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8 thoughts on “Social Security Checks Raided to Pay for Student Loans

  1. The new symbol for America has morphed from the bald eagle to the vulture.

  2. Junk Bin says:

    it is expensive for someone else when you go to school on their money. Take out the loan , pay it back.
    After causing gramps money problems late in life for being a dead beat. the little spoiled snot will complain that gramps did not leave him very much in the will

  3. ken dixon says:

    i had a student loan and i PAID THE LOAN MYSELF and so should the student, not mom and dad or the grand parents, those who choose to sign on the line should be held responsable, after all you signed the contract, go after the family member and make them pay the loan dont be afraid to take family to court !!!

  4. The more money this Government collects the more they can lose and squander, If they had taken care of this sooner it wouldnt have hit people so hard. They have people working for this Government that dont even know how to make change.

  5. I have no problem with collecting money that is owed to the government or bank. I do believe in enforcing contracts. Laws are made to be upheld.
    I do have a problem with government at all levels handing out sums of money to dishonest citizens who think they are owed and take advantage of it and refuse to work and contribute. The favoritism and lack of controls and proper enforcement by the government agencies equates to legal theft.

  6. Uhhhh why aren't the parents/grandparents making their kids/grandkids pay these loans back? I never signed for my kids & will not sign for my grandkids. Anyway, what good are most college degrees? I can't tell you the number of job postings I've seen for admins & even mail room clerks (in companies with no upward mobility) that require a bachelors degree…disgusting.

  7. Heltegaard says:

    Eagles morphing into buzzards and vultures; good, because they are feeding on one another…

  8. richard holmes says:

    Why would anyone ever think that the govenment woulddo anything different. All they have ever done is rob us for all their crooked agendas. It is time to force these thieves out of office by any means necessary.