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Obama’s Biggest Lie, Ever — Or Is He This Naive?

Written by Gary North on August 10, 2012

I do not want to think that any President of the United States is stupid. So, I am eliminating this explanation for what I am about to reveal.

I do not want to think that any President is naive regarding politics. I suppose it is possible, but the idea repels me. Could the American political system elect a man to the highest political office who is politically naive? I prefer to eliminate this explanation.

This leaves lying.

In a political speech in Colorado (August 9), Obama said this. I am citing this directly from the White House’s Web site.

“But, listen, unless you’ve been able to hide from your TV set or your cable is broke, you’re probably aware right now that we’ve got a pretty intense campaign going on. (Applause.) And the reason it’s so intense is because the choice that we face this November could not be bigger. It’s not just a choice between two candidates. It’s not just a choice between two parties. More than any election in recent memory, this is a choice between two fundamentally different paths for our country — two fundamentally different visions of where this country needs to go.”

Two fundamentally different paths. All Presidents get their senior advisors from the Council on Foreign Relations, and have done so ever since 1929.  First, there is Council on Foreign Relations Team A. Today, this designation is given to the CFR members who are in favor of the Federal Reserve System, are opposed to the gold standard, and are defenders of an aggressive foreign policy, the U.S. Navy’s fleet of aircraft carriers, the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and Obamacare.

In opposition is CFR Team B. Today, this designation is given to the CFR members who are in favor of the Federal Reserve System, are opposed to the gold standard, and are defenders of an aggressive foreign policy, the U.S. Navy’s fleet of aircraft carriers, the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and a modified version of Romneycare, not yet revealed.

Between these two rival views, the shape of the America of the future will be hammered out.

President Obama is saying, “this time, it’s different.” He must have in mind 2008, when Senator John McCain rushed back to Washington to vote for George W. Bush’s proposed $700 billion bailout of the big banks, which Obama supported. McCain was not  willing to accept the prospect of Obama’s $800 billion bailout of the auto industry and the creation of “shovel-ready” public works projects. Bush illegally began the Chrysler/GM bailout before leaving office.

Before that, in 2004, two members of Yale’s Skull & Bones secret society — who were sworn by oath not to discuss the society, and didn’t — struggled for the allegiance of the American electorate.

And then there was 2000, when a graduate of Yale gave the nation a way to avoid the sinister prospects of being led by a graduate of Harvard.

But Obama says that the nation has not seen anything like the struggle that is going on today. His words give us hope. This time, at long last, we have a choice, not an echo.




This is the biggest lie in American politics. It is the central pillar of American politics. It has been ever since 1964, when Barry Goldwater sneaked through the Republican Party’s controlling Eastern Establishment and got the nomination, mainly because Nelson Rockefeller got a divorce and then remarried. (Things were socially different in 1964.) Before that election, the last major choice was in 1904, when Teddy Roosevelt defeated. . . . You don’t remember, do you? I do. You can look it up. That was the fork in the political road. Americans chose the wrong fork. The fact that it was the fork in the road is never mentioned in textbooks. That’s because it really was.

So Punch vies with Judy, election after election.

The voters cannot decide. In 2004, something unique in American history took place. A President was re-elected to a second term, following a President from a rival party who had also been re-elected. Now there is the prospect of a swing back: a President of a rival party getting a second term, despite the fact that 40% of the electorate thinks he is doing a bad job, and despite a faltering economy.

This is gridlock nation. If the Senate goes Republican, as expected, along with the House, national politics will be stymied.

This is good. We will get some relief. We do not need another Obamacare, which was passed when the Democrats controlled Congress, any more than we needed Bush’s Medicare prescription drug law, which passed when the Republicans controlled Congress, a law which soon tripled in estimated costs.

Meanwhile, the real national debt — the “off budget” debt — will rise by $11 trillion a year for four years, just as it rose by $11 trillion over last 12 months. It may rise even more.

Both paths are headed toward the same destination: the bankruptcy of the U.S. government.

And then, God willing, we really will get a choice, not an echo.

Continue Reading on www.whitehouse.gov

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67 thoughts on “Obama’s Biggest Lie, Ever — Or Is He This Naive?


