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Advertising Breakthrough: Get Named by Obama as Unpatriotic

Written by Gary North on August 10, 2012

If you give a lot of money to Mitt Romney’s campaign, Obama may mention you in one of his speeches. This is from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell told me that large donors to the Romney campaign are near the top of the President’s enemies list. The Obama campaign attacked eight of those contributors on its web site, accusing them of having “less-than-reputable records,” of “betting against America,” and worse. The charges are unfounded but the message is clear: contribute to Mitt Romney and the President will put your name on a virtual “Wanted” poster.

Think of what that kind of publicity is worth. I could build an entire direct-marketing campaign around that.

“President Obama has named me as betting against America. He’s wrong. This is a strong nation. It always recovers from every calamity. Even Obama.”

“I was tarred and feathered by Obama: The best endorsement in America today.”

“Obama says I’m less than reputable. That means I donated to Mitt Romney.”

The nation is divided. This means that there are at least 20% who really do not like Obama. That is a very large potential mailing list. Any copywriter worth his salt could convert that opposition into business opportunities for anyone lucky enough to get named as less than reputable by Obama.

I wish I could get on his public hit list by donating to Ron Paul. But that train has left the station. A pity.

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9 thoughts on “Advertising Breakthrough: Get Named by Obama as Unpatriotic

  1. Only problem with this Country is Comrade Obummer…….If your not part of the solution your part of the problem…..

  2. Ron Marlar says:

    Obama the tryannical, despotic, evil demon believes he can win this election by demonizing others. He sure can't run on his record which is a disaster.

  3. Sour grapes in the truest form. He acts like a spoiled rotten kid who has always gotten his own way.

  4. Our , forefathers , would be using ,their guns , by now .

  5. If my not part of the solution my part of the problem?

  6. Do, you, really, think, that, violence, is, the, answer.

  7. If I win PowerBall tomorrow night, I would be more than happy to donate at least $1million to the Romney campaign because I believe in investing in America … and I would plaster the nation with billboards to make the point that Obama is worth NOTHING.

  8. The UN-PATRIOTIC "ONE" is Obama. I dont think the country has ever been as divided as we are now. This, Obama can take full credit for. He has done an excellent job in dividing, in attacking, in blaming, in accusing and the most CORRUPT GOVERNMENT EVER and NOT ONE TIME HAS OBAMA TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING. he is the lowest of the low….and will get worse if he wins a second term.

  9. That's not what he said, and sometimes yes, we will have to fight. If fascism isn't a good enough reason to at least demand a Constitutional Convention, then I don't know what is!