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Girls Expelled for Pregnancy, But Not if They Get an Abortion

Written by Gary North on August 8, 2012

In Monroe, Louisiana, a tax-funded charter school has gone back to 1955. The ACLU demands that it come back to the future.

The school expels pregnant girls.

This is sexual discrimination, the ACLU says. Boys can’t get pregnant, so the school has violated a 1972 law, the ACLU says.

“Teenage girls should not be penalized for copulating,” the ACLU says. “Not unless boys are. No more double standard. Girls get caught. Boys don’t. Every student has the right to copulate without any discrimination whatsoever. This has been the ACLU’s official position ever since 1972. This has been its unofficial position ever since 1920.”

OK, I made that up. But it gets to the point.

The ACLU has sent a letter demanding that the school revise its policy or face legal action.

The school thinks it’s still 1955. It seeks “to maintain an environment where students will learn and exhibit acceptable character traits that govern language, gesture, physical actions and written words.”

The school reserves the right to have the girl undergo a pregnancy test. “If the test indicates that the student is pregnant, the student will not be permitted to attend classes on the campus of Delhi Charter School.”

Pregnant girls must study at home.

Or get an abortion.The school’s guidebook does not say this, but that is the implication.

OK, it’s really not 1955 any more.

“They’re punishing girls for making the choice to have the child,” Marjorie Esman, executive director of the ACLU of Louisiana said Monday.

All of a sudden, the ACLU makes sense.That really is what the school is doing. There is no official school penalty if she gets an abortion.

Still,  I don’t think Congress had the following in mind, not that it matters in the courts what Congress has in mind when it passes a bill.

The letter from the ACLU contends that the policy violates Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 because it excludes students from educational programs and activities based on sex and the equal protection clause because it treats female students differently than male students and relies on impermissible sexual stereotypes.

Esman said the policy is a pretext for sexual discrimination.

Our legal system needs a pregnancy test. I think I know what the courts have been doing to it, but I need proof.

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15 thoughts on “Girls Expelled for Pregnancy, But Not if They Get an Abortion

  1. I am a Christian and it makes me furious when people put more blame on the female for having sex than the male. The fact that sex can affect her far worse than a male is reason to put more responsibility on the male, not less. Also, it's repulsive to say a woman should have suffered with her sex drive and held out, but a poor man was just horny and needed release. It would be like justifying a starving man stealing food, but saying a starving woman should have held out and suffered for righteousness.

  2. "A right to copulate"? This is the kind of indiscriminate abuse of language by the ACLU that makes a mockery of the real fundamental rights we are losing at such a frightening pace. So where is the ACLU when the Bill of Rights is under attack? Nowhere.

  3. Fr. John+ says:

    Julia, while not intending to, exhibits the typical post-modernist Antichrist mentality about sin, that has screwed up (pardon the expression) the entire western world. If women were guarded over by their fathers, kept apart from boys during their early adolescence instead of left alone with over-sexed adolescent BOYS, (who should be using that hormonal energy on hard work, sports, and the other typical labor-intensive things young men are best at e.g.farming, building, etc.) the very THOUGHT that a woman would indulge in something that she should save her virginity for on her wedding night, wouldn't even exist! 1) remove the temptation (separate schools for boys and girls) 2) watch over your children (no dating, no 'co-ed dorms', etc.) and then, antichristian groups like the ACLU wouldn't even exist. Yes, Julia, the female IS to blame, when she opens her legs for a man, other than her husband! For remember: "And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner." – I Tim. 2:14 That's why my wife of 21 years was guarded over by her brother and her father, and the innate moral code she learned as a Christian child, under biblical tutelage. There is no neutrality- you either follow God, or follow the lusts of this world.

  4. And if a man entice a maid that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her to be his wife. If her father utterly refuse to give her unto him, he shall pay money according to the dowry of virgins. (Exodus 22:16-17)

    This passage is addressing consensual sexual participation between a man and an unmarried woman. “Endow” is translated from the Hebrew maahor and is defined in Strong’s Concordance as “to bargain for.”70 A man who seduces a virgin is required to marry her, provided her father sanctions the marriage. The dowry is required even if the father forbids the marriage.

    Yahweh’s law protects women from predatory men. If a man robs a maiden of her virginity, he is to monetarily remunerate her father and, if the father agrees, take the woman as his wife. The man can never divorce this woman:

    If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

    A shekel was considered equal to a day’s wage. Until we return to a silver standard at an equivalent value, the dowry must be computed depending upon the man’s daily wage. For example, if his daily wage is $100 per day, the dowry would be $5,000, and if his wage is $200 per day, the dowry would be $10,000. If these statutes were still implemented today, far fewer unprincipled men would take advantage of unsuspecting women. There would also be far fewer pre-marital pregnancies, many of which end in infanticide.

  5. Ignatius says:

    Amen Fr. John.

  6. Evermyrtle says:

    Add the penalty to the father of the child, this is likely the most effective way to handle the situation.If the guy deny's the accusation, get the DNA of the child. that should be proof enough!

    Are young people taught about what makes a baby?? That it action that causes pregnance is 100% possible to cause pregnancy.

    For once the UCLA is right!!!

