pass the smell test? I don’t think so.

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61 thoughts on “DHS Buys 750 Million Additional Rounds of Ammunition

  1. Simon Bolivar says:

    And the military is shuffling troops after we find they've got plans for surpressing US citizens and have for years.

  2. Maybe they are selling them to Mexico for the preparation to invade the US. Who really knows but anything is possible with the Marxist administration.

  3. 1. Obama is creating JOBS for folks, manufacturing the ammo. (Jobs might be in China, but don't distract me)
    2. If they use the ammo on enough Americans who are out of work (those rascals) then the unemployment figures will come WAAAAAAYYYY down!

    Uh… excuse me… some men in black just drove up my driveway…

  4. PLEASE, everyone contact your Senator and Rep and demand to know why all this ammo that can not be used in war time is being purchased when we are broke. This looks like a Chavez take over is coming if obama is not reelected in Nov. PRAY we and this country needs divine help.

  5. James Kirksey says:

    Covert operations are planned by Obama and his Marxist followers. Remember that the Coast Guard and all federal law envorcement come under HLS, now. Also, some people believe foreign mercenaries will be used to turn our country into a dictator type government. Likely the plans are to see how the election in going before a declaration of martial law. The skelton of the plan is in place and our congress seems to be in a stooper or totally compromised.

  6. Patrick Henry was right he did smell a rat in Philly!

  7. Please, don't send them my way…

  8. hollow points are banned by the Geneva convention so they can not use in war time…but they can use as needed to quell protesters….congress is complicit in as they fund this evil empire….and empower it with NDAA, Patriot Act..etc

  9. Please do a little more reconissance and let us know where the munitions are being stored.

  10. 13th Floor says:

    …and with the election coming up, why would they need more ammo? To protect the American People from the Union thugs, special interest goons, the anarchists, the fascist, and Marxist, or to protect the Union thugs, special interest goons, anarchists, fascist, and Marxist from the American People. Maybe we should ask Saul Alinsky…oh that's right, he's dead, but that hasn't stopped those on the Left.

  11. sean murry says:

    it smells to me.

  12. steve handley says:

    This is no joking matter folks. One of obama's main plans is to follow the Weather Underground(Bill Ayers) guidelines of "eliminating" as many as 35 million Americans who do not "conform" to HIS idea of what America should be. Less
    agressive individuals are to be sent to "re-education" centers. Bill Ayers is one of BHO's main "unofficial" advisers and "best good buddy". Look up the info on him and the Weatherunderground for yourself and read the info on the meetings that were infiltrated by the FBI. This is public info people. Your president is treasonous!!!

  13. How could anyone trust this current regime? They do everything under the radar, in the dark of night and behind closed doors. But unfortunately for them, there are some leakers in govt that let this knowledge slip out and WE THE PEOPLE get wind of it.
    Why, indeed, would DHS have any use for all this ammo, and bomb making materials while at the same time train Russian troops and other nationalities the fine art of warfare on OUR soil? Just remember, these bozos like to hide things in plain sight….just Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm!) and his plans to "fundamentally transform" our great nation. It does not take a genius (or rocket scientist!) to figure out that the potential terrorist threat they are concerned about is US! And they should be 'cause I for one will NOT comply with their BS much longer and especially after the Nov 6 elections if odumbo and thugs try to stop us from booting him/them out of office legally!

  14. nvergivup says:

    Why so many? Do they expect resistance? But first, consider this: Liberals always think that the common man, i.e., conservatives especially, don't have enough sense to suspect or question the purchases of ammo, even several million rounds. Secondly, no one will ever question the need for "hollow points". What does our military use in Iraq and Afgh.? Never saw hollow points in Nam! Recent newscaster explained to all of us: The hollow point is used to insure there is no "pass through", I believe it is called. That is where the bullet goes through a person, or target, and does not kill them. The HP, expands on contact, becomes unstable, changes direction, hits bones etc, then "blows out" the back of the body, if it comes out at all. In other words, the HP will do the worst damage to the target. We just want to be sure no one is left wounded in the streets, I mean battlefield/jungle. One last thought, why are we having to pay for HP "training" ammo? How much training does it take to look at a body and say "Yep, that was a HP!" Why aren't they buying 1.2 billion rounds of .22 caliber for training, save the real stuff for the larger cities/crowds? I must be dumb as hell. I don't understand any of this BS…

