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14 thoughts on “It’s Unofficial: Social Security Is Broke

  1. It would be solvent if Johnson and Congress had not changed it over to the general fund. They had no business doing that, it belonged to the ones paying into it, not the government to use any way they wanted.

  2. The answer is clear. We need to start living within a budget. Federal government must be cut. There are hundreds of organizations that are either useless or doing duplicate functions. How's the department of energy doing saving us costs – they need to go NOW! Uge staffs, many czars, Obamacare, large congressional salaries and benefits – it's all caught up with us. We will never see social security paid back. Illegal immigration must stop and all illegals sent back like they did under Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower. The costs to keep illegals in this country is killing us. Let's follow the laws we have. We can always reform later. We have returning service men and women – what will they come home to? IRS reform is a must – but until we reform it – we must pay taxes. We need leadership from the top down and it just not there. November can't come soon enough!

  3. If they would put back all of the money they have stolen from it over the years, it may be solvent again.

  4. I know I will catch FLAK for this but here goes.

    My parents are 92 and without question members of the WWII Generation. They are called the World's Greatest Generation. I have called them the most selfish generation that stole from their children, children's children, etc

    My step father paid only $600 for they YEAR in 1968 for Social Tax as a self employed Veterinarian. Now he collects a $2,000 a MONTH check. He refuses to understand it comes from 5 Baby Boomers (his children) paying an average of $400 a month in Social Security Taxes.

    The entire WWII Generation let the Democratic Controlled Congress KILL the Trust Fund for Social Security in 1964 so the Dem's could finance all their work paradise social programs. In 1964 NOT ONE single Baby Boomer was of voting age.

    Now we Baby Boomers are entering retirement age only to find out that the Gov't has screwed us and given all the money away to the WWII Generation that received FAR more than they paid into it. The next time I hear that Baby Boomers are selfish I will point to what was done in 1964 and how WWII generation folks have robbed the generations behind them. They took the money they felt they were "owed" with out realizing it was coming out of their children's pockets in the greatest PONZE scheme in history.

    There is more but why continue.

  5. I know this may sound trite but this is exactly what the Governor of North Carolina did years ago. He put all of the Wildlife fees, fines, licenses, everything relative to money involving the Wildlife Department in the General Fund and from that point on North Carolina Wildlife and it's programs wen to hell in a hand basket. In other words we only have a Wildlife Commission in name only. That's exactly what has happened to Social Security. Because of putting Social Security in the General Fund it will ensure that it will follow the same spiral downward as North Carolina's Wlidlife Fund. We boomers may never see a dime of what we have paid in. But the politicians still get their retirement checks !!!!!!!!!

  6. No problem! Just have the Fed print up more "money" and loan it to the government! Trees really do grow to the sky!

  7. My parents were part of the WWII generation. They saw what was coming years ago. They actually called the SS administration in Washington when they turned 65 and asked if they could waive payments because they realized by then that it was a gigantic Ponzi scheme. They were told, "No, you have to take the checks".

    Also, don't forget it was Bill Clinton who spent the Social Security trust fund surpluses that had been built up for your and my retirement when he and the Gingrich-led Congress proudly trumpeted that they had "balance the budget" in the late nineties. So the Boomer generation screwed itself.

  8. Author's own words: "How do I define “broke”? When you have no assets to pay your bills and you must borrow money to pay old bills, you;re broke."
    The Federal Government (Congress) had to borrow $1.5 TRILLION to meet it's budget. B O R R O W $1.5 TRILLION!
    And most of that money was given away to foreign governments and entities!!! Insane? YES!
    BROKE?? absolutely!!

  9. The govt. should never have been involved in the insurance business…of any type…can you say enumerated powers? FDR imposed the FICA tax and SS program at the same time to fool the public into thinking that they were contributing to a retirement fund. SCOTUS declared in approx. 1957 that it was only a tax…and the govt has been using it as such, for any purpose, since. Here's the deal…we need to find an equitable way to end it (and all other federal overreach such as Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare etc.) Consideration for those who foolishly trusted the govt. is needed, but the young need similar consideration for their future. Most beneficiaries could have afforded private policies if they desired if their paychecks were not plundered by the govt. The truly indigent should have charity and possibly a true govt. safety net (not a hammock). And no such welfare recipient should be allowed to vote!

  10. Social Security is NOT broke. Our government borrowed [I called it stole] billions of dollars to spend on other ideas such as earmarks and other failures. Then they had the audacity to tell us, WE THE PEOPLE, we were running out of money. IF congress were to have to retire on Social Security as the rest of us have to do. I am willing to bet money would flow back into the system faster than you could spit.
    Back in the 1960's Social Security had a surplus which our congress [there is that word again] borrowed and failed to re-pay
    to the system. Fo all the money taken out not one cent had been replaced.

  11. Don't worry young ones, Obamacares Death Panels will get rid of all us oldsters & SS will be saved!!!

  12. You know, you might have something there,Freedom…there might be a connection between Obama's and Congress' rush to pass Obamacare and the ss crisis. Of course, that would be a paranoid conspiracy theory. Never mind.

  13. No, it's not paranoid, David. I took early retirement last year, because of health problems, & am drawing $830 a month, after working 46 years of my life, paying SS tax, plus then the Medicare tax when it was started. And, Obama is DEFINITELY for getting rid of elderly, disabled, or anybody else that will 'use up' benefits from younger, more desirable people, (like illegals). Plus, I heard him myself say, when he was trying to sell Obamacare to Congress that if you're elderly, & need expensive medical care to prolong your life, you needed to consider the alternative. In other words, just gie already. But, I don't blame Obama entirely. Our House & Senate apparently have no problems with it either, because not many of them seem too interested in stopping Obamacare. If they refuse the funding for it, it would die, but Boehner refuses to pass that. He let them pass the bill to repeal it, but won't stop the funding for it? He is a total RINO.

  14. You need to check more than one year on your grandfather,checks are based on lifetime income and a 2000.00 check is based on above average income.This is the first time in history when a person with average income who lives to be 82 will receive less in benefits than he paid in. If you want to solve SS problems return to the system of trust funds and remove non-citizens from benefits. Drug addicts should not receive disability benefits,drugs are a choice not a disability. Some parents encourage their children to misbehave in school so they can be classified disabled and receive check,this needs to stop.Food stamp program needs to be changed to a temporary thing and not available to non-citizens.We need to stop giving away billions to every country in the world and drop out of UN which gives power to sanction US to countries like Iran.We can't have a cross at a Marine memorial because it is religious but we can spend millions building and remodeling mosques.I have a long list of other cuts that can be made without taking away seniors retirement benefits but this gives you an idea of the waste we can cut. One more thing,the 2000.00 check you mentioned is not what everyone gets. I can show you plenty of people receiving 500..00 to 1000.00 per month, lets see you survive on 500