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Col. Blimp Comes to America

Written by Gary North on August 10, 2012

The Army has a blimp. It cost half a billion dollars. It flies at 20,000 feet and can stay aloft for three weeks.

This is a revival of the Army Air Corps.

Problem: It can be deflated in-flight by a drone.

There are now videos of the floating target.

These huge blimps are called LEMVs, short for long-endurance multi-intelligence vehicles.

Spies with gas.

One of them took a test flight over New Jersey. It was just over Lakehurst.

What great public relations! That was where the Hindenburg burned and crashed.

In a press release calculated to put the public to sleep, we read:

“The first flight primary objective was to perform a safe launch and recovery with a secondary objective to verify the flight control system operation. Additional first flight objectives included airworthiness testing and demonstration, and system level performance verification.”

“All objectives were met during the first flight.”

Translation: “It didn’t crash.”

The blimp is longer than a football field.

It can be flown by remote control.

It can spy on an entire city from a fixed overhead location.


Previously, the Pentagon invested nearly $200 million on the Blue Devil Block 2, a similar surveillance drone developed by researchers at Virginia’s Mav6, that never made it as far as their newest LEMV did. Despite plans to put the Blue Devil over Afghanistan — where they hoped it could scan 36 miles at a time from the sky — the Pentagon cancelled the program after growing costs and ongoing problems made the price tag for maintenance alone quadruple.

If at first you don’t succeed, spend, spend again.

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5 thoughts on “Col. Blimp Comes to America

  1. These things went the way of the Goonie Bird. From civil war to WWII they outlived their usefulness a long time ago. 1/2 billion. Cant this country think of a better way to spend money. Who the hell is watching the store?????? I think I will go out and buy a left handed hammer!Shhhheeessshhhhh

  2. William 1 says:

    Wonder what a 30.06 would do to it? Hmmm

  3. It would be very hard to miss with anything.

  4. Almost nothing, unfortunately. A big gas-bag like that will be leaking a little bit constantly, and a 30.06 hole would hardly do anything. Also, there are likely many internal segments. You have to hit it with a whole bunch of holes to do anything to it.

    On the other hand, pretty much any missile would take it out, methinks, even 30 year old ones owned by minor foreign powers. And I suspect that homemade drones flown using cell-phones carrying an IED would also do it. I expect to see someone build one of those any day now.

  5. Actually, unless you got it close to the ground, it'd be very hard to hit it with anything non-military. (Very easy for anything flying and military, of course.) Good chance it'll be so high you'd have a very hard time even seeing it, if it has the proper coloration.

    Blimps and dirigibles are a great idea for anything non-military, but a horrible idea for anything military, which is basically why the concept died and heavier-than-air took over.

    A WWII AA gun would take it right down. I wonder how long it'd take for someone to cobble a crude one together?