  15. So much ammo!?!! DHS is scared s***less! Of whom??

    Yeah, call your congressman. They just voted to give

    the dictator in chief more power. We’re on our own

    People. Keep your powder dry & your piece lubricated.

    We’re in for some rough times!

  16. Daniel from TN says:

    How stupid does the US government believe the people are? The ONLY legal use for this ammo is during civil war because it is forbidden for use in war between countries. The government is preparing for the possibility of civil war. Personally, I believe the Liberals, aka Communists, are deliberately trying to herd the country into a civil war.

    America or obama! You can't have both!

  17. First thing that comes to my attention is where it says: "HOLLOW POINTS",. these are HUNTING rounds that are hollow for a quick, clean, kill! If it comes to an all out conflict, they want no survivor's! Is the entire department of DHS going hunting? I believe not! They will be hunting US citizens who do not want Communism instituted in America. If you protest later, you'll be rounded up and put in detention (a holding pen) or shot on sight!
    If you want to argue this point, forget it! The proof is right in front of our faces.
    We have one chance to halt this in November. AMERICA…..PLEASE WAKE UP!

  18. Too many coincidences with the BHO quest to take over the USA with Martial Law. Something really stinks?

    It's highly probable, they will regulate guns so strictly, they'll end CONFISCATING guns! It's already negotiated by H. Clinton, and was going to be signed, but BHO didn't want the backlash before the election.You should start think about whether you'll surrender guns, just like in Austrailia. Alternative-GO TO JAIL FOR A FELONY. I've read some will fight to the end. Remember, BHO has funding for the start of his Civilian Security force (brownboots). This is serious sh*t. Have you noticed a lull in OWS (preparing for big time violent disobedience)?

  19. Wow. It's hard not to listen to conspiracy theorists when facts like this keep emerging.

  20. Why? It is not possible for the army to have guns. Clinton saw to that. Look at Fort Hood. Maybe it is to keep the illegal aliens at bay. But it is more likely to keep us at bay if we try to stop the illegal aliens.

  21. Archangel says:

    They can purchase all the ammunition they want, and if or when the time arrives we will simply relieve them of their ammunition:

  22. DieHardPatriot says:

    So the claim by the Department of Human Slaughter is ordering all this 'HOLLOW POINT " for Training??? BULL. You don't not use Hollow points for practice unless it shooting and killing Americans. This Ammo is made by Dynamic Research Technologies (DRT) I went to their website and this company's claim states that this DRT ammo is the most deadliest ammo on the market. It even uses the initials as a even more deadly sounding nickname "DEAD RIGHT THERE" ..and now we have the TSA ordering the very ingredients that blew the hell out of the Oklahama Federal killing hundreds of Men Women and children..OH maybe this is a clue as to to another flse flag…. the Feds removed all their key personal out of the building before the explosion took place. Yes we have such a lovely government.. Bunch of conniving Bast**rds is more like it!! Just like the False flag at the supposed Pentagon …another bull crap scheme…same with the twin towers and building 7…controlled demolition…AKA-inside job!. SO I feel all this nitrates and other material is to make another bomb like the one in Oklahoma to blow up something that will cause such death and destruction and terrorists will get the blame so Obama can declare Martial just before the elections so loser Obama can remain in the white house by suspending the elections indefinitely! I hope I am so wrong but with Obama "Question everything" and not be surprised as what this Creep will do next if he comes to the conclusion in his Narcissist mind that he may not win in November. Tyrants do not give up their power easily. They are either assassinated or arrested and then shot. With the way congress is acting Impeachment is all talk and it might take drastic actions to correct the drastic action all too many voters took in November 2008…electing Obama!