  2. It’s time we the people act on our constitutional mandate to ” Dismantle this government and establish a new one ”

    while we still have a smithering portion of our fundamental rights. And declare this is a Godly Nation once again

  3. William 1 says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the —-ammunition-lock and load!

  4. Jim Welker says:

    If Obama takes the White House again and Congress is not with his administration, it will not be stymied for he
    will have his way with Executive Dictatorship form of Government.

  5. Ron Marlar says:

    Jim you are absolutely right. The only way to stop Obama and the Liberal mental illness from destroying our country is to get him out of office and have Republican Conservatives controlling both the House and Senate.

  6. I think you may have missed the point of the article, Ron.

  7. Right, he thinks CFR Team B, which gave us mental illness with GWB and his policies, will be cured if we get Obama out of office. Dense is as dense does.

  8. Make that "will cure the mental illness caused by CFR Team A, if we get Obama out of office". Should have had that cup of coffee first!

  9. Naive? You have too be kidding. There has never been a president who has been so calculated. He, Reid, Pelosi, Biden and the whole bunch of them very well know what they are doing. They are trying to destroy the United States. Why will he not reveal who he really is? Look at his choices of people who serve with him,. Look at his czars. Look at his Supreme Court choices. Look at what he really says. I do not believe he is that all that smart because he is a Marxist. What he really cares about is his own perceived power, even though he is a Soros puppet.

  10. Its also about the fraud, deceit, outright lies one side will do to get re-elected versus the other side that seems to take it and think everything will be ok. We will NOT be ok if odumbo wins. We must stand together as a people against the tyranny that has taken place in the last 50 or so years. Our constitution must stand or America will cease to exist.

  11. That is why they passes the executive privilege. So they could do what they wanted. They would never be able to do it otherwise.

  12. This entire article is just more hogwash from Gary North. I don't even understand how this guy is respected in the least when he keeps blowing smoke like this and ignoring the real problems going on.

  13. You obviously have NO idea what you're talking about. Destroy the United States? Non-Republicans are trying to SAVE it from conservative regressionism.

  14. Looks like the Constitution gets further and further away each year. "That's an old document and needs to be updated, or reinterpreted to meet the needs of the times." Amazing, some are saying the same thing about the Bible. "That's an old book, outdated and inappropriate for modern times. It needs to be reinterpreted." If men would follow the precepts of the Bible and obey the articles of the Constitution which was written in accordance with Scripture, maybe we wouldn't be in the quagmire we're in today! Technology and styles change, people do not! They are the same as they were in the days of Abraham! They were flawed then and they are flawed today. If they followed what the Creator created them for and told them to do, they would be content, prosperous, and productive. But they though they could do it better! This is what you get!

  15. Arizona_Don says:

    Explain to me if you would just how obama or any or any of the liberal progressives are saving the United States of America.

  16. This never was a "Godly Nation". It was decidedly ungodly to revolt against England.

  17. Dr. Barbara says:

    You are kidding, right!? I sure hope so. America was created by God Almighty to be the Land of the Free. His DNA runs through her veins and His hand has blessed her enormously. However, when the government decided to kick God out of the schools, when the government decided to make it legal to kill babies, when the government decided to keep folks on welfare their whole lives,–that's when God removed His hand of blessing. If we want God to bless America again, America must first bless God. And to get back the revolt against England–not only was it GODLY, the war was won by a handful of farmers fighting against the world's best army. Only one way that happened. Yep, that's right. GOD MADE IT HAPPEN. Please get a GOOD history book and read what really happened. Good grief–"ungodly to revolt against England." Are you British?

  18. Dr. Barbara, Thanks for setting jim in the histroy class that is short and so sweet. America is or was a blessed country at the time of it's begaining but soon evil started and has came in with strong forces of evil power. Lead by those who have lost their way taken by darkness. Satan came to destroy mankind and America fought evil in all parts of the world and now the rest has gave into satan and the evil spirits that steal,kill,and destroy. America is the only land left that has believes that are willing to give all like our Founding Fathers did. True men of God inspired to do what No other country has ever did let the people run their lifes and live free and that is supernatural. Why is America the only place in the world that has a lifestyle that the world wants. And if they cann't have it they want to destroy it. And that is evil.

