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Illegal Aliens Get Reduced Tuition at UCLA’s Online Program

Written by Gary North on August 10, 2012

It’s true. If you can prove you are an illegal alien, you get a really good discount at UCLA. See the video. But the video neglects something far more outrageous. I’ll get to this shortly.

What the video did not reveal is this: state universities across the United States offer the same benefits, and have for years. You can research this here.

Here is the problem. In-state tuition is available to any resident who gets accepted into the program. Does this include an illegal alien? For purposes of K-12 education, the courts have determined that the the children of illegal aliens must attend. This is of course part of the public schools’ ideology: “no child left unindoctrinated.” So, the question arises: If they must attend K-12, why are they not eligible for resident tuition discounts?

If a person is an illegal alien, should he be treated as a resident of the state if he lives out of state? This is what the bad publicity for UCLA is all about. The school gives out-of-state illegals in-state discounts.

This raises a legal question. If the school is charging economic discriminatory high rates to legal out-of-state residents, does this constitute legal or even racial discrimination? You may not be Hispanic. You have been dealt a hand with the race card, which trumps a full house. It is as good as a flush. So, if you want to get in on the deal, and you live outside California, have your child enroll. If he gets get accepted, have your lawyer send a letter to UCLA accusing the school of discrimination. Have him insist that you are entitled to the same discount that an illegal immigrant is entitled to. You might secure the deal.

Did you see how cheap the cost is per credit hour? It’s a real deal!

The logic of tax-supported education leads legislators into some thick underbrush.

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5 thoughts on “Illegal Aliens Get Reduced Tuition at UCLA’s Online Program

  1. Our kids cant get it. But Illegals can????? No wonder California is in the Toilet. Give them back to Mexico. And deport the aliens from the other states to California…….They are getting heavy. Illegals shouldnt be given anything unless they are here on a student Visa after we send them back the way Cuba sent us all their Crap. Empty out the prison , mental wards, county jails, and welfare rolls and bus them back to Tijuana….

  2. delmar jackson says:

    I am happy to see dr gary North include immigration once in a while in his website. I think massive unending unlimited 3rd world immigration is the biggest threat to our country and liberties.

  3. ice needs to deliever the acceptance with a set for handcuffs and deportation

  4. calimexicon sucks eggs. some white S.O.B…………………..

  5. If you are a U S citizen and were born here, worked hard for every penny you have used for buying food, paying rent, paying your own utilities, then your government that you have been paying taxes to is against you. You get nothing! In fact, the taxes you pay in pays the high salaries for politicians to tell you what to do (not to serve you, mind you) and pays for illegals to come over and go to our schools for free while you have to pay. Is this an upside down country or what? I think it is time for honest, hard-working people to get out of this country! But then if we all left, who would support all the others?