  23. Seminole Katz says:

    40 Cal. Jacketed Hollow Points are NOT target practice rounds. D.H.S. will have about 4 rounds for EACH man, woman and child ! One well placed shot from one of these rounds will take care of the " target ". HOWEVER, legally armed, Patriotic Americans FAR outnumber the D.H.S. + U.N. Troops + U.S. Troops given Illegal Orders + Police operating outside the scope ot their sworn duty, etc. We Surround Them ! Don't Do It " would-be King " Obama !

  24. I think it's just a make-work project. The gov't is giving employment to some of their buddies – yup Obama's gov't has buddies in the arms biz (but there's not enough demand from Mexican cartels to keep all their friends employed) – then he has a whole bunch of illegal immigrants out behind the DHS buildings decommissioning the ammunition again!!!! Obama, the wise and benevolent job creatoer. Messiah extraordinaire!!!

  25. DieHardPatriot says:

    Quell protestors?… YOU need to do some research this ammo is described by the company that designed it as being the most deadliest ammo on the market..quell hell ..this ammo kills not just wound..you die after being hit my just one round. Keep in mind that the 40 caliber is the most used by the Feds and Law Enforcement as well as and other FederaLalphabet soup Agencies…..this ammo is expensive. I bought some ..just two boxes of 40 caliber 50 count cost over $80. It shouldn't take a math genius on how much taxpayer money is paying out for this deadly ammo. Do a search on DRT Dynamic Reaserch Technologies. Currently I am loading up on both 40 s&w and 45 acp. I just bough a unique Ak style rifle that fires 45 acp. very accurate weapon…and I use cheaper Geneva Convention FMJ to practice. THsi fed do not abey and nato or Geneva regulations only entertain their paranoid, narcisist brains.

  26. Gary, you said this was "hollow point" ammo? You do NOT use hollow point ammo for "training purposes." It is strictly for APERS (anti-personnel).


  27. D H S will have no need for all that Ammo since Obama will be gone in November and all of his Idiots too!

  28. Not if he declares martial law and cancels the election?

  29. Remember the Tea Party rallies around the country protesting the Obamacare Bill? How about that huge crowd in DC? How about armed guards with automatic weapons standing atop the Capital building looking down on us? How about the Tianenmen Square massacre in China? Don't underestimate them. Bill Ayers and George Soros have been waiting a long time. The Manchurian Candidate is among us and in charge. We won't be able to spray our rounds but they'll have no limit. We better find a way to get our troops home.

  30. soldiermom11 says:

    I read an article about tanks that caught my eye. Apparently the boys from the maryland national guard are training in st. louis by practicing driving tanks through the city. Why would Maryland soldiers be training in St. Louis? Since they are very close to DC I am suspicious.

  31. Hollow points are also designed to fragment into razor-like shards on impact with — oh, I dunno — your sternum, so that the shot does the maximum damage imaginable to internal organs.

  32. Thats enough ammo to kill every man, woman and child in the USA 4 times.
    I think the regime is serious about taking over America.

  33. Kitty Litter says:

    Put most in storage, gather up your loved ones…Move to Mexico…safer, cheaper, better economy…stable government, good food…warmhearted people…

  34. The Mexican Drug Lords need ammo for the Fast and Furious guns.
    When at war, the last thing you do not want is to run out of ammo.

  35. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I think that war is coming to America. IF the elections take place in November & Romney wins, then Obama will definitely do something drastic. However, he doesn't realize what he's going to start if he does. The majority of conservatives are Christians, so we know how to pray, and GOD is in control, not Barack Obama, not Mitt Romney. Plus most of us were born & raised here, so we are true patriots. We have family members that have served in the military, some paying the ultimate sacrifice, we have family now serving. So it's NOT going to be a cake walk for him. Most of us, like our founding fathers, would rather die, than lay down & allow them to take over.