  19. G.K. Sexton says:

    [Ad Hominem Alert]

  20. G.K. Sexton says:

    America is a principled pluralistic experiment blessed within God's common grace. Not a theocracy, never was a theocracy, should not be a theocracy. Within the realm of God's special grace exists the Church where his particular blessings are derived directly from the Gospel. Are we called to be Christian Americans or American Christians?

  21. G.K. Sexton says:

    What is gained by "destroying America?" What is "their" motivation for doing so?

  22. William Fowler says:

    North is wrong to say Obama is not stupid. I say Obama is not dumb, but he is stupid. Dumb is not knowing any better
    and/or doing a dumb thing. Stupid is when you're smart enough to know right from wrong and good from bad, but go ahead and do what you want anyway.

  23. All I want to know is WHY the reader is directed to the White House's web site at the end of the article (i.e. Continue Reading on http://www.whitehouse.gov) What's up with that??

  24. G.K.Sexton

    “What is gained by “destroying America?” What is “their” motivation for doing so?”

    The United States of America as a free and sovereign nation is now in the process of deliberately being destroyed so as to further it’s integration into a North American Union, which will later be expanded into an American Union (regional government). This is why the Republicrats have worked so hard, for so long to keep our borders open and are now giving food stamps and in-state tuition to illegals, and providing voting materials in Spanish. It’s why you are pressing 1 for English in an English speaking country. Please study the who, what, when, where, why and how of the Trilateral Commission; and be advised that it has now been expanded to include an African Union, and an Arab Union (Arab League, Caliphate). The US government is now working with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quida to topple governments in the Middle East (Egypt, Libya). Syria will be next. The US State Department and CIA are now funding and supervising the “rebels” whose job it is to create so much bloodshed that NATO or the UN will have to go in and “save” the innocent. There is only one political party in the US. The people who put Richard Nixon into office were the same people who put Jimmy Carter into office, etc, etc. It is an oligarchal party that is linked to a similar party in Europe through organizations such as the Bilderbergs. Its ultimate goal is world government.

    Follow the media control and the money. You can start here: http://mediabiasx.blogspot.com/

  25. And the "real problem" is what exactly?


    The rebels made that happen. If "God made it happen" then the rebels could of all just sat in their chairs and it would magically appear. but it didn't. People actually have to get off their but and do something.

  27. In this age of the internet is still stuns me that people still follow this D vs. R bull crap. Absolutely stupid!

  28. "Non-Republicans are trying to SAVE it from conservative regressionism."

    Still stuck in the R vs. D mode eh? Idiots galore.

  29. There isn't. That's made up conspiracy theory silliness. They're simple opportunists raping the system for all its worth until they can't anymore. Think of them as parasites sucking on a host.

  30. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    If you want a return to America’s best days, stop voting Republicon.

  31. I too thought Obama was stupid, but after watching for a while I realized something, he is not stupid, rather he’s brilliant, he knows how to grab and use leverage and power. My greatest fear is that he will try to follow hitler’s path; get into power legally, then grab ultimate control of the country. But, I think he underestimates the American people and their love of freedom, the little of what we have left.

    Also he gains power from the crumbling of this nation, or destroying this nation

    just like most dictators gained power. I desperately hope I’m wrong.

  32. Not stupid…cunning–. like snake waiting for prey. Evil. Satan waiting to attack.

  33. So you are a commie at heart or an atheist pretty much same thing

  34. Correction. We do not need a new government. We need to round up ALL of the criminals, scoundrels, and traitors in the U.S. Government, beginning with the illegal alien islamo-fascist criminal tyrant in chief in the White House, march them out of office in broad daylight in chains and escorted by federal marshalls, lock them all up, investigate them, impeach them, sensor them, and deal with them like the law prescribes for traitors. Then shrink governmnet by about 98% with immensely reduced power whild giving almost all power back to the states permanently re-establishing state sovereignty while reaffirming personal sovereignty forever and restoring our republic fully under the original U.S. Constitution as originally written before government began monkeying with the wording and punctuations in an effort to make it say what the various politicians, gun grabbers and others wanted it to say without the authority to make these changes lawfully. (Part 01 of 02)