  7. Evermyrtle says:

    I misstated my opinion. The ACLU is only partially correct, the male should be as to blame as the female. "The right to copulate?" That is only correct, if you are prepared to take the consequences, as THE WORD OF GOD STATES.

  8. What a disgrace! If they receive tax payer funding, then they definitely need to be stopped. And, girls are NOT totally to blame. Her parents, for starters, need to teach her the repercussions of getting pregnant in the first place, plus make sure that she is not allowed to be placed in situations that lead to that. Anybody know what a chaperone is? Plus, I also blame modern day 'Christianity', which is a joke! When you get a man that rewrites the Bible so teens can understand it, & he tells them the definition of 'sex' is 'a fun thing that adults don't want you to do' or that 'if you have sex before marriage, it harms no one' and, 'go as far as you feel comfortable.' Plus the school systems teach them HOW to have sex 'safely', but doesn't teach them that abstinence is the safest form of birth control. Although I detest the ACLU, in this case, I agree. Also that old fallacy, that's been around for years, that the woman bears the shame, & not the man, needs to stop!

  9. The WOMAN is NOT the only one to blame! MEN should have to bear the shame & disgrace, plus if the girl does have the child, he should HAVE to take care of it. A lot of girls end up having abortions because the boy has flatly said he isn't helping in any way with the baby. So, get real. The CHURCHES are to blame for a lot of the problem, because they have basically taught that WOMEN are a step above the devil, & that it's OUR fault if a man takes advantage of us. EVE was NOT the cause of the fall of Adam, the devil was, And, God didn't let Adam place the blame on Eve either. He punished both of them, & I daresay the loss of Eden, plus the close relationship with God, was the hardest punishment of all. And, when priests, ministers, & other clergy, take advantage of a young girl, or a young boy, it sends a false message, especially when it's all swept under the rug, & allowed to continue.

  10. And, I agree, & just told Fr. John that he is WRONG. I grew up in a very strict Christian environment, & was taught that if you're a female, you're not much better than satan himself. I wasn't allowed to sit on my dad's, my grandfather's, any of my uncles' laps as a child, because I MIGHT seduce him, & make him sin. That is totally bogus! If a man has no more control over himself than that, then he is already a sinner anyway! I ended up making bad, bad choices, & lived a horrible life, until 22 years ago this Dec. I made a turn in my life, & actually FOUND God, & my life has never been the same. God is NOT an ogre sitting up there waiting for us to mess up so He can send us to hell. He LOVES us, & is ready to forgive our EVERY sin, except blasphemy. That's WHY He sent Jesus in human form, & allowed Him to become the FINAL sacrifice for sin.

  11. It doesn't matter what feminists, the state, mass media — or even present-day "Christians" — say about no-fault sex between unmarried kids: in growing a society where single teenaged girls get pregnant and have kids out of wedlock because it's "cool", we are being set up for the biggest fail in history. Being a good mother — or father — is a gift that does not magically appear when you get knocked up.

    Kids born in a culture like this will experience physical & sexual abuse at the hands of boyfriends, stepfathers and "uncles" at a higher rate than ones born into the security of a loving marriage between a mature man and woman; the single moms will most likely end up trapped in thankless, minimum-wage jobs hating their offspring and the biological fathers (assuming he's even around at this point) for ruining their chances in life. The neglect, abandonment and discarding of infants born into this kind of dysfunctional society are all around to behold.

  12. This is a small town of only 2,000. I will go ahead and tell you that all kinds of terrible stuff goes on there. And yes, girls did get abortions to stay in school. And yes, girls were/are physically and sexually abused. A few people were given power, and they let it go to their head. My only wish was that they treated both parties equally. If the girl had to leave the school, so should the boy who got her pregnant. I truly don't believe that either party should have to leave the school at all!! I thought it was ridiculous back then, and it is still ridiculous today. I'm hoping they will change the policy and quit worrying about "appearances".

  13. American popular culture has shifted to one that glorifies and sexualizes kids at younger and younger ages, with results we see all around us. Say the girl drops out of school to raise her new child, and the teenaged father — who likely has as few marketable skills and experience for earning a decent wage to support his new family as the mother does — what sort of life will they have? How long will they remain together with all these strikes against them before they even begin life? We've become a society that can't say "no" anymore.

  14. Elsadora says:

    Wow. You think we should go back to the days when women were forced to marry their rapist to save FACE? The wrong face? Over my dead cold feminist Christian scalp!

    "Yahweh’s law protects women from predatory men. If a man robs a maiden of her virginity, he is to monetarily remunerate her father and, if the father agrees, take the woman as his wife. The man can never divorce this woman.

    If these statutes were still implemented today, far fewer unprincipled men would take advantage of unsuspecting women. There would also be far fewer pre-marital pregnancies, many of which end in infanticide."

  15. Elsadora says:

    It should be the exact opposite. The girl and the boy for that matter should be ENCOURAGED to stay in school, and to get a degree or some kind of certificate after. I have no problem with them maybe receiving welfare help for the first child, provided they are required to use BC and to continue their education. Any deviation from that should be an automatic cut to benefits.

    This isn't rocket science so why aren't these policies in place?