  36. johndillinger says:

    Germany 1934, wake, these are the bullets they will be using on us while they and foreign troops are taking the guns fromus…THE DHS is Obamas version of the German SS, we do not need a national police force, we have the army, marines, etc, fbi, BATF, what else…This bastard is actually moving faster than Hitler in the 30,s in Germany, and If there is a chance of him loosing the election, he will start the Iranian war, declare national emergency, shut down all communications, and seize power..WAKE,, god help us wake, we are one half inch from full blown communism. THere are no unions in Russia or CHina, Hitler killed all the queers, union bullies, and brown shirts that put him into power…Wake, History…..We are at war with the Muslims, and we got one in the WHite House, eh?

  37. The US Army Military Police has always trained for riot control, that is nothing new. There has been a need shown over the years by riots in the ghettos of many cities and in foreign cities where troops have been stationed. The regular US Army military police has never been called to suppress US civilians at least to the best of my knowledge. If such force is needed it has always been the national guard and not the regular Army. I cannot speak for what is happening now however when I was in, in the 60's regular Army was not used.

    Keep in mind the funding for the National Civilian Security Force, a constabulary force if you will (obama promised) just as large as and well equipped as the US military and just as well funded, starts during 2013. It is hidden within the obamacare bill. I know, and you thought it was about healthcare didn’t you?

    verification of the above

    General Boykin

    In obama’s own words

  38. The US Army Military Police has always trained for riot control, that is nothing new. There has been a need shown over the years by riots in the ghettos of many cities and in foreign cities where troops have been stationed. The regular US Army military police has never been called to suppress US civilians at least to the best of my knowledge. If such force is needed it has always been the national guard and not the regular Army. I cannot speak for what is happening now however when I was in, in the 60's regular Army was not used.

    Keep in mind the funding for the National Civilian Security Force, a constabulary force if you will (obama promised) just as large as and well equipped as the US military and just as well funded, starts during 2013. It is hidden within the obamacare bill. I know, and you thought it was about healthcare didn’t you?

    verification of the above

    General Boykin

    In obama’s own words

  39. johndillinger says:

    The arms race is on, between the citizens of this country and the government. There is always blood, and there will be lots of it.. We are 14 days now with out the first amendment, the second amendment is next. The one they should get rid of is the 16 th, this puts the tax burden on the wealthy, and prevents middle class from getting rich. This was put in by progressives in 1913, same year they invented the :FED', replacing the gold standard, and never audited, eh?

    When the commies take over, there is no private property, no catholic church, and no family…In Cuba they knocked on the door, told the folks to move into two rooms, and others will be moving iinto the house with you……On Easter Sunday 1948, they burned or blew up most every church in Russia. They killed about 1/3 of the people, anyone with over three books in the living room, or educated, or talks back, gone..Same in China at the same time..ANd we sleep, the muslims are pooring in to this country under this President, we are so politically correct that we cannot defend ourselves..The system is loaded with worthless federal judges that are in a power struggle with the executive branch…Wake up, read some history!

  40. El Kabong says:

    You mean if he IS reelected.

  41. Do yourself a favor, don't hold hold your breath till that Homo. Muslim does that!—

  42. America is a democracy, no? So all you have to do is write your Congressman/Senator/President/Representatives/etc etc (ad nauseam), tell them you are displeased and they will do something about it. No?

    There, problem solved.

    Now: who next are you going to bomb back to the stone age to make 'em democratic too (then we can all be one big happy family)? Saudi Arabia, where the women are treated like sh— and thank heavens your illustrious president (may his compassion and mercy be upon you all) has just signed an Executive Order making it legal for him to declare war on wife-beaters anywhere. (Poor bugger must have been running out of excuses—they've already done Poverty, Drugs, and Terror …).

  43. J. R. Weems says:

    Storage will be no problem. I am sure there is PLENTY of room underground at Mt. Weather in VA.