  35. It is time to end the 2 party political reign of terror in this country and with it the ruling class that has for 157 years held this Republic hostage. 41% of Americans identify themselves as Conservative not Republican not Democrat but Conservative. The duopolistic lies fed to the American people that we cannot afford another party because it would be a vote for the "other guy" is their methodology of keeping you enslaved to their ideology. We are the majority and we have been lied to and remained complicit to that lie long enough: time for the straglehold to end. http://conservativepartyusa.org/home/

  36. Then the UN and foreign interests such as China and the muslim and especially islamic states and their terrorist members (in the latter case) need to be told to take a hike while defunding the UN, refusing all debt repayment, financial obligations and treaties or pledged made under this current regime and referring these creditors to obama, his regime, Soros and the assorted appointees, union leaders, panthers and other groujps aiding these criminals for full repayment however they wish to collect from these people responsible for the growing unlawfully created debt under obama's illigitimate tyrancy. (Part 02 of 02)


  38. Richard Vandervort says:

    Whether we like it or not our government is broken and it's been that way for some time now.
    We are faced today with even a greater problem seeing as we have let an unconfirmed and undocumented phony to be snuck into power by a seriously corrupted Democratic Party although I will not claim the Republican Party to being any better.
    Although you'll never hear anyone in Washington admit to this our Political system are simply employee's of the people, Nothing more and nothing less yet they think and act like their the Boss.
    Government only works for the people when they fear the wrath of the people when they don't and that's where our troubles stem from, They don't fear for their jobs.
    We need to regain by what ever means needed the control of government and a full restructuring of our government if we ever want it to being functionally stable again.
    You decide for yourself do we live free or do we live under governmental tyranny for the rest of our lives by not taking a stand.

  39. Richard Vandervort says:

    The governments ideolgy is to simply enslave the public to doing their bidding while they get rich off the efforts of the working class and this must be stopped now or your freedom will be lost forever.
    It's our own fault from being to lax in keeping government under control and it will be our own fault if we let it continue to being this way.

  40. romney is obama light, the media and good old boys have put him at the front of the gop party so they can continue the distruction of this country, this election is a farce were the crooks still win, we have to remove 95% of all people in washington and get a lot of new ones in, the incumbents are the machine that distroys this country, pelosis, reed, obama and holder; just to name a few are guilty of treason, larceny, slander, fraud and sedition against the people and the constitution and the country as a whole. the tatics used by obama and cronies are right out of the history books of how the communist and nazis of the past got into power. the congress has had more than enought reason to remove alll them from power and put them on trial, this shows that the house has a lot of people in bed with this crowd of crooks including the speaker boehner as one of the main ones, he to should be held accountable and put on trial.

  41. You are so right. Listen to what o is saying now, he wants to take over all businesses, just like he said before he was elected, he wanted fundamentaly change this country. People didn't listen then, and are not listening now, we will have another Hugo Chavez here.

  42. Your Brother in Arms says:

    Finally ! 'the last in line speaks The Strongest Truth!'….Daikens and all other US Folks, if We Don't get rid of our Deceiver in chief and ALL of the other freaks – *"All the Blood that has been shed from Day One for US as a Nation – to protect US and Keep Our Homeland Free, will have been in vain!"*….*(I Still Pray for just *One True American Soldier – who Swore to Protect and Defend from Enemies abroad and at WITHIN!)*….Please: *( come on Homeboy!)*

  43. Great comments by Dr. Barbara & Skip, et al’ You guys should get a copy
    of THE HARBINGER by Cahn!! REALLY great novel based on truth on what’s going on in the world right now & how it ties back to the exact same happenings of the fall of ancient Israel in 736 BC! Starts w 9/11, and our downward spiral from there! Enjoy n PRAY! AMERICA. Let’s bless GOD for a while, huh!? Chic Fil A did it and SO CAN WE!!! Romans 12:1-2

  44. I agree. The Bible does not need to be rewritten. It needs to be explianed in terms that modern people can understand.
    Such as "Transferring the wealth is stealing."

    If people nowadays had grown up reading the Bible and having it explained to them by caring Christian advisers actually qualified to preach Christ, they would not have voted for a man who said, "If I am elected, I will steal, and I will share a teeny bit of the swag with anybody who votes for me."


  46. go see the movie "2016" and be confused no more.

  47. Roscoe Bonifitucci says:

    Is Obama Stupid or a Liar? Well…he is a Condescending Marxist SOB pandering for Votes. As a Marxists…he is a constant and continual Liar! He Lies, Lies and Lies more. Why hasn't anybody in the Media challenged him on the facts he wrote in his books? Either they don't read or are afraid to loose "Access" to the Turd in the White House because they ask him a bona fide question about his OWN WORDS.

    Hey Kenya! One of your Villages is missing their Idiot! Please get him the hell out of the People's House!

  48. Erik the Red says:

    Bravo! I was SO glad the author put it the way he did. Romney will just be more of Obama, but while wearing a different political costume, and more of Obama will just be more insanity.

  49. irishdave3 says:

    Would that be the same TARP plan that Paul Ryan voted for? Just asking…

  50. irishdave3 says:

    Did W. Mitt Romney really say the White House is a fixer-upper? Maybe it was Ann ""The interior Decorator'…

  51. The USA has done more to propacate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the world than any other nation in history. Any thing that Satan can do to hinder this or stop it he will do. The Lord Jesus is seated at the right hand side of the throne of God and will someday bring judgement on our nation and the world.

  52. get rid of the puppet and the rest will crumble and run like —-

  53. a no vote for mitt is a yes vote for obama and the rest is history

  54. Redirecting to the whitehouse.gov site was brillliant. Better than reading WND. They actually named a homosexual anti-bullying group after Travon.

  55. Don't miss the list of accomplishments at whitehouse.gov also. It would make a good Repub ad.

  56. Floyd Bridges says:

    Come now, you can't seriously believe that the Republicans are going to solve any problems. The only difference between Reps and Dims is the manner in which they will screw you.

  57. Supertad108 says:

    "and a modified version of Romneycare, not yet revealed."

    Interesting in Romey's acceptance speech…

    We will repeal and REPLACE.

    Agreed, it has already been drawn up but not yet revealed.

  58. Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru says:

    Sorry, I'm not stupid, but this article makes no sense.

  59. We get the chance to change the course every two, four & six years when the elections for nation wide offices are up for grabs but the morons of this country keep electing the same fools to run America. Change takes time & votes, that is one of the reasons I joined the TEA party so we can help elect people to these offices that will set the course of our nation on the right course according to the constitution which is a living document that was written by our founding fathers that had far greater wisdom than the average elected fools we have in government today

  60. Our constitution has served America well for over 200 years & will continue to do so

  61. Did you ever just stop to think that maybe god has just simply turned his back on America?

  62. I read (don't know if it is true) that the question of oweblowholes eligibility has finally come before the SCOTUS, & it's about time

  63. When the people stop & realize how the government has pillaged & raped this country for decades & spend ungodly amounts of our money I expect a 2nd revolution to start in this country. The 455 representatives are guilty of raping every man woman & child for at least two or three generations

  64. I have advocated for many years that we vote every damned one of them out of office & start over. You can see how frustrated I have been for a long time every time they reelect these clowns that have enriched themselves at our expense

  65. It maybe a small diofference but Romney & oweblowhole are different, just enough that it will make a difference for our Country to survive. Romney loves America & obama doesn't, he has shown it over & over

  66. When Wall Street came before congress & to0ld them that the financial system was going to collapse they voted for the TARP because they were fearful of the consequences that our country would collapse thanks to barney frank & the rest of the democraps like clinton, When they passed the community reinvestment act & then started pushing the banks & other financial institutions to loan money to people that didn't have to prove they could afford houses, or they would be penalized beyond their ability to pay them. So lets put the blame where it belongs bill Clointon signed this into law & the rest of the democrats climbed on board with it

  67. Gary North on August 10, 2012;

    Gary you posted this article months ago. The election is over. The people have spoken. you need to remove your article. They are now redundant and irrelevant. Why don't you just go home and go take a nap?