  44. nooneescapes says:

    Right on. Be aware that buying ammo through the mail is a bad idea now. You have to pick it up at your local gun shop. Hopefully one that's not on Dohbama's underground boys club list! Stock up ASAP !!!!

  45. nooneescapes says:

    I believe you are right about the intended use for the ammo. We the armed people are over 150,000,000 strong !! That's why the government needs soooooooo much ammo. We the people are the largest armed force in the world. That's what has Dohbama so worried. I don't believe the military will support any action against the civilians. The military hates Dohbama and all his cronies. All politicians must know that near 80% of them would not survive a civil war with the number of armed and pissed off citizens in this country. Once we fall into chaos and shots are fired it would be a miracle if anyone could stop it for months, possibly years. Pray it doesn't happen.

  46. nooneescapes says:

    You get it, Dohbama doesn't.

  47. Raymond Gwinn says:

    Obama will need the support of the military to pull off any coup. I do not believe there are enough DHS agents to pull it off without the vast majority of law enforcement and most of the military behind him. I think you folks are a little bit hysterical.

    This is not to say Obama might not like to do this. Pulling it off however is much more problematical for the Clueless Marxist man-child.

  48. Ann W Kingsley says:

    Ditto! We have to wonder how many scud missiles China already has hidden in Mexico to support an invasion? Under cover of drug wars and Fast and Furious anything could be done. And, Americans are still just interested in police actions all over the globe instead of protection for our homeland. Our defense systems for the U.S. and its territories are paltry compared to the Israeli defense systems, but our soldiers and bases are mostly over seas, and we expect Mexico to be an adequate buffer on our southern border, even when Mexico is being virtually colonized by China, and the number of illegal Chinese immigrants coming across our southern border today is higher than that of Mexican immigrants. We need to upgrade our national defense. If a Russian sub can hang out in the Gulf of Mexico for a month and around the East Coast on a prior occasion, we need to handle defense of our mainland and Alaska. Fighting Muslims is insane when we have well-equipped large adversaries like Russia and China hanging around to pick us off.

  49. george morrison says:

    this is to arm this stupid civillian army that is spelled out in the obama care law,this my people is one very sick government to think that they can turn these chubby little getto kids into soldiers to attack the rest of us americans that do not find favor in the coming wave of stupidity. this is one big reason to completly remove this obama cancer and all of his goblins that is so hell bent on destroying this country and turning it into some communist homohippy freak hang out we had that kind of trash in the 60s we certainly don't need this trash again

  50. I wonder if the Obama Administration is trying to pacify Arms Manufacturers so that they can get the UN Small Arms Treaty negotiated and signed to give the President a "victory" this fall?

    These businesses would lose export markets but maybe getting a little short term profit would help calm them from objecting to the Treaty? I suspect that their objections, and not those of the NRA, where why the Treaty was "deferred" until later this year. The NRA is not capable of making the entire United Nations stop their discussion. Nobody at the UN runs for office or campaigns for votes.

    Money talks at the UN.

    There are pending "budget cuts" mandated by Congress's failure to balance the budget. Perhaps it is hoped that the DHS can help Alliant and other small arms ammunition manufacturers keep their heads above water while the "War on Terror" starts to wind down. Getting agencies like NOAA and DHS to allocate some money for "security" not only guarantees that these companies will work but that their own budgets will be expanded next year.

    This high volume of ammunition over so long a period of time guarantees a certain baseline of income for these companies.

    My guess is that most will be "surplused" to local Police Departments in order to earn a few brownie points with Urban Politicians. 40 S&W hollow point rounds are often used by Local Police Departments, many of whom use 40 S&W firearms.

    This whole thing could be both Corporate welfare and reducing objections to the UN ATT.

    What would concern me would be the following….

    1. The DHS starts to purchase HUGE amounts of riot control agents.
    2. The DHS begins to purchase and stockpile fuel, spare parts, food and other logistical support for a campaign. A billion rounds are not much good if you cannot feed and transport the shooters.
    3. The DHS begins to purchase equipment to build temporary detention centers. Where they are needed, not where it's convenient to position them.
    4. The DHS begins to actively train their staff, and volunteers, in military operations. Handing someone a firearm or giving them "Range Time" does make them into a soldier.


  51. Parts of St. Louis are like Beirut in the 1980s. Run down and crumbling. Using St. Louis as a training ground gives the National Guard experience in an urban setting – the worst place of all to conduct a war.

    I suspect that the trainers themselves are being trained and not the National Guardsmen. Perhaps being trained to instruct a new Syrian Army, or Libyan Army or post Ayatollah Iranian Army, how to manage its population.

    The best training for dealing with "American Rebels" is going on right now in Afghanistan and was going on earlier in Iraq. Live painful combat experience against irregular forces who have minimal outside support (especially the case in Iraq). ESPECIALLY the Stryker Brigades, who are using wheeled vehicles which are too lightly armored to effectively manage heavy duty anti tank weapons but just fine for managing "insurgents" mainly armed with "Small Arms".

    Besides combat experience the US military learned how to conduct Psyops, process prisoners, interrogate them and conduct intelligence operations in hostile areas.

    I wouldn't sweat St. Louis as much as I'd sweat Kandahar, Besra or Fallujah, places where real people learned how to fight real insurgents.

  52. Who know what Mr. Obama was talking about with his "National Civilian Security Force"? The idea of a "civilian security force" is on its face an oxymoron. You cannot have such a force and still call it "civilian".

    If the past is prelude to the future we ought to look at outfits like the "American Protective League", which was started about the time that the US started involving itself in the first World War. They were an outfit started by a rich donor, AM Briggs, an advertising executive from Chicago. Their number reached 250,000 citizens, who paid a fee to join this organization. They spent more of their time spying and informing on neighbors who refused to co operatie with the Draft or who were of German ancestry or who were "anarchists" or other sorts of folks.

    These yahoos passed on "intelligence" information to the US Attorney General, who then organized campaigns against "slackers" and "subversives".

    The group was disbanded after the end of World War I by Attorney General Mitchell Palmer.

    Or we can see a version of AmeriCorps….

    Or maybe Mr. Obama does want his very own Brownshirts…. or "Dignity Brigades" or "Bolivarian Militia", "Committees for the Defense of the Revolution" or God knows what….

  53. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Just remember that in the event of a bloody civil war, our fight is not with other citizens (unless they fire on us first), our responsibility it to target every last treasonous politician who got us to this point. Every last traitor has to end up DEAD or this subversion will never end. The time for talk will be over. If we don't kill them off, they'll simply use the left-wing courts to continue doing what they're doing. Make them afraid to show their faces in public places. Only THAT may make some of them re-think their positions about overthrowing the Constitution.

  54. Are you really willing to risk you life as well as the existence of this Republic because you don’t “think” he would be able to pull it off?

    You may actually be right but which do you think is best to do? Prepare for the worst and hope and pray for the best. Or make no plans at all and get slaughtered if wrong like the people in Germany, Russia, Cambodia, China as well as many other places around the world who did not have the ability to resist? Because they had no weapons to defend themselves. During the twentieth century over 170 million (170,000,000 that’s more than half the population of the entire United States) people were murdered by their respective government(s).
    All the warning signs of this administration should be proof it has bad intentions for “we the people.” If I can see this why can’t others? I actually thought this nations citizens were waking up, but if this is not plain to “all” citizens apathy still reigns supreme.

  55. recyclebill says:

    Just so you know, we liberals ain't liking this very much either: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/criminalizing

  56. capitalust says:

    Notice that some of the ammo was supposed to go to the National Weather Service (part of NOAA). They have absolutely NO use for ammo. The requisition was probably marked "Weather Underground" and someone said "must have meant "Weather Service" and changed it. They've already announced that "National Weather Service" was an error…. Probably be distributed to Bill Ayers and his friends by Acorn.

  57. capitalust says:

    Mexico is too close, and overrun with drug cartels. Also, as things inevitably collapse, Marxist countries always take over nearby countries to loot in order to cover their expenses. So, forget Mexico and even Canada. Be like fleeing Germany for Czechoslovakia just before Hitler took it. Look much further afield – like the Philippines! It has a pre-collapsed economy (like pre-stressed concrete beams – already on its back – it can't fall much further). Very warmhearted people, esp. the gals (for those of you still single). Best thing is government is very weak and completely incompetent. If you get a high tax bill, there is always someone who will make it go away for MUCH less than the bill. Their currency, while weak, is in much better shape than the dollar!

  58. capitalust says:

    Close, but that ammo was bought for the WEATHER UNDERGROUND (Bill Ayer's old gang), not to store UNDERGROUND at Mt. Weather…

  59. The sleeper cells you refer to in your article will be armed to the teeth by DHS. Janet Napolitano is the head of this Nazi-style entity. This current and some previous administrations have been quietly surrounding us — why else would they NOT protect our Southern Border? We still have many, many illegals still entering our country even after 9/11. Think of the absurdity of all of this. After 9/11, any country, except ours of course, would do everything in their power to maintain and protect their own borders from people looking to enter the country illegally for who knows what. This is called 'common-sense' folks. What we now have in America is a lot of office-holders in our local, county, state and federal governments that have allegiance to a total takedown of America. They're no different than any enemies of our freedoms, our Constitution, our Rule of Law, and our very unique American way of life.

    So all the puzzle pieces are in place: they now have a Marxist in the White House, they have taken over positions of power in many places throughout the country, DHS and SSA are now armed to the teeth, everything Obama does is contradictory to our Constitution (which he hates), Obama's cabinet is filled with a boatload of Marxists and outright communists, and Obama just might not be re-elected in November. Well, they'll have none of that now. There will either be a false flag event, or dare I say, an all out assault on America. Afterall, they've been planning this for a long time now.

    They knew that an all out war on America would never, ever be successful. I think Nikita Khruschev (sp?) summed it up pretty well: (paraphrasing) — "We will buy you. America will fall like ripe fruit into our hands without a single shot being fired." Hmmmm, what did he know that we don't? Well America, we're now at that point Mr. Khruschev was talking about. They (Obama and his communist regime) are primed, ready, willing and able now to take over America on his order (or should I say on Valerie Jarret's order?).

    They have tried the usurpation tactic, they're losing in that battle as the November election will certainly prove, thus, they'll see no choice but to bring about Martial Law and subdue the American people into submission. There's an awful lot of Americans with guns throughout our land, but apparently this doesn't seem to bother them. I believe there are many foreign troops in our country along with the sleeper cells that are just awaiting their orders. Call me paranoid, tin-foil hat wearer, or whatever you like, but, the handwriting is on the wall and you'd better keep your power dry and your firearms well oiled. I hope and pray I'm wrong, but I see what's going on and we've been duped and set-up America. They're coming for us and if they have to kill a bunch of us to get what they've been wanting for a very long time, they'll have no problem with that scenario at all. That's what communists do, they kill and they kill a lot.

  60. howardtlewisiiii says:

    Listen tight. The most logical use of this ammunition will be for specially appointed employees of these departments of government will be sent out with warrants to arrest political activists and patriots who have made their opinions known publicly. I personally, with at least 6 other law abiding citizens witnessed Hillary Clinton willfully and with contempt for the laws of the State of Washington, commit three felonies in one day. Husband Bill was the Governor of the State of Arkansas at the time, and the police let it slide. The FBI questioned us later after the three felonies resulted in a death. No further action was taken.
    Expect some of your acquaintances to be arrested. I have known of the charges installed in the WTCs and Chicago Sears (Willis) tower since 1968-1970. I anticipate my possible arrest, since they destroyed the records before setting off the WTC charges. The Willis tower is loaded with a demolition system top to bottom, since construction began. Please check this out. Expect NO help.

  61. David in MA says: